Doorbell – A Reflection

Doorbell is a poem authored by Ilia Kramarik and found on page 142 of Ilia’s epic book of art and prose titled The Future Never Gives Up…Doorbell is a short reflection one stanza that consists of five lines…I quote Ilia Here…”a doorbell rings – chimes grab me and the dark changes like a bag inside out” – [Ilia Kramarik] — As I write the term subcutaneous dermal abrasion came to my mind which is a fancy medical term that would not normally enter my head to describe the featured image of a minor wound that I incurred due to friction…Feeling curious I looked it up and sure enough this describes the type of wound you see in this post…I was doing one of my many silly exercises and the friction caused by my silly exercises caused this subcutaneous dermal abrasion…You can read about this kind of wound here by clicking this link.

What Ilia writes about Doorbell is mystical in that when light enters into darkness this opens a door much like a portal for a world lost to madness…Theta Blue light can change dark into light…You see when we attack each other verbally or otherwise we cause friction which then causes mystical wounds…This friction can cause serious health problems in targets of abuse…An example of mystical friction would be mocking a target giving a target false hope false love or false affection. Making the target feel like they are something that is not real…An example would be fairy tale syndrome…I came up with fairy tale syndrome a woman or man who comes from a different lineage or class could be targeted for verbal abuse and led to believe that the person of the upper class with tons of money and vast wealth has serious interest in them…The target then wonders are they going mad? How the hell can this be? I am nothing but dust…When a target is grounded in reality and understands their own nothingness that they are nothing but dust…Then these attacks always fail…I recently had an experience that I shared with my son who is now thirteen years old…I am collaborating with a very interesting and genius fellow blogger…We exchange mystical language or short stories…My son laughed his ass off when I presented to my son the mystical idea of what if? — I said what if this person I write to is also this a very wealthy prince from a far off land? My son thought the very notion of such an event hilarious…I needed my son to tell me this to give me this response because yes it is ridiculous…My whole life I have been ridiculed and put down and mocked and the world has not been kind to me…So at first I got mad with my very bright lad then I calmed down…My son questions everything…”That’s my job smirked my bright boy.” — “Mother my job is to bring you back from mars” — “You are in space a lot of times and my job is to bring you back” [The Greg my son] — My son had me in stitches of laughter because he has me pegged…My son understands me his mother as only my son can…We discovered we have similar personality traits except my son is more of an extrovert and I am more of an introvert…My son and I do understand one another though at times we get mad as families often do…But the love my son and I have for each other is Theta Blue Love…My son who is very funny suggested that I might want to try some psychedelic drugs…Then my son concluded “mom you are naturally psychedelic you do not need psychedelic drugs.” [The Greg] — I could not stop laughing because it is true…I am already naturally a psychedelic mirror ball…Having returned back to earth from mars my son is unto me my ground control to help me his mum who is a creative writer and a bit of a genius to stay grounded…I am to my son major tom from the David Bowie song titled Space Oddity…I am a bit of a Space Oddity and there is room in our world for Space Oddity’s like me…I dedicate this post to my very bright boy The Greg whom I call Master Greg who is unto his Space Oddity mum her ground control…You can enjoy this song by David Bowie and I hope you are enjoying my growing blog and YouTube Channels…

…Space Oddity…

You know having this lively discussion with my son about reality verses our perception of reality my son opened up about his brief history of drug use while he was in foster care back in January when I was sick from a nervous breakdown…I am not ashamed to share my fragile nature with the world…I am fragile and small not much at all and so is mankind…We are all fragile and small…My son told me an incredible story about the effects Acid or LSD had on him…Thanks be to Theta my son does not use drugs any more…I was very impressed with my son’s ability to describe in great detail the complexities of his acid trip which we joke now and say it was a trip without going on a trip…Humor goes a long way to put some salve and silver lining on our mutal combined fragile humanity…This short story from my bright boy is funny but also sad funny and we share this story with the world to raise awareness…I hope you enjoy this short story as much as my son did when he told me…I thank Theta Blue energy God himself for returning my son to my care and that my son learned his lesson and will not do drugs again…

Acid trip – ( Raising awareness )
“I had gotten home it was the weekend I said you know what the — fuck it
I reached into my backpack and pulled out a dab of acid
I put it on my tongue I was walking around my room
Enjoying my trip like normal. It started off as a pretty average acid trip
Just you know seeing shit a lot of patterns — yeah
I felt tired so I decided i’m just gonna lay down in bed
Suddenly I felt a falling feeling and it was continuous
It continued I was falling falling falling…
I looked to my side and there was an infinite expanse of my bed
I saw me sleeping in these beds and I was looking around
Above me below me to my right and left in front behind me
All I could see was many me’s in many beds. All of my faces
Were distorted and I clearly remember trying to be really quiet
To not wake up the many me’s surrounding me…I ended up falling
Asleep that way and woke up next morning with a bad headache”…

[Author Master Greg]

…Acid Trip by Master Greg…

Master Greg also shared his experience with Molly which I share here in this blog but per Master Greg’s request I will not share on YouTube…Master Greg is a very bright and sensitive lad with a personality similar to me his mother except Master Greg is extroverted and I am introverted…

Molly Trip — (Raising Awareness)
I was with my girlfriend and we said fuck it lets do some molly
We sat down on the beanbag and after a bit I was tripping
Everything turned green my girlfriend was green and I was
Crying feeling upset that my girlfriend was green — I hate
Green I guess…I peed my pants then passed out…I awoke
With my head on my girlfriend’s lap — she was concerned.
Don’t do drugs

Cocaine Trip

I decided to try cocaine so I snorted it and experienced severe depression over the fact that I was not sure if my name had one g or two g’s…Cocaine had this effect of depressing my moods in a ridiculous way..

Drugs I have tried are



LSD – Acid

Opioids – Fentanol


Delta 8

Codeine– Promethizine

Oxycodone – Oxycotton

Perkosets – Greg had horrible withdrawal from these

Nitrous Oxide


Xanax – [This drug slows down your breathing according to Master Greg]

Master Greg was offered but turned down…



Ketamine – is heated in a microwave then broken down and snorted.

While in foster care Master Greg was taught how to press pills and make wax for weed.

When we attack each other and destroy each other from within which is what happened here via a very damaged and broken foster care system in the state of Texas…Wounds are created from the friction caused by abuses of powers…Verbal attacks can create illusions in the minds of those targeted who are often led to believe grandiose things and when grandiose things do not happen this causes great distress and can cause emotional and physical death…I am already emotionally dead and and I have no feelings except an eternal Druidic rage that spans the ages…I understand love is often abused to access targets for sex to feed damaged egos and sex drives because for many love is nothing but a drug…While in foster care Master Greg had sex with three different girls around his age…I told my bright boy that he is very strong and that he must not let the things he did while in foster care make him feel bad or less worthy. My son is a strong and intelligent boy…We share this story with the world to show ways wounds caused by friction destroys and kills and does not build…What I have to offer our fallen world is not much in the eyes of many…What I have to offer is grace…This is the last chance for mankind destroy grace you will be destroyed…