The Survivors – A Reflection

The Survivors is a poem authored by Ilia Kramarik and found on page 137 of Ilia’s epic book of art and poetry titled The Future Never Gives Up…The featured image I choose for this reflection depicts two thinkers himself and herself fellow wayfaring bloggers who think too much and do too little nestled in the tree of life…This is mystical in that many people do over think things and many of us also feel that we do not do enough…I am one of those people as is this inspirational fellow blogger…The poem Survivors consists of five stanzas with five lines each…In Survivors Ilia as a young boy who does not read or write rather he dictates poetry…Ilia speaks and says…”The bird is flying right beside me, and I thought I was the only one who survived. If I am the only survivor, then I cannot talk with anyone else. But if I am the one not surviving the future, one small piece of a puzzle would be lost for all. If the future is dead, then I will take its place. and fly down like a bird surviving all fear. Everything is real. And everything can think. We are all the only chances – It is the only way to be whole.” [Ilia Kramarik] — What Ilia is saying is that in order to survive hard times or calamities we must develop tough minds and tough skins…We must learn how to get along and build bridges rather than destroy each other…As I write my mind returns to a poem that I published at the tender age of twenty titled September 11, 2001…I would like to ask for a moment of silence please for all lives lost not only in 911 but throughout these centuries due to senseless acts of hatred. Before I type this poem again…I would like to share with my readers a mystical experience I had the morning of Tuesday September 11th 2001. I was living in Albany NY at the time in a cheap one room hole in the wall in the basement of a house…I felt safe there because the property was run be a lovely Italian family who were good to me…I was sound asleep when I experienced a very lucid visual dream like a movie playing in my mind…I saw two bombs one then another hit a very tall building and I had a vision of people scattering in confusion full of fear…I sat up with a start and said to myself something is wrong something happened…Within minutes a dear friend of mine called my phone and told me to turn on the television that the Twin Towers had just been struck by two Airplanes…I was in a state of complete shock and I will never forget for all eternity where I was the morning of Tuesday September 11th 2001…Shortly after this experience I wrote the poem titled September 11th 2001 while staying with my parents for a time…At the time I was with my parents I had no heat in my room in winter…This was upstate New York and winters are cold…I had no heat this experience strengthened me. Let me explain why I had no heat…My parents owned a very large house with separate apartments so to heat the whole place would have been wicked expensive…To keep costs down my parents used kerosene heat and we all shared one apartment…Our home had four apartments and many bedrooms…I did not get along well with my family and siblings so I made the choice to sleep upstairs in a room with a red carpet a quiet room that afforded me some much coveted and much needed peace and quiet…I preferred to freeze my ass off and be alone than to be around negative annoying people…I explain this because despite serious problems in my family my parents are good people who did their best like everybody else does to provide house and home for their eight children…I dedicate this post to my deceased father may he rest in peace and to my crazy now elderly mother…A woman I will always love despite the fact that she is bat shit crazy…I will always love my family my love is free and does not come with a price tag…Please join me in a moment of silence then please read my Copy written poem which is protected under Copy right…This poem was published on…

September 11, 2001

“At the bottom there like the end of a thoroughfare

Is the destination of one nation

Should we cheer in jubilation?

I think not! We just lost some of God’s creation…

Brave men and women in battle stood

Fighting for good falling in their own blood

There’s a sick man thirsty for our blood

The battle it now rages for our nation’s good

What happened then is deep

Broken hearts for those who weep

Rest in peace we all weep and weep

I have to visit the site

Where lives fell with such might

I’m afraid of the emotional toil

I must go for love of American soil”

[Author Alice Teresa Reilly]


Another poem I wrote titled Awakening writes about life…In Awakening I wrote at the tender age of twenty…


“A bird on a tree singing

Flowers spreading their life

The sound of workmen drilling

Perhaps the timing is right

To ponder earth’s bountiful days

Mixed feelings as growth brings change

Summer brings the sun’s soothing rays

Wondrous how life appears strange

To students spending their days

Like animals going astray

To plan their future years

Finding more than one way

There are many roads to choose

Big decisions become a habit

To the student who can lose

Without saying I’ve had it

What is life without Pain?

What is earth without rain?

Through trial and error we learn

What causes our fire to burn”

[Author Alice Teresa Reilly]


Another poem I wrote at the age of twenty is titled Systems…


“Oh! that we should know

Sensitive issues that have no answer

The essence that makes life grow

Politicians Symbolize Cancer

Systems, Systems, Systems

Debating, Debating, Debating

Pistols, Pistols, Pistols

Rebuilding, Rebuilding, Rebuilding

My children what have you done?

When will you come out of your darkness?

Don’t you know to join as one?

Otherwise life will end in your madness

The time of adam and eve

Brought about times of dissention

God told his son Jesus to leave

Join man and understand his tension

Jesus learned much about life

He taught us a valuable lesson

Through his trials, tribulations, and strife

Man must learn to get rid of aggression…”

[Author Alice Teresa Reilly]


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