The Horizon – A Reflection

The Horizon is a poem authored by Ilia Kramarik and found on page 132-133 of Ilia’s book of art and prose titled The Future Never Gives Up…The featured image I choose is a photo of the Cliffs of Moher…The poem The Horizon is so impressive because Ilia was a wee boy when he wrote this very long poem…The Horizon consists of nine stanzas with four lines each…Again impressive because Ilia was very little when he wrote this impressive poem. Ilia at a young age wrote his own Iliad in this epic book titled The Future Never Gives Up…In The Horizon Ilia writes…”The sun is raising the horizon. The horizon is raising me. And the camouflage disappears. There is one chance to save the brightness – to remember that we rule like kings. I was once a king, but no one served me. Now I am invisible, and I’m not able to serve anyone.” [Ilia Kramarik] — Skipping a stanza Ilia goes on to say “I can’t see you, because I have not recognized you. You can’t see me, because I am invisible. But we edit the time. If you do not recognize me I could save you. You have the chance to finish what you began. We are mysterious universes. Only when we are in battle, can we see each other. I feel a bullet in my back. No one could save the future, for the future outlives everyone. But if we could imagine the future we would think with the future. The future is like the horizon we can never reach it by coming closer to it.” [Ilia Kramarik] — The world we live in is both flesh and mystical…Flesh in that we have corporal bodies and as such we are flesh and spiritual in that we also have immortal souls…Our world is multidimensional…What Ilia Kramarik accomplishes in his writings is his ability to show ways the world is multidimensional…Another blogger I recently discovered also accomplishes this in his writings…I mentioned this in my previous post…It is impressive that Ilia could accomplish this task at such a young age…From the mouths of babes comes great wisdom…A short story that is Mystical in Nature is a Short Story that is narrated by the author on YouTube called Stone Creature…You can Listen to Stone Creature or you can Read the Story Here…

Stone Creature by Sebastian Iturralde

“Running without looking back sure that the creature was approaching. Come on, come on, Jessa thought. She was wearing an advanced cooling suit to survive in the unbearable heat of the atmosphere. I have to get out of here. The creature stopped attacking once the people around it stopped moving-it had killed them all. Then it saw Jessa running and went after her. If that thing reaches me, Jessa thought, it will be the end. She kept running to escape the chasing creature. Maybe I’ll find a place to hide. Jessa was running across a vast plain of black rocks. A tear fell down her cheek as she remembered the creature’s attack. There’s no way out. Certain of suffering the same fate as the others, she stopped. It was useless to keep running. The creature also stopped. Staring with its green crystal eyes. Analyzing. Jessa turned and saw the creature. It’s body was larger than any land animal she had ever seen before. The beast’s marble-smooth skin gleamed in the sunlight. Jessa could see its fangs with every growl. Any damage to the suit would cause Jessa an instant death. She was one of the survivors who had lived in the control environments – entire cities under the surface of the earth. Jessa was a member of an expedition that analyzed the surface and sampled puddles of liquid aluminum. This was the first time that humanity encountered a being that could survive the unbearable temperatures. Sadly, the creature kept closing in on Jessa: lurking silently. It could have been a statue, Jessa thought, accepting her fate. Maybe that’s how it came to life. Some god created them from a powder that cannot be burned, ready to survive this hell. We just had to sacrifice everything. Jessa saw one of the colony’s vehicles crash into the creature. She couldn’t believe it. The vehicle continued and stopped next to Jessa-the nearby communication system activated. “Hurry up” Lieutenant Thomas Balise said. “We have to get out of here.” “What’s that?” Jessa asked, climbing into the vehicle. I don’t have a clue said Thomas accelerating. Jessa looked at the rear view monitors as the creature got up and began to run after them.

You can listen to this short story here:

…Stone Creature…

It is interesting to read this creative writing piece as it takes the reader to another dimension…I respond to this short story with my own Mystical Short Story titled…Jessa Knows…

Jessa Knows

Jessa quickly realized that the minerals in her blood would scare the stone creature away because during her studies of these creatures of the underworld she learned they are terrified of Sanguine De Muerdago…Sanguine De Muerdago is a special blood that Druids who are human creatures have that terrifies the underworld. Jessa also realized that she must stop time and mark her territory with her blood to keep the Stone Creatures away. Jessa Stopped time and thankfully due to a minor accident some of her blood flowed from one her fingers which was very convenient for Jessa…Jessa marked her territory and invited her mystical Prince to do the same with his Sanguine De Muerdago when he had the time…This explains then the great mystery behind how it was that the Stone Creature stopped chasing long enough for Jessa and Thomas her mystical prince to get away on time…For Jessa and Thomas understood one thing it was not an individual war it was and remains our war…

…Jessa Knows…

Enjoy my creative response to Stone Creature and notice how my response also takes the reader into another world…First you hear the Stone Creature short story then you hear my response titled Interlude…Enjoy…Collaboration is Fun…

…Collaborative Creative Writing…

Enjoy another short story by Sebastian Iturralde titled Cave:


Walking alone in the middle of nature was not enough to clear his mind of an endless
feed of thoughts. The memory of his struggles with money kept him from concentrating
on the present: it became almost impossible for Pedro to enjoy the beautiful scenery that
surrounded him—eventually reality caught up with him. Trying not to lose his temper,
Pedro looked for a way back, each step reaffirming his situation. He got lost. Pedro
stopped in the middle of the mountain. Looking from side to side. Trying to find the path
that led him there: he couldn’t remember. Instantly, his worries lost all importance–night
began to fall and a cold breeze enveloped him. His only way out was through a downhill
forest. Nature’s common green quickly turned to darkness. His heart beat faster with
every step he took. Finally Pedro’s heartbeat echoed in his mind and the rhythm
increased his desperation. In the distance, Pedro saw a dim light, that had to be the sign
he was looking for. Relief gave him strength. He approached the source of the light
slowly. Controlling his breath to slow his heartbeats. The streetlight was alone, in the
middle of nowhere, illuminating an unusual place. Pedro walked towards it. There he
found an excavation site with heavy machinery. Civilization had to be close. The
excavation site was wide, its tallest wall being at least ten feet high. Pedro instantly
noticed a large tunnel entrance and forgot his urgency. He did not think about it and
looked for a way to enter the excavation site. It was difficult to see the cave from a
distance. He walked around the edge, looking for a suitable place to go down the wall.
Inside he saw mud and thought that the place could have been a reservoir…a strong
breeze passed around him and the whistle of the wind caught his attention. Pedro
climbed down and walked toward the cave. The tunnel entrance was clearly a manmade construction. He stopped a few steps from the cave to investigate and found
symbols etched into the outline of the entrance. They had no meaning for him, yet they
had a sequence that repeated eight times. A chilling sensation ran down his spine and
the need to enter the cave grew inside Pedro. However, his fear of the unknown was
stronger. I couldn’t live with the regret of not looking at what’s inside, he thought. He
took a step forward and entered the cave. Nothing. His fears disappeared. There was
nothing special about the place. The darkness made it impossible to see deeper than a
couple of feet. There was no point in walking in without a flashlight. Pedro felt a strange
energy enter his body. He instantly felt rested. The memory of his time in the woods
came back to him. Reliving the long hours desperately searching for a way down the
mountain. All the dead ends he found. Wasted time walking uphill to find a new path.
His need to go home became all he could think of. Pedro turned to leave the dark
entrance to the cave and took a step forward…his face slammed into something. From
top to bottom he studied the invisible wall. There was no way out. Trapped inside
something he couldn’t understand. Hitting the wall did nothing. Pedro’s efforts were
useless. His heart was beating faster and faster. A chilling cold seemed to pull him into
the cave. Pedro kept his gaze fixed on the outside. Leaning his body against the
invisible. Waiting for it to disappear. Afraid to turn around. Imagining the responsible
standing behind him. Time passed and Pedro kept his hands against the glass. He felt
a clear message from the cave in his mind: a thought that warned him of the dangers
within the cave. The voice was slightly different from his own. Pedro finally turned
around and the message became clear. He understood. Pedro was surprised by the
familiarity of the thing he encountered. A floating light without arms or legs, floating in
the middle of the tunnel. Its color was bright and a warm feeling seemed to radiate from
him. The light creature backed away slowly. Somehow, Pedro knew when the creature
turned gave him its back. Then he saw a bright light coming from inside the tunnel.
Pedro received a blow that pushed him outside. The fall took his breath away. When he
opened his eyes, Pedro was on the floor in front of his house. Ready to leave the day


Dan’s Cave

It’s a mystical alignment cave…This is the bright light letting you know that your mystical name is Daniel which is Biblical and links you to the tribe of Dan Mystically…The tribe of Dan is an ancient tribe hailing from Ireland and before Ireland the fjords of the Vikings…Your struggle was not wasted for you were meant to have those life experiences as part of your total trip…You have learned from your unique experiences and you bring intuition and energy to the table of Dan…You also bring an incredible sense of humor which is much needed in our world gone mad…The invisible wall that you were able to lean upon is a mystical wall linking you to your ancient lineage and connecting you mystically to a new tribe…The tribe of Dan…The responsible are the holy souls who went before you and I…The responsible are our lineages who prayed that we would meet…We both have unique intuitive abilities to manipulate and control energy…You are meant to learn how to incorporate and get along with the bright light of Dan…You felt renewed in energy and not tired because you are special and unique and there is only one you…There is only one me…We are both more stubborn than all hell with strong feisty personalities that makes uniting our forces a unique force to contend with…Losing your temper is something you will learn to control over time so that you can express your anger in a calm voice and get things done without being noticed…Your anger and rage is right and just which is why the bright light of Dan came to visit you in your cave when you went on that total trip…You were on the floor at the end of your total trip because the bright light of Dan blew your mind…Yours truly


Enjoy my response to this short story titled Dan’s Cave narrated here:

…Dan’s Cave…

Enjoy the playlist featuring the short story Cave and my response in this playlist titled Dan’s Cave…

…Dan’s Cave…

Enjoy another short story by Sebastian Iturralde called Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Facing the cauldron filled with a bubbling liquid
Waving her arms while she casts the spell
Elle prepares to poison an apple
Mua Ha Ha Ha
Exclaimed the witch as she dipped a fruit
Into the boiling liquid with this… I’ll get my revenge
Elle pulled the apple out of the cauldron
And stared at it—all her years of hard work
Were finally bearing fruit you thought I would forget
What you did to me Elle thought when she heard
Her son opening the door “mom” said Corvi “Can
You stop screwing around?” — “This is different” — She said soothingly I am preparing a present
Anyway said Corvi rolling his eyes
I was just going to tell you that I’m about to leave
I imagine you would said Elle
Why don’t you take this gift for the princess
“Another one of your useless curses, seriously?”
“I’m a different person now my son”, Elle said.
“Ok…” Corvi said taking the glowing bright red apple
“Well mom… I’ll See you later”
Elle smiled “I hope so.”
“You’re really weird today,” Corvi Said before leaving the house.
And so, Corvi took a path through the forest to reach Molly’s castle–
the princess sally’s daughter
Little did Corvi know, his mother and the Queen used to be partner’s of the King
Sure, before the marriage left Elle out of the game
Worse still, Corvi was unable to imagine that his mother
Had planned her revenge for such a long time,
And Elle looked forward for the return of her son—
But he never came back
The next day after spending a sleepless night,
Elle went out to find an answer
The road was long and painful
Her mind created thousands of scenarios
However, upon reaching the village, she
Discovered that Corvi did not make it to the party.
Elle ran back to her house
This time she took the path through the forest
Despite the bright sunlight, there was
A damp chill in the darkness of shadows
The huge trees had never looked so dark—
Elle paid little attention to the signs
And ran desperately looking for her son
But she couldn’t find any traces of him.
On the verge of losing hope,
Crying over the dry leaves
She heard a peculiar sound
This was the first time she heard something like it
However, it was very much like the growl of an animal
“I was expecting you,” said the dark voice from the shadows
“It took you long enough”…”Who are you?” asked Elle
As she got up…Can’t you recognize your own son?
Elle saw the creature’s glowing eyes…Then the beast
Emerged from the shadows and landed on top of the witch
She felt the claws piercing her skin
People still talk about the creature living in that forest
The monster product of revenge.

…Playing With Fire…

Enjoy my response to this short story in the form of another mystical short story titled Mystical Revenge…

Mystical Revenge

Allow me to burst your bubble…Tis not witchery you heard from your castle in the sky above my glen…I was not poisoning an apple I was returning toil and trouble three fold to those who caused me toil and trouble before…I could see how easy it is to confuse a Druid High Priestess with a witch…This happens a lot which explains your imagination running wild like that of a small child…You have a delightful universe in your head…Mystical revenge is often needed to remind those who do witchery and witch craft that it is tom foolery to put spells and witchcraft with bad will out there towards the Druids. Sure tis never a good idea to do that lad…The monster product of mystical revenge is imaginations going wild with silly thoughts of poisoned apples and Katy Perry songs running through your head…My what a beautiful mind you have all the better to study you my dear…My glen is not a forest but with your wild imagination I pity you for you cannot see the forest for the trees…Now that you have studied your Druid neighbor…Let’s be friends and call it a day…Everyone is A-OK and since we all live like Kings and Queen’s these days I expect a kind gesture to remedy for toil and trouble that vexed your Druid Queen…Storms and waters rise and rains increase and do not cease when you vex a Druid High Priestess…Well done you built a bridge instead of a storm…This was your test and you passed with flying colors…

The Druid’s

…Mystical Revenge…

Collaborative Creative Writing – Playing With Fire & Mystical Revenge Playlist…

…Playing With Fire & Mystical Revenge Playlist…

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