Welcome To My Blog

Welcome one and all to my Blog I am one hundred percent Irish except I am Black Irish which is a little different and to understand the Black Irish is to study Ireland Centuries before Christianity ever darkened Ireland’s Shore. I say this because the name of Christianity was abused as was all Religion in many forms to destroy countless families not just in Ireland but around the world. — My blog provides my readers with some insight into the Irish International Perspective from the unique vision of the Black Irish. I have two you tube channels that I launched and I do energy readings also known as psychic readings. I am a no tools energy reader. I do not use tools of any kind. The featured image I choose for this introduction was from our visit to Nantucket during one of my holiday trips to Cape Cod MA. Tis in this special spot that I get all of my mail from the ancient faeries who are international now. So if you do not believe in faeries stop right there tis best not to continue reading my ridiculous blog. I have a ridiculous sense of humor which you will discover as you read my blog posts. My you tube channels are a variety show of home theater my own songs some of which are angry songs and my own brand of silly dark humor. Believe it or not I sing sacred scriptures as a hobby and I show sacred scriptures more respect than the lost so called Christians do. I do not identify as Christian I am a spiritualist with values not unique to so called Christianity and/or Religion. I disabled comments on my blog and you tube channels and other media outlets because I do not promote violence or hate or verbal abuse or verbal attacks of any kind. Sad to say many today do violence with their vicious tongues and many abuse their powers including mystical powers for their own selfish gain. I will let you my readers decide whether or not you wish to get to know me your ridiculous Mystical Blogger. I do offer energy readings which some would say are psychic energy readings. — Simply click on the link on my blog or on the link I provide here and you will be able to speak to me. I advise all my callers to be sure to prepare for your reading have any and all questions available in advance or if you prefer a general reading indicate that immediately. I also say only purchase one reading at a time as needed. All readings are non refundable and are for entertainment purposes only and you must be age eighteen or older to avail of this service. Enjoy your own unique journey of eternity and if you are missing any mail from the mystical international faeries not to worry that mail is likely in the wee mail box shown in my featured image.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me your ridiculous mystical blogger. May you be blessed abundantly for this.

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