A Bomb – A Reflection

A Bomb is poem authored by Ilia Kramarik and found on pages 114 and 115 of Ilia’s amazing book of art and prose titled The Future Never Gives Up…This long poem consists of eleven stanzas with three lines each…Very impressive from the pen of a boy who was a child at the time he wrote this amazing poem…The featured image I choose for this reflection is of mushrooms that looked nice the day I photographed them…I love to photograph nature as nature is naturally lovely…In A Bomb Ilia writes…”I am a bomb. And no one would talk to me.” Leaving out the rest of the poem Ilia writes in the sixth stanza…”My eyes are clay, but they are a disguise.”…In the seventh stanza Ilia writes…”It is an opened door – a mind within my mind. But no one knows me in real life.”…Wow very profound I am blown away by this poem…Ilia continues to write…”The future is taking me backwards through the universe into the quantum world. Flowers around my head. I disappear through the shadows. And the dew evaporates into disguise.” Leaving out the tenth stanza I quote the last stanza…”We are bombs – We don’t forget anything. No one knows the secret forever.” — Wow this poem is like an Iliad of Homer it is epic…This whole book of art and prose titled The Future Never Gives Up is Epic…Like Ilia’s unique Homeric style Odyssey…This poem is mystical in nature and describes how human beings are bombs in the sense that when we speak we should choose our words very carefully for when we speak lies and deceit that always comes back to bite you in the ass…Snakes in the grass are those who are full of lies and deceit yet present very well…There are many human beings who look excellent on paper but inside they are rotten like a rotten apple…I recently had an experience that spanned a total of fourteen or fifteen years of dealing with a man who was spoken well of in the community I lived in at the time…I would be told by others who knew this man to call him…I will call him Charles just to name him without revealing personal details as I am not one to promote public shaming horrible people…I do not believe in publicly shaming people because that always comes back to the ones doing the public shaming…Charles appeared to be holy and good and for many years I thought that man was too good for me…I thought myself beneath him and I had him on a pedestal like others did…As the years passed though Charles’s behavior was very odd Charles is a spiritual man so he is married to a God and he prays many rosaries to Mary Statues…One time when I called Charles he was very angry and in an angry and demanding tone of voice Charles demanded to know what I wanted…I quote him here:..Charles said “what do you want?” he did not ask he said it and his tone of voice was full of rage…Looking back now I realize this was a demonic rage as there was nothing in particular that I wanted from Charles it was that I was told to call him so I called him…Charles despised me he hated my guts but pretended to like me but I saw through this as I could tell this man was extremely proud and very full of himself from years of being on a pedestal and preaching before chanting elders and adoring men and women…Charles tried to kiss me a few times but I did not allow that after all this man is married to a God and is not supposed to kiss or bed women…Charles did this to try to destroy me so that had I responded to his moves Charles could have accused me of trying to get him into bed which is very twisted but that is what Charles was trying to do…Charles is a human bomb a ticking time bomb a fiend from the bowels of hell itself…No amount of rosaries to a Mary Statue will save Charles from his diabolical lost self…Charles made many bad choices and Charles is shady too…The spiders web and slim shady has got nothing on the bomb that is Charles…Charles tried to control me using threatening speech that is not illegal in nature but rather intimidation tactics common to human bombs like Charles…When I returned from Ireland to America Charles stalked me and showed up at a hotel I was staying at while I was moving to my new home…Charles never said a word to me at the hotel but instead followed me…Charles got on the same elevator as me and glared at me and also stood next to me outside my hotel room…I knew it was Charles though I had not seen this beast in a number of years I recognized him…I did not speak as I have no beef with the demons that control Charles…Instead I waited for Charles to speak after all he traveled quite some distance to simply glare at me with vile anger and hate…I figured surely this beastly time bomb would say something…He said nothing so I said nothing…What could I possibly say to this piece of shit…My son recognized Charles also and we both understood that this man is a creepy creep to be avoided at all costs…I was prepared to take Charles down physically if that beast dared try to put his hands on me that man would not live to tell the tale and the police would have been contacted to remove his sad sorry fat ass from the premises…I share this because self defense is very important especially for women…There are horrible women to be sure however, in this case I write about a horrible man from the bowels of hell…Another time Charles took it upon himself to drive to my new home and watch me from his vehicle…I cannot stop creeps from being creepy the thing to do is to avoid these fiends from hell but simply watch them and have them watched…Self defense often involves seeing creepy creeps coming before they arrive…Charles had an affair with a married woman whom I will name Sara for purposes of this reflection…They had a child out of that affair which is horrible…Sara is a horrible woman a nightmare on earth to deal with and during the times when I would speak to Charles Sara would glare at me from a distance…At the time I could not understand Sara’s glare but now I understand it to be vile jealousy because after all Sara birthed a child by this man…Sara is armed and dangerous she carries a gun and uses intimidation tactics and threatening speech on a regular basis…I would know because that low life piece of shit tried to scare me and when her tactics failed to scare me I ran her off…I had to put that bitch in her place so many times I lost count…Sara is a human bomb a ticking time bomb a dangerous unholy ungodly fiend from hell who goes to church and prays like she is sure of heaven…Sara is extremely proud and so is Charles they are two peas in a pod…Charles is full of false humility which makes Charles even more shady and more difficult to figure out…Meaning it took me years to understand just how creepy Charles truly is…When I was in Ireland Charles had detectives show up at my door to inquire like some kind of inquisition about things Charles was claiming I was saying against one of the popes in Charles vile roman catholic sex cult…I was able to show the detectives texts from Charles stating that he would be “in touch with me more fully” and other such nonsense…The detectives were disgusted not with me but with creepy creep Charles and they offered to protect me from Charles…The Irish have no problem taking the piss out of the papacy after all when the current pope visited Ireland that cost Ireland a lot of money and the Gardai were not payed over time for the useless unnecessary twenty four hour surveillance and detective work asking residents their business prior to the pope’s visit…I lived in a small village at the time of the papal visit which included a short visit to my small village…I happened to avoid the pope’s shit storm by visiting Cape Cod in the USA during the time this shit head visited Ireland…While the pope was wasting Ireland’s time money and resources I was talking to victims of pedophile crimes done by the pope’s wicked creepy creep henchmen of pure evil…Charles has great expectations from his flock of village idiot lost sheep and that is this…You cannot get upset by the crimes Charles covers up after all it is expected to cover up…No one expected word to get out about the child Charles fathered with a married woman…This is likely not the only child creepy creep Charles fathered with other wed women…Many men who marry Gods often get involved with married women it is so much easier to cover up the infidelity and these creeps get their sexual needs met and often do this unnoticed for years…Words have power and when one uses words like a sword to control others then words can and often do become weaponized hate speech…I have had weaponized hate speech used against me for years…I have years of experience dealing with weaponized hate speech…I have encountered fiends from hell who are angry men and women who do not yell but who will talk over you and try to bully you into submission…Then these creeps do their best to control you…These human bombs are abusive types horrible people who when you correct them or put them in their place they become diabolically angry…I have seen this many times…As long as you can remain calm not raise your voice or yell there are very effective ways of putting nasty abusive types in their place…Sadly when we become angry and yell then nasty abusive types will accuse you of yelling after all there is nothing more for them to accuse you of so they love to piss you off get you angry and then when you yell accuse you of yelling…Our world is full of phony abusive types who present in many forms…It shook me to my core that it took me years to figure out just how creepy Charles truly is and how twisted Sara is…I am grateful I got the hell away from these fiends from hell…I share this reflection with the hope that by telling my story that my story will help others…We are all human bombs in that words have power and we all must choose our words carefully and be careful to whom we speak and what we seek for if it is not good then we often hurt ourselves in the end…Charles and Sara hurt themselves more than they hurt others because once others figure them out then these twisted fiends are often forced to eat their own wormy words from their book of lies…As a thank you for your follows likes and shares enjoy more you tube stuff…


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