Revived – A Reflection

Revived is a short poem authored by Ilia Kramarik and found on page 105 of Ilia’s book of art and prose titled The Future Never Gives Up…Ilia’s poem Revived consists of two stanzas with five lines each…In Revived Ilia writes…”The future brings everyone to life. The future vase revives and holds all broken flowers.” — I left out the first stanza to encourage my readers to purchase your own copy of Ilia’s amazing book of art and prose titled The Future Never Gives Up…The featured image I choose for this reflection is a photograph of a lovely potted plant a pretty floral plant I received recently…The flowers lasted for a long time but have since recently wilted and died because the life of flowers is very short…I like the name Ilia choose for his poem because while Ilia describes flowers I see a deeper meaning to Ilia’s poem…Human beings are like flowers too we are delicate and our life spans are also quite short compared to eternity…I feel a revival happening in me in the form of my creativity…I have started to compose my own little tunes using a lovely instrument I purchased in Turkey and combining my little tunes as background music to little songs…I know I am not the best but I enjoy this new creative process…I admit I am not always patient with myself as I create new tunes and songs but the process is enjoyable and challenging at times…I like to challenge myself and this new creative aspect challenges me…I feel like my time in Ireland helped me to reconnect with my roots with who I am at the core of my being which is an indigenous Irish writer and singer and musician…I hope to bring to the table the unique ability to create little tunes on a simple instrument and sing to my own tunes…I suppose one could say I march to the beat of my own drum…This is true of me in many respects…I am happy to conform in many ways in terms of obeying the laws of the land and being respectful of my neighbors and I also do not like to stand out in a crowd…I prefer to be invisible in a crowd…That being said I remain very much my own person…I appreciate all your follows likes and shares and as a thank you for this I will share with you more you tube stuff showing how I create my little songs…


First I create the tune this is my latest tune titled Cloud


Then I sing my song with my tune as background music…

Cloud Song

Mystic River Tune

Mystic River

Mystic River Song with my tune as background music

Mystic Rivers Song

Angela Tune

Angela Tune

Angela Song with my tune as background music

Angela Song

Angelic Angela Tune

Angelic Angela Tune

Angelic Angela Song with my tune as background music

Angelic Angela Song

Our Father to my tune

Our Father