Kite – A Reflection

Kite is a short poem written by Ilia Kramarik and found on page 102 of Ilia's epic book of art and prose titled The Future Never Gives Up...This short poem consists of three lines...I will quote the first line because with the first line you can invite others to add their creative process to it … Continue reading Kite – A Reflection

The Harp – A Reflection

The featured image I choose for this reflection is a photo of my very small harp that I purchased from the local music store a few days ago...In my recent post about Mandalas I wrote about how I tried something new over three years ago now which was my blog and you tube channels...I decided … Continue reading The Harp – A Reflection

Mandalas – A Reflection

Mandalas are meant to inspire which is why I share this on my blog...In the apartment complex where I rent and live they offer many amenities and activities this was and remains a big reason why I choose to rent here...There is the pool and basketball court and a volleyball sand play area...This is a … Continue reading Mandalas – A Reflection

Six Word Story – Bestie Doggy Shampoo For My Beastie

Some Six Word Stories are self explanatory such as this cute six word story of how I give my beloved pet a shower bath...My dog does a lot of running around and she goes in the bushes a lot and as a result she gets spurs in places she cannot reach...This means she needs regular … Continue reading Six Word Story – Bestie Doggy Shampoo For My Beastie