The Reservation – Compassion – A Reflection

These Little Reflections The Reservation and Compassion were authored by Akiane Kramarik between the ages of 7-11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Six Page 308 — “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The featured image I choose for this reflection is yours truly how I got this image is through my art work…This is a reflection that I enlarged from my photography using my smart phone…I call this smartphone art…I look like a ghost which is cool…In The Reservation Akiane writes…”You reserved your trip to heaven yesterday You pay for it today” In Compassion Akiane writes…”do not repair do not scorn and do not wipe my tears just taste them and they will dry up on their own” — Wow both reflections are incredibly amazing from the pen of a young girl…Many in organized religions believe that they can reserve their trip to heaven by doing certain rituals and perpetual sacrifices as well as acts of charity…Also many falsely believe they can do whatever they want and attain heaven by simply saying I am sorry…Also when a human being sheds tears respect must be shown those tears and instead of scorning those who mourn taste their sorrows by saying I weep with you and you are not alone rather than saying terrible things like “suck it up”…Many today lack empathy and do not know compassion for they were not shown compassion in their youth…For the catharsis of healing to succeed and apply to the individual in need of healing then tears must always be treated with respect and authentic compassion which is lost to many today…My beloved Aunt Mary gave me some fun quotes from County Mayo Ireland that she heard growing up…She has no idea who said these things so I will quote them to credit whomever came up with such colloquial banter…This is Irish humor at work here the Irish will understand if you do not get our crazy witticisms…”Do you insinuate that I could tolerate such diabolical independence as such an individual as you.” The message is supposed to be crazy making fun of folks who verbally put down others for being independent and unique…The other silly witticism is…”I love myself I think I am grand I go to the movies I hold my hand. I put my arm around my waist and when I get mad I slap my face.” — This makes fun of psychological abuse that many an Irish child endured who then grow up and learn to self abuse or to abuse themselves. I come along and I said this to my Aunt Mary with my own crazy colloquialism — “Ah go on and forget all the hate have a dream lover or two and masturbate.” — Yeah! — I came up with that one…Making fun of our overly sexual culture in the lost western world…My Aunt Mary did not know what to make of that one let me tell ya…We both shared belly laughs though…Laughter is a wonderful elixir in stressful times…I would like to change the subject to a matter that is important to me the matter of pride and how pride goes before many a fall…I predicted that Trump would win the first election that he ran for President in. This time I predicted that Biden would win. This is why…Trump is exceedingly proud and he promised the American people false promises and gave false hope…The anti abortion crowd put great stock in Trump’s ability to stop abortions by removing abortion laws from the books…Trump is powerless to stop these abortions and here is why…Trump led a bad life…Trump has a history of not respecting women or himself as evidenced by two failed marriages…There is no true light in Trump…When Trump held the Word of God in front of a burned out church burned from rioting in the streets…That show of faith was too little too late…For years Trump built an empire at other people’s expenses and created poverty in the homes of those who gambled at Trump’s casinos…Trump is a diabolical narcissist who thinks that praying to the God of Life is like keeping a Trump card in his back pocket…Trump is an overt narcissist in that his narcissism is there for all to see…Biden is a covert narcissist whose narcissism is veiled and hidden behind false humility which is a form of pride…The reason Biden won in this election is because America’s pride must be abased…America must reap what America has sown around the world which is discord filthy vile pornography child abuse child pornography human sex trafficking as well as international pedophile rings the international drug trade and forcing contraception and abortions on other countries in lieu of foreign aid…America has sent plane loads of voters to countries like Ireland to force abortion laws to come to pass in countries like Ireland…America’s reward for her debauchery for sleeping with the harlot in Rome in the mystical sense is this: America must reap what America has sown…America’s demonic diabolical pride is being abased…America failed to defend her own unborn children and America spread abortion contraception death war destruction pornography and other filth around the globe…Now America must reap what America has sown…The hunters will become the hunted the predators will become pray and the day is fast approaching when the wicked will ask for the mountains to fall upon them but the mountains will refuse…The earth will spit the wicked out of its bowels for their revolt and their revolting deeds which are now being revealed with the help of heaven…As the ciborium overflows with the blood of the slain these aborted boys and girls as well as all victims of pedophile child rapes and murders and other crimes against the human race…America’s pride is being abased…Trump behaves badly like a spoiled brat a spoiled child who feels entitled to win this second election but who did not count on the word of God convicting Trump of living a bad life…Trump must continue to seek the face of the God of life but if Trump is responsible for bedding women on contraception and for impregnating women he slept with in his youth but gave no further thought to his seed and the children of the wombs he entered when he had sex…Then the word of God will convict Trump as wicked and no different than Biden who is a covert narcissist…Biden has not sought the face of the God of life the God of of all the living for if he did Biden would refuse the Presidency and Trump would also refuse the Presidency due to crimes done to the human race by the demonic fallen angelic realm that has long since overrun and taken over positions of power and mankind is helpless to stop these machinations of evil that are demonic in nature and are run by the devil himself and his fallen angels…The pope who recently congratulated Biden and who wanted nothing to do with Trump is a covert narcissist and is excellent at playing the victim when others in his sex cult challenge him for supporting same sex marriage and for his diabolical silence on abortion among other heinous crimes such as his diabolical love of and support of vile pedophiles who fill the pope’s child and adult sex cult…Biden and the pope might as well have sex with each other as sick as that sounds they might as well since they are clearly in bed together in the mystical sense pushing a new world order of minions of satan who look and act the same and do not speak out and as such have lost their identities as individuals and instead follow the status quo and go with the flow for to stick out means those who do so are often punished…The pope is an excellent virtue poser and virtue signaler and is also a covert narcissist who is responsible for the destruction and consumption of human flesh found in his pedophiles who rape boys and girls in the name of God. The pope then is expert in his craft of playing the roll of victim as he is ipsissimus of the sex demon incubus and has conjured such demons into himself which he tries to hide very well. With the help of heaven the demons present in the pope are being revealed…With his eyes black as coal this man parades in white representing the holy innocence he destroys in the dark and is unto himself ipsimus master of the dark arts of all nine circles of hell including posing as good when he is pure evil…Pure evil mimics heaven and succeeds in seducing mankind into trusting a false halo a false perfection found in the pure evil ipsimus who is master of his craft of lies and deceit and murder disguised as an angel of light this ipsimus wears white…The blood of the martyrs mentioned in the word of God convicts ipsimus whose time is now very short…Now that what is below in hell has been made the same as above on earth heaven will speak for the children of God and the wicked like ipsimus will gnash their teeth for all eternity…The incubus and succubus responsible for producing the son of the devil who corrupted the universe did so under false Christ and false Mary idolatry and hidden behind this wicked idolatry full of graven images and statues and vessels of gold and silver and brass and a perpetual sacrifice the fallen angelic realm hid their demons which obsessed and possessed many a wicked idolater whose fruits are death and destruction to their own wombs via rejecting children via birth control and abortion to name a few of these diabolical fruits…Not one of us are a match for the wicked that has unfurled grave evils upon mankind…We must all watch and wait for heaven’s aid which will occur at the appointed time known only to the God of life…In 2018 Ireland voted yes to abortion on demand which was brought about in large part by interference from America who flew in on a plane voters from America to vote yes to abortion…Now that Ireland is lost to abortion laws…Eight years after abortion was legalized in the year 2026 Ireland will be flooded and removed from the face of the earth…The Irish did not seek the face of the God of life big government proved traitors to the Irish child both born and unborn…Contraception was already embraced by the Irish woman who often went to England for her wicked abortions…The black witches got their black contraception and abortion and vile birth control…While America must reap what America has sown…Natural disasters will increase storms will increase…In the year 2026 a mountain off the coast of Africa possibly from the Canary Islands area will fall into the sea as the earth revolts against the revolting done by all who revolted with the fallen angels…This will cause a massive tsunami and will flood Ireland off the face of the earth…America will be brought to its knees and all nations will experience abasement of their pride…As the new world order is in full swing heaven will act and Michael will speak for the children of God…Seven years after the 2026 flooding of Ireland an act of great Mercy afforded Ireland all mortal flesh will be silenced…In 2033 the world will be silenced and the day of contention will commence…This will not mark the end of time rather this will mark the end of the fallen angelic reign and it’s head who is lucifer will be destroyed…The just will be admitted into the new Jerusalem the Kingdom of God that was not corrupted like earth was corrupted…Earth will be swallowed whole by the inferno of hell itself and lucifer will never ever sit on the chair of Peter for the true Peter is in heaven and his chair is Mystical and not part of corrupted earth…I do not have to be right but these are my modest predictions written in the spirit in which I received them for I am the voice of the slain…I express this as a work of art nothing more and nothing less…We are living in the fourth and last kingdom which is the Iron kingdom set to be destroyed by the mystical stone that the builders rejected the true Jesus Christ…


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