A Distraction – Birds Of Prey – A Reflection

These Little Reflections A Distraction and Birds Of Prey were authored by Akiane Kramarik between the ages of 7-11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Six Page 304 — “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The featured image I choose for this reflection is from my song titled Whose Gambit? Now that the USA Election was won and get this I called it? I had a feeling Biden would win this election…I wonder if Biden N Trump went on Dr. Phil to duke it out would the results have been the same? Well Dr. Phil is a wise man N I have a feelin Dr. Phil would turn down such an odd proposal…In A Distraction Akiane writes “When shadows are forced to stay on the ground even a gopher can ruin a divine experience” — In Birds Of Prey Akiane writes “Sometimes even fragrant moments are disliked. In the smallest basket—birds of prey” — I left out a portion of this reflection as part of building the mystery that is Akiane Kramarik and to encourage my readers to purchase your own copy of Akiane’s amazing book of prose. In my part time job I get many repeat callers who count on me forgetting that they called me before…I often do remember my repeat callers though I do not record a thing or take any notes…I find for many of my repeat callers that they have itchy ears…They want to hear only what they want to hear…My predictions do come true which is why I get repeat callers…One woman who called is involved with a man who has told her repeatedly that he intends to return to his home country…This means he is not serious about her…She has deluded herself into the false belief and false hope that he will want to stay in this country just to be with her…I warned her to end that relationship the last time she called me because she is delusional and will end up being devastated and alone and possibly pregnant and alone…My observations about women in relationships is this…Once a woman starts being sexual with her male partner reason goes out the window…There is no reasoning to be had and many a flying monkey reigns supreme in what I call the flying circus of false love…I was surprised that this caller whom I corrected rather sternly the last time she called and she hung up on me the last time saw fit to call me again…This time I was more gentle in my approach but gently told her the outcome will be the same…Women have a hard time accepting truth or hearing the truth as there is often no truth in women like this who are so desperate for a man that any man will do…Even a man who repeatedly tells her he intends to leave the country she be living in…Notice I never identify my psychic work on my blog or you tube and that is because I signed a non disclosure agreement that I take very seriously…I really do care about all of my callers and I feel rather protective of my callers like a little spiritual mother hen except I be a little Irish mother hen…Cluck cluck cluck…My ability to remember my previous callers never ceases to amaze my callers and myself as I do not record a thing or take any notes…I consider the work I do the work of a diviner and as such my memory is eternal…I will switch gears as I am wont to do as a creative writer and have a wee chat with my readers about the USA 2020 Election…In the 2016 Election I predicted that Trump would win that election and that his win would be a surprise and shock to many…For this yeas election I predicted that Biden would win this years election…My Aunt Mary who is elderly now my same beloved Auntie whom I wrote a cute song about suggesting we both go on Dr. Phil…My Auntie Mary thanked God that Biden got in this time…I would say this that the God that got Biden elected if such a concept exists after all Biden was voted in fair and square…However, the God behind Biden is not the same God as Trump…Tis true that Trump acts like a narcissistic spoiled brat like a child or a bull in a china cabinet so to speak…I voted for Trump because the God of Trump cares about mankind the God of Trump has humbled Trump many times and Trump’s pride has been abased many times…Trump has handled his trials with grace thought bumpy at times Trump has a conscience…Now that Biden has won fair and square like a game of chess his black chess pieces won this next four year gambit…I say this mystically and do not suggest that Biden did anything untoward…According to some media reports Biden’s wife considered running for the presidency too and I dare say her power just increased exponentially with the election of her beloved spouse Biden…I used to allow the whole abortion debate guide how I voted and this is why I voted for Trump whose lips mouthed pro life messages…Trump has no power to stop these abortions neither does Biden…I believe Trump is sincere in his values of human life…Biden is out to lunch on abortion while his democratic party wines and dines from the blood money of many an aborted fetus…After all abortion is an excellent power gambit destroy the unborn child in the womb control the population you control the center you control the nuclear family which has been systemically and categorically destroyed over the centuries which is not Trump or Biden’s doing or fault…Like a bad game of chess mankind has check mated themselves into a bat shit crazy corner of political correctness in speech rendering fear in ones who voted for Biden or Trump of speaking freely about party lines…The party will end at a time known only to the God of life who is the God of Trump and the ones whose party lines follow the book of the dead of the God of wine of the chalice of iniquities the God of the book of the dead will be forced to reap what they have sown and will die from their own swords…Their swords of soft speech which is hate speech disguised as soft speech from lips of wars that destroy the unborn children in their own mother’s wombs…The day will come when all mortal flesh is silenced and mankind will be forced by the supernatural armies of heaven to be silent and as such will stand in fear and trembling…The God of life will open all seven scrolls and all seven seas of iniquities from all of the seven churches will be unveiled…The wicked will gnash their teeth for all eternity and all responsible for the senseless cruel and merciless abortions and contraception of the lest among us the unborn child will rue it for all eternity…President Trump ran a great race he served America for four amazing tumultuous years…President Trump your God is the God of life and this God will deal the wicked a mighty blow their pride will be abased for all eternity…Thank you President Trump for your service to America many of us myself included will always love you for your courage and determination to be you…Do not change the you that you are President Trump and many are Jealous that you married lovely Melania who is not only beautiful inside and outside but is also highly intelligent and intuitive. I adored the lovely blue dress Melania wore with the matching gloves…She handed a lovely Tiffany box to the Lovely former First Lady Michelle Obama who also stunned the world’s stage in red…I also admire Michelle Obama’s simple and elegant yet smart style…I suggest breakfast at Tiffany’s for The Obama’s N Trump’s our current President N Biden’s our soon to be inaugurated current President and all who are still living who ever held office in the white house including the Clintons and Jimmy Carter and most importantly our Texas former President George W. Bush…I want to share with my readers that for our living President’s of the USA there is life after Presidency…I like to share some of the amazing hobbies our former USA world leaders have…I highlight this to showcase the humanity that our world leaders have in common with us little folks…Did you know the Obama’s love to tell stories? N I share a love of public libraries which is a love the Obama’s also have…Did you know former President Jimmy Carter was an excellent wood worker? — The best is yet to come drum roll please…Did you know former President George W. Bush loves to paint and has an awesome art gallery dedicated to our warriors our military heroes both male and female…I could not find any Clinton hobbies…All the same I suggest Breakfast At Tiffany’s for all the living USA world leaders…It would be a very interesting and welcome event to warm the hearts and minds of every American putting some Soul back into this great land the United States Of America…Let us save the Soul of the USA by learning how to get along…Enjoy my song titled Whose Gambit? N my Dogs R US playlist where I see fit to send our world a message that humans can learn a lot from dogs…I am an animal lover N our world would be a much better and nicer place if human’s could get along as well as the doggies featured in my Dogs R Us you tube playlist…If all of the living USA President’s N Families agree to Breakfast at Tiffany’s sure I will cook the breakfast in a spirit of sincere thanksgiving for our wonderful lives here in the USA as an Irish Immigrant…I dedicate this post to all of the President’s of the USA past present and future…Enjoy my latest silly song for the one and only President Donald J Trump who is fearless enough to do things his way…Where I see fit to remind soon to be former President Donald J Trump that there is life after Presidency…


— For President Trump — There Is Life After Presidency —
— Let us all do as John F. Kennedy says “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You?” — As a history Buff I had to do this performance of JFK’s amazing Inaugural Address Dated Friday January 20th 1961 —
— Hey America I will always luv u for all eternity — Aren’t ya glad I cannot run for President as I was born in Ireland — Bummer in the summer I know — I would not want the job of President tis a hard job on a good day. Besides I be too crazy for Presidency of anything I reckon I would not last three months as President — I dedicate my home theatrical performance of what this little lady would do if she were President to all of the Presidents of the USA Past Present N Future — Don’t worry about me I prefer to sing stuff N knit scarves that I never complete. — Holla!!!
— My Aunt Mary Song – Hey Auntie Mary we should go on Dr. Phil —
— Yeah I suggest Breakfast At Tiffany’s for all of our USA Presidents N their families — To save America’s amazing Soul with more than 40 shades of Green and Alabaster skies N full moons — I will cook breakfast for ya’ll!!! In the spirit of true Irish Hospitality in thanksgiving for our amazing lives in the USA as Irish Immigrants —
— Mankind can learn a lot from the animal kingdom — Dogs R Us — Awesome furry friends —
My song titled Whose Gambit?
— Luv this Tiffany gift Box that Melania Trump handed to Michelle Obama Both ladies shine in this special moment in recent USA history —
— Did you know the Obama’s love story telling which I think is awesome — I share this love of Public Libraries that the Obama’s have — Former President Obama is an excellent Orator — I Love this cute word collecting story about the power of words — Thank you former President Obama for your service as President N for your many contributions in other ways such as this amazing story telling contribution —
— Hey awesome Obama’s I be Audacious too — Who Knew??? —
— Check out former President Bush’s amazing art gallery — Honoring our amazing USA Warriors — Portraits Of Courage — How awesome is that!!! Thank you former President George W. Bush for your service as President N for these amazing portraits —
— I love this Portraits Of Courage by former President George W. Bush how amazing is that? — Thank you former President George W. Bush for your service N for your ongoing contributions to the USA the best country in the world. — I love the warm welcome George W. Bush gives to Immigrants. — George W. Bush tried to reform Immigration N Freedom of the Press — Amazing work appreciated by many around the world myself included as an Immigrant to America from Ireland. — I share an international perspective that former President George W. Bush also shares which is refreshing and eye opening for folks less traveled…I have been to ten countries and to many states of the Union here in the USA. —
— Did you know former President Jimmy Carter enjoys woodworking — Now that he just turned 96 years old I hope he has many more birthdays — Happy 96th Birthday Former President Jimmy Carter — Thank you former President Jimmy Carter for your service as President N for your amazing wood work —
— Just Sayin I can cook N Ya’ll R Invited to Breakfast at Tiffany’s where I would be honored to cook breakfast for all of America’s living world leaders N their families in a spirit of Irish Hospitality N thanksgiving for our wonderful lives here in the USA as an Irish Immigrant —
— Where’s Seamus? — I heard he be famous!!! —
— Hobbies R Good for us so in my spare time I luv to Diss satan why not? — no one else is doin it so why not I —
— When I get bored I sing songs that I write in five languages just cuz I can —
— Since the unborn child has been reduced to nothing but an opinion a chemical I see fit to lament this in five languages —
— I also see fit to wear a special mask to address the problem of the war on all flesh particularly the war on the womb a war waged on our own unborn children a bloody disgrace a bloody legacy that the God of Life will contend with at the appointed time known only to the God of all the living. —
— My version of this amazing song Zombie I’m so glad I am not a stupid Zombie like so many are these days sad to say. — In this song I address the problem of the war of the mind waged by centuries of systemic abuse worldwide. —

— Did U Know I’ma huge fan of Dr. Seuss — I double dog dare ya to do diss at work tis a fun boredom buster. — Do not do this if you are going to your mental health professional for therapy for the first time. I dedicate this silly song to all who work in the field of Mental Health as my tribute and thanks to all who work in the helping profession around the world. —
— N just when ya’ll thought that I take myself too seriously I invite ya’ll to join a society I started called TSOSW – Acronym for The Society Of Stupid Women – Umm! Men can join too but why would they? —