Thirst – Paupers – A Reflection

These Little Reflections Thirst and Paupers were authored by Akiane Kramarik between the ages of 7-11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Six Page 302 — “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The featured image I choose for this reflection is yours truly visiting my ancestral grave in Ireland located in Mayo and Leitrim countryside area. — I choose this photo because many of us can go through life believing a certain way and acting a certain way and as we age we often do become set in our ways. — Sad to say but for many who go on many a bad road many have believed only what they wanted to believe from years of itchy ears hearing only what they wanted to hear ignoring the truth…I would say it is safe to say my own ancestry did this for centuries…In Thirst Akiane writes…”The measurement for thirst is rough” and in Paupers Akiane writes “After the last breath we take — our worn out boots are finally exchanged for polished dress shoes” — I left out a portion of these reflections as part of building the mystery that is Akiane Kramarik and to encourage my readers to purchase your own copy of Akiane’s amazing book of prose. Wow! I am floored by this reflection and had not read it before choosing my featured image by an ancestral grave…Tis true that sometimes in death we are often better dressed than in life…This was true of the Irish who suffered from severe poverty for many centuries…The Irish were often celebrated more in death than in life which is sad when you think of it…The God of life and all of Heaven wants to bless mankind and wants mankind to live life to the full…The false God’s these God’s and deities of death hates our species and only offers us temporary pleasures with the diabolical goal of destroying our eternal souls for all eternity. Look at the culture of sex drugs and rock n roll which results in many deaths from babies who are ill conceived conceived in moments of unruly lustful passions resulting in bloodletting in the form of abortions when the ill conceived contraception and birth control plans do not work. Our world has been living in a culture of death for many centuries now…A culture of death that is so pervasive that we are destroying our own species and causing other species to go extinct…As this election unfolds it is a very tight race and I have a gut feeling that Biden will win this years Presidential election…My son has a gut feeling that Trump will win this years election…What I want to present to the world in my blog through this series of reflections is this…I spoke to a lady on the phone about a small business matter…She courageously told me that she voted for Biden I respect her for telling me this and I told her that I voted for Trump…We had a very pleasant conversation and she told me this will be the last time she casts her vote…I said to her never give up your civil right as a woman to vote…I said it is so nice to be able to agree to disagree and to be pleasant to each other as individual women in business without going at each other’s throats in vile hatred over voting…We both agree that we observe that it is the Electoral College that determines who becomes the next President that it really is not the little ones like that lady and myself who determines the out come when it comes to voting in the next President…She agreed with me on this…We also both agree that if Kanye West or Kim Kardashian ever decide to run for President we would both give them a chance…I really like and admire Kim Kardashian…I was able to joke with my fellow lady business woman saying I am sure you are glad that I was born in Ireland and will never be able to run for President here in the USA…We both shared a laugh about that and agree to disagree knowing that it is the Electoral College that determines who becomes the next President of the USA…I have a gut feeling this year it will be Biden…Time will tell…As a people as human beings we must be able to agree to disagree in a peaceable manner with the understanding that many a media frenzy wants the little every day worker to hate one another based on religion race color creed and politics…I say no to this hate mongering we must all rise above this and show the world that America is great no matter who becomes the next President…What makes America great are the little people like you and I…I sincerely do believe in the power of prayer and in the power of living a very simple and purposeful life no matter how small or big…I refuse to give in to despair and no matter who becomes our next President remember it is the little people like you and I who make America great…I wonder if both Trump and Biden duked it out on Dr. Phil how it would go? I have a feeling Dr. Phil would decline such a proposal as he is a very wise man who loves to help folks and would likely figure there ain’t no way in hell Dr. Phil can fix either Trump or Biden…Ya know if Trump loses this Election I am concerned that he will not handle this loss with grace…The general public and I speak for myself as well when I say this are sick and tired of the mudslinging that goes on during debates and elections…Americans are often afraid to say who they voted for out of fear of retaliation or fear of losing a friend and other maltreatment…This has got to go…It does not matter who we vote for as long as we exercise our right to vote…In the end the Electoral College votes hold great sway over who becomes our next President and I am pleased to say this that it warms my heart to know that our very fine Black Communities have a lot of pull in this election and I say let our Black Communities decide who is to be our next President…I am totally fine with this since our Black communities have been down trodden and undermined for far too long…It is high time their voices are heard loud and clear and let our very strong and fine Black Communities determine the future of America in this Election…For our wonderful Black Communities across the USA and around the world I stand with you and I dedicate this post to our Black Communities whose voices have been undermined and ignored for far too long now…


— Enjoy my silly song for my beloved Aunt Mary — I think we should put both Biden and Trump on Dr. Phil and let them duke it out on Dr. Phil…Somehow I think Dr. Phil might decline such an idea as Dr. Phil is a wise man. —
— As this years 2020 election continues I am busy looking for Seamus cuz I heard he’s famous —
— In a world gone mad enjoy my mad Maggie McGee Playlist on You Tube —
— Enjoy my seriously mad you tube playlist titled Silly Bubbles in one clip I falsely claim on purpose to be an Extra Terrestrial —