Executive Decision – The Inspection – A Reflection

These Little Reflections Executive Decision and The Inspection were authored by Akiane Kramarik between the ages of 7-11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Six Page 299 — “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The featured image I choose for this reflection is of a very large chess board that we used to play silly chess on during our time in Ireland…I called the game silly chess because my son could make up the rules and it was a lot of fun that way…On the featured image I write the name of one of my latest silly songs titled Whose Gambit? — A song I will share with my readers at the end of this reflection…In Executive Decision Akiane writes — “We should love our enemies—but not protect them” — In The Inspection Akiane writes — “Polyester emotions grade” — I left out a portion of this reflection as part of building the mystery that is Akiane Kramarik and to encourage my readers to purchase your own copy of Akiane’s amazing book of prose…What comes to my mind when I read these reflections is this…I graduated from one of the top business schools in the USA and in the world…Their MBA Degrees are difficult to get and their MBA graduates often do very well on the world’s stage…I never got my MBA but I did get my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with an Economics Minor from one of the top school’s of business in the USA and in the world…It is a state university that understood intelligence that just because a student is a mostly B student with some A’s and C’s does not limit their intelligence…I was twenty years old when I graduated university with my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with an Economics Minor…I was accepted into other Universities much more rigorous and harder to get into than the one I choose to attend…Yet the University I attended has produced crops of very successful business men and women who are in their own right a force to contend with on the world’s stage…The university I attended saw greatness in their students a greatness missed by other more prestigious universities who often focus on SAT scores and grades instead of intelligence as being more well rounded and not limited to just numbers via grades…My teachers often told me that if I actually studied I could have graduated top of my class…I did study in college the night before each exam because in between classes I worked a part time job exercised and there were times when I was taking 21 credit hours and one semester I was also doing an internship at the local hospital to learn about hospital administration…By the time I graduated I had completed one MBA level course and could have finished my MBA within two years of graduating with my Bachelor Degree…I was college level at the age of twelve but I was not emotionally intelligent it took me years to develop emotional intelligence…For years I was very emotional and intense as well..I am now learning how to manage my emotions and as a result of the lessons I am learning now at age forty eight…I will often experience mystical dreams…Some of my dreams are crazy such as a recent dream I had about owning a pet octopus that kept coming outside of its watery cage and misbehaved a wee bit…In my crazy dream about a pet octopus my pet octopus was simply very bored and needed more stimulation which is why it misbehaved in my dream…In that same odd dream I had a strange pet that looked like a pony that was a water creature…The purpose dreams serve is this: Our minds need rest to process new information so when we are fast asleep and in our dream state our brains are resting and can then process new information…How our brains processes new information is a fascinating tale too long for this short reflection…My understanding of the Octopus dream is this…That I am learning how to balance and how to manage my own unruly emotions and in the process I am learning how to let go and let God and to loose the need to control everything around me…The reality is many of us have zero control of events that happen around us…I too cannot control many things…I can however learn how to cope better by managing my unruly passions and emotions better…To me the octopus in my dream represents unruly emotions that need tender loving care to learn how to behave better without fear of reprisal or a negative consequence…It is interesting too because in my dream about having a pet octopus of all things…I was patient with my very persistent and annoying pet octopus which in my dream the octopus was large enough where it could have hurt me yet it did not hurt me because I gave my pet octopus space to sort itself out and while I did put it back time and again this silly pet octopus kept getting out of its watery cage as it’s environment was too restrictive…My dream ended with my pet octopus sorting its way with my help and in the end I found myself looking for a larger living space and a better environment that was better for my pet octopus…In reality I would never consider or think of getting a pet octopus of all things…This mystical dream was simply my brain sorting out new information in terms of control and letting go of the need to control things around me yet reigning it in in terms of managing my own unruly passions and difficult emotions…I shared in one of my blog entries a mystical dream I had about one of my difficult sisters…I wonder if that mystical dream applies more to me than my difficult sister…Time will tell…I have experienced mystical dreams whereby I thought the one affected in the dream was someone else but years later I would be shown that dream was about me…Before I became a mother I had a mystical dream about a young woman who was standing by her kitchen sink in tears due to serious postpartum depression her baby was doing well but this young mother was struggling and not doing well…This was before I became pregnant with my boy who is now becoming a strong young man who is taller than me now…At first I thought it was a friend of mine who was newly married and had a baby…I was certain the dream was about her…Years later the God of life showed me that dream was about a struggle I would face as a new mother…It is true some time later I became pregnant and really struggled for a long time as a new mother…I experienced serious postpartum depression that lasted more than five years for me…I wonder too if my most recent mystical dream is more about me than my sister…Will I be the one to suffer yet another devastation another devastating loss and not my sister? — Time will tell. — I know I do not know much and I also understand that I am not much. — It would be easier for me to fail and fall again and to suffer another devastation after all I am not strong I am very frail…I never had much and what little I had over the years was either taken from me or lost or stolen or I had to sell it to make ends meet…I have been robbed blind many times not only of material things which I never had much of but most importantly I have been robbed blind many times of my dignity my self respect and in the process I lost my sense of self…I found I was totally lost along the way…Perhaps then my mystical dream about my sister is more about me than my sister…Time will tell…When I experience mystical dreams like this particularly about a future event that will come…I become terrified that I do not understand enough to be able to understand these dreams fully…What I have learned from my own journey of eternity is never to trust my own understanding…Many times I was certain I understood but in reality I had no clue…I was clueless for many years…What sees me through these days is this…I have learned how to detach with love from material things…I do not own anything except for the clothes on my back which I barely own…I rent where I live and where I rent is already furnished…Therefore I own no home or furniture save a few small items I purchased…Besides my son whom I am responsible for raising well to the best of my ability…I have nothing which is exactly what my sister wants for me…This is all my family besides my own father who has since passed away wants for me…My family wants me dead they hate my guts so much so they take sick pleasure out of my failures…My own birth mother is sick in the head and has unrealistic grandiose thinking when it comes to me her daughter…My birth mother seems to think I have money and that she is somehow entitled to my money…It took me years to understand that I do not owe my birth mother a damn thing and that my birth mother owes me many things for the years of hell she put me through as her daughter…My God when I did a small act of kindness for my birth mother she demanded that I put money in her bank account instead of the gift card that I purchased for her at the small local grocery store…My birth mother never asks me if I am alright or if my son is alright…She never calls me or lifts a finger to help me or my son in any way shape or form…My birth mother hates my guts…After I did the kind deed that I did for my mother’s 86th birthday…I realize that now is the time to walk away from that hellcat…I will never contact my birth mother again in this life…I leave her now to her own devices…At least I accomplished one small thing in this life and that is this…That my mother will remember my small act of kindness for all eternity…As for my siblings I am dead to them and they are dead to me…I live in a state of physical life yet I feel dead from years of hell on earth and now I have nothing…I feel like a zombie that goes through daily living with no substance…Sure my blog has some followers and I appreciate my blog followers and my you tube is just sitting there…I have no idea what I am doing most days when I blog and you tube…I simply do what I feel inspired to do…I have no problem making a fool of myself on you tube along the way…In my own personal life I suffered enough fools to last many life times…I no longer suffer fools fool…OMG that is another six word story…I am a fan of Six Word Stories…I do not have any other deep thoughts at the minute except to say that I am worn out…I am exhausted from years of hell on earth and who knows perhaps one day I will drop dead after all that is all I was ever shown was hate and bad will from many a false friend and my own family hates my guts…How in hell I manage to get up every day and keep going is beyond my own comprehension…I have learned to never trust my own understanding…There are many things I simply do not understand…However in 2018 I sang a mystical song about the book of the dead and interestingly enough in 2018 in the Land of Egypt which is the origin of the book of the dead a massive discovery was made…The SAQQARA Tomb was discovered and an archaeologist was asked to discover the findings…The secrets of the Saqqara Tomb is now being shown as a documentary and it is an excellent and fascinating documentary on Netflix…Ancient Egyptians particularly during the time of Pharaoh held many false beliefs and Egypt is the source of idols…Idolatry stems from Egypt…To understand modern narcissism which is a serious pandemic these days…Study The story of the owner of this Saqqara Tomb…The man who claimed to own this tomb took the tomb over as it was once his own brother’s tomb…The man who did this decided that he would be one of the eternal judges who would decide his own fate in the next life and as such he could then absolve himself from his serious sins of lying and cheating and stealing his own brother’s tomb…The man who did this was a narcissist whose ancient practice of idolatry cost him his eternal soul for all eternity…For in the eyes of the God of life the book of the dead originated in Egypt…These elaborate tombs are and remain for all eternity an abomination in the eyes of the God of life and of all of the living…I am sharing a link here citing this amazing documentary…I suggest you watch this documentary as it is educational and fascinating…https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/oct/30/secrets-of-the-saqqara-tomb-review — “The Saqqara tomb is a major ancient Animal Cult Center the most important was the Bubasteion. This ancient Egyptian animal cult center was dedicated to the Goddess Bastet who was represented in cat form as a woman with a cat’s head…Bastet has a calm side and a ferocious side like a lioness” — [Not exact quotes but I quote this to credit this amazing Netflix Documentary titled Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb] — When the God of life sent plagues to Egypt cult like followers blamed Sekhmet which is the ferocious side or alter ego if you will of the same Goddess Bastet…Bastet had two sides to her in an ancient Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde split personality prototype. — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastet#:~:text=Eventually%20Bastet%20and%20Sekhmet%20were,cat%2C%20representing%20a%20gentler%20aspect. — This link explains Bastet — Sekhmet fairly well. — Ones lost to such cult idolatry were of the seed of the devil lost to idols and as such an abomination in the eyes of the Most High God of life…Ones lost to such ancient idolatry had mental health trouble as evidenced by their ancient hieroglyphics presenting for all eternity as a major God complex under the term used in modern psychology narcissism. — The ancient narcissist was not only a king in his mind he was also a God and an eternal judge. — These days such ancient beliefs would be considered delusions of grandeur with split personality disorder and some paranoia aspects and as such these ancient idolaters would be considered as having schitzoaffective disorder and in many cases could be considered criminally insane. — As evidenced by the concerning practice of mummy. — This link describes this diabolical ancient practice. — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mummy — This ancient practice was and remains for all eternity an abomination. — The “Divine Estate” [Saqqara Tomb Documentary] of ancient hieroglyphics found in the Saqqara tomb is evidence of delusions of grandeur of the idolater who took over his own brother’s tomb. — Ancient Egyptian idolaters believed they could purchase the after life with elaborate tombs. — A person presenting with such beliefs these days would be considered seriously mentally unstable and mentally ill. — Ancient Egyptian Idolaters were revered and placed on many a pedestal…So much so that elaborate tombs symbolized the ego the desire to be revered for all eternity…A “great God” [Saqqara Tomb Documentary] is mentioned in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in the Saqqara tomb documentary. — Tragically these sad Pharoah’s often saw themselves as like unto God or like unto a God not limited to the God of all life…I will quote from this documentary as follows: “Wahtye, Purified Priest to the King, Overseer of the Divine Estate, Overseer of the Sacred Boat, Revered with the great God, Wahtye” [Netflix Documentary — Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb] – Notice how “Wahtye” ensures his name is placed at the beginning and at the end so as to place himself as a God a beginning and an end. — Wahtye deemed himself equal to God. — Wahtye made the same mistake that Eve made in the garden of Eden & in his delusions of grandeur made himself equal to God. — Wahtye was a “Priest” and in the days of Pharaoh a Priest was considered a very “high official” — “a middleman between heaven and earth between the king and the people and the king and his God”… [Quotes are not exact but are quoted to credit the Netflix Documentary Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb as my source]. — I can see why one of the workers likes this egoist Wahtye in this documentary…”Tomb of Wahtye the Priest’ circa 2415 – 2405 BC” — “The whole tomb complex acts like a resurrection machine with a false door allowing the eternal soul to go back and forth from the world of the dead to the world of the living.” — [Quotes are not exact but are done to credit this amazing Netflix documentary called Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb] — As these genius workers decipher this amazing tomb it is discovered that Wahtye was a stinker…He stole the tomb from his own brother…Rather than share any more about this amazing documentary I highly recommend my readers to watch this amazing documentary yourselves…Notice too that I your blogger and you tuber share with others via my blog and you tube that learning how to cope amidst many a storm is the greatest gift…That on the good and bad days no matter what befalls us through it all knowing how to cope is the best gift after all…Wealth and status and friends often fail us but knowing how to cope is what makes us great…In the big scheme of life there are many bad shows and ugly rodeos yet through it all tis knowing we are all very small and coping well despite our many falls is what makes us not breaks us after all. — I learned how to detach with love from toxic people from my past. If I can learn how to cope how to manage my unruly passions and emotions N how to pull through distressing days then so can you…I might add that sad to say many today who judge emotions judge from mutated polyester hearts that are too full of the self to notice others around them and also that many today make big executive decisions from mutated hearts and blinded visions for many today view the world through a mutated lens…Instead of rose colored glasses many today have mutated glasses and mutated hearts…Neither one is good meaning rose colored glasses suggests the person is besotted or in love with an ideal and does not see the real person…Mutated lens means the heart behind the lens is mutated beyond repair and cannot see good in others or progress made in ones these mutated hearts love to hate…


A Mystical Song about the Mystical White Queen
…I wrote this Mystical Song two years ago in 2018 – around the time the Saqqara Tomb was discovered in Bubasteion Necropolis in Saqqara Egypt which was in the year 2018…The Saqqara Tomb is exceptionally well preserved and hails from one of the 5th dynasty’s of ancient Egypt…The first idol that was discovered in the Saqqara Tomb was a statue of a lion Goddess…Excavation began in the spring of 2018 — The whole tomb was discovered in November 2018 and is more than 4,000 years old and is very well preserved…”Untouched & Unlooted for more than 4,400 years” [Netflix Documentary Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb] — Yet it was discovered that the Tomb itself was looted by a brother who took over his own brothers tomb more than 4,400 years ago…This tomb hails from the fifth dynasty of the pharaohs…Saqqara means “World of the dead”
….My mysical song titled Sulamitess inspired by Mystical Mary not false statue Mary….In this song I sing of Egypt and I thank Egypt for protecting Mystical Mary and the true Jesus Christ for a time…Recorded two years ago around the time of the discovery of ancient Egypt’s massive Saqqara Tomb full of ancient hieroglyphics and a major historical proof of idolatry in ancient Egypt who believed the after life could be purchased for a price and who worshiped the goddess Isis who was worshiped back then in the form of a woman in cat form the Goddess Bastet & Sekhmet…
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