Irresistible – The Slave – A Reflection

These Little Reflections Irresistible and The Slave were authored by Akiane Kramarik between the ages of 7-11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Six Page 297 — “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The featured image I choose for this reflection is yours truly from my most recent song titled Fanatic Slave which is more of a theatrical production as the song lasts a total of twelve minutes one minute of each of the mystical twelve tribes of Israel…In Irresistible Akiane writes…”wild strawberries are ripe and today they cannot hide from my taste.” I left out a portion of this little reflection as part of building the mystery that is Akiane Kramarik and to encourage my readers to purchase your own book of Akiane’s amazing book of prose…In The Slave Akiane writes…”I try to hide but nothing’s left of me— even hidden. For I am a slave.” — I left out a portion of this reflection too…I want to present a mystical writing piece that I will also sing on you tube that addresses ways many of us myself included often become slaves…We can become slaves to our own emotions and slaves to many devices sins and vices…I hope you enjoy reading this mystical piece titled…………Fanatic Slave…………

Fanatic Slave

Oh Fanatic Slave how you love to rant and rave about how I misbehave when I refuse to lie with you in bed…Oh fanatic slave you said you loved me didn’t you then how in hell have you made me feel so blue…I am feeling the blues because I thought I knew you I listened to what you said but I knew I could never let you get into my bed…Yeah you thought you got inside my head Yeah you tried to make me your teddy bear…Oh Fanatic Slave you are a slave to your lust and sad to say you really do hate my guts…Oh Fanatic Slave you lied to my face you are the one who is a bloody disgrace…Oh Fanatic Slave I am glad we never wed never mind the idea of ever getting into my bed…Oh Fanatic Slave your words were once sweet but when I knew you saw me as nothing but meat…I never let the things you said get to my head about how wonderful and lovely I am was that all you said? I mean you looked in my eyes with lust disguised by false love and you told me you were sent to me by God up above…I thought to myself whatever that God is tis not my God for this man before me is not his…The man before me belongs to the devil who sent him to me to stoop to his level…Sad to say he is the one who is the bloody disgrace for his race was destroyed by the seed of his God the false son of the wicked one…I said to my God who is the God of life why do you send men like this to cause me such strife?…My God said to me — of you it is written you are to be tested to overcome the ones smitten…Sure the devil has always been lurking about seeking whom he can devour and he devours many a stupid lout…These ones that I send are sent to test you knowing I will not let you fail from the beginning of time I knew you…Your mystical fine print on your eternal soul is not visible to the wicked who are the devil’s own…Oh Fanatic Slave you are a beast and you feast on fine meats dainty treats such as women like me…Oh Fanatic Slave you are a slave to your own head filled with mystical ideas of the ones you want to bed…Oh Fanatic Slave I never let you get to my head for my God thinks your stupid and your head is full of lead…Oh Fanatic Slave of you it is written that you would become smitten with the wrong God…Oh Fanatic Slave of you it is said you have been led by the book of the dead…Oh Fanatic Slave of you it is written the devil seduced you and now you are smitten…Oh Fanatic Slave When you come before me your soul I will read like a book for my God who is the God of all life and of all the living shows me your mystical script…Oh Fanatic Slave you underestimate me and you have underestimated me for many a century…Oh Fanatic Slave this dance is very slow and you step on my toes with your diabolical false romance…Oh Fanatic Slave life is all a show and when the curtains are down and you boast around town lying through your teeth that you bedded me…Never forget I am only your wet dream and the words you said never got to my head…Oh Fanatic Slave you thought you had won when you tried to destroy me with your vile verbal gun…Oh Fanatic Slave I saw you come centuries before for I am the one the long awaited one whom you never knew for the God I serve is King over you…Oh Fanatic Slave I am the one who does not need a gun to get respect off the streets…Oh Fanatic Slave you had no idea did you that when we met the devil had placed a bet…Oh Fanatic Slave you had no clue of the Mystical Fine Print written over me did you? Oh Fanatic Slave in this life you never knew what it was that made you feel so blue…Oh Fanatic Slave you choose to self medicate didn’t you and when I learned you had died of a drug over dose I took no pleasure knowing this but your time had come…Oh Fanatic Slave the drugs that you took were only to cover up bad feelings of many a love that you did forsake…Oh Fanatic Slave you broke your parent’s hearts whose broken hearts broke your heart to pieces when you were just a little lad…Oh Fanatic Slave as your life is revealed before me like a hollywood movie I know your life was sad…Oh Fanatic Slave I am not mad at you for the God of life knew you were but a lad when your own little heart was shattered in two…Oh Fanatic Slave once a little boy blue I intercede with my God that heaven will be there for you…Oh Fanatic Slave you acted like a snake in the grass and you were very much a pain in my ass…Oh Fanatic Slave if you only knew the little boy blue who grew up to be you…Oh Fanatic Slave I forgive you for my God who is the God of life knows the ones before you did terrible deeds in the dark to our kins men and kins women…Oh Fanatic Slave If you only knew the depths of the depravities these terrible ones did do…Oh Fanatic Slave I forgive you and I hope and pray that my God the God of life will open heaven for you…Though you are dead and gone your eternal soul lives on and on and as long as I live I cry out with all my might for justice to fall on the wicked for producing generations of Fanatic Slaves…At the end of the day when all seems not right — At the end of the night when the dawn feels like night — At the end of the days — The God of life will set us all right…We’ll all be surprised who we will see in heaven be glad that I am one of the Leaven…

— Dedicated to all of the abused and wrongly accused like myself and in memory of a boy I once met during my high school years who gave me hell who died young a few short years later from a drug over dose — This young man’s first name was Neil I forget his last name…I name him to give him dignity and respect something the devils hates to afford humans…Neil may you rest in eternal peace and be glad and rejoice that I am one of the Leaven — 12 Fanatic Slave 12 for the Leaven – 12 – One minute for each Tribe of Israel from Heaven!!!

A Mystical Chant — Twelve Times — “12 Fanatic Slave 12 for the Leaven – 12 – One minute for each Tribe of Israel from Heaven!!!
12 Fanatic Slave 12 for the Leaven – 12 – One minute for each Tribe of Israel from Heaven!!!
My Fanatic Slave Track