The Recollections – The Stain – A Reflection

These Little Reflections The Recollections and The Stain were authored by Akiane Kramarik between the ages of 7-11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Six Page 296 — “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The featured image I choose for this reflection is your silly blogger posing for my latest song titled Envy…Since it is October month I like to dress rather odd…I dress odd all the year round…I will share that song at the end of this reflection. I have a crazy sense of humor and if I succeed in producing belly laughs in folks then I will have done some good in our crazy world…I say if ya can’t beat em then join em just don’t join the dark side…In The Recollections Akiane writes…”Do not collect all the memories—but only those that both want to be remembered and are worthy.” Wow such wisdom in that reflection…In The Stain Akiane writes…”Nothing can stop my laughter when I am picked up” I left out a portion of this reflection to encourage my readers to purchase your own copy of Akiane’s amazing book of prose as part of building the mystery that is the Binary Genius Akiane Kramarik…I was recently negotiating with my bright twelve year old son whose Lexile range is already college level and whose linguistics abilities are impressive…My son can tell which language I am using when I speak different languages such as French German Spanish Gaelic Polish Russian Chinese Japanese Arabic and of course English which is the only language I am totally fluent in…I can get by with basic conversations in French German Spanish and the other languages I know how to say a few things but I can recognize the language being spoken by others with my own linguistics abilities…I cannot always recognize the language but I can often tell the language…My son is very good at negotiating an outcome when it comes to his focus and what he wants for himself…This trait can be trained or modeled into a skill that will serve my son well in the future…Meanwhile life in the shire of his silly mum’s house is not always easy for my bright boy who must accept a consequence of no smart phone for a long time due to the fact that he went in chat rooms and texted his friends using texting applications that he hid by ghosting them from his mum…I was not happy about that let me tell you and so no more smart phone…I asked my son to participate in something which is optional for him…My son lost no time in making a strong effort to negotiate the return of a smart phone…I am impressed that my boy is bright but he will not get a smart phone for a very long time…I am sticking to my guns on that one…He gets to game and do other things but no smart phone and I must remain firm on this and stand my ground…My son is a very good at debates and negotiating…He is a bright lad and he keeps me on my toes…I have no doubt that one day he will be running circles around me…I hope my son continues to do well…He is doing very well in school and I am very grateful I have a good son…I will share with my readers a good example of my linguistics abilities as it applies to a crazy movie I watched called Borat on Amazon Prime…I watched this movie by myself as it is for adults only…I noticed that Borat speaks Polish though he claims to hail from a mostly Russian speaking country with Arabic as one of it’s major languages…When Borat spoke in Polish which I recognized immediately I was surprised as where he hails from is mostly Russian and Arabic…I do not recommend watching Borat because the movie is obscene…Borat could have been brilliant without the obscenities…This movie Borat is obnoxious and seems to treat the USA in a very disparaging manner as if all Americans have the AIDS virus or will get the AIDS virus as well as painting a picture of Americans as stupid…If you remove the obscene scenes Borat still has a brilliant understanding of crazy humor…Sadly the obscenities in this movie makes the movie horrible a nightmare to watch and downright ugly…More like a humerus horror movie done at the expense of others…I do not believe in marketing humor that is done at the expense of others…What I mean by this is that it was said that innocent participants in the movie Borat had no idea of the insulting things said in their presence such as when Borat describes one of his neighbors as a vile “rapist”…The obscene humor made Borat a demonic hate fest that was degrading and violated human rights…Human rights were violated because no where does this movie warn viewers like myself that crazy inhuman awful scenes would unfold…That is what makes the movie Borat both degrading and disgusting…I give Borat two thumbs down and I do not recommend watching that very bad show…I did notice though that Borat speaks Polish in this movie…I suppose the Producers figured all Americans are village idiots who would not recognize that Polish was used linked to a country that speaks mostly Russian and Arabic…Most Americans are decent hard working people who are smart enough to build good lives for themselves and their families…American women can be the best on planet earth that is when you get a good strong USA woman who is intelligent and a good person you will not find better…The same is true of American men…I am tired of shows like Borat that make fun of this great nation that is the USA…The movie Borat is a vile mockery of all things decent and as such is inhumane wicked and also paints women as idiots with pea sized brains…I suppose since the directors of the movie Borat thought mostly through the lense of their own dicks or penises showcasing ways men’s brains are smaller than peas at times…I am not surprised that Borat seeks to demonize women and America but in the process the only thing the movie Borat accomplishes is making a horses ass of the directors and actors painting men in a very bad light and proving that dip shit men exist who think with the very small head of their dicks or penises and nothing else…Sadly men like this exist and view women as nothing but grist for the mill pieces of meat to be toyed with and discarded…No wonder then that angry women who have figured penis brained dick head men out often give stupid men hell on earth and a run for their money honey…No offense intended to the many Brilliant men out there who would not stoop to the depths of depravities found in the stupid movie Borat…America is still the best country in the world…I would say this that other nations are downright jealous of America…Now America has made her share of mistakes in her dealings with other nations and America will one day own up to this as evidenced by the fact that America recently acknowledged the Armenian Genocide…I provide a link here that shows that as of 2019 32 countries including America now recognize the systemic mass murder and expulsion of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians carried out in Turkey and the adjoining regions by the Ottoman Government between 1914 and 1923 as The Armenian Genocide… – The Armenian Genocide that as of 2019 is recognized by 32 countries including the USA…In the past five hundred years and particularly in the last three hundred years mass murders went on around the world…Genocide of indigenous people was done by various governments around the world…I include a link here that describes this… – Genocide of Indigenous people around the world…The world needs to acknowledge all of these indigenous Genocides…I myself am an indigenous person and the Genocide of my own nation has yet to be recognized on the world stage.,the%20English%20created%20the%20Famine. — I quote the following from this link here: “The British policy of mass starvation inflicted on Ireland from 1845 to 1850 constituted “genocide” against the Irish People as legally defined by the United Nations. A quote by John Mitchell (who published The United Irishman) states that “The Almighty indeed sent the potato blight, but the English created the Famine.” I would agree that the God of Life allowed the European Potato Blight to occur that this was an act of God…I also would agree that Genocide was done in Ireland over these past five hundred years…Not limited to just the British Government taking advantage of the famine to wage a cruel and merciless war on Ireland via forcing Ireland’s trade to stop by blocking Ireland’s Trade borders and forcing the Irish to migrate to the USA on haunting coffin ships where many dead bodies had to be thrown into the ocean on their great voyage to America during the great famine…1847 is also known in the minds and hearts of many Irish as Black 47…I will include a playlist for an Irish Rock Band that I once sang with as a guest years ago in Upstate New York called Black 47 they are epic. — For many an indigenous individual we would all go stark raving mad or mental if we focus on those dark days…Well these days are also dark days and the dark arts of annihilating nations has been perfected via vile contraception and birth control culminating in mass murder via abortion on demand…Abortion has been marketed and sold down a river of blood to many an imbecile who think nothing of raising funds to aid and abet the senseless slaughter of unborn boys and girls…Contraception and all forms of birth control culminating in abortion is the modern worldwide Genocide…I like to joke about things and yes I have dark humor too…I say forget about the USA Iran –Contra affair…I reference a link for that here: – while this Iran Contra affair was very bad and seriously wrong…Lets talk about the other Contra affair in what I call the Contra – Ception affair that goes on all the time and has caused the deaths of billions of unborn boys and girls around the world as well as the imbeciles who participate in many a Contra – Ception affair…I say imbeciles because these imbeciles are often not capable of accepting correction or changing because they are often exceedingly proud and too focused on lining their own pockets with money and many an imbecile these days are on wicked power trips too…When confronted many a Contraception affair imbecile will become angry and verbally aggressive and physically aggressive too…I would know I have confronted many such village idiots and while I take no pleasure putting them in their place I have no problem getting in their face…I tell these hoes these witches you get up in my sexual business I be all over your contraception affairs…I take no crap from anyone and I sure as hell will not take a fight sitting down…You get in my boxing ring you are going down…I state this in the mystical sense in terms of lips of wars from hoe bitches who are nothing but contraception affair whores who think they know it all…I call these witches pussy footing hoes whose pussies are like war machines full of death with no life to them after all they likely banged so many men they are sick from some sexually transmitted disease and are already mental cases from their own contraception affairs…You get up in my sexual business and talk trash about my pussy just cause I do not use contraception come again hoe bitches I still ain’t dirty unlike so many pussy footing contraception lovers who love false love and cheap sex and who blood let all the time with their many contraception affairs and abortions…Contraception hoe bitches are downright dirty and I have no respect for them and when these witches step on my toes they stir up the dust for they mess with the wrong bad boots…I say this in the mystical sense for mankind has been in a war of words for centuries now waged by many lips of wars found in witches who are nothing but contraception affair hoe bitches…Many a vile woman will virtue pose and virtue signal as a Godly woman and many hoe bitches run in organized religious circles and hold Bible Studies placing themselves on many a pedestal despite their own histories of contraception affairs in the form of contraception use and contraception is often embraced and used by their own vile offspring…Then these hoe bitches dress in modest dress and pose with a false Christ humility and demand fidelity trust and respect from men and women like me…I say come again you ain’t nothing but a cheap false Christ idolatrous whore which is why I do not respect the dip shits who fill organized religions these days…By their fruits you shall know them…This is my little mystical address titled By Their Fruits…

By Their Fruits

My own mother produced a son who is my brother who got a woman pregnant who had an abortion and boasted about her abortion to my own stupid mother…My mother is so damn proud she thinks she knows it all which is why mighty is her fall…My abusive brother is nothing but a dick he only thinks with the small head of his penis prick…My mother says she knows it all but I say come again great is your fall…By their fruits shall you know them and that’s not all my mother’s own granddaughter wants money to pay for the fall of boys and girls in abortion laws…By their fruits shall you know them my mother thinks she’s won my mother thinks her son is the golden one…Come again mother dear hear hear hear by your fruits are you known and your great shame is now growing…You dissed me for years put me down all over town to all who would hear…You are a proud know it all who goes to church too and prays to stupid statues how great is your fall…You fell from grace and you got in my face told me that I am nothing but a bloody disgrace…Now it’s my turn to churn up the butter and let the whole world know that my mother is nothing but a stupid nutter…For years things you said mother dear got to my head like tungsten lead you messed with my head…You destroyed my trust and accused me of lust by the things you said about what I do when I am in bed…Words were said about you mother too that you were pregnant with your golden son before you wed…Nah I am not bitter about what you said your ugly words about your own daughter I consider now as nothing but stupid cat litter…You stirred up the dust on your own mother dear your own rodeo has been a very bad show…Your golden son is not so great and he loves to hate because you taught him well by stupid things you said…You filled your children’s heads with lead set up your own children to fight like hellcats and to become exceedingly proud as you are…No wonder your poor husband my own father could not stay out of the bar…My God my poor Dad could be tough but life with you mother dear was too rough…My Dad took to the bar for it was all that he had to keep his sanity living with a woman gone stark raving mad…Because of his children my father was sad he could not leave you knowing you are stark raving mad…Oh Dad thought about divorce sure he considered divorce a lot but he knew if he did that his children would never leave your salem’s lot…Mother dear you were a horror to live with and things that you said were demonic and cruel it was the devil in you who got inside your head through your diabolical pride and the lies you were fed as an Irish child…

— By Their Fruits — Yeah That’s What I said —

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