The Competition – Emptiness – A Reflection

These little reflections The Competition and Emptiness were authored by Akiane kramarik between the ages of 7-11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Six Page 285 — “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The featured image I choose for this reflection is yours truly posing for my latest silly chat or skit on you tube called Good Vibes which I will share at the end of this reflection…In The Competition Akiane writes…”Although the race has ended the competitors still race”…Wow very true in the sense that many today run many races and participate in many a competition which when you think about it makes no sense…Competition is not always good for us because very often all of us myself included can be tempted to take ourselves too seriously and to think of ourselves as better than our peers particularly if and when we win in competitions…Beauty competitions are the worst because many a lovely often gets caught in the snare of feeling pressured to keep a perfect body a perfect figure and a perfect appearance which many lovelies can and do accomplish…Sadly not one of us myself included can keep up with that kind of pressure all the time…I choose to bow out of the competition mindset and simply do my own thing and do my own thing well to the best of my own abilities…In Emptiness Akiane writes…”Emptiness never dies because it has never lived —- God never dies because He has always lived”…For reflections like these I do not always leave out small portions because doing so would take away from the context…Wow what Akiane says here is very true…When we lead or live empty lives focused only on fulfilling our own needs without care or concern for others around us then that is a spiritual death…Similar to the mystical spiritual death that Eve experienced when she disobeyed the Most High God of Life and ate of the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree…Which in mystical terms was and remains for all eternity the tree of forbidden knowledge between good and evil…The God of life our mutual eternal creator has always lived and never ever dies…Though the devil wants many to believe that God is dead and the devil wants to blot out the name of the God of life from the face of the earth…Many today race to their deaths in many a mad dash for fame fortune wealth status and power…Something us crazy Europeans have learned how to do is this…We work to live rather than live to work…In America and I love America and God Bless America many in America live to work…Forgetting that in their mad dash for race for wealth etc. They lose themselves in the race…I have a very silly sense of humor and I hope to share my energy with the world in the form of positive energy and good vibes…Here is one of my many very silly jokes…Here goes…Drum roll please…Did you know that ever since my brother told me as a young girl that the word gullible was taken out of the dictionary which I believed wholeheartedly being very gullible N all…Ever since then — every time I look for the word gullible in the dictionary why!!! — I keep finding the word gullible in the dictionary N I am so confused by this!!!” — Drum roll please…Many of us can be gullible at times and I am no exception…Another silly joke I have which I incorporate into my latest Good Vibes silly skit or chat…Is this…You know I am so not into world domination…There are those who do want to dominate the world…Here’s how by “Caffeinating The People” — Which I do not mind since I am rather lazy and prefer to follow than to lead. — I like my caffeine in the form of coffee with no sugar and some cream. — Drum roll please. — Hear more in my latest Good Vibes You Tube silly chat…I have no more deep thoughts for today except to say and send Good Vibes to all of my subscribers and readers as a sincere thank you for all of your likes and shares…I also include one of my ridiculous expeditions that is not supposed to make any sense at all on purpoise as well as my wee chat about the importance of being honest about being crazy…Here is a free tip too…Try this in the mornings…Try a large glass or two of plain water with fresh lemon…I cut up fresh lemons and squeeze and add the lemon pulp into my glass of water…Lemon water is very good for you…


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