Profile of Landscape – A Reflection

This poem titled Profile Of Landscape was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 208 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Profile Of Landscape consists of five stanzas with three lines each…The featured image I choose for this reflection is myself yours truly making my head look over sized on purpose…I joke that I am an alien from another planet living on earth for a time to study mankind…To study my own species ha ha as I am really not an alien yar!!!…My job is to study human emotions and ways emotions can shift energy and manipulate energy for good or bad and if mankind is not careful tis emotions that will destroy us all…Like just cause it feels right or feels good does not always mean tis a good thing don’t ya know…Our sexuality is wonderful it is beautiful a great gift we can give to our partner…Our Sexuality should always be treated with the utmost greatest respect and dignity…Sadly many today throw away their sexuality like trash as evidenced by the banal practice of abortion on demand contraception use that is very widespread around the world and the moral degradation of the nuclear family worse than any nuclear war…The war on the family the war on the womb the war on all flesh has destroyed mankind already…Listen up listen to me your little Irish alien from Ireland a planet in the middle of the Sea well tis not a planet don’t ya know tis a little Island…Listen up anyway tis not nuclear war that has destroyed our species tis perversions of the lowest order found in the art of war on all flesh that destroyed our species…We are already destroyed and there is nothing left to ambush…Even little Alien’s like me agree with this observation even aliens from other planets are like so bored already with mankind’s lost sheep ways…Sure mankind is no longer having children and the living children are horribly treated and not valued cherished and loved the way they should be…Sure tis discarding the children like trash that has annihilated and destroyed many nations…Aliens like myself cannot understand how mankind stopped so low as to destroy themselves their own species from within in the silent war on all flesh the war on the nuclear family the war on the womb…Children are labeled as execrable to be destroyed on a whim from hearts and minds of men and women of depraved minds whose souls are dead lost to their master who is the ould devil himself…Emotions can be very good and can motivate us and inspire us to do things we may not normally do…For example I love to sing and I do realize I am not the best or greatest singer out there…My message is this…If ya don’t like my stuff just x out and move on to other things ya like better sure life is too short to hate all the time…I recorded a song I absolutely love titled Husavik from the Netflix Movie that I loved and enjoyed very much called the Story of Fire Saga…Husavik is a Eurovision song definitely not my own original song…So I recorded it acapella for the sheer joy of singing this delightful song…Sorry I apologize in advance I likely murdered the Icelandic language very sorry for this…Sure I am Irish and never spoke Icelandic in me life…As it is I love this song and I do recommend watching the movie it was a decent movie entertaining too with some comedy to it…Yes there were dark moments that were sad in that movie but the songs are impressively good from that Netflix movie…I love the simplicity of this song titled Husavik…If you like my singing feel free to share far and wide and well if ya don’t like my set of pipes then x out tis very simple…When I sing acapella it is difficult for me to keep to the original sound track so you will notice a slight variation which is my own personal music style…Apologies too for not doing justice to this amazing song but singing is a lot of fun and brings me joy…So if this song brings you joy then share and if not then x out…Life is too short to take seriously all the time…I hope this story warms your hearts too my readers…I took an Uber ride earlier today and the driver was a young man from Asia in his mid to late thirties…That young man told me that he suffers from depression and has stress in his life that he is newly married…That early in his marriage the stress almost destroyed his marriage…He told me that he became a father which changed his life for the better…He thought about divorcing his wife and becoming a single father…However, he told me that he played his life before him in his mind like you would a movie…That he thought about how and why divorce is very bad and how the children are affected and suffer from separations…I was moved by his story because I had literally just written on my blog about this type of thing…I shared that with this delightful young man…He told me that he was once a very proud man earning big money which is how and why he could Uber little old me in a fancy car…It was an expensive car sorry I forget the make and model…Oh wait, I recall now it was a Mercedes Benz…A nice ride too…That young man inspired me because he was able to be humble and seek help…He got professional counseling during a period of time when he was separated from his wife…He got professional counseling which helped him tremendously to understand ways our emotions can indeed affect our lives good or bad…He decided to make drastic changes to save his marriage…Both himself and his wife changed their lifestyles which was very stressful for both of them…She stays home with their adorable toddler who is three years old now and he works hard at different jobs such as Uber to provide and his marriage was saved…I told that young man how pleased I am to hear this that his story is a success story that in the eyes of the proud and conceited he may not seem to be a success but in the eyes of the God of life his story is most certainly a success story…He told me that they are both much happier and more content than before and even more in love than when they first fell in love and got married…That their love has grown stronger through their struggles…I had to share this with you my readers because couples who can save their marriages work hard to do so and I am delighted to share this story…That young man told me that in his former life as a proud rich man that he had many affairs before marriage…But now that he is married and a father he sees life in a very different way and he no longer has affairs and is devoted to being the best husband and father he can be…His wife is much happier too and I told that young man that is what life is all about the nuclear family…Men and women making it together in a war torn fucked up world…That young husband and father encouraged me to keep doing what I am doing and I said I will and I encouraged him to continue to be the best husband and father that he can be…And no he does not participate in organized religion he figured this shit out himself with the help of professionals and the God of life not found in all seven churches any more…He told me that he had to cut negative toxic people out of his life and as a result though his life is more challenging now and harder in many ways as a young adult who is married with a wife and family…That he is much better for it…I told him I had to do the same in my own journey of eternity…That I too was and remain prone to pride that my pride had to be destroyed in order for me to heal from toxic people from my past…Thank you to all of my followers and readers for your likes and follows and shares…If what I do here helps at least one person to figure stuff out then I have done some good in this life…………As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my latest performance not my own titled Husavik for the joy of singing and living…I could not resist sharing the Volcano Man song clip it is very entertaining and I love the contradiction of a song about a volcano in the middle of ice and snow…Very entertaining…Art does not have to be great to be great!!!………….Namaste…………

Husavik – A Eurovision Song from the movie Fire Saga
Volcano Man is very visual and entertaining I love the contradiction of Ice and snow yet they sing Volcano Man tis very funny…Art is a tons of fun and does not always have to be great to be great….Yar!!!