You Have Been Here Before – A Reflection

This poem titled You Have Been Here Before was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 11 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 197 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem You Have Been Here Before consists of seven stanzas with three lines each…The featured image I choose for this reflection is a selfie I took in Ireland…I never wear make up so the lighting you see is natural light from the natural sun light in the background making my eyelashes look very pronounced…I will now quote from Akiane’s poem which will explain why I choose this featured image…”Punished by truth love was grinding our hearts. You lighted up our eyes so the dirt would appear cleaner to us.” Leaving out a part of this amazing poem…I quote some more…”It is hard for the mind to choose affliction But it is even harder to leave the world only with wise questions. Strength without a future just like a kite without wind—The soul deepens with each wrinkle.” Leaving out another part of this amazing poem I quote once more…”An imagined light might seem too weak for us but you have been here before the creation”…Wow!!! This is so profound again to read the entire poem you will need to purchase your own copy of this amazing book of poems…To me this poem speaks about how as adult men and women we are always here first before a newborn child is conceived…Under natural law and order a child is conceived between a man and a woman who are naturally here before the creation of a newborn child in the creative act of sexual intercourse…Sex is a creative act and sex is supposed to be a profound loving experience between a man and a woman…The reason marriage was invented was to follow the natural law that man must cling to his wife and beget children…The laws of the lands around the world were once based on natural law and order…Sadly this is no longer the case…Profane laws rule the world and chaos is increasing exponentially around the world as mankind sinks deeper and deeper into depravities that makes ones head spin in shock shock horror and disbelief? How has this happened how did we come to this banality? Well I will put it to you this way…Suppose someone a man or a woman or both approached you and said…We want to cruelly and mercilessly torture your child and your dog and all your pets using a combination of chemical and biological warfare and tools of death and destruction rendering the victim of our vile abuse and death plan dead lifeless gone for all eternity. Your knee jerk initial response should be one of shock shock horror combined with a fight or flight response meaning you would hopefully want to end that banal chat and run for the hills…Or also if a man or a woman or both approached you and said we want to rape your sons and daughters and destroy the infants of your daughters thus setting your excecrable foul species and races regardless of actual race religion color or creed and no matter who or what you are…This is the banality we bring to the table will you join us?…Many would say absolutely not and run for the hills…Sadly, through soft speech and euphemisms such as contraception that sets daughters and sons up to be raped repeatedly and their children to be murdered cruelly and mercilessly when vile contraception fails…Many who would run for the hills do not run for the hills and instead embrace sexualizing our youth and girls as young as twelve are put on vile contraception to supposedly regulate their periods among other profane reasons…Sadly these days many use contraception and as such blood let for the devil himself…When contraception fails many so called Christian women go for abortions…I see that all the time…Also many bat shit crazy women shouting from the roof tops how blessed they are yet these witches pop contraception pills and screw different men and then have abortions…Women like that fill all seven churches and are profane…These profane banal women dress in low cut tops and such so as to entice men…Profane banal women snag many men into their fowl snares…Profane women often look lovely on the outside but on the inside they are rotten apples…Profane men are the same…Profane women and men come in many forms not limited to immodest women but also modest women filled with diabolical profane pride whose lips of wars are full of incendiary hate speech against unborn children and others whom the proud love to hate…Profane men virtue pose in clergy form as do profane women who virtue pose as holy nuns and other such religious and guru types…Pride makes these ones profane as does their vile cover ups of murder most foul among their ranks…Cover ups of child rapes child abuses and the raping of men and women among their ranks makes modestly dressed men and women most profane and diabolical cut from the same cloth as immodestly dressed men and women these ones are no different…Profane people abound these days in many forms and profane laws aid and abet many a crime and chaos seems to be the disorder of today…Natural order and natural laws was destroyed over the course of these past five hundred years reducing mankind to unnatural horrible’s whose vile deeds renders them lower than beasts of burden and lower than the animal kingdom…Many men feel entitled to helping themselves to women many women and these beastly horrible men expect women to take on their baggage which often means these dastardly men already have women in their lives and want more of that…My God the sense of entitlement many men have these days would turn your stomach…Men like that are a nightmare on earth and the key to avoiding creeps like that is never to get involved unless you have intelligence on any man who darkens your door…The same is true for women…Men getting involved with women should do the same due diligence…Study their social media investigate any man or woman that pursues you get intelligence on them and then decide…What is very effective for me is this…I tell any man crazy enough to even think to get involved with me is this…Sir, can you be insured and bonded?… Are you willing to submit to an extensive medical exam including blood work witnessed by me so that I know you are not carrying biological warfare in your body in the form of a sexually transmitted disease…Sir your penis is a weapon used in the war on all flesh so I have the right to know who you boned over these years so as to avoid the pitfall of a serious disease or the pitfall of an angry woman who like a female pit bull could darken my door…Sir your mouth carries lips of wars and in this war on all flesh sir I will find out everything about you from the day of your birth to this very day including any and all aliases used…Sir do not come to my door with soft speech and flowers and fancy cars for I will rip you a new one and send you away with my scars…I wear the scars from the war on all flesh in my keeping are my tears and the tears of my tribe from the war on all flesh…No man would be crazy enough to even think to get involved with me…I would put him through the ringer so thoroughly that he would rue the day he thought he could have me…Come again!…Men who want a woman to pop contraception pills are not for me…I see men like that and send them running for the hills…I inject some of my seriously silly humor here…I simply use my bottle of fertility spray and spray men like that away…My fertility spray bottle is simply water with a label that says I am very fertile like my mama was very fertile…Why? My Mamma had eight children and lost one to miscarriage and I already have a child of my own and I am still very fertile…So don’t darken my door with your contraception romance your contraception dance your contraception spiel or speech…Many men think they are entitled to women’s pussy’s like they are ham sandwiches…That is profane and incendiary and downright vile and disgusting…I like to remind horrible men about Lorena Bobbitt and while what she did to her profane husband was indeed horrible this was no less horrible than what men like that do to women…Rape goes on in many forms…Women are raped spiritually and emotionally and financially as well as sexually by horrible narcissistic men whose penis’s should be locked up in a cage or removed [I am not serious I say this in the mystical sense.] for these men are not fit for society…My God the number of women who call me whose lives are shattered by horrible men who think nothing of banging different women at the same time would make your head spin…Pornography pushed by America around the globe has destroyed the psyche of many men…Reducing men to beasts of burden to beastly banal behavior lower than the animal kingdom…Reducing women to nothing but objects of desire and lusts whose children are nothing but chemicals blobs of tissues to be destroyed at the whim of hearts and minds…By not choosing affliction mankind chooses worse incendiary hell on earth…A faustian nightmare of many diabolical dances and bad romances reducing our species to vile villains lower than the animal kingdom…Profane incendiary laws won via soft speech and euphemisms has reduced mankind to a chaotic dumb beast of burden a constituent cog in a wheel of incendiary crimes against humanity in what I call the modern slave…The modern slave cannot think for himself or herself…The modern slave thinks not much at all…The modern slave transcends religion race color and creed…The modern slave is hungry for lusts with vile appetites that fill holy angels with disgust…The modern slave thinks he is free because he only believes what he wants to believe…The modern slave is rather nuts because though he no longer lives in huts he never fully owns his modern home filled with lusts and his soul is long dead before he physically dies to profane laws and profane lies…The modern slave knows not that he was robbed blind of his lineage his inheritance his dignity his pride…The modern slave has forgotten how to behave so he bangs many women who are also modern slaves…Entrapped in bad marriages bad unholy shows the modern slave claims he knows about life and death and oh how he blows a loud horn too about how wonderful he is…The modern slave views their captors on televisions the wealthy the proud on pedestals the religious the banal on pedestals who promise them false hope that their many false Gods will save…The modern slave knows not his own history and he is unto himself a profound mystery…The modern slave no longer knows himself for the modern slave no longer owns himself for he is owned by pride and money and lusts and status and pedestal power…The modern slave puffed up with pride is most profane and fills the tide of chaos unfolding of violence unfurling for the modern slave is owned by his dark lords…The modern slave has many bosses…The modern slave has experienced many losses…The modern slave obeys his masters who ensure that only the profane ascend to world power…The modern slave is a right dick a right idiot a real prick…The modern slave plays with his penis that he calls a dick or other pet names forgetting that his seed will be accounted for by his own creator on a day of contention long since forgotten by these profane modern slaves…The modern slave plays with her vagina which she calls crotch pussy and other pet names…Forgetting her fertility will be held to account on a day of contention she has long forgotten about…The modern slave demands personal Christ’s who feed them false hope filled with false light…The modern slave it must be said is filled with mystical dread demanding not to be tread upon while the modern slave tramples underfoot the word of God their own unborn children…The modern slave is full of mystical dread…For of the modern slave the word of God said…They have done indecently to their own children. Their skirts are profane they have wasted their seed in the vineyard of life with their vile lustful greed…The modern slave filled with mystical dread will not stand when what the word of God said will be done…She will crush the head of the serpent who leads all modern slaves who is also filled with mystical dread…The dread father the God of life will destroy for all eternity the lost sheep of this lost age who are slaves to the war on all flesh…To lighten the burden of so heavy a topic about lost sheep and the modern slave…Enjoy my silly song titled Very Bad Romance that makes fun of the many really bad romances in the world today…We all need a sense of humor…Without a sense of humor I daresay we would all go bloody mad I also included my Everything Matters song…Because everything really does matter…I also include my Cave Mom Says section on you tube which is part of my seriously silly sense of humor…I also added my newest song titled Modern Slave………..Namaste…………

…………Modern Slave – Transcends religion race color and creed………..Warning This song is for adults only ages 18 and above!!!
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