The Tempo Of The Seasons – A Reflection

This poem titled The Tempo Of The Seasons was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 171 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem The Tempo Of The Seasons consists of three stanzas with four lines each…The photograph or featured image that I choose for this reflection was taken by a professional photographer from California who was in Ireland for a time with his family…What I love about this photo is the contrast between the heavens and the earth the water and the rock in this photo it is the Cliffs Of Moher…Notice my T-Shirt which since gotten lost in the shuffle of my many international travels or travails shall we say…Notice the dog in green in a white circle which is a logo for the business that sells these T-Shirts on Cape Cod on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard…That was one of my very favorite T-Shirts and I miss it already…Animals like our dogs and cats and birds and pets and the animal kingdom as a whole operate from instinct as such when we are kind to the animal kingdom animals are not afraid of us..As human beings we have the capacity for good or evil…As such when we apply our energy for good then good things happen around us…Despite bad events beyond our control that can happen to people good and bad alike…Good people successful people are able to rise above negative energy and events around them to achieve their goals…In my work I speak to many from the gay community and in that process not only do I help them sort things out but the gay community has helped me to understand many things…Many gay people are full of life and have lots of empathy…Many in the gay community have tons of empathy and are very caring loving and kind…I discovered that the gay community experiences vile hatred and jealousy from horrible people who to my surprise are from all walks of life and often also gay themselves…I say this because there is good and bad and the choices we make affects us spiritually and emotionally…Notice too how the word live speaks about living or live and all things living…When you look at words such as play on words the word devil is the word live spelled backwards…with the letter d at the beginning of the word live spelled backwards…When you study the works of the devil who is pure evil death is all that the devil is good at death and destruction fueled by lies and deceit for there is no truth in the devil who brings with him where ever he goes nothing but chaos death and destruction…Hence the idea that the letter d for devil represents death which is the opposite or antithesis of live…The word of God is from the book of life and in the book of life which is about the living and all things living the true Jesus Christ came to sow the seed of the word of the God of life into the hearts of mankind…The true Jesus Christ came so that mankind could live and live life more fully…The true Jesus Christ of the God of life wanted mankind to increase to be fruitful and multiply for the Lord of life commandeth this from Genesis to this very day…The devil is hell bent on our destruction the letter d for the devil represents destruction and death…Nothing more and nothing less…Ways the devil who is the opposite and antithesis of live seduces nations are vast…With profane laws from plays on words to twisting the powers of speech including the evil geniuses who are excellent at switching their positions appearing the victim acting the victim but in reality are falsely humble and are instead ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing full of demonic legions from hell itself…Namely asmoedeus and astaroth to name a few…Here is a link on the serial killer jeffrey dahmer who was by all accounts not capable of repentance…Study this link… – By all accounts this serial killer was possessed by legions of demons from hell itself asmodeus via his lust for other men via unnatural sex acts with men hence his heinous desire for “other flesh”…Also this demoniac creep had a blood lust in the form of cannibalism which is from the demon astaroth and his blood lust realm from hell itself…Horrible people who are full blown demoniacs cannot be saved cannot be converted to Christianity because by their blood lusts their lusts for the unnatural in the form of “other flesh”…These lost sheep are lost to the devil himself because over time their spirits are changed when these creeps cross the line from good to evil by doing wicked heinous bloodletting…When you study the pathology of jeffrey dahmer he was narcissistic a loner and he started out by harming animals…It is vital to understand that humans who do harm are not safe full stop…Humans who do harm to animals are not safe just as humans who do harm via contraception contraception devices all birth control ritual practices and abortions are not safe people…All guilty of destroying their own unborn children like it or not are serial killers no different than the likes of jeffrey dahmer….The whole birth control mentality is a pathology in and of itself…This demented sick and twisted contraception culture and birth control mentality feeds the mammoth abortion industry…Hence you have the astarothic industries of death to unborn children from henchmen and henchwomen who are no different than the likes of jeffrey dahmer…One might say my words are too strong no I cannot mince words on this matter…When it comes to life vs death life is from the book of Life form the God of life and death and all things death related comes from the devil of the book of the dead…Many today are unrepentant like jeffrey dahmer was also unrepentant because too many are lost to astarothic and asmodeus practices…Rendering many lost sheep incapable of repentance…The word of God speaks of these lost sheep who the true Jesus Christ addressed and admonished and who even during the days of the true Jesus Christ were already blotted out of the book of life and refused repentance a great grace afforded the elect Christians whose lineages are forever embedded in the book of life preserved in grace over the centuries through no merits of their own rather through mystical agreements made with the God of life prior to their births and subsequent life paths…In the Journeys Of Our Eternities we are tested tried and true…Sadly many fail the these tests…The devil is used by the God of life as a pawn to test his sheep who are often tried by fire…Mary Mystical Mary was tried by fire and proved herself to the God of life by dint of her purity and her mettle in that she Mystical Mary never took part with the devil…Sad to say not one of us myself included can make such a bold claim…Not one of us can say that we never took part with the devil…We all fall short of the mysteries of purity found in Mystical Mary and the true Jesus Christ and also found in holy innocence found in holy innocent children not found in adults…Pride is a tool of the devil used to puff up his targets with diabolical narcissistic pride so as to lead many to perdition from their own pathology of diabolical narcissistic pride…The most diabolical among us are astarothic women full of diabolical pride who demand via profane laws the blood of the innocents…As horrid and horrible as jeffrey dahmer was there are women who are worse than jeffrey dahmer…Women who are astarothic and who desire “other flesh”…The “other flesh” of their own unborn children consumed by demented contraception morning after pills contraceptive devices and abortions to name a few of the ways demented astarothic women consume “other flesh” in the least among us the unborn child the unborn children who receive the kiss of death from horrible astarothic women who are worse than wicked lost demoniac jeffrey dahmer…Some may say that my words are incendiary…I declare tis incendiary to demand via incendiary profane laws the “other flesh” the flesh of unborn children sentenced to the death chambers of their own mother’s wombs…That right there is incendiary…Incendiary speech is hate speech incendiary speech has caused many fires mystical fires that has destroyed in furnaces found at abortion clinics the flesh of the unborn child these unborn children whose little aborted bodies are burned in furnaces of fire at abortion clinics around the world…The word care is twisted and used and abused to cause the incendiary fire of dead bodies of dead children numbering millions around the world…abortion is termed as abortion care when in reality abortion should never be a medical term…Here is one definition of what medical terminology means…”Medical¬†Terminology Reference List- A.¬†Medical¬†terminology is composed of a prefix, root¬†word, and suffix. It is used to precisely describe the human body components, processes, illnesses,¬†medical¬†procedures, and pharmacology.¬†Medical¬†terminology is used in the field of¬†medicine, and clinical settings.Aug 17, 2017″ I post my source link here for ease of reference… – abortion is war abortion is an incendiary term abortion at its root is a war term abort such as “abort this mission” etc….to abort is to destroy…The medical profession is now owned and operated by machinations of pure evil…The Hippocratic oath of do no harm is an ancient tradition in medicine whereby an oath is made to many gods not to harm in the name of any god or demi-god…Here is a link on the Hippocratic oath……Tragically abortion is do harm do as much harm as possible to the unborn child regardless of the cost and cover your ass if these mothers are harmed too via botched abortions…The unborn child has been effectively reduced to nothing but an opinion and is now treated like a disease like a corporis malfunction a blob of tissue a mass that is not good for the mother…The unborn child is treated like a disease like a medical dysfunction such as for example “Tinea Corporis” not at all related to the unborn child but a medical condition that is very real and if not treated properly can cause serious problems or complications…The unborn child is treated like a disease that grows a mass of tissue that grows that could threaten the mother…What is so demented and sick and twisted about the pathology behind the birth control mindset is this…The unborn child is treated like a tiny soldier like the unborn child is a criminal for being conceived…As such the punishment due both the mother and father for their crimes is handed down and passed on to the least among us…The unborn children whose blood is shed in the worst war ever unfurled the war of the womb fought by powers of speech and incendiary profane laws…Ireland for centuries knew to protect both the mother and the child…Now Ireland has become profane with profane laws introduced in large part by America to Irish soil…America has spread profane laws around the world demanding that third world countries push contraception worse than drug pushers on the street in exchange for aid…America was once a respected beacon of hope for the world…America was and remains the last hope for the lost western world…With the downfall of America comes the total collapse of the lost Western world…Profane laws via powers of profane speech has destroyed America and the world…It is too late to change these profane laws…Billions are dead and Billions are destroyed…Too much vast irreversible unrepentant damage has been done…It is already very late or too late…That is why I write about Mystical Mary and the armies of heaven formed and filled with holy innocents from astarothic blood lust centuries old and centuries in the making…Only Heaven can help us now…Because the western world like babylon has fallen fallen fallen…Heaven help us all…My reflections are a Mystical work of art nothing more and nothing less…Everybody is entitled to their opinions and as an artist I am free under Mystical writing as a work of art to express anything I want to express…I dedicate this post to the gay communities who have suffered terribly from vile jealousy of others who hate the empathy and kindness and intelligence that many gay people have including their abilities to be very successful…I tell my gay friends not to live the lifestyle to avoid the horrors of sexually transmitted disease so rampant today…I say the same to my straight friends…Our sexuality is sacred our bodies are sacred regardless of religion race color creed and sexual orientation all life on earth is sacred…To all my readers including the gay communities I say Namaste which means I bow to the divine in you for all life is sacred and our bodies are sacred kinetic balls of energy and forces to contend with for good or for evil…The choice is yours…As a thank you for reading my reflection…Enjoy one of my hobbies the singing of the word of God from the book of life on You Tube…I love the story of Joseph in Genesis who was blessed and a respected diviner in the land of Egypt…………Namaste………..