The Race Track – A Reflection

This poem titled The Race Track was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 165 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem The Race Track consists of three stanzas with three lines each…The photograph I choose for this reflection was taken in Ireland…All land in Ireland is cordoned and sectioned off behind fences…Ireland is very particular about land and trespassing is far too easy to establish in Ireland that has no resemblance of freedom when it comes to land…The days are gone when one could roam freely through the land without a care in the world…These days a free spirited roaming through the land could land you in prison or dead for trespassing…I will now quote from Akiane’s poem…”The target—under pressure. All fences grow old. And time has no mercy.” I will leave out the rest of this poem except to quote the last line…”But simple joys are not for sale.” I took the photograph that you see behind a barbed wire fence…Not a very high fence but a wire fence all the same…Now I want to show my readers that I can write in a sensual manner…To prove a point that we must never allow our senses and our feelings to dictate our behavior…There is a big difference between the dream world and reality…We must also be careful to avoid dwelling on thoughts that are tempting us to sin…In other words dwelling on angry or resentful thoughts or lustful thoughts is dangerous for us because by so doing we tempt ourselves to sin or fall…Relax and chill out if you can and enjoy my creative writing piece with a title….In the race track called life Tis very important to avoid the problems that come with false love…Do not allow yourself to race into the arms of false love….

Dream Lover

I am a sensual woman who sleeps naked in the peace and quiet of my home in my own private space my sacred space my own bed in my own private room…Beneath the covers I feel safe and secure and due to days of hard work with little to no play I usually fall asleep very quickly…I also work at night to provide for my family…Consequently sleep is a luxury anymore…Whether or not in reality I sleep naked does not matter does it?… Cause who cares?… This is a creative writing peace leaving to mystery the state of how I rest…Throughout the day and night during my busy times and during my quiet moments I feel you my dream lover…You come to me with your energy you come to me with your essence and yes I feel your presence though you are a continent away oceans away from me…My dream lover changes from time to time because variety is the spice of life so in my dream world I am free from social bonds social norms including the prison that marriage often turns out to be…Sadly many marriages are awful prisons…Gladly not all marriages are like that but for far too many unhappy couples marriage is hell on earth a feckin prison shit hole with no way out…I am grateful I avoided a bad marriage and I prefer the pain of being alone that loneliness brings than the pain of the prison of a toxic relationship…To my dream lover who changes from time to time…I write to you one man in particular…So to add to the suspense creative writing can be tons of fun because some poor fella might be wondering is it himself she’s thinking about now…Ha ha…I have a wicked sense of humor…To my dream lover I say this…You come to me at midnight you come to me at dawn you come to me in the morning and you come to me when I yawn…I often forget you in the doldrums of my days yet somehow you remind me of your sensual sexy ways…You tell me that you love me you tell me that you want me you tell me that you desire me and you caress my cares away…Though oceans away I can tell when you had a cigarette instead of the alternative clean cigarette pipe you puff on when you work…I feel you alright and to you I have to say…Reality sucks reality bites and while for a moment what we share might feel right…Reality dictates right action rather than the realm of dreams full of smoke and mirrors…What’s that you say when you kiss my neck?…That you don’t care about what binds us to earth…That the confines of a messed up world cannot and will not stop your love for me…I tell you dream lover you are the best you make me forget the rest…You satisfy me in ways unknown and you give me energy to face another dawn…I would never expect a thing from you in reality for tis true that I have love for you and tis true that I desire you…I cannot have you and you cannot have me in real life but boy I tell ya the dream lover life is fun…No chance of pregnancy no chance of disease no chance of broken hearts because we can be dream lovers with ease…Reality is harder than hell itself and for someone like me sad to tell…I prefer the dream lover to real life love because I am terrified of the devastating effects of false love and another pregnancy that I would be left alone to bear with no real help or care…This is my greatest fear so I prefer my dream lover to anything real…Because all that is real has hurt me…All that is real has devastated me…All that is real has left me half dead…All that is real left many things unsaid…All that is real are tears and sorrow and pain and loss with no tomorrow…All that is real is I am dead with nothing left to give a man save my dream lover who visits my bed…What I had to give was taken from me…What I had to give destroyed me…What I had to give was horribly abused…What I had to give was terribly misused…What I had to give was scorned and made fun of…What I had to give left me dead inside…Full of sorrow full of pain full of fear of no tomorrow…So when I rest my head in bed understand me I prefer a dream lover instead and no I do not mind giving you space in my head when I am in bed…For nothing real exists for me nothing real is possible for me…For I am dead from years of false love…I am dead for what I had to give was misused and abused…I have nothing left to give a man save my dream lover who tells me that he can understand…For in his life he also has strife…In his life his work is not appreciated…In his life what he gave was abused…In his life what he gave was misused…In his life he realized that the ones he loved hated him behind his back that the ones to whom he gave took and forsook and bled him dry and left him shit out of luck…So he kisses my neck and caresses my back and asks me to come back or he will come to me when he can…I fall asleep and dream and wake up to the dawn to reality that bites yet the bite is sweet for I know I am not in a prison of false love…I know I am no longer a prisoner of my own mind…I am free to be me flawed and all…Free to have more than one free lover after all…I am not confined by the laws that bind couples in prisons of false marriages of the blind marrying the blind…My reality bites for in real life I am too terrified of anything real so I avoid men like the plague and live a quiet life and hope that no man ever causes me strife…For I have had enough hate and false love to last centuries my wonderful dream love…I have had enough of sorrow and pain so if you love me then stand in the rain…If you love me tell me you understand my pain…If you love me you will never again be the man like those men who harmed me so…Those men who abused what little I had to give…Men who know not anything real…I am real I am whole I am small and I hurt…I shed tears of joy and sorrow and I yell and I curse…I am human and flawed a woman that’s all…I am moody as moody women can be I smile and I sing and I am not always charming…I fart too yes I pass gas something men forget when checking out my ass…Men want women to be perfect not flawed to be lovely and whole while these men can do it all they expect their woman to be small…Yes I am small and I am not tall but I am my own person not much after all…In my years of sorrow and pain I am not afraid to be lonely and I prefer to lose phone numbers because there is nothing to gain from false love and false lovers full of bull shit and when the crap hits the fan with a pregnancy they run like the woman they lay with hit them with a gun…The gun of reality that women are fertile…The gun of reality that women are meant to birth children…The gun of reality that their seed sowed a child…A child many men hate and do not want to raise…That is why I do not date because of such hate found in false love from men who hate the women they lie to so that they can get laid…The women they speak flowery words to so they can have sex…The women whose seed they impregnate with whose baby these men hate…This is why my dream lover I choose not to date…For someone like me the dream world is safe…For someone like me the dream world is free of all that hate….I know I am not much and I know I am small my dream lover stand tall you did well to reach me and you did well to please me…You did well to help me to feel again…You did well to help me to come alive inside…For before I met you I was dead inside…Before I met you I had no life in me…So when you come to me as you do…You are the best dream lover for you do what you do so very well with very little said…You understand me and I understand you and who cares what the world says that we ought to do…For this world is fucked up with lost sheep in false love…Insecure beastly creeps full of false greedy love…So what if I have a dream lover or two?…Perhaps my dear you are jealous too of my other dream lover who knew?…I have a wicked sense of humor so I hope this makes ya laugh cause reality bites and I must do what’s right…My dream lover will fight for his right to be free to love me as he pleases because he sees the real me…In seeing the real me my dream lover sees himself and in the process finds himself in the arms of one who just like him understands the pain of false love…

The End

As a thank you for reading this reflection…Enjoy this song that I wrote titled False Love is a Losing Game…Inspired by Amy Winehouse whom unlike many awful people…I have great respect for Amy Winehouse may she rest in peace…I sing two versions of this song…Thank you Amy Winehouse for inspiring this song in me…Sorry I cannot sing like you…There was and always will be only one Amy Winehouse…Thank you to all my readers for following my blog and liking my stuff…I appreciate and love you all…I also included my latest song titled Dream Lover which is my creative writing piece in song…I can be cheeky too…Who Knew???…………Namaste………….