On The Edge Of A Bridge – A Reflection

This poem titled On The Edge Of A Bridge was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 161 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem On The Edge Of A Bridge consists of five stanzas…The first two stanzas have four lines each…The middle stanza has two lines and the last two stanzas have four lines each…It is interesting how Akiane organized her poetic style at the age of ten…Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!…The photograph I choose for this reflection is a fancy drink my son made for me his mammy in Ireland…It was very tasty with sprite applesauce and frozen sorbet and a strawberry for presentation…My child did a great job and I really loved that sweet drink which I drank then used a spoon to eat the delicious apple sauce and sorbet…I will now quote from Akiane’s amazing poem…Akiane’s poetry never ceases to amaze me here goes…”On the edge of a bridge—an engagement ring.” from the first stanza from the second stanza…”do you choose love or survival?”…From the third stanza “The impossible never takes pity”…From the fourth stanza…”If you choose survival can you promise your unborn child a life full of love?”…From the last stanza…”If you choose love can you promise the generations survival?”….I purposely left out parts of this extraordinary poem…Wow I am amazed by the depths of this prose from a ten year old girl…No parent can promise their unborn children perfection in parenting…However, by virtue of birthing children even if that means an adoption plan is made the life you give to that precious baby guarantees the survival of generations…When a termination or abortion is done then what is left? Nothing only carnage and death the kiss of death to that unborn child…There is lots of false love in the world and false love has existed for centuries and is an age old problem and curse upon our wretched species…Many marry for love of money love of status love of land love of wealth love of the material things love of power and love of position and social status…Nothing to do with authentic holy love…Hence the imagery that Akiane writes about of an engagement ring On The Edge Of A Bridge…Marriage is sacred marriage is holy marriage is divine and when couples welcome however many children the God of life wishes them to welcome be it one child or twenty children…Marriage is the bridge that keeps the life of generations going…Couples who have their children however many they are meant to have are building our world these couples are building whole societies cities and towns all from the smallest village to the largest cities…From the smallest islands to great nations…Nations are built by holy love by holy marriages that are sacred and the building blocks in the form of a bridge between a man and a woman who beget children to ensure the continuous survival of our species…Destroy the unborn children destroy the fertility of men and women and voila sarcasm flowing here you destroy and annihilate whole nations…The devil himself has seduced the nations into satanic luciferian blood pacts via the bloodbath of abortion fed by the bloodbath of satanic ritual contraception and contraception devices and all birth control practices which are a form of witchcraft and ritual in nature…The crop of narcissists who are diabolical pathological narcissists is there for all to see…I will tell you more of my ongoing short story about a dog on dog attack that happened recently and the progress we are making to date…Here goes chill out and relax and read another short story……..

The dark arts found in vicious horrible people who are “evil geniuses”

Evil geniuses abound today and are expert in the dark arts of switching their positions and playing the victim role when they are anything but…These predatory people take sick pleasure in watching others fail and will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who gets in their way…Medical students are notorious for covering up terrible things or mistakes they made so as to not allow any record destroy their chances of becoming pillars in the community in the form of evil genius medical doctor status…Now there are many excellent caring and good doctors who are geniuses but not evil geniuses…Sadly these days there is a prevalence of evil geniuses who fill every echelon of society regardless of religion race color or creed and social status…Ways evil geniuses operate is this…These creeps are on massive power trips and believe they are above others including the laws of the land…These pieces of shit have no empathy and no conscience and all they love is money power status and wealth…These creeps will run you over like a locust to get to the top…How to deal with scumbags like that is to avoid them like the plague…Treat these bastards like they have the nasty virus that is going around…Here is how I handled the evil genius who is not being reasonable and is refusing me her contact details…She is a medical student and I am not surprised by her vile disgusting behavior…When dealing with evil geniuses who are sociopaths and sycophantic psychopaths is as follows…You always want to spot them before they spot you…Now the bitch who terrorized my dog through her dog thought falsely that she had succeeded in terrorizing me…Big fail that did not work…I am Irish and immune to terror after all I grew up among the real terrorists found in filthy churches and schools…The real terrorists abound in every part of society and these terrorists terrorize men women and children with vile rape and other disgusting acts and deeds…Growing up under a reign of terror as I did In Ireland hell I am immune to terror…Nothing phases me anymore…Psychopaths are only sorry when their targets are not dead they are never sorry for being horrible never forget that…I spotted that nasty bitch the other day out with her dog and when she saw me coming she tried to hide to go to an area with her dog where I would not see her…Pieces of shit like that are expert at hiding including hiding behind playing the victim among other things…So I pursued her from a respectable distance and both of our dogs were on their leashes this time around…So I asked her if her dog was ok she stated her dog was fine and when I asked for her contact details she refused…She is not being reasonable I told her that she is quite the actress and put on a bad show and that she is not fit for society or for minding a dog like that…She is worse than her vicious dog…I followed up with property management and discovered that they also agree that this resident has not been reasonable with me…Management has offered to be a third party to facilitate and help me to pursue my civil law suit seeking reasonable compensation for damages done by her dog to my dog…This civil matter is very small and really only a small claims court matter…I will get that done because I am not letting that bitch away with this…Her behavior is despicable and when her superiors find out how she conducted herself in this matter it will not go well for her…A potential future medical doctor allows her dog to harm another dog and refuses to accept responsibility for her actions and is not being reasonable…That will not look good for her…This is not going away and I will not stop until I am reimbursed and all involved in her life are informed including her place of work where she volunteers and her place of study…No one wants a psychopath for a medical doctor…God knows there are already too many evil geniuses in the medical profession so no more please…This will be dealt with and she will rue the day she crossed me and my dog…To the wicked I am their worst nightmare I am terrible and will not stop and that is my God given right…My civil right to seek compensation were trampled underfoot by that future MD…As a person with special needs that will not look good on her record let me tell you that will destroy her…Do harm without conscience or consequence seems to be the motto of many in the medical profession who often murder unborn children on a regular basis by performing abortions and by having abortions of their own and using vile contraception which is so very common today…To the wicked I relay this…Though you are sorry that I am not dead and that your bullets missed my head…Your bullets in the form of vile vicious machine gun style verbal attacks to my face and behind my back…You will be very sorry when I eventually die for when I die I shall return like a Valkyrie with a vengeance the vengeance of my God the God of life and the armies of heaven…Not like the movie Valkyrie but like a mystical Valkyrie from Norse Mythology…Hell yeah for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and I have been scorned for too long now…As Mary the woman mentioned in sacred scriptures the woman who also has been scorned worse than me for centuries now…Suffice it to say that I have a centuries old furious beef with the wicked that is not going away any time soon…Heaven help us all to keep fighting the good fight without violence using the power of our own minds to defeat so called evil geniuses…Leave it to the God of life and the armies of heaven to destroy the wicked at the appointed time known to the God of life alone…That appointed time will not be pretty but fairness and justice will eventually be served for all eternity at that appointed time with the help of heaven…This is mystical in nature not literal more figurative prose that I write as a work of art nothing more and nothing less…As a thank you for reading this reflection…Enjoy this song by Space titled The Ballad of Tom Jones…Study these lyrics they describe the psychopathy that lies behind the wicked who destroy each other on a regular basis…This song is funny too because it makes fun of the wicked which I appreciate…I appreciate the wicked humor in this mad song…Enjoy my song titled She will Ariseth inspired by October Project’s Return To Me….For all Christians from Genesis to this very day and all the way through the end of time…The war was already won centuries before when the one who is the devil was forcibly removed from Heaven never ever to return…So stand tall and walk around like you have won even on the worst of days for our God who is the God of life already won the war….The devil lost centuries ago and his time is exceedingly short!!!!!!!!!!!