Last Beat – A Reflection

This poem titled Last Beat was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 159 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Last Beat consists of three stanzas with four lines each…The photograph I choose for this reflection is a selfie I took during my time in Ireland when I was recording for my You Tube channel…We are all works of art and as works of art we do not always have to be pretty look pretty or act pretty as evidenced by my photo selection from my previous post about the dog attack I had to deal with…I will now quote from this amazing poem…”No kisses—just tuxedoes and suits are accepted.” I purposely leave out a lot of Akiane’s poems…I will now quote from the last stanza leaving out the middle stanza…”All the gentlemen figure out the truth with a bullet in their eyes.” Wow this is an amazing poem astounding actually…You see in the war of all flesh particularly the war of the womb many men are snowed and fooled by vicious women who are the female version of wolves in sheep’s clothing…These women have what is termed a demonic feminine rage…Do not underestimate the rage that is feminine the rage that is woman…There is a song and sorry I don’t know who wrote the song but some of the words are “the female of the species is more deadly than the male”…I included a link to this song at the end of this reflection for your listening ears…This song sings about how “frankenstein and dracula got nothing on you and how jekyll and hyde join the back of the queue…Oh she wants to conquer the world completely but first she’ll conquer me discreetly…The female of the species is more deadly than the male…She deals in witchcraft and one kiss and I’m Zapped etc.” The song goes on to sing “Oh how can heaven hold a place for me when a girl like you has cast a spell on me.” Space – Female Of The Species….This song literally sings these words “Shock shock horror horror I’ll shout myself hoarse for your supernatural force”…Witchcraft is very real and is horrific and many women today have been indoctrinated into occult practices from very young ages…Particularly when they are put on contraception as young as twelve to “regulate their periods.” Contraception is a blood pact with the devil himself and turns innocent girls and women into witches…Many unsuspecting men and women become indoctrinated into occult practices without realizing they so do…For many like the men in Akiane’s poem by the time they figure this stuff out it is often too late for the damage done is massive and irreversible and unforgivable hence the visual of the “bullet in their eyes”…Occult practices are part and parcel of the mystical war on all flesh and is how knowledge of ways to do harm has increased exponentially these past five hundred years feeding the frenzy of the dark arts found in the art of war…Have you ever reached out to someone you have known for years a friend for help and instead of any real help that person questions you excessively with stupid questions??? Keeping you on the phone for over an hour yet they offer you no real help or solution??? I have had that happen more often with women never with men…These women that have done that to me I have known for years…When I call them on their crap they twist the scriptures and say “do not judge lest you be judged”…It can be very entertaining talking to women like this…Particularly when you remind them how much they have judged you over the years..Oh how these witches despise when you get in their faces and put it back on them…Oh snap!!! What then??? For one of my little jobs I get calls from all over the world…I recently got a call from a very narcissistic Nurse Practitioner seeking help…Her hours were reduced because she is not very good at her job…Not surprising sad to say because far too many Nurse Practitioners are too proud to accept that they are nothing but glorified nurses. Do you know my readers that Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are governed by the Board of Nurse Examiners…That’s right not the Medical board that govern’s doctors…What is very concerning and scary is in certain states here in the USA…”Shock shock horror” to quote Space for a second these Physician Assistant’s and Nurse Practitioners have their own practices working under the licenses of medical doctors who are not present…This is horrific particularly when it comes to needing a new diagnosis…Glorified nurses are not doctors full stop…Every state is different yet the terrible reality is that thousands die every year in the USA from breaches of standard of care caused by gross negligence on the part of Physician Assistant’s Nurse Practitioners Residents in training who are used as pawns in the lost hospital systems overrun by corporate micromanagement where every visit every service is reduced to a billable code worse than any lawyer with their billable hours…No offense intended to the hard working lawyers out there…The human person is sectioned off and reduced to particles like dust in the form of billable codes…Fraud is rampant these days in the corrupt dirty rotten medical profession and as such billable codes are often fraudulently added to patient case files and medical charts unbeknownst to the patients themselves who often are not savvy enough to access their own medical charts…Transparency is very difficult to find these days and holding the lost sheep which is my term for those lost to the occult practices of serving their master who is the devil himself….Is no easy task it can be done but to hold these low life’s to account you have to be the greasy squeaky wheel and never give up…The reason I get hired for certain jobs and certain tasks is because I am the grease that gets shit done….Yeah I am greasy and not one bit ashamed to say it…I get results and I get shit done…I get stuff done that others often fail to get done because they are not greasy enough…I can be more persistent than hell itself and as one employee once said of me…”She does not stop she will not quit”…That’s right folks I do not stop I will not quit I do not stutter and I get results…The one who said that of me was forced by her boss to issue me a refund and to apologize and to let me out of a contract I had signed…Cause I do not stop….I am more tenacious than hell itself…When I am called terrible I take it as a compliment…Because the things I have had to deal with were not pretty…When I am called profane because I cuss at times I put it back on them and say your laws are profane your policies are profane and you might as well cuss like I do I would respect you more if you saw fit to cuss…That shuts them up fast…It is not illegal to cuss it is however a problem if you call others cuss words…I speak to a lot of law firms these days…I got hung up on by two bitches who could not handle my cuss words…I called a third time and told the man who answered that I will take this to the state bar association and file a discrimination complaint citing abuses of their positions by violating my civil rights to free speech freedom of expression which includes cussing on occasion…He listened and agreed with me that the laws are not on our side that the laws are often profane in and of themselves and worse than any cussing I could do….Thank you!!! Drum Roll Please!!! That man told me that he got out of working in law enforcement because of the systemic categorical hand tying limiting the scope of the ability of law enforcement to do effective good…Law enforcement has been militarized into an army a military style of peace keeping not conducive to justice more conducive to fear based and trauma based control…He also told me that in the USA many are hypersensitive and not equipped to deal with cussing…I stated that the laws here are more profane than any cussing that goes on…He agreed with that and I got results from that call…I told that law firm that I was going to pursue my own law degree but decided not to because while a law degree covers all areas of law…Once the state bar exam is passed and you are a lawyer…There are too many specialized areas of law and lawyers are also categorically and systemically limited in their scope of ability to help people who have real cases but not viable cases…These real cases are not viable because of unjust profane laws ordinances and policies that are from the bowels of hell itself written by the wicked evil geniuses hell bent on destroying civilization and our species…I will not waste time and money on a stupid dumb’d down law degree that sets me up to fail and to work in a fucked up jacked up corrupt hierarchy system of a down shaped like a fucking pyramid with vile statutes of limitations and profane categories and sub categories such as civil versus criminal matters that are often ignored and not dealt with at all…These days the criminals are protected the predators are set up to succeed and the innocents are fed like lambs to the slaughter to this druid like fucked up perverse system of a down…I say fuck that bullshit it is time for people to wake the fuck up and to learn to “trust not our own limited human understanding” when it comes to the wicked and their depraved laws which know no bounds and there is no end to the depths of men and women of depraved minds…Depraved profane laws written by the criminally insane and that is why the USA is a shipwreck as is the whole lost fucked up western world…Heaven help us all…As a thank you for reading this reflection check out my version of the famous song Zombie by the rock band the Cranberries…I wonder My God have we all been reduced to zombies from the war of the mind which I call psychological warfare…

My version of Zombie – Addressing the war of the mind – psychological warfare!!!

Witchcraft is real and the horror horror of the witch full of demonic rage is also horrific and very real!!!