Adam And Eve – A Reflection

This poem titled Adam And Eve was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 160 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Adam And Eve consists of three stanzas with seven lines each…The photograph that I choose for this reflection was taken in Lisbon Portugal I love the backdrop of water and it’s a cute photo of my son and I during our recent travels through Europe…Wow this poem is incredible I will quote from Akiane’s poem now…”we run we run through all the fields we have never dreamed of but we have not learned how to walk but we have not learned how to play.” My God I am floored by this opening first stanza…This poem speaks about the unborn child not allowed to live not allowed to be born so as to learn how to walk and how to play so as to run through the fields…The second and third stanzas describe how the unborn children in terms of the word we “have not learned how to talk” and “have not learned how to see”…From the second stanza…The last stanza is so profoundly sad…”we know we know what no one has ever known but we have not been born but we have not yet lived.” My God I took a moment of profound silence before I continued typing this reflection…The terrible truth the terribly reality is this… Billions of unborn children are lamenting through Akiane’s brilliant poetry in what I call The Lamentations Of The Unborn which is what my blog and series of reflections is about…These unborn children the unborn child laments that they were not allowed to live so as to learn how to walk talk see and hear etc…All the things that the living children learn how to do…I recall as an Irish child running through the fields I had a great time doing that especially during hay season…These are fond memories that are etched in my memories for all eternity…I played with the buttercups and daffodils and made daisy chains and had a ball…A wonderful gift from the gift of life that both my parents gave me…What strikes me too as very odd is how horrible women who use contraception and birth control and have abortions demand the sympathy of others and bleed dry any good will you may have…These women are vicious wretched and downright criminally insane…All involved in birth control practices in all its ugly forms including so called natural family planning are vile and have by their refusal to welcome the number of children the God of life intended to send them via their unions…made a pact with the devil himself and destroyed their own Christianity their souls are lost to blood pacts with the devil himself…These lost sheep with their vile birth control mindset and birth control practices have dedicated their seed for the men and their wombs for the women to the devil himself…There is no truth in people like that and though they fill the seven churches around the world they are devils and not Christian they are the ungodly unholy lost sheep of these dark lost days…I am free to say whatever the hell I want to as a work of art and as a mere opinion…After all everybody is entitled to their opinions these days and hell the unborn child has been reduced to nothing but an opinion…I will share with you my readers my experience to date with a horrible woman which in this situation involved a vicious attack by her dog on my dog…A dog on dog attack…The good news is this my dog is getting better and no human was hurt in my experience….This is a short story which has a title so hold onto your horses and read this case study for what it is worth..

The psychopathic dog owner with no empathy or conscience

In my post with the photograph of me covered in my pet’s blood from a nasty dog on dog attack I described what took place the day my five month old puppy a playful friendly chocolate lab retriever was attacked by a larger territorial vicious dog…I since took my dog to the vet my dog sustained the following injuries…He has two broken baby teeth a bite wound to his ear a bite wound on his shoulder both on the right side…That nasty attack dog was going for the jugular on the neck of my puppy…I am grateful to report that my puppy is getting better and is on a round of antibiotics and pain medicine to help his healing process…I am lucky and blessed to be able to tell you that my puppy survived a vicious attack that could have ended much worse with a dead puppy…Now that dog owner on the day of the attack refused me her contact details and acted like she was having an anxiety attack and when the police were called they asked me to offer that whack job an ambulance I did this and she refused an ambulance…Now I would not have left that scene without that bitch’s contact details were it not for the fact that the property manager offered to email me her contact details later…That seemed odd to me but I agreed to that and this was witnessed…I have a witness who witnessed everything that happened that the resident’s dog was the aggressor in this attack and that my puppy never initiated the attack…I tell you this because it is bat shit crazy where I live which is Texas and it seems to me that if my puppy was perceived as initiating the attack I am told that my puppy asked for it…This state is fucked up and sick as fuck…The laws here are shit and there is no enforcement whatsoever…No wonder so many people own guns…Hell you need your own fucking army to deal with the scumbags that are around these days filling the streets and communities with their filthy vile bull shit…That being said I remain very small in the big scheme of things…So today two days later I go out with my puppy who was on his leash and I saw that whack job out with her dog also on its leash…I approached her from a distance and asked her if her dog was ok? She replied yes that her dog was fine and she tried to claim that her dog had minor injuries which I saw no evidence of…Her dog was fine…I told her that my dog was taken to the vet and the injuries that my puppy sustained…I asked her for her contact details to pursue reimbursement civilly for damages done by her dog to my dog…She refused me her contact details…I shit you not that bitch stood there with a big grin on her wicked face and refused me her details…She seemed full of glee that her dog did that to my dog…That bitch is one sick cunt…Sorry for the strong language but she is not fit for society never mind taking care of a dog…She is worse than her vicious dog she is more vicious than her own dog…I told her that I would obtain the open records of not only what her dog did to my dog but what her dog did to another resident’s dog and his girlfriend…That bitch smiled at me and tried to mess with my head and replied in a weird tone of voice and I quote this bitch now “what other resident?” suggesting I was making this shit up…Now because the incident with the other resident does not directly affect me I am limited in my scope of ability to pursue justice for that resident…However, I am on that and hope to have more details on that resident within ten business days…It will be up to that individual that resident to decide whether or not to pursue legal action against that piece of shit bitch…So as far as I am concerned there is nothing I can do about that resident’s experience and so she can play the fool and act stupid all day long and try to mess with my head by asking me “what resident?”…She is free to do this because the profane laws here protect bitches like her who are predators…The laws here are predatory in nature and punitive too…I told that woman that if her dog ever attacks my dog that I will destroy her dog which is my civic duty and legal right…Her dog will not live if it ever attacks my dog again…I will destroy it and have animal control remove it’s dead body from the premises…That is my law abiding civic duty and civil right should that dog ever attack my dog again…I would not under any circumstances do a thing to that dog while it is on its leash and away from my dog…Only in the event of another attack would that dog be destroyed…I tried to file an intake form with the local police department citing her refusal to comply with city ordinance code of conduct requiring her by law to provide me her contact details to pursue reimbursement for damages in the civil court system…I was told that the police do not take dog on dog incident reports that I would need to contact the city where I live and the code enforcement office as well as the city records department to obtain those details…That is lawless right there…My dog was a victim of an aggressive attack and nothing is being done simply because my dog was off leash at the time the attack occurred leaving the situation lawless with no recourse…I can put pressure on the manager of this property to provide me her details…I can do that…I can also obtain the open record of that attack…I can also hire someone to get her details…Everything here is about money and it is corrupt as fuck…I have no recourse or access to justice for my dog full stop…That piece of shit scumbag bitch knows the laws are on her side and she has no empathy or conscience and is glad her dog harmed my dog…Some might say that this is just a pissing match between two women…I say fuck that my dog was harmed and I have no recourse or access to justice because of corruption and horrible people who only love money and nothing else and do not give a shit about a damn thing…People like that are not fit for society and belong in prison or mental institutions…You cannot talk to a psychopathic bitch like a normal human being these bitches are inhumane and belong in prison or mental health institutions…Sadly the world is full of horrible women like this bitch who when I saw her was doing great with no signs of having a fucking anxiety attack…Thank you for reading my blog sorry I cuss a lot I call it therapeutic cussing after all people like me have no recourse or access to justice so what the fuck am I supposed to do? I tell you what I will not let that bitch get away with this she will rue the day she fucked with my dog through her vicious dog and tried to mess with my head…I can be a bitch too and I take it as a compliment when I am told that I am horrible…It is horrible the things I had to contend with so unto the wicked lost sheep let me be their worst nightmare their holy terror I will be unto the wicked horrible…I will be unto the wicked terrible as an army set in battle array mystically speaking not literally speaking…As a thank you for reading this reflection…Enjoy my song titled Everything Matters inspired by Metallica Nothing Else Matters because like it or not everything really does matter no matter how small…Heaven help us all especially the least among us the unborn child….