Confidential – A Reflection

This poem titled Confidential was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 155 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Confidential consists of three stanzas with five lines each…The photograph I choose for this reflection is of a wonderful piece of art that I discovered by accident at a local charity shop in my village where I lived for two years in Ireland…I absolutely love the ingenuity behind this art piece the tiny violin the little flower and the music scroll of the well known and loved Irish song Danny Boy…I did not pay much for it either…Charity shops in Ireland are great the pricing is always low so the price is always right…I was happy to donate my gently used items that I could not bring with me to the USA to local charity shops…I knew that these shops would not charge their patrons an arm and a leg and that my legacy no matter how small would live on in my homeland for wee time…I knew that others who struggle financially like I do and many today would benefit from my gently used Irish woollies and boots and other such items…The thought that others would benefit from my donations warmed my heart and brought me joy…In Ireland you can sell your gently used items online…I used a website that was awesome and I managed to sell everything from my oil that I was no longer in need of to my gently used coffee maker machine…I did very well that way but naturally I took a hit or a loss because when you sell gently used items you never get much for them…All the same it was a fun experience I enjoyed the experience and all of my buyers were wonderfully nice…A young man who was a recent college grad not working in his field because jobs are hard to find even for college grads these days…But he was working a job I offered to demonstrate that my nice coffee machine does indeed work very well…So I made him a cuppa coffee then I was so busy because I was in the process of moving that I forgot my hospitable nature and after the poor man took a few sips I tried to rush him out the door…He actually really liked his cuppa coffee and chatted for a while and ended up purchasing a few more items from me…That was funny he was very polite and we both had a laugh because when you are moving it can be stressful and all of us can forget our hospitable nature….I had a lot of wonderful experiences in Ireland…The people are awesome…I absolutely loved Dublin…I do not suggest living in the country unless you can afford a good alarm system a good guard dog and you are not afraid to stand your ground as I had to do many times living in the country…The country is quiet though and offers a charm unique to country living…I loved the silence of living in a quiet village…I enjoyed hearing the birds in the morning and walking my dog and the fact that I could have my milk and juice delivered was brilliant…I did not know that the old Irish custom of having your milk delivered still existed…It most certainly does and I enjoyed that very much..I was sure to be home for all of my deliveries to be handed directly to me…I do not recommend allowing food deliveries to be left outside your door that is a recipe for disaster for many reasons…I will now quote from Akiane’s poem titled Confidential….”We cannot complete and fulfill our life on our own. The road to destiny has a perfect resemblance to our compassion and benevolence. Those pursuing a confidential road of growth reach a destination where there is nobody waiting for them to share their mastery.” I purposely left out the whole first stanza…What Akiane writes in this poem at the age of ten is amazing…Akiane says a lot that leaves readers and reviewers like me speechless…It is true we cannot complete and fulfill our life on our own…Our creator did not intend for mankind to make their journey’s of eternity alone…Though in sacred scriptures some characters did go it alone once they became adults…John The Baptist was a loner who ate locusts in the desert and who announced the coming of Jesus Christ…You see Heaven helps mankind to fulfill their unique roles and duties…So when human help fails us Heaven helps us…Take comfort too if you do like to be alone and if you live alone…That is a fine thing…Not all of us are meant to partner with someone and not all of us are meant to live in large community settings…We are all unique and that is what makes the world go around…I prefer to be alone because alone I can experience peace alone I can just be and know my God who is the author of all life…Now I have a son and a dog so I am not living alone…I love my son very much and I make sure I pay attention to my son that he is well cared for and well fed…I also make sure his bedroom is clean and that his bed linens are washed regularly…I clean his bathroom for him too…Where we rent my son has his own room and bathroom…He is becoming a young man so he needs his space and that is why I choose to rent this place for the space that it allows both my son and I and our lively dog who has the run of some of our home…My role as a mother has changed as my son continues to mature and grow up…I am still needed but not as much as before…Consequently I can work from home and do other things including walking the dog…My son helps me with many things but I do not make him go outside too much with this Covid-19…However my son does go outside regularly to help with small things like trash and taking the dog out…It is not good for children to have to stay inside all the time just as it is not good for me to be inside all the time…The dog is a wonderful companion for both my son and I because we are both forced and obligated to go outside often to take our pet for walks…This is very good for our family…My dog keeps me on a very good routine I sleep better as a result and I am up bright and early with my pet for his morning walks which he really needs….Sometimes I have to get up at night to help my pet but now that he is getting bigger he is settling down better now and is not as much work at night…When I read Akiane’s poem titled Confidential the visuals that came to my mind are certain corporate policies that are confidential in nature yet hide criminality behind these vicious policies…Many large corporations today including the banking industry to name but one of many industries are downright vicious and nasty as hell…Things are often done in the dark without either the customer or certain innocent well meaning employees knowing…I would like to tell you more about that clinic I talked about in one of my posts…Sorry I forget which post…In one of my posts I talked about a clinic that has nasty policies that members of their staff abuse so as to mistreat and harass their own patients…I have since filed a detailed report a complaint to the board of medicine for the state I live in…You can go online and file these reports…I provided a detailed report of my appointment history and the fact that my medical charting that I accessed through my patient portal was wrong and not correct…That my patient rights to be informed as to what exactly they were charting were violated on more than one occasion…That one horribly idiotic nurse practitioner and two doctors covered up for the other by falsifying my medical chart and making false claims…My medical chart and demographic details for my patient profile were not correct…One note stated that I refused to take a medicine that I did take in its entirety…I save everything so I have evidence I did what the doctors told me to do…I finished every dose of that Terbinafine and I am now taking more of it to get better…Terbinafine is oral lamisil and is processed through the liver…My liver function from my blood work is fine so I am approved to take this medicine to clear up a serious yeast problem that will not go away unless I take this medication for two more months…I am always careful to follow doctors orders…In my report I cited verbal abuse and threatening speech on the part of all three parties involved in my care including the manager of that clinic…In my report I cited false documentation in my chart about a ten day treatment for another anti fungal medication that this clinic claims to have provided to me and that I refused to take that medication…I double checked with their pharmacy and they have no history of a script for a ten day anti fungal treatment for Fluconazole…Though my chart reflects a false record of this ten day treatment with the false claim that I refused to take it…I told the board of medicine that I was verbally abused and verbally attacked by this vicious clinic who it seems to me are being underhanded in their dealings with me their own patient in a vicious and vile effort to undermine and destroy me…They will fail in this task they have already failed in this heinous task…Workers like that should have their licenses removed and they should be thrown in jail for crimes against the humanity of their own patients…These creeps are not fit for society…All four parties involved in my report are wicked vicious and vile…Part of my report that clinic claims that I am not looking for work and that I am not working…I reported to the board of medicine that is not so…That I told that clinic I was looking for work and have since found a part time job working from home…That clinic was told this but purposely failed to chart this and instead they choose to back one another up in a vile effort to undermine me their patient…As their patient I feel hated and despised by these scumbags…Part of the verbal abuse I got was from one of their female doctors who totally missed the medical problem their other older doctor figured out that I have…Which is serious if left untreated but with treatment which will take some time I will get better…That female doctor insisted I exercise and ignored my complaints that I was feeling weak and tired and not able for much exercise…That witch talked over me ignored what I said to her and proceeded to verbally abuse me…I corrected her for her appalling lack of empathy which is very prevalent today among horrible health care workers….This is the same doctor who I confronted for making whores out of young women but putting them on vile contraception and for sterilizations that are being promoted by her vile clinic as well as abortions that are often accommodated via vile referrals…Ya want to know what she said to me and I quote her now because I corrected her in person for that…She said and I quote “you are not my mother”…It was really weird beyond weird because in that moment my medical doctor a highly intelligent educated woman smart enough to be a medical doctor behaved in my presence like a five year old child…Education is not a marker of emotional intelligence or other forms of intelligence including empathy which is a form of emotional intelligence that many today lack…It is plain to see from my report which I substantiated with copies of my medical charting that falsified information was being put on record about me…In a vile effort to present me as unstable…I state this because billable codes were listed next to conditions that clinic claims that I have but never told me or informed me their own patient that they charted these conditions…One condition is an unspecified mental condition and the other is a billable code for emotional health condition…I observed that they list “family planning” as one of my patient problems…A problem I do not have and never went to that nasty contraception and sterilization pushing clinic for…This clinic is funded by a large international nasty family planning organization…So they push contraception and sterilizations worse than drug pushers on the street…Nasty health care workers are vicious and if you become elevated or yell or become upset these creeps seek to label their own patients with billable codes that do not apply to their patients…This goes on all the time…There is big money in health care so patients are systemically and categorically abused on a regular bases and often forced or given medicines they do not need for conditions they do not have…I was able to cite all of this with the medical board…Including a verbal threat from their angry male doctor who said to me on the phone and I quote this creep here….”If you call our clinic again I can circumvent the Covid-19 policies and demand that you be seen”…That was horrible because at that stage I had not accessed my medical charts and had no idea these creeps were attacking my mental health…That piece of shit doctor was threatening me which did not go over well with me…I included this in my detailed report…I had just been seen by that creep who told me to get this “drink alcohol” though I am sick and need to be on medicine that one cannot take alcohol while on that medicine…That doctor belongs in jail all four of these creeps belong in jail…I was never given good counsel as to the proper course of action to get better…Scumbags like this are low life scum of the earth with no conscience no empathy no care or concern and are criminal in how they endanger their own patients…If I was stupid enough to listen to these bastards I would be dead…If I was stupid enough to push myself to exercise while sick and to drink alcohol while ill I would be dead…This is serious and I trust that these creepy shit heads will be held to account…I can back up my complaint with supporting documentation and I have a witness…It seems to me that modern health care is more about doing harm than doing no harm…After all contraception is pushed like drug pushers who push street drugs…Contraception is pushed worse than the street drug pushers…Sterilizations and abortions are encouraged and promoted as good…The dirty rotten health care system is putrid and calls what is good the holy innocent human child evil and what is evil the dark arts of destroying human life good…When you oppose these murder most foul murderous practices then expect to be viciously attacked by the wicked who are lost to the devil himself…My witness witnessed my ability to calmly set them straight at that horrible clinic who also tried to involve the local police department for a disturbance that they themselves caused…That phone call went nowhere because in reality that clinic caused their own disturbance…Heads are going to roll at that clinic not literally but mystically…It is show time thanks to the turning tide in favor of patients like me and others like me whose basic rights are often violated and abused…Confidential policies on undermining patients that workers are supposed to protect and heal is wicked and rotten to the core…I know that I am very small it is my hope that what I share with my readers on this blog will help others to know that you can indeed advocate for yourself…I have had to do that many times…Never go to a hospital alone unless you really need to it is always best to go with a trusted person who can serve as both a witness and advocate on your behalf…Document everything save everything including medicine bottles and receipts…Now today is mother’s day so in honor of my own elderly mother I recorded a song that is not my own but a popular Christian song titled How Great Thou Art…Please join me in a moment of silence for motherhood and fatherhood as a mark of respect for the sanctity the sacredness of the human person the human body the human child formed through parents….Then enjoy the song I recorded today to honor my own elderly mother titled How Great Thou Art…A song that my own mother loved to sing when we were young…My mother has a lovely singing voice…Happy Mother’s Day!!!