The Infinity Of Beginning – A Reflection

This poem titled The Infinity Of Beginning was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 154 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem The Infinity Of Beginning consists of four stanzas with four lines each….The photograph I choose for this reflection is one that my own growing child made for me his Mammy for Mother’s day when we lived in Ireland…Happy mother’s day to all the Mammy’s Mama’s Mum’s and Mom’s around the world….Thank you to all the Papa’s who made many good women Mammy’s Mama’s Mum’s and Mom’s and to all Mothers like my self whose motherhood was not ideal may you be especially blessed by all of Heaven on Mother’s day along with all the Mother’s around the globe…I will now quote from Akiane’s awesome poem…”in the immortality of the finish line…” Is the last line of this amazing poem which sums up the whole poem in seven words…Our flesh is mortal this is true and as such all flesh eventually dies…Our souls are immortal and are eternal and never die…We are both mortal and immortal beings…With wisdom beyond my 47 years at the age of ten Akiane wrote the impossible Akiane a binary genius accomplished the impossible combining her multidimensional prose with her multidimensional art…No small feat for a ten year old girl…I am afraid my review of her great work in the form of these reflections do not do them enough justice…The human child is both mortal and immortal and when you destroy a human child you destroy the flesh the spirit and the immortality of that living human being…This is deadly serious and not pretty…Those who harm children from all walks of life will rue the day they dared to scandalize angelic beauty found in holy innocent children…Those who harm children are demon seed and are possessed by the devil himself…Never minimize child abuse…Child abuse is horrible…To all the adults regardless of your state in life who worked hard to over come cycles of abuse in your own family lineage well done…Your efforts are not in vain your efforts in all their forms years of therapy in the form of professional help years of recovery meetings if you are in addiction will stand to you on the day of contention for despite many problems that you faced in life you were courageous enough to work on yourselves…Believe me I would know I had years of professional counseling and God Bless all of the professionals who helped me to become the whole person I am today…I went to twelve step recovery meetings for years for my nasty gambling addiction…I also went to AA for years where I was always given a warm welcome despite my never being a serious alcoholic I got a lot out of my twelve step work and my years of therapy to recover from my own complex post traumatic stress disorder…Today I am doing very well…I have my moments yet can cope just fine…Who doesn’t have their moments…If therapists themselves can be honest all of us would benefit from counseling and twelve step work…It would not do any of us any harm to avail of both stepping stones towards healing and recovery from past trauma…A child abuse case that was made into a Netflix documentary was one of the worst most vile cases of child abuse on record done by the birth mother of the child who died from this heinous crime…That mother was pure evil a demon seed or demoniac no offense intended to her family who most certainly is not at fault for what she did to her boy…Not at all…Sadly when adults make horribly bad choices then they become like demons and this can happen to any of us sad to say…The devil who is wicked takes no prisoners the devil will destroy anyone regardless of religion race color or creed…I include a link about this holy innocent boy who suffered terribly at the hands of wicked people and the system let this young boy down……I was horrified by this case and it moved me to tears…I got on my knees and cried out to the God of life for vengeance for this must stop…All terror of children must stop horrific child abuse including abortion on demand which is also cruel and merciless must stop NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! With mother’s day upon us please join me in a moment of silence for Gabriel Fernandez who died too soon and who should still be among us to this day…Then listen to my song written in honor of Gabriel Fernandez and all who mourn his loss including his family and extended family who are not at fault for this terrible crime…Gabriel Fernandez’s extended family and other family members must be understandably devastated by this loss…The toxic shame that the devil wants families to experience in the face of grave evil returns to the devil himself…In your weeping in your grieving in our weeping in our grieving let us not allow toxic shame to destroy us…The devil has done his worst he has done enough damage spanning centuries the time has come for the tide to turn and the tide is indeed turning…Gabriel Fernandez this post and song is for you…I am sorry that I and others including your loving family and extended family members could not save you from the beast that was in the ones who harmed and killed you….I too was abused as a child though my abuse was terrible too…I was blessed to have a mother who despite serious problems that were not her fault…My beloved made sure I and all eight of us were very well fed and my father the same…To my own beloved feisty Irish Mammy whom I will always love for all eternity…I also dedicate this post to my own crazy beloved Irish Mammy…Though it is not possible for us to be close due to your very serious compromised mental health condition from years of hell as an Irish child yourself…I all the same dedicate my post and my work to you…I recently wrote a song about a trauma I experienced as a child….Due to the sensitive content of that song…I limited my audience to adults only and to those who are over the age of 18…So if any of my readers are young do not listen to my song titled My Unholy Communion…I am not responsible for youth not doing as they are told…That is why I restrict my audience via You Tube…That is the best I can do…Thank you for reading my reflection and thank you for following my blog…Enjoy my song titled My Unholy Communion which is a rather feisty song and my own small victory…I also sang a song titled Ariel which is not my own original song that song was performed by October Project…I sing my own version of that song which is a symbol of my own victories in life…….