An Aftertaste – A Reflection

This poem titled An Aftertaste was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 153 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem An Aftertaste consists of two stanzas with eight lines each…The photograph I choose for this reflection is one I took when I made S’mores for my son very late at night one time recently when neither my dog or my boy could sleep…Everybody was up…My son is twelve years old now and it was Easter season so I said why not? S’mores are always good any time day or night S’mores are always right for humans not our pets who should never have chocolate or sweet S’mores or unless you are diabetic or have dietary restrictions…Ya know common sense is hard to find anymore and in many circumstances and situations details need to be literally spelled out in a certain order in order for the village idiot which is what many people are these days to figure it out or to follow simple basic orders or directions or commands for that matter…My God no offense intended by the way it can be easier to train a dog to obey simple commands and orders than it is to train some human beings…I suppose that is why our police forces and military and specialists use animals such as canines for help with certain tasks…Also dogs and cats our canine and feline friends and other critters from the animal kingdom make excellent companions and helps mankind with many things and many tasks…Ya know in dealing with human beings nothing is ever as it seems and many today are downright vicious nasty backbiters who would eat you alive by destroying your good name your career your finances and everything about you…That is often done behind the back of the one who is targeted by these demon seed from the bowels of hell itself…I gotta tell ya a few stories and how it relates to this poem aftertaste…I will first of all quote from this brilliant poem….”A guaranteed life with a heavy-duty plastic bag over its head—Breath dipped in misery results in a bitter aftertaste—-Listen to a distance and do not make an affliction—-a despair…” I leave out the second stanza…I will tell you two stories first is a canine story a story about my adorable very lively puppy……Relax take a deep breath and pause then read this short story….

My best friend – always wants S’more….

My best friend is my adorable new dog named Mr. Brown Barker also known as Brownie and Sarge…My adorable puppy does not always behave in an adorable manner…It is like I have a new toddler in my home…My puppy gets upset he gets mad and yes he throws puppy tantrums…My puppy barks when we are having family meals because he thinks he is human and wants his own plate and place at the dinner table…Our pet is too hyper for that now…I am training my pet to bark when he has to go outside and he is doing very well with that…He will go to the door and bark which is my cue to take him out to do his doggy business…This morning I was very upset with my pet…I am training him not to do doggy business on the carpet…That is a big no no and he must not chew the couch cushions also a big no no…Well this morning I had just walked my pet and come home…My pet sneaked by me and behind my back he peed and pooped on my carpet!!! I just had the carpet professionally cleaned and sanitized…So I felt betrayed by my pet and very annoyed that my doggy did this…My pet is a male dog he is a male puppy and so his brain is like that of a toddler…He operates by pure instinct my dog is not capable of the manipulative behaviors found in many human beings…So of course my puppy got a telling off not that he understood a thing I said to him…Puppy got a time out and by my body language and tone of voice my puppy knew that he was in big trouble with me that he was a bad boy…My puppy went into his cage I leave the door open so he can come and go as he pleases…My dog went into his cage and I went to my office space to work…Some time passed and of course I never stay angry…That is how I am…I do get mighty mad at times but I let off steam then I move on because anger that is fed or nourished destroys us not the person or pet we are angry with…After about 45 minutes I checked on my pet he was still in his cage looking very downcast and I could tell by his doggy body language that he was sad and did not know he was being a bad boy…My readers my heart was moved by my sad sorry puppy…So I decided it was time to move past this upset. Pets can become sad and pets can and do get depressed…So I showed my pet lots of love and told him I still love him though I get mad at times…I encouraged him to eat his dry dog food which I held in my hand for him to eat and I encouraged him to drink his water…My pet needed reassurance that he was still loved and a part of our family…I then got my special bag ready which contains doggy treats the blue ball and other fun toys and his water bowl…This time I decided not to use the leash…My dog follows me around everywhere he is always underfoot like a toddler…So I took him out to the field for our play time…My pet stayed by my side the whole time he had a great time playing ball and getting treats for obedience and he stayed right by me on the way home…This time my pet ate very well and drank lots of water because the exercise cheered him up and brightened his mood which was sad before…I then took my active dog outside again without his leash and he did fantastic for me and we once more played ball…As I write my pet is lying by my door fast asleep from our busy morning…I tell you this story because our pets are also very forgiving and do not stay mad with their humans…At the end of this post you will find lots of footage on my sweet precious innocent puppy Mr. Brown Baker who always wants S’more but cannot have S’mores….Now with many humans folks often stay mad and hold onto their anger in the form of resentments and become resentful and often seek revenge…I myself joke about revenge but I am not a vengeful person…I leave vengeance to my God the God of life…Ya know nasty people can leave a nasty aftertaste in your mind and in your heart…Particularly of the person was duplicitous double minded not transparent and two sided…A nice side and a wicked evil backbiting side…My pet is not a wicked evil backbiter no sir or no ma’am my pet operates by pure instinct…My pet is innocent like a toddler is innocent…Now for my second story which is sad but does have a happy ending thank Goodness and thanks be to the God of life….

Mr. Brown Barker – Barks For A Treat!!!

Like So Not The End – Cause my Pet is part of our family so our story is ongoing…Yar!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby India

When I read Akiane’s poem titled Aftertaste I had many visuals come to mind…When I study the first stanza the visual of “A guaranteed life with a heavy-duty plastic bag over its head” That visual brought to my mind the story of Baby India…Baby India was placed in a plastic bag by her own disturbed mother who left her own born baby girl to die a cruel and merciless death…Miraculously and remarkably a father and his family heard some noises in the area near Baby India and they investigated the noises because the noises sounded like an animal that was in distress…It was an animal a mammal but to their shock and horror it was our own kind our own species a tiny wee helpless child a baby left to die in a plastic bag…Thank goodness they found her and contacted 911 who sent first responders out to rescue Baby India…This little girl is now thriving and I am sharing with my readers a link with this good news… – We all need to hear good news because there is too much bad news these days…I was living in Ireland when I heard the Baby India story this sad story moved me to tears and I wrote a song while in Ireland titled Baby India which I will share with you my readers at the end of this reflection…I will also share footage of my lively puppy for your viewing pleasure…Baby India is pure and innocent and baby India does not know how to hate or how to be resentful…Baby India has no idea her own poor mother who was clearly not mentally well or sound did this to her…All Baby India knows is this…She loves to be held she cries when she needs something and she eats and goes potty and sleeps and naps a lot…It is only when we become adults that we know to hate or to be vengeful or resentful with bad aftertastes of bad experiences playing in our heads like music like a wormwood string of memories that many refuse to forget or let go of…These memories are often what feeds the addiction process of hating that feeds hateful horrible behavior found in many of our own species…Yes many people can leave a horrible aftertaste in their minds and in their hearts…

Not The End Because Thankfully Baby India lives on and on and on for all eternity!!!

Baby India Song

Let us all learn from both Baby India and my Best Friend Mr. Brown Barker that though we may experience bad things life is still sweet life is still good life is still beautiful and everybody deserves a first chance a second chance and a third chance…Unless a serious heinous crime was done including abuse that does not stop verbal physical or sexual or all three…Everybody including petty criminals deserves a second chance at life…I suggest that if you can have them as part of your diet to go ahead and make S’mores for your family…S’mores are always right anytime day or night…Thank you for reading and following my blog…