Portrait Of Chances – A Reflection

This poem titled Portrait Of Chances was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 151 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Portrait Of Chances consists of two stanzas with eight lines each…The photograph I choose for this reflection is of our adorable new puppy who is getting big and strong…Our puppy loves to play ball and I have a rather wry crazy sense of humor…So we always lose the blue tennis ball but we do manage to find it when we go for our walks…When we go on our searching expeditions to find the lost blue tennis ball…I call this operation blue ball for shits and giggles…My pet knows now to carry the blue tennis ball home in his mouth…My pet is a Labrador retriever breed so carrying the blue tennis ball home is very a very simple task…Canines do see in color but not to the same extent or spectrum of color that humans see in…So for a cheap laugh and I know I have no shame it’s terrible this sounds really bad…Are you ready for a cheap belly laugh…What if I make the word ball plural…It becomes very funny…Sounds terribly bad too…Ahem Operation Blue Balls was very successful sir or ma’am…Drum roll please…In these days of Covid-19 Laughter is always the best medicine unless of course blue balls is a serious real problem in your life then sorry we cannot help you…I am very grateful that my innocent canine has no idea of the seriously silly crazy sense of humor that I his adoring human owner has…No offense intended to men by the way this is just a crass crazy joke meant to give my readers a jolly good belly laugh full stop…I will now quote from Akiane’s excellent poem..The first stanza opens with these lines “A portrait of chances—I chase life where a lemon color on a palette has sour taste, where fields grow faster without flowers, and where fuchsia petals are found only in quilts”…This is why I chose the photograph of my pet in a green field who most certainly loves to chase life in the form of chasing balls and cars if I let him…I will limit my quotes from the second stanza this time because this poem only has the two stanzas…The second stanza describes how the unborn child that was aborted does not have a “sculpture of me”…Children are like flowers and you can never have too many flowers…The vineyard of mankind is like a green field that is meant to be populated with lovely flowers the flowers of the youth of our children raised in loving homes…Fields do grow faster without flowers I suppose just as mankind has progressed faster in the last one hundred years than in the last one thousand years with less children due to vile contraception birth control and abortion on demand…With all of our modern advances including footage of the unborn human child from conception to birth now readily available to enhance our understanding of the miracle that is human life – the unborn child in it’s mother’s womb…Most nations have legalized homicidal abortion on demand a hit can be done on the most helpless among us the unborn child…I study various rock bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden…When you study the lyrics of their songs terrible things are said in their lyrics…For example Iron Maiden’s song titled 2 minutes to Midnight literally sings these words “2 minutes to Midnight to kill the unborn in the womb”…Horrible terrible and the lyrics do not improve either…The singer sings “don’t you pray for my soul anymore”…And he sings about “The killing spree of the demon’s seed the glamour the fortune the fame blood is freedom’s stain don’t you pray for my soul anymore”…Iron Maiden also sings about the war machine behind these killings…Gosh any normal person with a shred of dignity would realize these lyrics are terrible and clearly dedicated to the devil himself who loves to prowl about like a roaring lion seeking whom he can consume and devour…The devil has consumed and devoured human beings for centuries now and has succeeded in changing the spirits of many of his targets those accessed for abuse in systems of a down found in false Christ idolatrous churches and in all seven major churches around the world which were categorically systemically destroyed from the inside and out by avowed satanists with their satanic ritual abuse of holy innocent children via vile child pedophile crimes in the form of child rapes…This systemic wicked abuse done in industrial schools around the world on an industrial scale is part of the war machine of the devil himself who is a formidable foe…The war machine of legalized homicidal abortion on demand is part and parcel of the wicked war on the womb and the war on all flesh…Women who use contraception and vile birth control and who have abortions are “Iron Maidens” with black hearts who are possessed by the demon seed found in wicked vile contraception and birth control devices and who are drunk on the blood of their iniquitous vile birth control in all its ugly forms particularly contraception and other such devices of perfidious iniquitous designs hell bent on destroying any chances of life for their unwanted unborn children many of these witches have abortions too rendering their sacred wombs – tombs to their own unborn children…To kill and destroy the most vulnerable among us our smallest weakest members of society our own unborn children is murder most foul murder most vile and those who perform abortions and those who elect to have them are removed from the book of life and added to the book of the dead their reward for their blood lust because these creeps including all who vote yes to abortion on demand have become the demon seed of asmodeus and apollyon wormwood and baphomet himself…These low life’s are lost to the devil himself who laughs in wicked glee that he who is lucifer managed to seduce the nations so easily too…Many today falsely believe that they can commit murder most foul and simply mouth the words I am sorry I did that heinous satanic ritual thing via abortion and contraception and voluntary sterilizations and by simply saying “I am sorry”…Heaven is theirs for the taking…Great will be their shame…Great will be their shock when billions of false Christ…False Mary…False God idolaters around the globe are shown the tapestry of their lives by the God of life and ways they wasted their sacred wombs and bodies for lucifer who is the devil…When billions are shown their horribly wicked false Christ…false Mary…false God…idolatrous lost sheep lives…Many will not stand and will die on the spot from shock that they were seduced by diabolical pride into narcissistic self love gone horribly wrong…How by their horrible lives lived wrong was wasted on the God of life and served only the devil who is lucifer and how by so doing these lost sheep’s spirits were altered and changed rendering these creeps nothing but the demon seed sung about by groups like Iron Maiden…Many women these days are “Iron Maiden’s” lost to the devil himself demonic seed filled with diabolical narcissistic pride which is always a mark of the beast who is the devil…As a thank you for reading this reflection and to lighten the burden enjoy my silly song titled Everything Matters that I wrote inspired by Metallica’s song titled Nothing Else Matters…These groups are very talented it is sad they dedicate their talented songs to the ould devil himself…Truly tragic and terrible and no one wins when you worship the false light of the wicked one…I also have a crazy wicked sense of humor so naturally being Irish as I am who can be traced back to the tribe of Dan…I had to sing a silly song titled I’ma false devil worshiper naturally!!!…Hell I am not good at being a devil worshiper I am terrible at it…Why??? Because according to the wicked I could never do anything right hence the satanic ritual toxic shame that many targets of satanic ritual abuse experience…I come along and declare screw that shit fuck that crap…Yup I cuss…Why not??? Cussing can be very therapeutic…As long as you refrain from calling others nasty names..What the cuss???… hell growing up in Ireland was very hard for me and I could never do a damn thing right in the eyes of many wicked creeps…So I come along and declare fuck that shit…I might as well fuck up the whole devil worshiper crap because after all I am a…..Drum roll please….Still Christian…Oh snap I fear not the devil though very powerful and very strong on earth…The devil is nothing but a liar cheater and thief so I enjoy reminding the ould devil that his time is short…So I sing a lot about Mary the mother of the true Jesus Christ mentioned in sacred scriptures…So if I am going to fuck up I might as well be a total screw up when it comes to worshiping the devil which I will never ever be good at thanks be to my God who is the God of life…For all Christians this post is for you…Our souls are eternal and cannot be destroyed and death has no sting for Christians like us…The God of life will have his day of vengeance…I wrote a song titled Vengeance which is Christian in nature and I love that it was storming outside when I recorded that song because you can see flashes of lightening in the background…Which totally worked for my crazy Vengeance song which is no more crazy than many other mad songs out there…As a work of art a human being enjoy my silly songs which I include with this post…Titled Vengeance!!! and I’ma false devil worshiper…Worse than hell itself…And my silly song titled Everything Matters…I enjoy telling off the ould devil and reminding the devil that his time is short…It is free therapy very therapeutic too…Thank you for reading my posts and following my blog which is more about life than death…Heaven help us all!!!….