Forgiveness – A Reflection

This poem titled Forgiveness was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 147 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Forgiveness consists of five stanzas with four lines each…The photograph I choose for this poem is a photograph I took of one of my selfie poses for my silly song titled Very Bad Romance which I will share with you at the end of this reflection from my you tube channel…People are often not very transparent or sincere…How you know when someone is not sincere is if they are compulsive liars and if they are living amidst their own delusions and webs of deceit particularly if you discover these false friends were bad mouthing you behind your back the whole time you were friends…That can be very hurtful particularly if you trusted the person….Wow this poem titled forgiveness is amazing…I will quote parts of Akiane’s poem now…”as waterfalls fall like grizzly-bear wars cannon balls rust and swords bow down to arrows yet even the strength of forgiveness does not ease the loss”….Arrows in the form of words in the war of words unfurled by wormwood from the bowels of hell via unjust laws and false treaties can indeed force swords to bow down…Forgiveness can only be effective in certain circumstances…Forgiveness is not a free for all where you can do as you like then simply mouth the words I am sorry and demand forgiveness on the spot like you would demand a McDonald’s happy meal…Many people these days are very manipulative and will dole out love compliments kindness etc. for a price…If you fail to pay the price of loyalty and reciprocal affections no matter how disordered then the lover goes cold and moves on to other targets…The world has gone bat shit crazy and is stark raving mad and so navigating this lost world is not easy…Well if ya can’t beat em why not join em…That’s a famous old saying…You don’t necessarily have to beat em and you don’t have to join em either…For Christians the war was won centuries before so our only task on earth is to navigate our way to heaven by making good sound choices…The wicked who harm boys and girls in the name of God do the un-forgiven because their crimes are vile and not capable of forgiveness…Because the wicked who do heinous deeds in the dark are not one bit sorry hence forgiveness has no effect on these creeps whose spirits are from the bowels of hell itself…The death of the true Jesus Christ on the Holy Cross never eased the loss for his holy mother Mary and those who followed Jesus Christ…The strength of the forgiveness of Jesus Christ given to the good thief the day he died never eased the loss the world felt for all eternity when the universe was irreversibly altered from Eve’s disobedience through the death of the true Jesus Christ to this very day…The earth is now saturated with the blood of the fallen from the war on all flesh that has spanned centuries…Now the blood of billions of aborted and contracepted unborn children floods the earth in an ocean of blood that never should have been shed…Mankind is not capable of measuring the depths of their own depravities and the oceans of bloodshed throughout centuries of systemic abuse and annihilation of nations via abortion and vile birth control contraception and other such devices hell sent and hell bent on limiting the propagation of our own species…It is not good enough for mankind to destroy the environment notice I am being sarcastic here…I can be sarcastic too…It is not good enough for mankind to destroy the earth to cause extinction in other species…Very sarcastic now…Mankind is not satisfied with these grave evils…Our vile species does not stop there rather continues to annihilate and destroy not only other species and whole ecosystems including the atmosphere thus corrupting the universe…Mankind has perfected the dark art of annihilating our own species too via abortion and contraception and birth control…Sarcastic drum roll please….Well done oh wicked ones ya did a hell of a job destroying not only our species but planet earth…You can thank me for my sarcasm now and my sarcasm is in honor of American’s who can be very sarcastic which can be awesome at times or incredibly annoying other times…No offense intended by the way to American’s I absolutely love America and my tribe helped to build this great nation over the centuries as did other tribes including the Native American’s who had a wonderful system before the wicked systemically and categorically destroyed the indigenous tribes around the world not just the native Americans…Those of us myself included who immigrated to this great nation had no idea of the hidden histories until recent decades…America has done great good for those of us who needed to immigrate here for better lives…Sadly many Native Americans were unable to immigrate to other countries to welcome them for new lives…That is a terrible tragedy…I write this reflection in honor of the first Americans the Native Americans and all their tribes across the breath of the earth….What was done to children in the dark in the name of God is being revealed with the help of Heaven…What was done to the indigenous tribes around the world is likewise being revealed with the help of Heaven…Those of us who immigrated here over the centuries had no way of knowing what was done in the dark…How the hell could we know such things went on such as industrial schools in Ireland America and other parts of the world hell bent on destroying the indigenous child from the inside out…These destroyers of holy innocence found in the holy souls of children regardless of religion race color or creed…will never attain heaven and will suffer the burning fires of hellfire for all eternity as their names have been removed from the book of life and added to the book of the dead…Their reward is eternal death which is their just wages for their heinous crimes that by their very nature are unthinkable and unforgivable…You know dogs are easier to understand and to please than many human beings…Sad isn’t it when you think about it…No wonder Dog’s are man’s best friends as are felines and many varieties of pets from the animal kingdom…I love cats too…I love all of God’s creatures…As a thank you for reading my reflection enjoy my you tube playlist featuring my wonderful very active new puppy whom I affectionately call Mr. Brown Barker…He is an adorable chocolate lab and while I do get mad at him for chewing up stuff he should not be chewing up…I never stay mad at him he is far too lovable to stay mad at and besides he is also very forgiving too…Our pets can often teach us more about the virtue of a forgiving nature than many humans…Sad and true…We received our lovely puppy from a lovely couple from whom we purchased our pet on Valentine’s day this year…It was the best Valentine’s day ever…Also as a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy these songs that I sang in honor of the Native American tribes…These songs are not my own original songs but my version of songs by other artists like Johnny Cash…I am a huge fan of Johnny Cash…I added two songs one titled Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley – My Version…The other song titled Apache Tears by Johnny Cash…Enjoy both songs and the footage of our adorable lively growing puppy…Mr. Brown Barker also known as Brownie and Sarge….I also have a crazy sense of humor so I also added one of my many silly songs titled Very Bad Romance…I love to make fun of our crazy lost fallen world…Life is too short to be serious alla de time…I purposely wrote “alla de” phonetically for fun or for shits and giggles as they say…For all indigenous tribes around the world both living and deceased this post is for you…Namaste….