The Eclipse Of Darkness – A Reflection

This poem titled The Eclipse Of Darkness was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 139 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem The Eclipse Of Darkness consists of three stanzas with five lines in the first stanza eight lines in the middle stanza and five lines in the third and last stanza…The photograph I choose for this reflection is a photograph I took through the bus window while on a bus tour of fire mountain at Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote the Canary Islands…This particular spot is called “The Virgin’s Mantle” which I found fascinating…I like the contrast between the bright blue sky and the darkness of the mantel like shape on this volcanic mountain called fire mountain…I will now quote a part of this amazing poem…”Eyes that cry out desire no more than a plant to be free from becoming linen. The orchard is my responsibility. For all eternity I will be in gardens with perfect flowers, remembering and missing fallen petals of a fallen world.” Wow this poem is amazing I purposely left out the first whole stanza and quoted a small part of the second and the third stanza…To me the reader and author of this review of Akiane’s work in the form of these reflections…Describes the desire for all life on earth to live life to the fullest including plants that wish to avoid becoming linen…The eyes that Akiane writes about are the eyes of the unborn children who cry out and are not heard due to being annihilated via abortion and birth control and as such cannot possibly desire life or a thing for their eyes are now a part of human soup…Terrible as this sounds the ugly truth about abortion is grotesque and horrific…Human body parts are piled up including eyeballs and tissues and discarded like trash in the wicked underbelly of the druidic abortion business. The abortion business and the contraception business and birth control business is the perfection of the dark arts of annihilating our species…Nations that forget to value their own children both born and unborn are nations that are lost…Billions of innocent human lives have been destroyed on a whim and these petals of holy innocent unborn children were supposed to be birthed and grow up in the human vineyard of mankind on planet earth…Instead these holy innocent children were annihilated and destroyed before they could be born…”The fallen petals of a fallen world” are the children destroyed in “The Eclipse Of Darkness” with the children destroyed in the dark our world has fallen…Let these words resound loud and clear in the hearts and minds of fallen mankind…”Babylon has fallen!!! fallen!!! fallen!!!” From sacred scriptures the emphasis mine…The children are no more and I one from Dan shall not be comforted for our modern vineyard has been ravished and robbed blind of the fruits of children meant to be born and raised in loving homes around the world…”By their fruits you shall know them” – Jesus Christ in sacred scriptures…Look around and all you see is devastation death and destruction in cultures of death around the world…Cultures of hatred towards the human child…Cultures that harass and oppress families both large and small…The fruits of many these days is death to their own children and grandchildren via vile contraception vile birth control and vile abortion on demand…Now few of us saw the novel Covid-19 Corona Virus coming…I did not see this dragon coming out of poor China…It is tempting to blame China for this too…Do not blame China it so happened to originate in China that’s all…I visited China years ago and enjoyed my time there very much…Chinese people are very clean and hard working and very decent too…I will never forget the kind hospitality I received during my time in China…Now in the month of June 2019 we moved back from living in Ireland and traveling Europe for two years to the USA…This is interesting to note…I was inspired to give up driving…So I never did renew my USA drivers license in the state I am living in now…I was inspired to stay home more and to home school my son…So I did those things…This was just before this nasty pandemic hit the world stage…While I did not see this nasty pandemic coming…I sincerely do believe that God was preparing me for what was coming by inspiring me to live a purposefully simpler lifestyle…By not driving I add less pollution to the environment…I consume less as a result and my lifestyle is now very basic and simple…My son loves being home and was already accustomed to being home more often prior to this pandemic being made known…I share this with my readers because the God of life has ways of preparing us for things to come or events to come without us knowing right away…There is an old saying that goes like this “things happen for a reason” that we don’t always know about right away…We are all mystical spiritual creatures with our own unique intuitive abilities…Everybody has intuition and many simply need to learn how to trust their gut their own intuitions…I did not stock up like many others did…I do as Jesus Christ asks us to do…That is to take only what we need for a time…Be good to our families and friends and be kind to everybody especially those around us our neighbors…I live according to this simple rule of life which has never failed me…As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled Covid-19….Now I am not an authority on Covid-19 so be sure to get professional help with any questions related to this nasty virus…I heard that carriers of this virus can be asymptomatic for long periods of time up to and beyond 21 days…Also as a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my playlist titled tributes to great artists which is my version of work done by artists I admire…Also, since life is beautiful to be celebrated enjoy my playlist of songs I wrote including a birthday song I recently wrote for my own beloved son titled My White Butterfly for his twelfth year of life on earth…I end with these comforting words stay well be well and stay safe and be blessed by the God of life who wants all of us to live life to the fullest….