A Double-Sided Sword – A Reflection

This poem titled A Double-Sided Sword was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 135 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem A Double-Sided Sword consists of four stanzas with four lines in the first stanza eight lines in the two middle stanzas and four lines in the fourth and last stanza…The photograph I choose for this poem is one I took earlier of S’mores that I made for my son who is now twelve years old…Neither my son nor I nor our new puppy could sleep…So after taking the puppy outside and getting him settled down for the night…I took care of my son during this Easter season by making some late night S’mores why not??? S’mores are a great All American Treat and anytime day or night S’mores are always right…Unless your diet does not allow for sweat delicious S’mores…As a thank you for reading this reflection you will find two you tube clips about our late night S’mores…My son was excited since I have never made him S’mores so late at night before…Always a first time for new adventures and now with all of us being home more I say why not??? You know if you cannot sleep through the night which can happen to the best of us…The thing to do is not to fight the sleeplessness simply do quiet chores or read or keep busy…We are humble apartment dwellers so we must be considerate of our very nice neighbors that we are getting to know…With Covid-19 the Corona virus we are getting to know more of our very nice neighbors…So when we cannot sleep we do quiet peaceful activities whether that is knitting or writing or reading or mild chores…The sleep will eventually come even if that means you take an extra nap the next day then that is ok to do…During these stressful times it is ok to be good to yourself and your families…Being kind to each other and to your neighbors is very important now…I have noticed that since I have decided to do random acts of kindness for my neighbors and to be kind as a rule…As a result recently my neighbors are also very kind…We received kindness today when we found ourselves in need of a new TV wire and cable wire due to our active puppy who chewed through one of the wires…No worries puppy was not hurt at all because I am in the habit of unplugging wires when puppy is running around and despite safety measures we put in place our puppy managed to access those wires…We received a new TV wire and cable wire from very kind men who maintain this property…I simply presented them with my problem and instead of requiring me to email and such they kindly replaced the wires…That made our day…I have been kind to these workers in the past…I choose to be kind anyway and I noticed that Kindness pays dividends that you do not have to put a monetary price on…During this difficult time of Corona Virus we will see an increase in kindness which is a fine thing…Now back to Akiane’s poem…I will quote a few lines here…”Ideal autumn twilights wild deception, yet I do not own the lies that run away. The eyes reveal more than words, yet I do not own the sleeping infant’s sight.” I will quote two lines from the second stanza…”The flammable heart has closed from the kisses of a venomous life.” I will now quote a few lines from the third stanza. “I pity the harmless charges of the heart-sword inside a thief’s sheath. The world is a double-sided sword I cannot walk on where shameless eyes full of earthquakes judge justice and rupture kingdoms. The nectar dripping from a blade passes by like a lifetime of listening to an abandoned hollow mill.” I will now quote the last stanza…”I am still a child, yet I do not own the road to heaven.” I am purposely leaving out a large part of the second stanza to encourage my readers to purchase your own copy of this brilliant book of poems and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes for purposes of discussion such as these reflections…Oh how I want to quote the whole poem for my readers…I love Akiane’s book of poems they are brilliant…Wow this poem says a lot…To me the reader of this brilliant poem and the author of these reflections…This poem describes the poison behind lies and deceit and ways mankind drinks from the poison cup of iniquities so vast and vile that even the children are corrupted…So terrible that even the child “does not own the road to heaven.” These days there are many wolves’s in sheep’s clothing these are ravening wolves…Hell sent and hell bent on devouring mankind both young and old and our children too…False Christ preachers abound today as do False Mary Statue Idolater’s among many other idolaters of statues and other humans placed on pedestals who project and demand their follower’s itchy ears listen to them…The trouble is this…There are billions of human beings both young and old who have itchy ears and only hear what they want to hear…Many when faced with the truth cannot handle the truth and often become verbally combative and sometimes physically violent and or verbally violent…This goes on a lot these days…Confront people with the truth about the first commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill and expect a combative verbally abusive response…Many today who fill all seven major churches around the world…Are filled with lies and deceit from their childhood years on up so much so that these creeps embrace birth control in various forms…These people are malicious and mentally unstable and it is fair to say that one in four around the world are sociopaths with elements of psychopathy to their mental make up…I state this because I myself have visited a total of ten countries…I see this manifest itself in different ways among the different cultures which are now mostly cultures of death around the world…The numbers of women who take the poison pill known as the contraception pill around the world are very high…These lost women whom I call lost sheep are murderesses because by swallowing the poison pill of contraception and birth control in all its ugly vile grotesque forms…These women’s wombs become hostile to their own unborn children whom if the child survives failed contraception that child is in grave danger of the bloodbath of abortion on demand…I cite this informative website for useful information as of 2017 the international numbers of women on contraception was 64 percent according to this report…https://www.un.org/en/development/desa/population/publications/pdf/family/WFP2017_Highlights.pdf According to this report contraceptive use in 2017 was above 70 percent in Europe.Latin America and The Caribbean and North America…Now this is just one of many reports…When I speak to women I encounter…I have discovered that it is one in four and that is from speaking to women randomly internationally…Many Muslim women use contraception due to pressure from their husbands and families and outside influences…I have spoken to many Muslim couples who use contraception…So the figure of 25 percent as of 2017 for contraception use in other nations cannot be right or accurate…I say this because many women do not report contraception use and in other nations records are often not kept due to the privacy practices in other nations and cultures…I state this because in Ireland where I am from and recently lived in for two years from 2017 – 2019…Abortion was voted into Ireland and records of these abortions are not being kept out of draconian privacy practices that sets post abortive women up to fail. Many post abortive women experience toxic shame and are afraid to tell their doctors who care for their needs that they had an abortion…Which limits the ability of healthcare providers to accurately and adequately provide the proper standard of care these post abortive women are entitled to receive…Resulting in women bleeding to death or becoming infertile due to damaged cervix or uterus…Not to mention the post abortive grieving process that takes place and the subsequent mental issues that many post abortive women experience…These draconian privacy practices set well meaning health care workers up for potential breach of standard of care complaints which is a nightmare for them to deal with..Speaking of death in all its ugly forms not limited to vile birth control and abortions…The bubonic plague also known as the black death swept through Asia and Europe in the 14th Century…I cite a link here as my source for this information…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubonic_plague – Now this plague killed many people as did the Spanish Flu of 1918 – 1920 also killed many people in Europe…I cite this link as my source for information on the spanish flu…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_flu – The spanish flu was also terrible…Abortion on demand and vile birth control is pandemic too though not classified as a plague – Abortion and birth control has destroyed more human lives than all of the world wars and the numbers of dead boys and girls from abortion contraception and all forms of vile birth control are so vast that mankind is not capable or able to give an accurate account…These numbers cannot be possibly accurately accounted for…It is impossible to measure the vast destruction done by lies and deceit from the war on the mind…Psychological warfare hell sent and hell bent on destroying mankind our very species from the inside out…Destroy the human mind you destroy whole nations…Altering the human mind via centuries of systemic abusive lies and deceit…Produced crops of narcissistic selfish horrible people whose children are mostly dead from abortion contraception and birth control and whose living children are corrupted from within at young ages…And as Akiane writes even the children “do not own the road to heaven.” To highlight the narcissism so rampant today…I will tell you a short story…I was recently approached by a young woman a neighbor who had her earbuds in her ears while approaching me…I was standing waiting for my driver when she approached me…She shouted at me “Excuse me!” To which I responded with a nod and polite look…This woman tried to speak to me but I had to cut her off at the quick because I had no time to speak…I said I cannot talk now I am about to leave any second now…She proceeded to speak with total disregard for what I just said to her…She asked me “Are you open to puppy play dates.” That woman noticed that I have my puppy because I walk my pet often…I was literally put on the spot and that exchange was very awkward for me…I replied I don’t mean to be rude but I told you that I have to go and now is not the time to discuss this…This beastly woman put her earbuds back in her ears and literally skulked away from me with totally creepy body language…She seemed angry that I did not stop my world and my life for her ridiculous puppy play date request…Anyone with half a brain would know that puppy play dates is a terrible idea due to the nature of puppies and their breed…Besides we are living in a pandemic where social distancing is the order of business as is avoiding unnecessary contact with others…I have not seen this crazy woman since and at the time of her weird request she did not even have a dog or puppy with her…This woman is narcissistic very full of herself with no consideration for other people…I will see to it that I avoid her like the plague. God forbid my puppy did something to her puppy during a ridiculous puppy play date…Dealing with a woman like that would be a nightmare on earth…We already have enough hell on earth…If that woman ever approaches me again…I will tell her that this time I mean to be rude since she was ridiculously rude to me before…I will remind her about the pandemic we are living in…And thank her to avoid me at all costs…To stay safe be well and keep her puppy safe too and to cease and desist endangering other neighbors with potential contagion since I know not who the hell she is or whom she has interacted with…Puppy play dates are a huge no go terrible idea to begin with…As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my two you tube videos about making S’mores anytime day or night S’mores are always right…Well not always but most everyone loves S’mores…I also included one of many songs that I wrote titled Itchy Ears which is about – Itchy Ears – describing the times we are living in….