The Perfection – A Reflection

This poem titled The Perfection was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 129 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled The Perfection consists of three stanzas with four lines in the first stanza seven lines in the second stanza and four lines in the third stanza…The photograph I choose for this reflection is…A Happy Mother’s day message my son created for me from his gaming box in Ireland…I really like it because it is very creative of my son…To me his mother this is a perfect expression of the love of my child for me his mammy…The message does not have to be perfect but the love behind the message is perfect because my child like so many other children is holy and pure and good though not perfect like the rest of us…Children are holy pure and good and the only way children know to do bad things is if they are given horribly bad examples or taught to do bad things…Children do not know to sin unless they are taught to sin….I will now discuss Akiane’s awesome poem…I will quote the first stanza…”Clay rested.Rolling in it was an unfamiliar nostalgia — I lived in kisses, yet I could not kiss.” To me the reader this poem talks about an infant a wee baby that lives in kisses and naturally parents love to love their babies with lots of kisses and hugs and as they grow into toddlers the toddlers receive many kisses on their bo boos or little injuries to make them better…My son who is as tall as me now used to love getting kisses on his little injuries when he was a toddler…My kisses made these injuries better faster…I do have a sincere love for children…Children are delightful yet challenging…These days there is a hatred of the human child that is very vile and concerning…Child abuse cases are rampant these days and abortions are astronomical…Since 1972 it is estimated that 60 million American boys and girls were destroyed by abortion alone…Not to mention the children not allowed to conceive via vile contraception and all forms of birth control…Among adults too there are many false friends and wolves in sheep’s clothing hell bent on our destruction…I myself experienced many false friends which for me was very devastating…I had to cut these creeps off and start a whole new life…I did this…I am glad I did this…But I shed many a tear because getting to know new people is not easy…Trust was destroyed for me so for me to trust new folks is not easy…I can trust people to fill certain functions or fill certain roles and that is where my trust ends…The only being I have learned to trust completely and totally is the God of life…There are some songs I was inspired to write and as a thank you for reading this reflection I will share them here…One of my songs is called Depart From Me which talks about telling wicked horrible people to depart from me…This song is a prayer too and for me it was both therapeutic and empowering to sing it…I also wrote a song called Ignorance addressing the appalling lack of accountability of horrible people who hide behind ignorance like a shield who use ignorance as an excuse to get away with being wicked….Another song I wrote is titled Gabriel Fernandez Gone too soon which is about the trials of a young Hispanic boy who was horribly abused by his own wicked birth mother who since went to prison for life…The Hispanic communities were outraged by this case as were all walks of life myself included and I am 100 percent Irish…My heart really went out to Gabriel Fernandez and his extended family who cared about him…His case should have been prevented and the abuse stopped but the system let him down which is a vile disgrace…My songs are emotional too because I am on fire for justice for all of the abused…Heaven help us all…I share all of these songs here as a thank you for reading this reflection…I created a playlist titled My Catharsis because there are a total of four songs were very Cathartic for me to write…I created this Playlist in honor of Gabriel Fernandez Gone Too Soon – I know Gabriel Fernandez is in heaven for that child suffered unjust hell on earth…He is resting in peace with the holy angels and saints in heaven no doubt….