Hanging Upside Down – A Reflection

This poem titled Hanging Upside Down was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 127 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem titled Hanging Upside Down consists of four stanzas with four lines each…The photograph I choose for this reflection is one I took with my head bent over to make me look upside down…I figured it suits the name of this poem and reflection…As I read this poem I get a visual of an abortion worker being handed the baby body parts for disposal…I will quote parts of this amazing poem now…”my soft clothing were the nursing days when blessings were passed on to me” At first this sounds lovely like a nurse or midwife who helps deliver babies…As the poem progress though it becomes clear to me the reader that this is not a happy tale…I will leave out the second stanza and quote from the last two stanzas…To appreciate all of this poem you will need to purchase your own copy of this amazing book…I will quote from the last two stanzas now leaving out the second stanza…”blinded by hard work workers brought me into their life hanging upside down I understood the ditch”…To me the reader the word me means the unborn child destroyed by abortion and handed from one abortion worker to another for disposal which makes sense of the reference to understanding the ditch…Lets face it abortion ditches children unborn human children are ditched like garbage…In our lost throwaway society children are discarded like trash which is truly heinous…I wonder now with the Corona Virus the Covid-19 outbreak will people start to think about their lives…Will people learn how to just be how to sit with themselves and their loved ones and how to love and be loved…I wonder with Covid 19 if Pregnant women crazy enough to schedule abortions will reconsider their choices and realize that regardless of how that child in their wombs came to be that this is a human child worthy of life not worthy of being discarded like trash…I hope that as mankind is forced to socially isolate and remain home out of consideration for others to avoid the spread of Covid 19 or Corona Virus will human beings learn how to live again learn how to love again and be loved again by starting with the basics conceiving and birthing their children…Anything else is just smoke and mirrors and a massive waste of time…When we die we cannot take our houses our cars our clothes or money and wealth and status with us to heaven…When we die we become homeless…So for all of humanity suffering from homelessness this post is for you…When we die we will all become homeless on earth…There is a special place in heaven for the poor and the down trodden including the large homeless populations…As a thank you for reading this reflection..Enjoy two songs I recently wrote which I find very cathartic and therapeutic to do…I am a huge fan of Johnny Cash may he rest in peace…Johnny Cash was not the greatest singer in the world but he had a stage presence like none other and Johnny Cash wore black for the poor and down trodden..Johnny Cash had a heart for the poor and downtrodden…This post is also for Johnny Cash a legend who had a spider named after him that was found near a prison Johnny Cash used to do free performances in…For Johnny Cash for all the poor and downtrodden including all the prisoners in the world…Particularly the unjustly imprisoned the falsely imprisoned this post is for you too…One of my songs is titled Crocodile Tears which addresses the false humility and false apologies from the proud many who are filled with diabolical narcissistic pride…Too full of themselves to be sorry for a damn thing…My other song is titled Vengeance which talks about how Vengeance is God’s alone and the the God of life will take his Vengeance at the appointed time..