Endangered – A Reflection

This poem titled Endangered was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 10 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Four Page 125 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Endangered consists of four stanzas with three lines in the first stanza four lines in the middle two stanzas and three lines in the last stanza. The photograph I choose for this reflection is of a blue canoe that represents rescue like a rescue tool that could be used to save folks from drowning…Sadly many today cannot be saved from endangered feelings. I will now discuss Akiane’s poem… This is another amazing poem I will limit my quote to the last stanza…Before I quote the last stanza this poem talks about watercolor art…What is so lovely about this poem is that as human beings we are all works of art…It is human beings that inspire other human beings to draw or sing or paint etc…Nature also inspires us to want to capture the beauty of nature in art which Akiane Kramarik does a phenomenal job of in her art work which you can look up yourself online…I will quote the last stanza now…”You are sold with your paints. Now all feelings are endangered.” Notice how the Y in you in capitalized which to me the reader of this poem denotes adulthood…The You is an adult…By saying that all feelings are endangered is so profound…Wow!!! I am speechless!!! These days many myself included are afraid to feel too much…Thank goodness I have not forgotten how to cry and I do shed tears many tears over the past and the horribly hurtful experiences I endured…The worst kind of hurt that I experienced was betrayal by false friends…Mostly women and some men…So called friends who put on a grand show a good show but are in reality horrible people…That is the worst kind of hurt there is to have your trust destroyed by back biting snakes in the grass is terrible…At least for me this was painful…I had to cut a lot of horrible people out of my life…These are sick twisted people who take sick pleasure in seeing other people fail…These twisted sisters and brothers take sick pleasure in seeing others fail and they watch and wait for opportunities to betray you and to destroy you behind your back like rabid wolves in sheep’s clothing meanwhile they are busy taking you out to lunch and being kind yet they are also gathering information about you hell bent on destroying your good name and everything about you…I experienced this many times which is my way of relating to what Akiane says “Now all feelings are endangered.” Yes my feelings are endangered…In Western society one cannot become too angry for if you become angry you can be perceived as unbalanced unwell or unsafe…If you express how you feel too much or too loudly you are often accused of ranting or going on a rant…Particularly if your views differ from the views of the person listening to your words…To horrible people too full of themselves to make room for a God of any kind people who think differently than they do are accused of ranting or being odd or weird or any other label you can think of along with the crazy labels so popular today…A very kind man I met during my own years in recovery for my own serious gambling addiction which I was able to quit thank God…This very kind man would describe horrible people as and I quote him now…”polyester perfect people”…I love this quote and because the fellowship I was a part of is an anonymous group I will not name this kind man out of respect for his anonymity….I insist though on giving him the credit he so richly deserves for this quote…There are many people who appear perfect they have the perfect teeth the perfect smile perfect hair perfect nails perfect bodies perfect everything which can be both impressive and intimidating to us simple folk…Well many of these “polyester perfect people” are bat shit crazy and nuttier than any fruitcake you can fix…The trouble with these proud folks is they are too damn proud to see that they are messed up and no better than anyone else…Many “polyester perfect people” think that they have the right to abuse others and they try to access others through kind deeds acts of kindness whereby they believe in their sick twisted minds that acts of kindness gives them the right to gossip behind your back and to ruin your life….No wonder for many of us myself included our feelings all of our feelings are indeed endangered….To feel is to hurt to feel is to experience life and to experience life is scary for many of us myself included…For someone like me trust was destroyed years ago trust was systemically categorically destroyed for me…Those guilty of destroying my trust sabotaged relations with me and others like me all by themselves…They did this with no remorse no conscience and no thought as to how their vile behaviors and actions affects their targets…You know prior to Corona Virus being a serious thing and I agree Covid 19 should be taken very seriously…I was already accustomed to living a very quiet life with limited social contact due to the fact that we recently moved from Ireland to a new state that we never lived in before…Naturally getting to know our neighbors takes some time…So now that Covid 19 requires us to avoid social interaction as much as possible for sound reasons…I am fine with this because for me my small life remains the same unaltered unaffected by Covid 19….I do limit the times I go out now…I check my mail once a week and I go to the grocery store once a week…That is enough for me…I am not in a state of panic because not one of us can control our surroundings or the events that go on around us…I cannot control Covid 19 so I must follow the instructions given and stay home as much as possible which suits me well…This is a deadly horrible virus to be taken seriously and I am praying for all healthcare workers including my sister who is a very excellent nurse that these fearless healthcare workers will be preserved from contracting this awful virus…It is very brave and selfless of all those in the helping profession to sacrifice their lives to help the sick…So I pray daily for their well being and safety including my sister…I am not close to my sister because our relationship was very toxic and my sister sabotaged her relations with me due to very bad choices on her part…Try as I might no amount of apologies from myself for my own faults and wrongs were good enough…No forgiveness was to be had so I had to cut her off…It was healthier to do so and in both our best interest not to have any contact…All the same i do think of my sister and siblings and my elderly mother often and for what it is worth though I dare say it means nothing to any of them…I do pray for their well being and safety daily…Not one of them would ever think to contact me to see if I am well…This hurts only as much as I allow this to hurt me…Sure I could wallow in self pity day in and day out and cry woe is me…I refuse to give toxic people the power to hurt me anymore…This is very empowering for me…So every day I thank my creator our creator the God of life for the many good things in my life…Every day I tell my creator our creator how sorry I am for my many faults and the many mistakes I have made over the years…To remedy for any hurt caused by myself to others intentional or not I pray for my enemies daily…Enemies that are known to me and enemies that are not known to me…In this way I build up others who do not know that I wish them well and pray for their well being…The true Jesus Christ says in sacred scriptures “turn the other cheek” and “do good to them that hate you”…..For me to purposely harm horrible people would mean that I would be hating myself and a part of myself would be destroyed for by giving into grave evil I become what I hate and I refuse to stoop to their vile level…I insist on rising above all the crap in my life with the help of heaven and my God the God of life the God of my understanding…I refuse to let evil darken my heart by giving into vile plans to harm vicious people…That being said I am not afraid to fight the good fight and so help me God I will finish any fight that is started…Start something with me I will finish it…If that means using brute force to protect my child and my house and home then I will use brute lethal force…I will not go down without a fight to the death…To be able to fight one must learn how to fight one must learn how to use every part of your body to fight for your life…When attacked by the wicked be prepared to fight tooth and nail and if you must pluck their eyes out as brutal and terrible as that sounds you do it…For the one attacking you is vile and vicious and you have the right to defend yourself in violent situations…This applies to actual physical attacks whereby you are in some serious real danger…This does not mean that you go on the attack and attack horrible people who are not bothering you…I oppose violence and violence is not the answer…However when under attack fight with everything you have tooth and nail to get the hell away from your attacker if that means plucking their damn eyes out you do it….Losing an eye is terrible and will allow the police to arrest that scumbag very quickly and efficiently….Better to lose an eye than your soul for all eternity and hopefully scumbag attackers will learn eternal lessons they will never forget…I dare say asking the God of life to restore their eye after a vicious attack will likely not be granted by heaven or even heard by the God of life…After all the God of life is a creator not a destroyer and violence is not what our creator wants for our species…Staying safe is not so easy any more so in dangerous situations the thing to do is to get out of danger or dodge as soon as possible without drawing any attention to yourself…Never video or photograph vile criminals because they will track you down and destroy you…It is best to keep to yourself and inform the local authorities the local police and let the police do what they do best deal with these criminals…The criminal mind is like a hand grenade because the being behind that criminal mind can appear holy and good wholesome and trustworthy and kind yet these are beastly wolves in sheep’s clothing….Horrible to discover ones who demanded your filial loyalty and trust destroyed your family through centuries of systemic abuse and to this day demand the right to say the words I am sorry…The words I am sorry is not for them to say for they do not have the right or power to undo the grave evil crimes done in the dark for centuries…Certain crimes are unforgivable and no amount of saying I am sorry can repair the irreparable irrevocable damage done…For all survivors of abuse and for all of the abused deceased and living…This reflection is for you….As a thank you for reading this reflection I am including Genesis Chapter 41 which I sang and recorded on you tube…Singing sacred scriptures is one of my hobbies…I love the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors found in Genesis and Genesis Chapter 41 though it be a very long chapter is one of my favorite chapters…In this chapter Pharao had some concerning vivid dreams and it was through Joseph’s ability to interpret Pharao’s dreams that Joseph was miraculously made the ruler of all of Egypt…I have a special love for Egypt in my heart…Because Egypt kept Joseph safe and Egypt kept baby Jesus and his holy family Mary and Joseph safe for a time too…I hope I get to visit the great land of Egypt some day…So for all the good people of Egypt who suffered abuse over the Centuries both deceased and living this reflection is for you too…Enjoy Genesis Chapter 41 from Douay Rheims….