Only A Moment – A Reflection

This poem titled Only A Moment was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 114 “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Only A Moment consists of five stanzas with three lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is one I took during my time on Achill Island in Ireland…The path in this photograph symbolizes the paths people choose in life. Some paths lead to fame fortune and hellfire itself and other paths lead to heaven…The path in this photograph leads to holy souls whom I sincerely do believe are in heaven who suffered terribly during the great famine of 1847…For this photo is of the deserted village on Achill Island called Slievemore that was deserted due to the deaths and forced migration of the Irish Nation annihilated and destroyed by centuries of systemic abuse including forced starvation and a famine that was enforced by the wicked…The wicked who stooped so low as to suggest in literature that the Irish Nation cannibalize each other due to the forced starvation whereby the great famine of 1847 was leveraged and used in the art of war the art of annihilating the Irish Nation…It was too easy to blame the great famine of 1847 which was real and did happen across Europe–it was too easy to leverage this great famine to systemically and categorically destroy the Irish Nation…Christianity once flourished in Ireland and Ireland birthed the Western world…Ireland saved the Western world for a long time. When other countries destroyed their own children via abortion and contraception Ireland continued to birth the Western world…People would visit Ireland from other countries like Germany just to see the Irish children outside playing…Irish mothers and fathers birthed and saved the Western world from total annihilation via contraception and abortion…In 2019—Ireland legalized abortion and many women demand this for other women’s children…Mostly women and some men flew into Ireland from America and England to vote yes to repeal the eighth amendment…The news boasted about how a woman in England who was not registered to vote in Ireland was somehow able to cast her diabolical yes vote from England…The Irish Christian nation never wanted abortion but the wicked refused and continue to refuse to listen to our Irish Nation…The loud no of the Irish Nation was crushed and destroyed and silenced by the loud blood lust cries of wicked witches mostly women and warlocks around the world…Many women want hell on earth demanding the blood of holy innocent children…With abortion on demand now legalized in Ireland through “lips of wars” through narratives and false faults found with those of us who oppose abortion on demand…Ireland who is the Nation that birthed Christianity and saved the Western world was the last stronghold the last holdout against abortion on demand…The wicked refuse to listen to the voice of reason the loud cries of the Christians…Their reward for this blood lust legalized homicide abortion on demand is hellfire fire and brimstone on earth…All responsible for the senseless slaughter of holy innocent children will be held to account on the day of contention for you demand no judgement in this life…You demand that others not judge you…Fair enough you are left to your own devices your reward for your diabolical narcissistic pride your own diabolical unjust homicidal abortion laws…Your reward is judgement at the end of time and hell fire for all eternity…After all those of us who oppose you are often accused of being judgmental…Well you are the mental cases you are the wicked ones drunk on the blood of your iniquities…You oh wicked ones are criminally insane guilty of many counts of industrial scale criminal crimes against the humanity of the unborn child…Though it seems you are getting away with bloody murder in this life with your vile pro choice pro abortion lips of wars…Demanding legalized homicidal abortion…You lost the war centuries before and you are the New Generation of wicked idolaters lost to your own devices…Mental cases criminally insane too proud to see yourselves for what you are and what you have become…You are devils lead by demons from hell itself namely asmodeus the demons of lust including your wicked blood lust – namely wormwood the demons of lies and deceit found in your unjust laws and “screwtape letters” [C.S. Lewis] and screwtape unjust laws – namely apollyon the demons of war and hate speech and lips of wars – and namely baphomet the leader of perversion all forms of sexual perversions so perverse baphomet consumes holy innocent children via vile perversions found in vile pedophiles so rampant today. And you oh wicked woman and man – you worship with your idolatry and blood sacrifices via abortion on demand…This filth…You insist that those who oppose you are bad…No it is the other way around…For you call what is good the human child evil and what is evil abortion and birth control in all its vile ugly forms good…These twisted men and women brothers and sisters are full of occult practices centuries old and are old news and fill the churches all of the churches and no part of society is free or immune from these demoniac wicked wretched human creatures whom the God of life laments in his holy scriptures that he ever created…So you oh wicked ones succeeded in annihilating the “execrable races” found in more than twelve indigenous tribes around the world whom you call execrable with your false Christ false Mary and other forms of organized chaos found in most organized religions around the world…Well done you succeeded in forming a formidable foe a formidable enemy in the armies of heaven that you created with your centuries of mass graves from centuries of systemic abuse…All you did was succeed in sabotaging your selves by destroying your relationships with the God of life who has long ago removed your own execrable species from the book of life and you oh wicked ones have been added to the book of the dead…Your reward for your wicked deeds…For by their fruits you shall know them…The fruits of wicked idolaters is lies deceit and death at every turn…The demons you became by embracing filthy and vile acts consume you and your children too…For you have become little devils set to be crushed by the heal of the one sent by the God of life to destroy you and your leader who is satan the devil himself at the appointed time known to the God of life alone…The war was won centuries before the true Christians you destroyed in the dark will be your own undoing and will destroy you at the appointed time known to the God of life the God of the book of life from which you have execrably removed yourselves from!!! Now that I told off the wicked which was very therapeutic to be able to do and cathartic too…I will now discuss the poem titled Only A Moment…I will only quote the last stanza from this poem which says it all…”The dreams with white coated eyes no longer make sense. But wrinkles last only a moment.” This poem talks about how fleeting and fragile life is in all its forms…Life is very short and fragile too…Our own species is skating on very thin ice and we are destroying our own species annihilating ourselves to extinction…Therefore modern dreams that make no room for the begetting of or birthing of children in large families makes no sense..It makes no sense to build empty homes large homes large houses..Homes with seven bathrooms that are not used when you are not allowing the God of life to send you all the children meant to be welcomed into the world from your unions…The state of the Union here in the USA is in shambles because the state of the family Union is also in shambles…Destroy the family…destroy the state of marital unions…you destroy all of humanity and the whole world…I knew a woman named Rita who is very wealthy for she married well…She married a medical doctor a highly educated respectable decent man…This couple looks excellent on paper and Rita insisted that her husband use his hard earned money to build Rita a dream home of brick and mortar with seven bathrooms…I know because I visited this large home many times personally…Rita loved to throw Christmas and New Years parties and Rita was very greedy and would demand that her guests bring food and gifts of various kinds though Rita could easily afford to provide for all of her guests – greedy Rita enjoyed robbing her guests blind of their resources their limited food supplies and their dignity…Rita was known for vile gossip and for viciously attacking her friends behind their backs…Rita was known for bad mouthing her good husband behind his back saying terrible things that should not be repeated…Rita was known as an eccentric wealthy crazy woman who is a yo yo dieter who stuffs her face with food gets fat then goes on expensive diets…Rita binges on food then purges with expensive fad diets and her poor husband God love him would go along with these fads for he is devoted to his bat shit crazy wife…Crazy Rita told me herself that she does not trust herself around knives that she fears she could harm someone or her pets she has two dogs with a knife…Rita never harmed a soul with a knife and when it comes to violent knife crime Rita would not harm a soul…Rita is simply unstable and not well and Rita has been mentally ill for a very long time…Rita thinks to this day that her husband’s money status and position in life can buy Rita power and the right to meddle and interfere in other people’s lives…Rita has badmouthed her lovely children to others not known to her family and has also badmouthed her own husband…Rita sabotages her relationships with her own devoted family and friends…Rita is a shipwreck an unnatural disaster…I say unnatural disaster because Rita tells anyone who will listen all about her life…Rita has a history of contraception use because both Rita and her husband decided to limit the births of their children so they had three children. Three lovely very bright children who are all doing very well…Rita and her husband could have welcomed more children into their home if they were not afraid to have a large family…Instead fear controls Rita and her husband to this day and is the reason why this couple insisted on contraception use in their early years of marriage so as to limit their family size to three children…This sick twisted perverted couple drunk on the blood of their own iniquities via vile contraception use birth control…Falsely believe that because they have wealth power and status they are above and better than single mother’s like me…Rita had a very large house built with seven bathrooms that she did not need or use much…By the time this large home was built Rita’s children were grown up and out of the house and married…Sure her growing up children lived in that house for a short time but left home shortly after it was built…Had Rita allowed more children to be born from the waters of her womb. Rita’s large home could have been full of children from her union with her devoted husband…Instead Rita had a large home with seven bathrooms that was empty and void for the most part…Rita later sold that home and moved…Rita wasted tons of money on useless pride including minor plastic surgery…Rita took sick pleasure in finding fault with others including myself and I had many faults then but Rita was not capable of removing the plank from her own eyes to see her own many faults…Rita found false faults with others including myself and viciously verbally attacked people myself included behind their backs…Rita is not a safe person a false friend a diabolical fiendish wicked horrible woman…I had to cut toxic Rita out of my life…I wrote a song titled Psychotic Rita…Addressing the problem of narcissistic sociopath psychotic human beings that fill the lost western world…Rita has been unstable for years…Since my readers have no idea who this beastly woman is…Know this that this song titled Psychotic Rita is a mystical song addressing not only problem child spoiled rotten Rita but all lost women and men of the lost Western world…Thank you for reading this reflection and I hope you enjoy my song titled psychotic Rita….