Dizzy – A Reflection

This poem titled Dizzy was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 106.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The Poem Dizzy consists of Five Stanzas that alternate between three and seven lines in each stanza. The first stanza has three lines the second stanza has seven lines the third stanza has three lines the fourth stanza has seven lines and the last stanza has three lines. For a young girl to write so excellently at the tender age of nine is amazing. The photograph I choose for this reflection is of myself standing on a spinning wheel designed for children to climb on and play on at a children’s playground in Ireland in April 2018. My son and I both enjoyed this spinning wheel very much and my son videoed me his mum and did this while also throwing me the ball to catch. My awesome videographer had just turned 10 the month before. Not bad work for a ten year old. I paid him well for it too. My time on that spinning wheel made me very dizzy. To me the reader of this poem titled Dizzy – talks about how Dizzy love can be. I quote Akiane here from the third stanza: “what a low nature of mortality-no motion – but only dizzy emotion at separating apples of life” To understand the whole poem you must purchase your very own copy of this great book from Akiane online. False love abounds today and I wrote a song titled False love is a losing game inspired by – The Amy Winehouse song titled Love is a losing game. False love drains us of our emotions and robs us blind of our dignity. The “apples of life” means to me the reader of this poem titled Dizzy the children meant to be born from love. The purpose of making love between a man and a woman is to beget children. That is why the God of life created man and then woman to be a helper to man. Women are meant to be fruitful vines in the vineyard of life. Women are meant to birth babies who are the “apples of life” from holy love. Women today boast about being fruitless and they boast incessantly about their rights like witches drunk on the blood of their own unborn babies murdered on the chopping block of legalized homicide – abortion on demand. Many women in religious life of various forms are exceedingly proud and boast about how wonderful they are and many view themselves as better and above women who birth babies. Single mother’s are particularly hated and despised and loathed by loathsome prideful women in religious habits – many whom are themselves guilty of hidden crimes such as forced abortions due to being raped by their male religious who pose as holy and good. These male religious are wolves in sheep’s clothing and the nuns are their whores their harlots drenched in the blood of their iniquities. Their vile contempt of mothers regardless of their state in life is there for many to see. The nuns facing arrest for abusing boys and girls in their care is there for all to see. Even the nuns and priests in religious life who are miraculously preserved from rape are often too full of themselves to leave room for any God of any kind. These wicked false Christ harlots both male and female keep busy with ritual repetitive prayers and rituals that fills their days. They also use soft speech and often promote masochistic self harm by suggesting to their followers to take joy out of suffering. That suffering and pain and sorrows are to be accepted with joy. That is twisted psychology because when we mourn we expect true friends to mourn with us not to laugh at us by pointing the finger and saying “suck it up with a smile on your face.” Victims of child abuse seldom see justice due to the vile statute of limitations around the world. Then sick creepy religious demand loyalty and sympathy and often play the victim themselves when confronted or called on their own crap. Pedophiles in the Roman Catholic Church are notorious for acting stupid and playing the victim when confronted for their crimes. These creeps believe that all they have to do is to confess to one of their more than 1,000 missionaries of Mercy and all is forgiven and heaven is theirs. Heaven belongs to the children destroyed in the dark by false Christ idolaters – Heaven is not for the taking by vile predatory nuns and priests wolves in sheep’s clothing. There is a special place in hell for scumbag pedophiles particularly the false Christ pedophiles who destroy trust with their dark diabolical crimes. I quote Akiane’s poem Dizzy from the second Stanza this time: “trust feels thicker each night and thinner each day”. Trust has to be earned something a female Police Officer once told me. I agree trust most certainly must be earned. Vile pedophiles all over the world have infiltrated every organization church and state to gain unfettered access to holy innocent children – destroying centuries of trust in a matter of decades. Trust is destroyed by vile pedophiles who often wait years to groom their targets who are children. What I cannot wrap my mind around is this: How the hell can churches like the Roman Catholic Church and not limited to just this very large cult like church – demand the trust of their followers when centuries of crimes against humanity particularly holy innocent children were covered up??? These vile cover-ups still go on to this very day. No wonder millions around the globe are exiting stage left from organized religions like a mass exodus. No wonder more and more cardinals and prelates are resigning in large numbers. I hope to live to see the day when many filthy pederasty false Christ organized chaotic religious churches and organizations like them are force closed….. I am including a link discussing how the future of The USA Boyscouts is in danger due to their vast cases of pedophile abuse crimes. The Boyscouts are another example of an organization destroyed from the inside by vile pedophiles. Just one example of many examples of how years and years of trust built by the founders of boyscouts is destroyed by decades of pedophile crimes. https://www.yahoo.com/news/deluge-sex-abuse-claims-bankruptcy-131405099.html As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my two YouTube links below. One is from my playlist titled Spinning wheel fun which could make you dizzy watching it. The other is from my playlist of songs I wrote Inspired by Amy Winehouse….. – To the family of Amy Winehouse though we are not known to one another I cried with you mystically when the public learned about Amy’s passing. My songs are my way of mourning the loss of one of the greatest natural beauties that ever lived. A raw talent gone too soon…………………………………………….

You will find my songs at then bottom of this post. Underneath the Spinning Wheel Fun link which could make you dizzy when watching.