Homeward Trapped – A Reflection

This poem titled Homeward Trapped was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 105.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Homeward Trapped consists of six stanzas with three lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is my own grandparent’s grave stone located in Leitrim Ireland. These are my mother’s parents. May they rest in eternal peace. A grave can seem like a trap after all when we die our bodies cease to function. Yet for Christians death opens a door to heaven. When our Christian souls quit our human bodies we return to the one who created us the God of life. I sum this poem up to six words as follows: Taking the first word from each stanza I write Akiane’s words here: “Roaming Stung Yet How South Homeward” These are the first words of each stanza so the first stanza opens with the word Roaming etc. the second stanza opens with the word Stung. To read this poem in its entirety you will have to purchase your own book from Akiane online. To me the reader Homeward Trapped talks about the unborn child in the womb. This baby is already home and is trapped in the womb. The womb of the mother is supposed to be the safest place to be for unborn children. The womb is supposed to be warm and a safe place a holy place where the unborn child can grow and develop safely without fear of harm. Well these days unborn babies are terrorized by abortion on demand. Therefore an unborn child set to be aborted is “Homeward Trapped”. This child cannot escape from the womb for it depends on the nurturing environment of it’s mother’s womb to survive and to thrive. Destroy the sanctuary of the mother’s womb you destroy humanity and our species becomes an endangered species. By the time time our stupid species figures out that we need to be added to the list of endangered species it will be too late. Narratives and rhetoric has reduced the unborn child to a mere “opinion” and these days everybody is entitled to their own “opinion”. Consequently, we live in a culture of legalized death. A hit on the unborn child can be done for a price thanks to abortion on demand under the soft speech or soft word “choice”. Father’s often have no say in whether or not their own unborn child lives or dies. For all parents these days the task of raising our children no matter how many children we are raising whether it is one child or twelve or more children. This is no longer an easy task. Too many wolves in sheep’s clothing abound today in every aspect of society not just the organized religions around the globe. These wicked wolves are the devil’s own and many wait years to groom and destroy today’s children. I see many young couples in love. When I see young couples in love I rejoice because I see a lot of innocence in their love. This is young love and when love is young love is exciting. Love can be like a drug or better than drugs for couples young and old. The tragedy is this: Many young couples are conditioned by years of conditioning thanks to our western society at large and culture that they are not fit or good enough to parent children until they get some sort of college education or skill under their belts. These demands to put careers first puts a tremendous amount of pressure on today’s young couples. So that when young couples meet in college during their college years. Contraception is often pushed and encouraged both on and off campus and if this contraception fails and the young lady love becomes with child or pregnant. The pressure is intense for this young lady to abort her own unborn child. This pressure is often placed on this young lovely by her own family members false friends in her social circle and by her lover her man. Now many young men do offer to step up and help to raise their children. So those wonderful men both young and old are not the men I speak about here. There are many father’s whose tears have not been heard by the western world for their tears are lost in the shuffle in this culture of death. To all father’s who lost their own children to abortion on demand because you had no say in whether or not your own child lived or died. I am sorry for your loss. Father’s you need to hear these words and let these words sink into the core of your being others like me are sincerely sorry for your loss. Others like me cry with you and you are not alone. There are a very large number of fathers just like you. I have a brother who lost his own unborn child to abortion on demand. The mother of this child was a mess at the time and had an abortion because abortion was legal and she could legally do this to her own unborn child. I therefore, lost a niece or nephew to abortion. I lost more than one niece or nephew to abortion and contraception since I have sisters who used contraception for years and boasted about their use of contraception as a fine thing. When I told my own two sisters that I oppose contraception they laughed in my face and told me that no man would marry me because I refuse to use contraception. My reply was fair enough I will not marry then. I prefer to be single and living in my truth than to marry some man who is afraid to father children. In my eyes a man afraid of becoming a father is not fit for society and has no business getting involved with women. Men afraid of becoming fathers need to go home and stay home until they can get lots of work to keep very busy and stay out of trouble and avoid getting involved with women. The purpose of marriage is to beget children full stop. Not every couple can have children. However, the purpose of marriage is to beget children. There are many marriages today that are a joke a farce and fake in nature. I prefer to be blissfully single doing my own thing than to marry some dude who is afraid of becoming a father. I call engagement rings today and wedding rings in western society “fools gold” (Amy Winehouse). I quote fools gold to honor Amy Winehouse who wrote a brilliant song called Fool’s Gold. Amy sings about the fools gold of engagement rings. Amy Winehouse was wise beyond her years and I like many are very sad that she died too soon. To understand the depravities of the war on the womb. Understand this…. I was told that the mother who aborted my niece or nephew against the wishes of my brother who was the father called my now elderly mother and told my mother a mother of eight children that she aborted her grandchild. How the hell do you think my poor mother felt when she got that phone call??? What a horrible terrible thing to do. I was told the this mother who was a shipwreck then since straightened out here life and apologized to my mother later on. Well she never apologized to me I suppose she could not reach me and if she could reach me I would ask her why she never did jail time for her crime. To my own brother I say this. I am sorry for your loss a loss you never asked for or expected. To that mother I say this forgive yourself because your baby already forgave you because babies are innocent and pure white as the driven snow. You do not need to ask for my forgiveness because I understand you were a mess at the time. Besides the truly wicked are the ones who made abortion a legal option in the first place. To this mother I say this you suffered the trauma of post abortion syndrome where you already shed many silent tears. Tears not seen or heard by the lost western world. The father of your child my own brother also shed silent tears not heard by the western world. I do not judge or condemn post abortive women and men. The wicked will rue the day they made abortion a viable legal option for so many lost to the desperate depraved mind that abortion is a viable option for women and children and men who are the fathers. I am not here to condemn or judge a soul. We have judges in courts of law who judge on a regular basis. No small or easy task and we have a God of life who is the final and just judge of us all myself included. Enjoy my song titled forgive yourself at the end of this reflection. For the time has come for all post abortive men and women to forgive yourselves. To post abortive women and men including my own brother and the mother who aborted my niece or nephew. This post is for you…..