Forward to My reflections on Akiane Kramarik’s book My Dream Is Bigger than I Memories of Tomorrow. “…A reader is invited to figure out who “I” and “YOU” are in each story…” Akiane Kramarik Forword Page XXXiii My Dream Is Bigger Than I

The Lamentations of the Unborn The photograph I choose for this forward is of an older graveyard in the deserted village of Slievemore on Achill Island in Ireland. This graveyard represents the dead given the dignity of a grave and grave stone and also the dignity of unmarked graves…..Unlike the unborn who are cruelly and mercilessly slaughtered via abortion on demand and discarded like trash called “medical waste”. Never even given the dignity of unmarked graves!!!….I present to you why it is I believe Akiane Kramarik’s poetry represents the voice of the voiceless the little ones who were not allowed to speak. The unborn children who due to contraception and abortion could not stay on earth to complete their missions are lamenting this via Akiane’s work. We are living in a time unlike any other time in the history of the world. We have become very modern with many modern conveniences that surpass previous fallen empires throughout the centuries. With modern conveniences modern man pays a price. The cost of living can be high depending on the lifestyles one leads. Today men and women have the ability to decide the number of children they would like to have. So today many couples have less children. They accomplish this via contraception abortion and other legal methods of limiting the birth of children. Modern Science can showcase the lifespan of a human child from conception to natural death with remarkable detail and accuracy. Very impressive. Modern man can study the history of their lineage and genes to determine the likelihood of certain conditions being passed from one generation to the next based on scientific facts using DNA etc. For those of us not into religion or spirituality a child is just another thing to be discarded at will since it cannot live outside the womb it does not have certain rights. This is why contraception is used widely today to prevent conception or if conception occurs to make the womb a hostile place so as to not allow the child to implant. The term for this is “product of conception” used widely in the abortion industry. “product of conception” is a euphemism for the term child. Children are the only possible products of conception. Contraception washes out “products of conception” via not allowing the child to implant and so the child is forced out into the environment. If contraception fails in it’s task to prevent conception then abortion is the next choice. Abortion legal in most countries worldwide is a euphemism for legal child destruction. Who wants to use the word annihilate the child? Or murder the child? So the euphemism abortion is used to abort or destroy the child. After a number of years of legalized abortion the numbers of children destroyed in this way is staggering. Everyday people do not realize how vast these numbers are. I think because most people assume mothers give birth to their babies more often than not. Also most people believe abortion is used in extreme cases or in cases of genuine emergencies. Suffice it to say that with legalized abortion on demand worldwide that abortion has been used as a solution by modern men and women in staggering large numbers. Legalized abortion was intended to keep abortion safe for women. Many people including those who think abortion is ok are learning that abortion is a blood bath not only destroying children who have no say whatsoever but also destroying the women and the father’s who also are given little or no say especially the father’s who would like to raise their children. Many father’s do not have a voice and are told the callous words it’s a woman’s body and her right to choose. Hence you have the pro choice movement. Pro choice is a euphemism giving pregnant women a legal license to kill their own products of conception or children. Pro Choice does not give the father a say whatsoever so that if he would like his partner to carry their child to term so that he can care for said child the mother can say this is my body my choice. The father is left feeling terrible inside and angry that he is losing his fatherhood and cannot do anything about it because legally his partner has a license to destroy their product of conception their child. Many modern women are afraid of the inconvenience of having a child the inconvenience of a growing belly and in fairness the shame of single motherhood if the woman is not married. Many modern women face the same challenges women faced over the centuries. Especially single mother’s to this day are treated horribly by those who look down on them. Many women feel pressured to get an abortion to avoid shame or the pressure to give birth while pursuing careers or being the breadwinner. Many women today are the breadwinners of their households which affects their ability to welcome many children because they feel pressured to limit their births. Fathers today experience similar pressure and may pressure their partner to abort for the same reasons. As a result of the pressures inherent in modern living the western world has become in many respects a childless society. I challenge you to guess the number of surgical abortions performed worldwide as we speak…. Even if you support abortion take a moment and guess how many surgical abortions are done worldwide… Then try to break that number down to seconds and minutes… Most people who support abortion have no idea how many children we are missing as a direct result of abortion. This does not include contraception. It is difficult to get accurate figures on the number of abortions. However the number is staggering for the western world… before I tell you the figures imagine yourself sitting quietly doing a mundane activity and all of a sudden you hear a loud announcement. Attention please! A catastrophe of major proportions has befallen mankind and Billions are dead! More than 100 are dying every minute from the fallout! If you heard this you and I and many of us would be in shock. We would wonder what does this announcement mean? Has the world come to an end? Well we may never hear an announcement like that. However the reality is the same billions of people have been destroyed via contraception and abortion. I say this because the children meant to come into the world via contraception were not given a chance to come and many were washed out as products of conception when they could not implant. The numbers lost to contraception are possibly more vast than the numbers lost due to surgical abortion. The number of surgical abortions worldwide is estimated at 56 million annually. Breaking these numbers down that works out to be approximately 715,000 dead children or products of conception per month and 153,000 dead children or products of conception each day. Broken down further to more than 6 million dying every hour to surgical abortion. Broken down to more than 106 children dying every minute and 1.77 babies dying very second. Math logic says to round up so 2 babies dying every second due to surgical abortion worldwide is the horrible reality. So every time we breathe a child is being aborted somewhere in the world. To say we live in a culture of death is true. The little ones are being destroyed and their voices are being ignored by modern man. After all if you cannot see the product of conception or child or if you cannot hear the product of conception or child then it has no voice. In reality these numbers are greater since not every nation is represented in these surgical abortion figures. Any parent will tell you they have the ability to know if something is wrong with their child or children. It is a natural gift as parents to trust their gut or instincts to raise healthy children in a nurturing environment. Parenting is not an easy task and many parents have this innate ability to sense danger and protect their children. Part of this sense is the ability we have to know when we should check on a friend or a loved one. Someone might come to mind for no apparent reason and you might be inspired to call only to discover your call was really needed at that time. For those of us who believe there is a Creator a God who created us and that there is a Heaven and a God who is in Heaven this will make sense. For those of us who do not subscribe to religious beliefs that is ok you are free under your free will to ignore everything I say as nonsense. The reality is most of us believe killing is wrong and most of us would not dream of killing our own children ever. Contraception and abortion gives modern women license legally to kill at will. You might as well hand your beloved daughter a loaded gun when you hand her contraception or tell her she can get an abortion. You will not find the word contraception or abortion anywhere in the Holy Bible or in most world religious books. Under the freedom of speech and choice I am free to express my thoughts and you are free to agree or disagree. If you are ok with abortion then you must educate yourself on what exactly abortion is and does to women and children. Many today say abortion is ok yet have no idea what that means. Of the many who are ok with abortion few would be able to do the procedure themselves. They would faint in horror when they see the child or baby or product of conception is being torn apart limb by limb or is being burned when laminaria is used to replace the amniotic fluid which is drained then replaced with a substance used to kill the child via burning. Those who support abortion must educate themselves on exactly what abortion is. Most of us could not stomach an abortion procedure it is that horrific. Abortion is a nightmare for the child who is either burned first with laminaria then torn apart limb by limb and then left to die if they survive all of that. Some babies survive abortion and are left to die. Many medical professionals have seen the fallout first hand from abortion. It must be hard to deliver a healthy baby on one end then discard a baby in the abortion room for the sake of convenience. How can modern man leave babies to die with no care? While many today would give anything to be able to conceive and have children. It is madness in reality. There is an expression and I quote “out of the mouth of babes” meaning children say many things filled with wisdom beyond their years. Akiane Kramarik’s poems are in my view the voice of the voiceless the voice of the unborn the children destroyed and not allowed to live. I will delve further into Akiane’s work in further writing. The nations annihilated by abortion and contraception do have a voice even if modern man tries to drown out their voices. Heaven is using Akiane’s work and other means to ensure the voices of the unborn annihilated nations are heard. Each new child represents a nation for they can grow up and have children of their own thus ensuring the lineage continues for the family. When these children are destroyed as billions are today then God’s plan for them is taken from them and the world. Contraception and abortion robs mankind of the future we could have had if these children were allowed to live. We lost potential inventors, scientists and other brilliant contributors to society because they were destroyed via abortion and contraception. The voiceless unborn are lamenting this which is why Akiane Kramarik’s poetry is so vital to this cause. I consider Akiane Kramarik’s poetry in her book My Dream is bigger than I to be the lamentations or cry or voice of the voiceless unborn children and the children born and left to die and all children whose voices are drowned out by modern man. Thank you Akiane for letting the reader know on your forward page and I quote you here “…A reader is invited to figure out who “I” and “YOU” are in each story…” page xxxiii Foreword Akiane Kramrik’s book my Dream is bigger than I. As a thank you for reading my reflection enjoy my song titled Floral Scarf written by myself in memory of the unborn not given the dignity of unmarked graves…..