It Is Your Eyes I Am Looking For – A Reflection

This poem titled It Is Your Eyes I Am Looking For was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 103.” You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem It Is Your Eyes I Am Looking For consists of three stanzas with six lines each.  All three stanzas end with the same two lines “It Is Your Eyes I Am Looking For”.  I love when Akiane uses this style in her poetry.  At the tender age of nine years old Akiane was wise beyond her years and I at age 47 years old remain in awe of her work.  I will be in awe of Akiane’s work for all eternity.  To me the reader the eyes this person is looking for is the eyes of love the eyes of truth.   Our world is operated on reasoning and reason upon reason is used to support unjust laws and vile injustices centuries old.  So much reasoning goes on these days there is little room for doubt or for facts or reality.  Human beings were created to love and to be loved and we are very social creatures.  We naturally strive to build futures and part of that natural drive is the drive to find a partner for life with whom to have a family and raise a family.  Family life is what builds whole societies.  Our modern society loves to measure capital gains particularly in the corporate world.  Corporations own many people today who are enslaved by corporate culture of greed and capital gains constantly weighing profit and loss.  In this process of building massive wealth the most important capital is totally ignored and that is human capital.  The human being behind the machinations of corporations and businesses and whole societies not just businesses but in the service industry and every kind of industry.  It is human capital that makes the world go around.  Destroy the human child in the womb you destroy human capital and whole futures are pillaged and robbed blind.  Truth is hard to find these days and there is so much lies and deceit which disillusions many.  Many men and women find themselves in bad marriages which often end up in divorce or if divorce is not done ends up in dissolution with the marriage partnership essentially dissolved though the couple still lives in the same house.  Many marriages today are false and bad because of the lies and deceit that occurred prior to during and after the marriage.  Religious cults are the worst and most notorious for getting men and women of goodwill to enter into bad marriages bad unions.  These men and women enter into diabolical unions horribly bad marriages which I call crooked roads because they fall in love with a set of ideals.  They fall in love with a lovely on a pedestal that seduces them into fierce loyalty.  A loyalty that often causes these lost sheep their very souls which are then consumed by wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting to devour them and their holy families.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing are plentiful today and are in every part of society.  Trust is destroyed for millions around the world and the days are gone when you can believe words coming out of people’s mouths.  You can watch lips move all day long with words coming out of them but if it is not in writing it is not to be trusted.  Sad terrible and true in many circumstances these days.  Many of us embark on a journey of seeking the truth and in fact some people identify themselves as “seekers” of truth.  The world we live in today is not the world our creator wanted us to live in.  Hell has been conjured and summoned upon earth and all you have to do is look around to see that hell is on earth.  So much suffering in the forms of wars in various forms.  Warfare goes on in many forms not just traditional warfare with tanks bombs and guns and drones.  But also psychological warfare using a war of words.  There is also a sexual warfare that goes on through rapes in various forms.  Abortion is homicide that is legalized due to the sexual warfare of our century particularly in the western world.  Millions of unborn children are systemically destroyed via legalized abortion on demand in the worst blood lust known to mankind.  The sexual warfare of the womb.  The art of war is not limited to big tanks guns machine guns etc.  The art of war is more sneaky than that more slippery than a serpent and the tragedy in the art of war is this.  No one wins in the end.  Yes to the victor goes the spoils of war yet in the end no one wins.  Instead all that is accomplished in the art of war is vast destruction and devastation upon our planet as evidenced by the crimes done by mankind to the planet and the universe as a whole.  Crimes done against nature in the form of vast pollution and abuses of nature including evil wicked sciences hell bent on altering our cellular make up our helical DNA structures are altered from years of tampering with nature in the form of abuses of hormones found in contraception pills and hormones used in animals.  Hybrid farming of plants is another way nature is usurped and it is so bad now that farmers often find themselves needing to buy new seeds every year because their hybrid seeds are not natural and cannot reproduce naturally every year which then obliges farmers to keep purchasing new seeds for certain cash crops.  Before hybrid seeds and the interference of wicked scientists seeds would naturally reproduce and farmers were able to replant and regrow their crops every year.  These days the land is destroyed from over farming and from industrialized scale farming of cash crops which tills the soil till the soil dies from over use and over tilling and the hybrid seeds can no longer be sustained due to these abuses.  The modern industrialized commercialized farming techniques are not sustainable. and this is become more and more evident as the years pass.  The average consumer around the world creates massive piles of garbage that is not sustainable either and adds to mountains of garbage which is also destroying our earth.  When you buy a bottle of water that plastic bottle once emptied often gets discarded with no further thought as to where that empty bottle will end up.  Reason has destroyed our humanity because reason with out the salt of love the salt of justice is madness.  Circular reasoning and other methods of reasoning is often used and abused to push wicked diabolical agendas that makes no sense to sound minds.  If you oppose these agendas the wicked who are often evil geniuses will accuse you of yelling when you are in fact not yelling.  Or literally hang up on you if on the phone or end the conversation if done in person.  I have witnessed this so many times I have lost count.  Many today are criminally insane lost to their own reasoning as to why they do the things they do and promote the wicked agendas they promote.  I recently wrote a review on google about a Roman Catholic Cathedral I attended for nine years.  I am no longer Catholic and I joke that I am a recovering former Roman Catholic which to others who got the hell out of that church will make sense.  I still have Catholic friends who respect my position and understand my need to get out of that church.  When I posted this review via google reviews which I am able to do as a former member of that parish.  I noticed that my review was not published and I never got my usual gmail acknowledgement thanking me for my review.  I noticed too that for this Cathedral like all Catholic places of worship that you are only allowed to post positive things that if you say anything that makes them look bad they will not let you post it.  So for my readers this review is for you.  I am sharing it here on my blog.  Out of respect for the privacy of those at that parish I leave out the name of the Cathedral.  Enjoy my review here and at the end of my review I hope you will listen to my latest song titled Crooked Road for all the poor fellas or men who find themselves in bad marriages.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions and therefore I speak my mind as a work of art nothing more and nothing less.  It is up to every person to do their own due diligence which is what I have done and continue to do.  This review was never published on google reviews and I was temporarily blocked from accessing that Cathedral’s website from all of my devices.  That was a retaliation tactic.  I emailed someone who works at the Cathedral and I make no claim as to statement of facts but after that email was sent my access to their website was restored.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  Out of respect for the privacy of all parties involved I limit my review to what my experience was like which was not pleasant to say the least.  After reading this review you are welcome to listen to my latest song titled crooked road.  I consider myself a work of art and as such I am entitled to my own opinions as a work of art.

My review:   Titled A Review of a Cathedral

A Review of a Cathedral

If you are looking for a cheap bad show then go here.  The building is lovely that is the only lovely aspect. For nine years I attended their ritual services their sacraments their masses.  I was pressured into donating money they constantly drive you to donate money.  Horrible women gossip and trust is destroyed by the crimes done around the world making international news by this cult.  Their prelates hit on women.  I experienced this more than once.  I became pregnant through rape by a prelate during my time in another state out East.  During my nine years in SD I was verbally abused and viciously attacked by vile gossipers.  The prelates are very strange and my experiences were horrible.  I had to report misconduct on a few occasions.  I since left the Roman Catholic Cult which operates like a sex cult many are exposing this cult as nothing more than a vast network of pederasty pedophile criminals who harm the children of trusting families then relocates their pedophiles womanizers and rapists and homosexuals to other countries in Europe.  Such as Portugal Ireland England to name a few countries these criminals abscond to.  Many prelates ask innocent parishioners for money even after they have left these parishes for greener pastures.  I make no claims as to statements of facts. The public knowledge of their criminal wicked empire is already there for all to see.  I got more details about systemic abuse done by the Roman Catholic Church during my time in Ireland.  Simply research online The Ryan Report in Ireland.  The Irish Gulags meaning industrial schools. The mother baby home in Tuam which I personally visited.  To understand the problem of domestic violence so rampant these days. A study of systemic abuse is called for and necessary.  Coercive control laws now exist in Ireland England Scotland Wales and France which opens the door for access to justice for victims of domestic violence.  Under these new laws abuses not limited to domestic violence cases but abusers in churches and other places of work or business can be investigated tried and prosecuted for ambient verbal abuse crimes and coercive control crimes.  It is now established that psychological warfare was used for more than a century on Irish children in Irish industrial schools ran like Gulags.  Verbal abuse is considered psychological warfare in parts of Europe.  I hope to raise awareness to the problem and extent of psychological warfare and ways abusers operate.  Many abusers do not understand what drives them to abuse. Many prelates are abusive types and are verbally physically and sexually abusive to their targets who range in ages from very little to adults.  Retaliation tactics are often used by abusers as well as intimidation tactics hell bent on silencing victims through fear based trauma based control.  Trauma bonding is often used to control and silence victims of abuse of every age group.  When the trauma bonding fails threatening speech and other intimidation tactics are used including emotional blackmail and public threats to make public their targets private business.  This causes many to become suicidal and in large part responsible for high rates of suicide around the world.  I have seen this myself in all the countries I visited and I have visited ten countries.  Replies to this review are public. I encourage the readers of this review to do your own due diligence as I have and research systemic abuse.  During my time in Turkey I learned more about the Armenian Genocide and I raised awareness about the Irish Genocide.  I visited mass graves in Ireland of children buried in the name of God of all things in the worst genocide known to Ireland from what I call the war on all flesh.  A combination of psychological warfare sexual warfare through mass raping of Irish children women and men.  A cult from the ninth circle of hell a sex cult a child sex cult destroyed thousands of holy innocent Irish children and families.  This sex cult infiltrated the churches not just the Roman Catholic Church.