Almost – A Reflection

This poem titled Almost was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 102.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

The poem Almost consists of three stanzas with five lines in the first stanza and three lines in the middle stanza and five lines in the third and final stanza.  The photograph I choose for this post is of a blue rescue boat used by life guards to rescue children and adults….It is sad to think that we cannot rescue unborn children from abortion on demand.  It is true many pro life workers to their credit have changed some hearts and minds along the way and I sincerely do believe all in the pro life movement including former abortion doctor nurses and staff will be blessed by the God of life for their dedication to saving the lives of our unborn brothers and sisters…To me the reader this poem is about life and how life is very short and fleeting too.  To the unborn child in the womb the face of the abortion doctor or whomever the abortionist is is a face with “too many days”.  A face that glowers and destroys the life of the unborn child often before that child can take its first breath.  Abortion is annihilation abortion should be rephrased as annihilation.  I am sure if women were offered the legalized option of unborn child annihilation most would refuse.  Then again many would accept because many women are wicked not just these days but for centuries wicked women figured out ways to destroy their unwanted infants.  Infanticide has been around for centuries.  Abortion is homicide full stop.  If you rephrase the words abortion with this advertisement legalized homicide line em up for legalized homicide come on in and for a price we will annihilate your unborn child under the euphemistic soft speech choice and abortion. I wonder would the numbers be so great of stupid dumb ass women lining up for the convenience of abortion on demand!!! So that they can live as they choose and go on to screw more men over and spread diseases and more madness around the world and then line up again for another abortion.  Abortion is a lifestyle a way of life for many wicked horrible women.   I will mention the first stanza in Akiane’s poem and leave the rest for you the reader of this blog to get your own copy to read the rest of this profound poem.  Akiane opens with this stanza:  “I almost felt like burning behind everyone controlled by me.  But I took only the breath I could reach.  There were too many days in each face”. – To me the reader this stanza describes the plight of the unborn child who if its lucky will perhaps be able to gasp its first breath before it dies.  Many children who survive failed abortions are left to die in this cruel and  merciless world governed by cruel and merciless powers such as abortion powers.  What is so appalling about abortion is this:  Mostly women and yes a number of men want abortion but its mostly women who demand abortion.  That is the terrible ugly truth.  The rage of angry women cannot be underestimated and when faced with a wicked angry woman one better watch out and beware.  Wicked women will stop at nothing to destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.  Wicked women will talk over you then accuse you of yelling when in fact you are not yelling.  Wicked women cannot handle hearing the truth and will often use a variety of intimidation tactics and a whole arsenal of verbal abuse crimes to silence their targets.  Wicked women are criminally insane and belong in insane asylums.  Many wicked women are evil geniuses who are smart enough to become wicked abortion doctors who run wicked clinics.  When a wicked woman is faced with a woman of equal or superior intelligence who refuses to fall for her crap and who calls her on her crap.  This can be her undoing and when faced with this many of these women roll their eyes in disbelief that someone another woman faced her down.  The way to handle horrible women is to remain calm not raise your voice and return their angry glare.  You tell that horrible woman that her anger is no match for your white anger.  You tell that witch that you are so angry over crimes done to women in the name of God of all things particularly family planning crimes that you are speechless with anger and that your anger is so great you are deathly deadly silent.  That will shut them up fast because when faced with an anger greater than their own diabolical wicked anger many run for the hills as well they should.  Do not underestimate the power of an angry woman.  What wicked women forget is this many women of equal and or superior intelligence are white with rage so angry that there is no point in yelling so angry women of God face down these witches in their own way their own style and this sends these witches running for their own mothers who will rue the day they raised their daughters to become so wicked.  To the wicked I quote Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill a quote said by Black Mamba a character in this crazy twisted movie.  “The wicked can have their lives” Black Mamba – Kill Bill.  Sorry if not exact quote I want to be sure to credit this Spaghetti martial arts movie with its linear violent tale of revenge – titled Kill Bill that is a must see for those who can handle senseless violence that is not realistic.  The movie Kill Bill showcases how evil works through pedophiles who harm children and how these children can become adult assassins or more wicked shall we say than their attackers.  Shame can beget shame and wicked can beget wicked.  Many of the younger generations do become more wicked than the older generations.  That is why evil increases exponentially around the world.  Evil is the word live spelled backwards because evil is the opposite of live.  Evil leads to death – evil always leads to death and who is the king of evil who is the ruler of darkness who rules this earth?  None other than the Devil.  The letter D stands for death for everything the devil touches dies the devil is evil and destroys everything he possibly can destroy.  The devil is also an evil genius and this is how the devil gets many village idiots to follow him and to allow him to be their master.  I want my readers to get a load of this something I experienced recently.  I will share it now in this blog about my own experience with a horrible local clinic that is funded by an organization that pushes family planning.  Study what I say here and understand this.  I never went to that clinic for family planning ever.  I simply went for basic health care due to an infection I had in my index finger nail bed called paronychia.  A mouthful I know.  I had to get bossy with this clinic and demand to be seen by a board certified doctor before I received the care I am entitled to.  The organization that funds the clinic I attend is also in Ireland and is pushing the same diabolical family planning agenda in Ireland which includes contraception, contraceptive devices, tubal ligations which is sterilization procedures abortions and everything vile concerning birth control thus destroying women’s reproductive organs and reducing women and girls as young as twelve years old to harlots cheap whores on contraception opening their legs to sin and vice and vermin and disease and certain death over time.  If these girls and women do not die from botched abortions they will certainly die from long term use of contraception or contraceptive devices.  Or if not from that they will die from STD’s such as HPV – human papillomavirus which causes cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men or aids or some other deadly STD or breast cancer caused from the unnatural ingredients in wicked contraception pills.  In Ireland they do not record abortions that are done they keep no medical record of abortions that was as of 2019 when abortion was newly legalized in Ireland.  If this has changed since then I am not aware.  All I know is that on the HSE website in Ireland they stated in writing that they do not keep a medical record of abortions done to women in Ireland.  If that is progress then I am speechless because post abortive women are always left alone to suffer in silent toxic shame from a legalized traumatic experience of annihilating and murdering in a homicidal manner their own unborn babies.  These post abortive women need help and outreach and need to be told that despite the terrible fact their baby was legally butchered.  That these women must get check ups follow ups and be brave enough to tell their doctors they had an abortion so that the doctor can check their cervix and uterus to ensure that there is no prolonged bleeding or other serious problems such as infections that can set in.  Also, post abortive women can experience depression and mood swings and intense emotions that can lead to suicide if they do not get the help they need.  Post abortive women need to be told that they do not have to carry the burden of toxic shame alone that this shame is not theirs to carry alone.  Many post abortive women do not fully understand what the hell they are doing or signing up for.  Many post abortive women are told before their abortions that their child is just a “blob of tissue” or an alien in their womb.  Or other crazy soft speeches to soften the terrible reality that their child in their womb is about to be murdered in the most cruel and merciless manner known to mankind.  Using a combination of chemical warfare such as saline solution or other such solutions to replace the amniotic fluid with a burning solution in the first trimester.  This is horrible and is part of the war of the womb under the title chemical warfare.  This came about from a war of words using soft speech and euphemisms leading billions of unborn children to the slaughter houses of legalized homicides abortion on demand.  Leaving countless post abortive women reeling in shock from what was done and left alone to shed silent tears and to suffer in silent toxic shame a toxic shame that is not their fault or of their own making.  To post abortive women this post is for you too to remind you that you have rights and to ensure that no matter what that you tell your doctor that you had an abortion to ensure that you get the proper follow up care that you deserve and are entitled to receive and let the toxic shame return to where it came from the truly wicked who legalized abortion in the first place and to the wicked women and men who push abortion and force women to have unwanted abortions.  Let these own your toxic shame and you do not have to carry the burden of toxic shame alone.  It’s bad enough your pregnancy was not welcomed regardless of the circumstances of your pregnancy its hard enough that you felt pressure to abort your own child.  That’s hard enough then to have to sit in silent toxic shame in silent suffering after your abortion is unbearable pain and a pain and suffering you do not have to carry alone.  I myself never had an abortion but I was raped and my pregnancy was far from ideal.  The verbal abuse I got was horrific and the pressure I felt to get an abortion was great.  I refused to abort my child and I moved far away to start a new life for both my child and myself.  My child will be twelve years old soon and this young man or young lad is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  Knowledge is power and ignorance is weakness.  For post abortive women do not let toxic shame own you or control you.  Be sure that you get the follow up care you deserve so that you can have a bright future and God willing be able to conceive and have future children with a worthy partner.  Regardless of your desire for future children post abortive women you have rights and be fearless in ensuring you get the follow up care you deserve.  Also do not be afraid to file breaches of standard of care if you were not properly informed about what the hell the abortion was in the first place.  Many post abortive women do not fully understand what the hell abortion really and truly is.  To all post abortive women including post abortive women who do not regret their abortions.  I tell you this I am sorry for your loss for you lost a part of you a part of your future your own inheritance a part of your lineage that was destroyed for all eternity never to be repeated.  Where in hell are all the pro abortion crews when a post abortive women needs support?  Or when her family needs comfort and help mourning the loss of their child.  Fathers have no say whatsoever and men have no rights when it comes to whether or not their own unborn child lives or dies.  Where in hell are the pro aborts the pro choicer’s when the crap hits the fan.   No where to be found save bad mouthing those who oppose abortion claiming that pro life women are haters and pro life men are haters and that those of sound mind who oppose legalized infanticide also known as legalized homicide are the crazy ones.  I tell you this pro choice and pro abortion men and women are criminally insane and cannot be reasoned with.  What really gets me angry is these proud married women who work in the medical field often as doctors or midwives or other professional capacities who go on rants about how they are happy to birth their own “wanted babies” as if they are a goddess unto themselves then with wicked eyes and evil grins they declare “vote yes for abortion for other women.”  It is as if these wicked witches view other women particularly women in poverty or single mothers too as less than them or beneath them in both social status and position in society.  To the wicked withes of the western world you have pissed off a number of women of equal or superior intelligence who know better than you and who are not stupid enough to drink from your poison cup of iniquity.  These women are not afraid of you and are not afraid to remind you that you are well on your way to hell fire for all eternity for your wicked words your hate speech crimes done against holy innocent children in the wombs of women whom you deem as beneath you.  I was raped that did not stop me from protecting my holy innocent child from the slaughter house of abortion on demand.  I was verbally abused and put down at every turn but that did not stop me from rising above the scum of the earth the wicked witches of the west who demand the blood of my child because I was raped.  To these wicked witches of the western world.  I declare this: who the hell do you think you are and what pray tell me gives you the right to demand the blood of my unborn child and the unborn children of other women like me?  When your own husbands leave you in disgust for your vile blood lust particularly if your husbands are in the medical field and from whom you demand the blood of innocent babies from the wombs of other women.  When your man leaves you in divorce and you are in shreds shedding copious tears wondering how you fell from grace.  Never forget this for all eternity wicked witches you brought this upon yourselves and great is your fall from the pedestals on which you stand.  Your fall is far greater than any fall I ever had as a single mother due to rape.  I am very small and I am not very tall yet I am woman I am strong and my voice is loud and clear.  When women on contraception wonder why their husbands are having affairs or leaving them for other women – you brought that upon yourselves with your wicked ways.  By embracing contraception you destroy your sex drive and you ruin your marriage and often your husbands go astray and have affairs because in your pride you do use your husband for his money his status and position forgetting that by drinking from the poison cup of contraception you destroy everything you built.  No libido any more no sex drive due to contraception and so your man goes a wandering or a philandering and you wonder how?  Many women on contraception are beautiful on the outside and cannot understand why their partner will have affairs with less attractive women.  Affairs are always wrong and are not right.  However your affair with contraception came first just as your affair with blood lust came first demanding abortions for other women and from your husbands if they are in the medical profession.  Your affair happened first which then renders your marriages null and void and leaves your man free to go where ever the hell he wants to for comfort.  Wicked narcissistic women take men for hostages in ungodly unholy marriages and these men often feel trapped and miserable which is why they philander.  Insecure women on contraception drive everyone else around them away by sabotaging their relationships not only with their partners but with their families and friends.  I see that all the time and women like that treat other single women as threats to their marriages.  Confident couples never have to worry about drama like that for they are confident in what they have built together and as such do not have time for other partners for they are too busy raising their own large families.  That is what my parents were like.  My parents had eight children and were too busy raising their large family to have time for anything else and neither one of my parents worried about affairs.  My parents had problems like every normal couple they had problems but the glue that kept their marriage intact was their eight children and their sincere devotion and love for each other which was there for all eight of us to witness despite serious problems.  The problems my parents had stemmed from systemic abuse in their youths growing up in Ireland.  My mother was accessed for abuse outside her home in the Irish school system and this abuse had a very bad effect on my mother’s behavior which manifested itself throughout her child rearing years.  My mother was verbally and physically abusive yet she made sure we were well fed and cared for otherwise.  My father was an alcoholic however despite his alcohol addiction my father was an excellent provider a very good cook and a kind man.  Robins would land on my father’s hands something I witnessed from time to time.  My father was a gentle soul and may he rest in peace.  Neither one of my parents were ever intentionally wicked or abusive.  I appreciate my elderly mother more and more every day of my life and I do call my mother once at least every three months or so.  Just to check in to say hi and to let her know that her number five out of eight is doing A-OK.  My mother and I are not able to have normal conversations due to the fact that my mother is not well and has not been well for years.  My mother never got a formal diagnosis because she refused to get help. My mother has narcissistic tendencies and I lived with my mother for years so I would know.  I speak with the only authority I have which is my small voice as the daughter of a narcissistic mother.   I cannot make a claim as to statements of facts about my mother however based on my experiences with my mother my mother has signs and symptoms of NPD which is narcissistic personality disorder.  My mother never met my son and my mother has never pursued a meeting with my son.  My mother is not able or capable of showing empathy and this is due to systemic abuse that my mother suffered as a child in the Irish school system in the 1930’s which were operated more like gulag’s than schools.  I encourage my readers to research the problem of systemic abuse that went on for centuries in Ireland and around the world.  Now back to my experience with the local clinic.  I will post what I experienced with that clinic here to raise awareness that many women are sick and tired of family planning practices being forced down their throats like poison.  The title of my write up is – Get A Load of This – which you can read here: At the end of this reflection you can listen to my latest song titled It Matters which is about how it matters when we fail because the children always suffer when we fail.

Get A Load of This

I have been going to a clinic here in Texas for basic health care.  I just started another antibiotic today.  During my annual physical I was interrogated and profiled. I was questioned extensively about my sex life offered contraception and asked if I had my tubes tied.  I was livid I told that nurse exactly what i told the doctor in another state I once lived in for almost ten years who pushed an unnecessary hysterectomy. Which thankfully I knew not to have done after I got a second opinion.  I told her on no uncertain terms to fuck off!!!  I stated that HSE funds this clinic and that HSE is in Ireland too pushing the same diabolical family planning agenda except in Ireland they do not keep medical records of the abortions they perform legally in Ireland.  I just signed into my patient portal and noticed that they have family planning listed as one of my medical problems.  That is outrageous I am livid. I did not go there for family planning.  I asked my board certified female doctor if she is still pushing family planning practices including abortions.  She told me that “she is not my patient.” I tell you this to highlight ways horrible doctors try to present their own patients as unstable and unreasonable.  I told that doctor that I am not a narcissist and that I know I am not smart enough to be a doctor.  I did say that I am smart enough to know to get help when I  am sick and to not take contraception and or have an abortion.  I have to advocate for myself at every turn including signing into my patient portal and correcting their mistakes with my medical chart.  I have to instruct them to remove family planning as one of my medical problems.  I told that doctor my own doctor that she turns women and girls into cheap whores harlots when she puts these girls as young as twelve on contraception.  In my medical chart through my patient portal they falsified statements that I had to correct.  They claimed that I refused to answer questions I was never asked.  I had to correct this myself.  Including demanding that they cease and desist pushing family planning down my throat and remove the false record that I have family planning problems.  This clinic is nothing but a criminal family planning organization posing as a primary care clinic.  They are legalized scum of the earth.  I refuse to let them railroad me.  Family planning practices are of the occult dark arts.  I have to boss them around which is not pleasant for me the patient.  I had to pressure them to find out if they talked to their nurse practitioner who breached standard of care concerning me.  Their manager told me he spoke to the NP about me but that they never divulge to their patients what has said.  That is concerning because by their actions that they cover for each other and do not care about their patients at all.  This is a horrible place yet I am obliged to go for my healthcare needs until I am better.  Pray about this many hospitals and clinics today are wicked criminal empires that is the terrible ugly truth. Heaven help us all…As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled It Matters in this song I sing about how it really does matter when we falter and when we fail…