Never Hitting The Ground – A Reflection

This poem titled Never Hitting The Ground  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 99.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Never Hitting The Ground has four stanzas with seven lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of my son in an airplane I forget where we were flying to then but it fits the notion of being above ground or not hitting the ground in that moment….The poem Never Hitting The Ground opens with the following line in the first stanza.  “While the secured yesterday waits for an unsecured tomorrow – dust falls”  In order to appreciate this poem in its entirety you need to purchase your own copy of this work online from Akiane Kramarik.   Since venues change for purchasing books I do not recommend any particular site.  I purchased my books more than seven years ago.  This poem Never Hitting The Ground like all of Akiane’s prose is very profound.  Akiane was only nine years old when she wrote this poem.  This poem talks about time and the great mystery of how events can affect time.  Time marches on mercilessly at times with no care or concern for our desire to wait or hurry up.  Time moves along at its own pace whether we like it or not.  I will quote the last stanza which wraps up this poem very well.  I limit my quotes for purposes of discussion.  “Picking up the pieces of lashed up fate – you roll up sleeves one last time and break never hitting the ground…”  The words “lashed up fate” speaks volumes to me the reader.  So many lives have been annihilated and destroyed and too many have died either before their time via abortion and contraception which functions as an abortifacient and other crimes against humanity that has been annihilating and destroying our species for centuries now.  Culminating in the perfection of the dark arts of annihilation via abortion and contraception or contraception and abortion both words are interchangeable and produce the same results annihilation of the human species.  There are not enough books written about the fallout of contraceptive devices that destroy the environment not to mention the hormones that are dumped into our ecosystem and our waterways and in the earth destroying our enviornment not limited to causing mutations in the fish to name but one species affected by contraception in our environment.  I make no claim as to statement of facts however studies do show that vast pollutions including contraception in our ecosystem is mutating the fish and other species.  Too many were not allowed to either be born or live so as to fullfill their unique plans on earth.  Too many were returned to the God of life from whom the book of life is written as witnesses making up the cloud of witnesses in heaven forming an army in heaven of human beings from the holocaust of abortion and contraception from the war on the womb.  A war not spoken of a war yet to be acknowledged a war that I call world war III.  If our world enters into another major war I will call that war world war IV.  As a work of art I am free to express my thoughts and I limit my speech to merely my own experssions of thoughts in writing.  The terrible truth is this – a war on the womb as been waged and billions were annihilated via abortion and contraception.  Around the world at least five human beings die each second when you account for systemic abortions contraception and other crimes causing many to die too soon.  The number five is an educated guess though not a statement of fact.  I make no claim as to statement of fact here because the terrible truth is we are all too stupid myself included to count the cost of these annihilations.  Not one of us has the ability to compute the count the numbers dying each second in our fallen world destroyed by one word pride found in diabolical narcisscism.  A world full of narcissitic people who only believe what they want to believe and billions have reduced the unborn human child to a mere opinion a thought something to be discarded on a whim all thanks to pride on steroids found in pathological narcissism found in many today.  I wonder if reincarnation really is true.  Reincarnation is worthy of some serious consideration after all too many human beings died too soon and were not allowed to fulfill their unique roles on this earth.  There is a God of Life a creator of this mighty frame and universe.  There is an army of humans in heaven returned to heaven far too soon.   Since all things are possible through the God of life then reincarnation is worthy of consideraton.  Human beings cannot create we can meddle with creation via Invitro Fertilization and Cloning and other inteferences with nature such as contraception and abortion to name a few meddlesome things.   The list of ways mankind meddles with and destroys the enviornment nature and the universe is too long to list here.  The universe is corrupted and destroyed by vile mankind.  There are days I think that our species is the most vile species on this planet.  If we go extinct its our own damn fault.  Mankind is destroying mankind no doubt about that and our vile species does the opposite of live instead our vile species does grave evil.  Our children suffer too from the grave evil done by our vile species.  I do apologize most sincerely to nature and to the animal kingdom the plant kingdom the ecosystem the waters of the earth the wind land and sea and air and sky and all the furniture that the God of life created in Genesis for the vile sins of our vile species mankind.  My God mankind can talk themselves male or female into anything good or bad. There are no end to the depths of the depravities of mankind.  I call this the war of the mind.  At the end of this reflection you can listen to my newest song about the war of the mind.  Inspired by one of my favourite artists who passed away when I was living in Ireland.  The wars waged on earth are not limited to bloody battles and bloody battle fields such as what was exeprienced in world war I and world war II and not limited to both world wars.  There is the war of the womb fought via a war of the mind.  Soft speech is part and parcel of the war of the mind.  A quote used by the USA Marine Corps to encourage mental thoughness in our Marines is this “pain is a weakness leaving the body.”  USA Marine Corps.  Why is this said to Marines well Marines when in battle can and do get seriously injured and experience great pain and suffering.  In the midst of great pain and suffering Marines must soldier on and overcome their immediate mortal pain when in mortal combat and in mortal danger.  This does not diminish the need to seek medical attention.  This quote is not for civililians because naturally civillians can get to a doctor much sooner.  However for everday people who never served in the military such as myself.  This quote can inspire us to soldier on in our own small ways.  The doctors cannot cure all of our pain in life and as such for those of us like myself who live with Chronic pain such as fybroymyalgia pain which is what I have.  This Marine Corps quote inspires me to keep on keeping on.  After all I am not a Marine as I am not fit for military service.  All the same this quote inspires me to keep fighting the good fight in my own little way as a very small person with Chronic pain that the doctors cannot fix.  Mental thoughness is necessary for all of us.  In today’s world we all must pick our battles and decide what hill or mountain we will die on and whether or not such a hill or mountain is worth dying on.  To all our men and women who served in the USA military not just the Marines including my own brothers and relatives.  Thank you for your service.  I like the Marine term Semper Fi [Fidelis] and once a Marine always a Marine.  The Marine’s inspire me the most in the military for they fight in the air by landing large military planes on large ships out in the ocean.  The Marines fight both on land and sea and in the air.  I have great respect for every branch of the Military and it is the Marines that I admire the most.  The rigorous training Marines receive prepares Marines for life and they are always a Marine whether they are on active duty or not.  I am grateful I was able to attend West Point as a guest.  My visit to West Point meant a lot to me and I was impressed with West Point.  I sincerely do believe that every man and woman would benefit greatly from the discipline and values and skills learned via military training.  In Israel men and women must serve in their military and in today’s world I think that is a fine idea.  Unless of course you are not fit for service as is my case.  Not being fit for service does not mean we cannot be of serivce in our own small ways.  I do my own bit to the best of my ability to be of service to others.  If that means simple things like holding the door for others when out and about.  Offering a chair to an older man or woman while waiting in line ensuring them rest while they wait without losing their place in line then I do that.  Letting a busy police officer go ahead of me if I am not in a hurry when at a store or bank.  There are small ways all of us can be of service and while our service is small in nature showing our men and women in blue our police force our firefighters our EMT’s and first responders our military men and women and all in human services the respect they deserve goes a long way.   Saying thank you for your service goes a long way too.  God knows our veterns need a lot of help and support and sometimes a kind word a gentle acknowledgement of their service goes a long way for our veterns whose service I most certainly do appreicate.  I wonder if my fate and the fate of all of us would be different if I or we including all of us on earth met the other human beings meant to be born in my and our lifetime but were denied life due to the sytemic machinaction of pure evil annihilations found in contraception and abortion on demand.  I may never know unless the God of life takes a notion to show our rotten species all the damage done by our inteference with nature and God’s creation on the day of contention.  Billions of human beings never hit the ground for they were annihilated in the concentration camps of the modern world war III that I call the war of the the womb the concentration camps of modern wombs lost to contraception and abortion.  Two words “collateral damage” is not enough to cover the vast devastations caused by vast systemic annihlations of our own species spanning the centuries and perfected in the dark arts of contraception and abortion.  Heaven help us all.  Check out my song about the War of the Mind and the problem of  “collateral damage”.    My new song is titled “The Mystical War of the Mind”.