Too Blurry – A Reflection

This poem titled Too Blurry  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 97.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Too Blurry consists of three stanzas with eight lines in the first stanza and two lines in the middle stanza and eight lines in the last stanza. The photograph I choose for this post is of a bird that lands from time to time on a palm tree nearby… Too Blurry talks about birds and owl’s and birds nests.  How when a bird’s nest is pushed off to predators the lines are too blurry to notice.  This is so true.  When you study the birds or listen to the birds.  I love to hear the birds chirping in the mornings.  At the end of this reflection I will share my birds section on my you tube channel.  I love listening to the sound of birds singing.  In nature it is not so easy to notice where a birds nest is located and from where a birds nest came from if it is pushed off to predators.  It is often too blurry to know from whence a fallen bird came from.  What I mean by this is I have often stumbled upon fallen birds.  I would be out walking or jogging and look down and notice a fallen bird.  I found a fallen bird in Turkey when we visited Kusadasi Turkey and we were asked to pray over that bird.  The bird was dead as it had fallen from a great height and it’s little neck was broken.  All the same we were pleased to pray over that bird.  Years ago I found a fallen bird and I was sure it was dead.  I held that bird in my hands for more than one hour.  About an  hour later that bird caught its breath and flew away.  I was amazed as it was a little hummingbird.  All the other fallen birds that I have found were dead.  One bird I found in Texas USA had just fallen but I could tell it had died because it’s neck was also broken.  You can tell by gently pressing on the chest of the bird.  Very gentle presses will tell you if their neck is broken or not.  If you notice with gentle presses that the bird is unresponsive then hold the bird for a time and see what happens.  However, if you notice fluid coming out of the birds beak then the neck is most likely broken.  What I do in those cases is simply place the bird in a safe place and hope for the best.  I am always sure to wash or disinfect my hands after handling a fallen bird.  I love nature.  I enjoy nature and I enjoy simple things.  It is the simple things that bring me joy in life.  We do not have to be fabulously wealthy folks to enjoy the simple things in life.  I love to hear the birds chirp in the mornings.  To read Akiane’s poem titled Too Blurry I encourage you to purchase Akiane’s book of poems.  I will limit my quotes to this part of her amazing poem titled  Too Blurry and leave it to you the reader to purchase your very own book from Akiane online so as to read this poem in its entirety.  “It is too blurry to cut the blade of grass.  The whistles unwind and branches get all entwined making it hard to tell to which tree each belongs and which nest is pushed off to predators…”  Akiane Kramarik.  I purposely left out eight lines to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes for purposes of discussion.  Just as nature is often too blurry for mankind to notice from whence fallen birds fall or where the next birds nest will be pushed off to predators.  The same is true for our own species mankind.  Particularly in the abortion business.  Abortions are often not recorded and records are often not accurately kept of abortions.  The babies and children laid waste via abortion has created a vast wasteland of damaged wombs.  A vast wasteland of dead children around the world not limited to the western world.  Abortion is pandemic around the world.  It has become too blurry for mankind to keep track of the children destroyed via abortion on demand and contraceptive devices which I call contraceptive vices.  It has now become too blurry for mankind to give an account to the God of life for the predators who pushed women into believing abortion is ok in the first place.  Abortion is never ok and it is high time women realize this and learn this.  The murder of your own unborn child is cruel and merciless and absolutely horrible.  What woman in her right mind would ever consider such a thing for her own unborn child?  Carnal women that is who!!!  Carnal women too stupid to be able to discern the future for they are too busy destroying their own offspring their own children to concern themselves with any future.  Destroy the children destroy the future of mankind and destroy the world.   Now to lighten to load of reading about how horrible many are today with their bloodlust demanding the blood of the innocents the holy innocent unborn children.  I am including a link to my you tube channel that captures the sounds of birds chirping.  After all the creation of the God of life is beautiful.  My favorite scripture that comes to mind when I think of the birds of the air is this:  God says in his holy word sorry I forget exactly where.  Matthew comes to mind but simply search this scripture verse for yourself.  The true Jesus Christ says in  Matthew – Yes it is Matthew just double checked that myself.  In Matthew Jesus says sorry if not exact quote but Jesus Says “The birds of the air do not reap or sow but God provides for such as these.  How much more then will God provide for you.”  Again not exact quote as I write this from memory.  Double check it yourself online all I can tell you is what Jesus says in Matthew about the birds of the air.  Tis the simple things that brings us joy.  We do not need much to be happy.  I included one of three from my you tube channel.  Birds Chirping – A bird show from the Canary Islands – and Our awesome experience in Ireland at the Ireland school of falconry.  Enjoy all three links and lighten up too.  Life is too short to be sad all the time.  Learn as I did to enjoy the simple things in life.  We really do not need much to be happy.  I leave you with a quote from my beloved deceased father may he rest in peace.  My father used to say “If you are happy I’m happy too.”  Thomas Oliver O’Reilly  – This was a very simple quote from my father.  Profoundly simple yet very true.  To my dearly beloved departed father.  I say this.  Dad I am happy and if you saw me now I know you would be happy too – happy to see your beloved daughter number five out of eight happy at last.   To my beloved deceased father this reflection is for you.  I must add that robins used to be not afraid to land on my father’s hands.  Birds loved my father and would land on his hands.  To me his daughter I was amazed by this because apart from one fallen bird that I successfully rescued which flew away.  I have never had birds land on my hands.  My father was a remarkable man in his simplicity and his simple love for all eight of his children.  My father and my mother were both able to bond with all eight of us in their own unique ways.  This reflection is a tribute to my deceased father may he rest in peace and for my beloved elderly mother.  To view my other bird footage you need to search the playlists in my you tube channel.  I must limit the links I post to one per blog entry.  My you tube channel is a variety show and is growing in size.  I do what I do for the joy of writing and you tubing.  Money does not buy happiness.  We can be happy with little that is part of my message.  We do not need much to be happy a lesson my own father and mother taught me.  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy two playlists…One is of an awesome bird show from our visit to Lanzarote on the Canary Islands and the other is my recordings of birds chirping making their own lovely bird songs….