A Mystery – A Reflection

This poem titled A Mystery  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 96.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled A Mystery consists of four stanzas two lines in the first and last stanza and four lines in the two middle stanzas.   This poem opens with these two lines “evil force is a mystery rubbing the spears for your faith”  This sentence alone is very profound.  To me the reader this speaks to the spears of evil hell bent on destroying the faith of men and women of goodwill.  Let’s face it evil is evil and good is good and evil in it’s purest form seeks to destroy all that is good and what is good.  The second stanza talks about false promises.   With these words “you promise to leave doubt” etc. and “a bouquet of thorns sinks into your wounded womb”.  Wow I am speechless as to the depth of prose from a young girl.  Akiane was only 9 years old when she penned this prose.  Or penciled this prose.  I am amazed.  What this stanza says to me the reader is there are many false promises in the world today and with false promises comes false Christ’s false God’s full of spears hell sent and hell bent on destroying any real faith in men and women of goodwill.   The “wounded womb” in this second stanza to me the reader talks about the empty wombs of billions of women around the world who choose to abort their unborn child.  These abortions leave behind wounded wombs.  Wombs that can no longer carry children to term due to perforations in the uterus and other damage caused by abortion.  Many women who have histories of abortion or abortions often find themselves unable to carry their future children to term due to wounded wombs from abortion or abortions.  The same is true of millions of women around the world who use contraception in all its forms.  These women are often less fertile due to histories of contraception in their own lineages or family lines.  Families with a history of contraception use experience decreased fertility in their living children who grow up and are not as fertile as their parents were.  This explains the increase in other methods for having children such as “surrogate parenting” and “invitro fertilization” which are popular methods of begetting children today that are not scriptural or sound in nature.  Those seeking surrogate mothers and invitro fertilization forget this.  That their lack of fertility is their reward for they are reaping what their own lineages sowed.  Histories of abortions and contraception rendering modern men and women less fertile their reward for using contraception and abortion.  The scriptures say that mankind reaps what they sow.  Well the need for surrogate parenting and invitro fertilization is the reward the reaping from what was sown by their lineages.  Infertility due to abuses of nature found in vile contraception which is an abuse of hormones that goes against the natural.  The same is true of unnatural heinous abortions.  I am purposely leaving other lines out of this poem to encourage my readers to purchase your very own copy of Akaine’s book of poetry online.  What Akiane does say in this poem is so true “leaving love is not a victory” and “the future is” – indeed – “a mystery indiscernible to your carnal eyes”.    So very true I put those words in quotes to credit Akiane as Akiane wrote that not me.  To me the reader – leaving love is not a victory means that when women forget their own unborn children destroying their own wombs in the process these women are carnal and  have carnal eyes.  These women and the men too are not capable of understanding the mystery of the futures destroyed by refusing to allow their own children to be born alive or conceived for that matter.  The future is indeed indiscernible to carnal eyes as Akiane says because carnal eyes only seek pleasure and do not seek to be fruitful and multiply so as to fill the earth with the children the God of life intended to send to earth via unions between men and women.  Too many men and women today are carnal they lust after one another and want all the pleasures that come with sexual intercourse and intimacy but do not want the fruit of their own loins the children that can come from such unions.  Hence the future is indiscernible to those with carnal eyes who seek not to build a future but to destroy the present and the future. Childless couples who refuse to have children out of vile hatred for all that is good the children and our future as a species do great untold unspeakable damage to the earth and to our world.  Our futures are robbed of the children meant to be born and all that is left today are empty houses.  Large homes with couples living like kings and queens with two cars in the driveway or garage and no children to show for their unions only empty houses and vast wealth.  Few families today have five or more children.  I am number five out of eight children.  It is becoming more rare these days to be able to say you are number five out of eight or more children.  That is very sad that is deplorable truly horrible.  Many older couples only have to show for their years of marriage –  empty large buildings homes devoid of children and grandchildren and cars and wealth.  That is a sad legacy because when we die we cannot bring money houses land and wealth with us.  Our children are our true legacy our true futures.  When mankind forgets to value their children mankind forgets their own future and as such mankind annihilates and destroys their own species from within – the war on the womb which I call world war III.  There is not much left of our species and if we have a fourth world war it will be total destruction of our planet.  Mankind has already done a hell of a job destroying our own species.  What is so tragic too is stupid horrible women demand these abortions it is mostly women who want abortions and contraception.  These women are carnal women with carnal eyes too stupid to be able to discern the future for our species for the future is hidden from the woman with carnal eyes.  Also, stupid women love to gossip and that is all these women are good at doing is gossiping and many women in religion love to call women who oppose them crazy and other such nonsense.  Stupid women abound today and when intelligent women who are not stupid enough to listen to their projections challenge these false pious women on pedestals hell bent on destroying our own species with their stupid diatribes.  These stupid women love to label those who oppose them as crazy.  Oh snap to the stupid women I say this.  There are too many angry intelligent women not dumb enough to listen to your projections from pedestals.  There is not a damn thing you can do about that.  As for going on sex strikes well good luck with that too many men today can get sex so easy and for free that these men have no need to go on sex strike.  Oh snap and to stupid women who refuse to birth children for the man who wanted children with you but you lied and deceived your man into laying with you refusing him his own children.  Try going on sex strike good luck with that.  After your man leaves and lays with a good woman better than you who is willing and unafraid to birth his children making him a happy man.  Tell intelligent women how sex strike is working for you.  The smarter woman is likely laying with your man having a great time getting pregnant for him too.  Meanwhile you are crying to your own mother bad mouthing the intelligent women for opposing contraception and abortion and for stealing your man.  Oh snap to stupid women who view intelligent women as threats to your husbands.  Well if you were not stupid enough to deny your man sex and his own children and other garbage that you pull on your own husband including and not limited to bad mouthing your partner to others – you would not have to fear intelligent women not stupid enough to pull the dumb crap that you pull.  Oh snap to stupid women that demand their husbands who are in the medical profession to perform abortions on other women – abortions these good men do not want to perform.  Do not blame intelligent women for stealing your man.  You lost your man long ago when you demanded he shed the blood of innocent babies in the wombs of other women.  Meanwhile you shout from the rooftops about how wonderful you are because you would never personally have an abortion yet you demand your husband if he is in the medical profession do the dirty work for you.  How low can you go ladies.  That is scummy the lowest of the low and intelligent women do not listen to your diatribes your projections from pedestals.  After all intelligent women know you women are too stupid to discern the futures that you destroy on a daily basis with your vile bloodlust for abortion for other women and you do not mind if your own  husband if he is in the medical profession and qualified to do so does your dirty work the abortions on other women.  Stupid carnal women love to have other women tell them how wonderful they are and how lovely they are and stupid women make intelligent women sick to their stomachs.  Intelligent women do not have to go hunting for a man or looking for men.  Intelligent women fight for their right to be lonely and are able to accept being lonely.  Intelligent women have no need or desire to hunt down a spouse or husband like so many desperate stupid women do.  Intelligent women accept lonely times as a part of daily life and have no desire whatsoever or need to fight for the affections of man or men.  An intelligent man will seek out an intelligent woman and it is the man that does the work he pursues that woman and an intelligent woman understands that she has no need to pursue a man for a thing.  Too many stupid women use their attractive appearances as leverage to destroy men to go after men and to ruin their lives and the lives of all involved.  Intelligent women have no need for such nonsense and have no time for it either.  I have a wicked sense of humor so to lighten this message enjoy my challenge that I put on you tube.  I call it the reincarnation challenge.  That’s right readers take the reincarnation challenge.  Want to know if someone is a true friend.  Here is a way to figure that out.  Say something different to your so called friend say something so very different that you risk that so called friend calling you crazy.  Now as long as what you are saying is not harmful to others go for it.  If this friend is a true friend they will be receptive to what you say.  If they are a false friend then they will call you names like crazy and such.  Incarnation is a concept a belief embraced by religions originating from the country of India.  More than one religion embraces the belief of reincarnation.  I tell you now what I did to get one horrible woman I was sick and tired of dealing with to come clean.  I knew this woman was awful and was telling others that she thought I was crazy.  So, I proceeded to tell this horrible older woman that I believed that I might be a reincarnation of a former lady a woman who has since passed away but was on the world stage when she was alive on earth.  That did it out came the “you are crazy comments and verbal abuse”.  Enjoy my you tube presentation of the reincarnation challenge.  I hope this makes you laugh.  I am serious when I say this.  I left the Roman Catholic Church that was my personal choice.  If I was someone from India who was raised Hindi or Buddhist and if I told a Roman Catholic or Catholic that I believed in reincarnation.  I would be met with some degree of reserve and respect and these Catholics would listen.  Well as a former Catholic if I come along and say well I am no longer Catholic and I now believe in the possibility of reincarnation.  I am told I am crazy.  I say this to make a point that organized religions not limited to Catholics and Roman Catholics are notorious for ostracizing and verbally attacking those who do not act or behave or believe the same way they believe.  In other words if others do not think as they do in organized religions then the others are told they are “going to hell” if they do not go to church on Sundays etc.  Catholics are notorious verbal abusers.  They tell their followers all the time they are going to hell for this or that particularly if they miss mass on a Sunday then hellfire yawns before them.  I would know because I was told I was going to hell so many times.  Hell I lost count.  Well to all Catholics and Roman Catholics I say this.  Tis not me who hates Catholics or Roman Catholics Tis horrible members of your church that loves to hate women like me.  After all too many Catholics view me as a “holy terror” a “threat to their husbands” among other crazy stupid things.  Many Roman Catholics and Catholics are too stupid to understand those who no longer buy into their doctrines and teachings.  Oh snap, I have a mind to say to Catholic women that I came here to “piss you off and bang your husband”.  Here’s my girlfriend card tell your hubby to look me up I am willing to get pregnant for him too since you refuse your man more than four children at the most.   I got the line I quoted from the movie bad moms.  Seriously, that is what I have a mind to say to many insecure wives not limited to Catholic wives.   Why the hell would I want someone’s husband?  For Christ’s sake it’s crazy how insecure wives act today.  I say too many carnal women belong in mental institutions as they are crazier than I ever was or could be.   I use humor often to deal with life too and my joke is that I am a holy terror to carnal modern men after all I am very fertile and I refuse to use contraception and of course I would never consider an abortion.  Well when I tell modern men that I am a fertile woman like fertile myrtle they run for the hills.  Drum roll please! Ha!  It’s funny it’s hilarious how insane modern society has become.  Hell I don’t need contraception all I need to say is that I am very fertile these days and that is the best deterrent of all.  Men run for the hills when faced with an authentic real woman not afraid of her own fertility and not stupid enough to lay with men who want her to pop contraception pills.  I leave it to the others the stupid women willing to lay with stupid men who do not want children.  A stupid man recently told me that he does not think that I should have any more children.  I laughed my ass off because that dumb ass said this to me because I refused him my company.  He stated that he wanted to “hang out with me” or spend time with me.  When I refused and made it clear I had zero interest in him for that purpose it was only after this that he stated to me that he thought I should never have more children.  How stupid can you get.  Stupid men think they can insult women like me because oh snap intelligent women have men figured out too.  We have the men figured out and we have the stupid women figured out along the way too.  Who cares if I have another child or children?  Seriously who cares?  It’s not like I am ever asked how I feel about that.  Instead I get stupid men and women many Catholics too telling me they think I am delusional and that I should never have more children.  No wonder then so many fill the churches with empty wombs from hysterectomies and willful sterilizations and so many stupid women are dying dropping like flies dying too soon because they were stupid enough to allow their reproductive organs to be fully removed during hysterectomies.  Such as full removal of their wombs.  How stupid can you get.  Women who have their reproductive organs removed including their wombs are at greater risk of early deaths due to the increased demands on their aging bodies and the need for unnatural medications to supplement for hormones no longer being naturally produced by their bodies robbed of their own wombs from vile hysterectomies.  There are so many tubal ligation women out there too who are proud they got their tubes tied and boast incessantly about this as well.  One stupid woman I encountered would complain to me about her desire for more children meanwhile the man she married had a vasectomy done or the male version of sterilization done and she put her own daughter on the contraception pill and then cried to me about wanting more children.  That is insanity at it’s finest.  Like duh! woman or lady if you really want more children then marry or get with a man who wants a kid with you.  Don’t marry a dude who is sterilized because no kiddos are coming to you from that man.  I cut that stupid woman off she was also brazen enough to claim that I am gay because I am blissfully single.  That was soo stupid just because I don’t lay with dumb men who don’t want children I must be gay.  Well I recently came out of the closet folks as a very joyful happy person which is another definition of the word gay.  I am not homosexual but I am very gay in that I am very happy joyful and exuberant.  Many stupid women and men do not know how to deal with intelligent women and men not limited to myself. A sign of intelligence is the ability to know you are not very bright.  I know I am not that smart I am too stupid to figure everything out.  I am not a rocket scientist and there are many things I am not good at doing.  I am bright enough to recognize that I am not that smart.  There are many things I am not good at doing.  I am smart enough to know I am stupid too.  I am simply not stupid enough to get with a man who does not want children or to get married to a man who is sterilized then cry that I cannot have children.  That is asinine pure stupid.  I fight for the right to be lonely.  I have no problem experiencing being lonely.  I know what I am and what I am about and who I am at the core of my being.  That is good enough for me.  I suppose I could go bang an unhappy husband and get pregnant.  I refuse to do that too because I am not stupid enough to go after unhappy husbands.  I don’t what a hell cat stupid angry wife at my door accusing me of being responsible for her unhappy miserable husband.  My point is this too we do not have to have sex to survive.  You can live and thrive and do very well without sex.  I am 47 years old now and I have no desire to have more children.  I don’t need to use contraception because I don’t bang men.  The only way I would ever have another child is if I am raped again like I was raped before.  Or if an intelligent man worthy of my partnership and I say this with a grain of salt with some humor too.  I do like to use humor often.  No man on earth is crazy enough to pursue a woman like me.  I don’t blame him either.  Men today can get sex so easy there is no need to pursue a woman like me.  Shoot sex is ready at every turn.  Men do not have to go far to have sex.  Shoot there is no way in hell a man would bother with me.  This brings me great joy and relief too because I am free to just be myself.  I do not have to take contraception and I do not have to please men either.  That is a profound relief.  I don’t have to dress up and try to look sexy and provocative or attractive after all I am smart enough to have men figured out.  Who cares?  Seriously if I wanted sex I can go get sex.  Sex is easy for women to find too.  My point is this.  Just because I think differently or act differently and do not conform does not make me bad?  The crazy Auntie whom I told I believed I was a reincarnation of a former female world player.  Well she said she thinks there is evil in me.  Well fair enough there is evil in all humans.  I do not claim to be perfect you will not find me on a pedestal projecting about the need to murder babies via abortion on demand.  I do not dress in white and parade around the world as a perfect prefect either whose teachings are “infallible” of all things.  Nope I do no such thing I leave that to the man in white whose name ends in -ope and whose first initial begins with the letter p.  It never ceases to amaze me too the millions who adore the man dressed in white parading around the world as good and holy and whose teachings are “infallible”.  Oh snap women like me then say nah I do not believe your teachings are “infallible” as you claim after all so many scumbags destroy children in the dark and rape men and women too who listen to your “infallible teachings”.  I am rendered speechless and appalled by so many stupid idiots who buy that crap.  Then I am called crazy for not conforming to such madness.  I am accused falsely of hating Catholics and such.  Nah I do not hate organized religions around the world I simply abhor stupid.  I do not do stupid.  I do not like stupid and I have no patience for the stupid in the world.  I suppose it is fair to say that I hate stupidity and I hate stupid.  You will not find me on a pedestal of any kind because those on pedestals have to great a fall waiting for them.  When on a pedestal the image one must protect is protected no matter the cost.  I quote a stupid man here who said to me that he would not report child abuse because “I am a public figure”.  What more is there to say then.  Public figures mostly for the most part serve only themselves and their own agendas thus fulfilling sacred scriptures that say in the word of God that “mankind will become lovers of themselves”.  This is very true today.  Too many love only themselves and are too stupid to discern the future for in their self love many today have forgotten how to value and love their own children.  I always report child abuse.  Those who fail to report child abuse do not deserve to be given the time of day or your breath as law abiding citizens.  I hate pedestals for this reason I hate pedestals because pedestals are plain stupid.  You put men and women on pedestals dress them up to look pretty or smart or handsome and wow you can seduce the nations into wicked idolatry and child murder via abortion and contraception on demand.  Welcome to the new age.  The age of pedestals and stupidity with “infallible teachings” of all things claimed by a man in white.  Well white must be the new black then.  Because the black arts and horrible deeds done in the dark by a church that claims to have “infallible doctrines and teachings” blows my  mind.  Yup readers I coined the term “white is the new black”.  White is indeed the new black and welcome to the new age of idolatry and pedestals full of stupid wicked idolaters who are cruel and merciless to their own unborn children.  The western world.  Enjoy my you tube challenge called take the reincarnation challenge.  Tell someone you don’t like that you believe that you are a reincarnation of a former world figure and wait for their response then laugh your ass off.  No offense intended to decent Roman Catholics and Catholics around the world or to those who embrace reincarnation.  It is offensive to bad mouth others behind their backs that is spineless a horrible thing to do particularly when that person is not there to defend their position.  A strong woman said to me and I quote her here: “if they are bad mouthing me behind my back that means they are leaving others alone.”  So profound and so very true and to me that woman is a strong woman.  Heaven help us all though I dare say too many today claim to be “infallible in their teachings” to have any concern for what Heaven thinks about the mess modern man is in today.  Enjoy my you tube clip below and go ahead take the reincarnation challenge.  Enjoy my crazy humor and by the way crazy humor is not crime.  Also more crazy humor for many today who question where they come from?  The answer is simple really we all come from intercourse and climax.  Drum Roll please!!!  Seriously next time someone asks me about my lineage though I am well versed in my lineage.  I will reply with this answer sure I come from intercourse and climax the same way you came.  Though I dare say today many children are conceived via invitro fertilization so for many today they cannot say they came from intercourse and climax they must then say I came from masturbation and climax from spilled seed used for the unnatural act of fertilizing the eggs of desperate women from a lineage that is not as fertile as they once were due to abuses of nature in the forms of birth control.  Birth control in all its forms is how I was conceived then.  That is what those who were conceived via invitro fertilization can say.  Tis the terrible truth.  Though this does not diminish or reduce the value and worth of that human being conceived that way.  That person is still a human being worthy of respect.  No offense intended by the way to folks conceived via invitro fertilization.  You are the same as me no different how you were conceived is not your fault or doing.  Invitro fertilization is a symptom of the western world gone stark raving mad.  Or if you were conceived by a surrogate mother then you can say that you also came from intercourse and climax or you can say that you came from masturbation and spilled seed used to fertilize a desperate woman’s egg that was then placed inside a surrogate mother.  The narrative is long as to how stupid the western world has become.  It is always the children from these various forms of conceptions that suffer.  Again no offense intended to children conceived that way or born to surrogate mothers for desperate carnal women.  As human beings we are all the same and how we came to earth is very basic.  As for myself I am number five out of eight children conceived the most natural way possible – intercourse and climax between my own mother and father who loved each other.  My parents had their problems yet my parents in my eyes are geniuses for they never forgot how to love their own children.  My parents never forgot how to welcome their children into the world.  Despite serious problems in our home.  All eight of us were made welcome with open arms and we were housed clothed and well fed.  We never went hungry.  My parents were good providers and both of them were excellent cooks.  My mother to this day is an excellent cook.  The gift my parents gave me is the gift of faith.  I still believe there is a God a creative genius behind this mighty frame.  I remain Christian in my own core values and beliefs.  I sing the scriptures which brings me great joy.  I am not close to my family today and my father passed away may he rest in peace.  The gift I can return to my beloved parents including my beloved elderly mother.  Is this blog and my you tube and my crazy humor. I don’t have much to give back at the end of the day.  My parents never forgot how to care for all eight of us when we were too little to care for ourselves.  I was number five and not convenient at all yet my parents took great care of me when I was too little to care for myself.  It is for this reason I will love both my parents unconditionally for all eternity.  To my beloved elderly mother though we are not close and for my beloved deceased father.  This reflection is for you.  Enjoy my crazy humor and consider taking the reincarnation challenge to discover who your true friends are.  There are too many false friends today and I am glad to notice too that many both young and old are figure that out including my own family.