Thunderstorms – A Reflection

This poem titled Thunderstorms  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 95.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Thunderstorms consists of six stanzas with three lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of a tree that was knocked down by a severe thunderstorm in Ireland…For my reflection of the poem Thunderstorm… I will leave out the first two stanzas and I remind my readers to purchase your own copy of Akiane’s fine prose online.   I will quote these few lines for purposes of discussion.  “cooled by dawn thunderstorms devotion shrivels and fear runs to the edge of each leak and as reflections of a planted jasmine burst together with an over-inflated balloon the wet clay face of love tries catching fingerprints from blind children”  I will leave out the rest and limit the last quote that I mention for purposes of discussion to the last line of the last stanza in this poem.  “for sight is motion”.   To me the reader this poem speaks about many things as this prose is multidimensional transcending time and space.  Yes this poem speaks to me of the children destroyed who died too soon and never drew breaths on earth and their eyes were plucked out by abortion on demand.  Yes this poem speaks to me the reader about this terrible problem of self annihilation.  I say self annihilation because when a mother kills her own child.  Like it or not that is murder in the first degree it is horrible and when a woman forgets her own child she forgets herself and loses herself in the process of self annihilation from abortion on demand.  What this self annihilation then produces is a narcissist a full blown diabolical narcissist.  Men and women too full of themselves to leave room for a god of any kind never mind the God of life.  After all too many today are too afraid to have children or birth children.  Pregnancies today are treated like a major crisis and like a disease.  It is crazy to watch the western world go crazy stark raving mad when a woman becomes with child or pregnant.  The western world cannot handle pregnancy any more.  These days a pregnancy is treated like a disease to be treated or a major crisis.  Heck even the CDC the center for disease control here in the USA proudly publishes all the abortions done to cure women from the disease of pregnancy.  It’s crazy and the children always suffer that is the terrible truth.  Also many today do not like to hear the truth they do not want to hear the terrible God awful truth.  After all the truth can be painful to hear.  A symptom of the narcissistic times we are living in is this.  I am a huge fan of Simon Cowell all you have to do is look up the name Simon Cowell and you will find Simon Cowell all over the place online.  Simon Cowell is “the man the myth the legend” behind shows such as America’s got talent and other similar type shows.   Simon Cowell mastered the concept of harnessing the power and leveraging the untapped talent that can be found in the general public.  There are many unsung talents out there many folks who are very talented to be sure.  Then there are some very bad auditions too.  Simon Cowell leverages bad auditions to his advantage as well.  Simon Cowell is a genius a brilliant man.  Simon Cowell has that UK direct approach and he can be very rude which I love.  For Simon Cowell being rude direct and in your face works.  If Simon Cowell does not like your performance he will make that very clear and he does not sugar coat his words which I love.  Lets face it when you see those awful auditions it is concerning how out of touch with reality some of these blind performers are and their attitudes are often in the crapper.  Simon Cowell has the ability to help every day people either make it or break it in the music business.  I like to say that Simon Cowell has connoisseur ears that man can pick raw talent.  One performer complained about having to wait three hours to perform in front of the great Simon Cowell.  My gosh an every day person like me would be honored and thrilled to be given a chance to perform in front of Simon Cowell.   The difference here is while I do sing.  I do know that I do not have the best set of pipes in the music industry.  I would not insult Simon Cowell by demanding that man listen to a thing I have to say or sing.  It is for this reason that I enjoy using you tube for amateur performers such as myself.  You will not find me posing or performing on live stage in front of the great Simon Cowell.  That being said I was inspired to write some crazy songs for Simon Cowell.  I am a fan of Simon Cowell I simply know better than to waste that man’s valuable time by daring to perform my silly songs on his fabulous stage.  Then again I am not narcissistic that is the difference.  When I study horrible performers with crappy attitudes I see the narcissism.  These people are literally out of touch with reality which is hard to watch – actually.  At the end of this reflection while it is true that when it comes to abortion there are no winners.  To lighten the atmosphere do give a listen to this crazy song for Simon Cowell that I wrote titled Can It for all the horrible performances out there.  If you the listener deem my silly song worthy of a share then by all means share far and wind.  If not simply leave it and x out after all I am not narcissistic and I do not care either way.  I have found an outlet for writing and singing and I do what I do because I love what I do full stop.  I do this for no other reason than for the pure joy of doing what I love.  Writing and singing silly songs among other things.  I am eligible for monetization on you tube.  I am not going to apply for monetization as my channel is still very small.  Besides I don’t want the pressure of having to perform for money.  I do not do what I do for money.  I am adding the link at the end of this reflection for your enjoyment –  my silly song titled Can It.  Simon Cowell this reflection is for you and no offense intended but I am so glad your mother kept you Simon.  I say this with great respect for your mother and father.  Now Simon I have no idea about your family history so I will simply say I am so glad that Simon Cowell is in the world among the living not destroyed by abortion on demand which means too many children are not allowed to be born to become the Simon Cowell’s of the world.  I am numba five out of eight children meself.  I am so glad my mother had enough sense to keep me too though I was a pain in the ass at times.  My own mother never forgot how to love her own children and we were always well fed and housed which was no small feat for my own feisty Irish Mammy.  To my own beloved Irish Mammy who is still alive and well this reflection is for you.  My mother was never afraid to tell me to shut up let me tell ya.  To all the mothers who had enough sense to keep their own children this reflection is for you too and for all women too who regret their abortions.  Kindly give this silly song can it a listen and may my silly song encourage men and women who feel pressured into having an unwanted abortion to tell those terrible people to shut up to can it after all they are full of crap and you do not have to listen to them.  For former abortions workers thank you for coming to your senses and for quitting the wicked abortion business.  This silly song can it is for you too to give you continued to courage to say can it to those who are full of bull crap of the highest order.  For those considering leaving the abortion industry this song is for you listen to can it and take courage and tell those who oppose your desire to change your life for the better to shut up and can it for you sir and you ma’am have had enough.  This song can it is for all of us from every walk of life who have simply had enough of bull crap including crap performances by those with crappy attitudes.  Enjoy my two silly songs especially for Simon Cowell….