Dried Tears Never Reach A Rainbow – A Reflection

This poem titled Dried Tears Never Reach A Rainbow  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 93.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Dried Tears Never Reach A Rainbow consists of four stanzas with six lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is of my own parents as newlyweds with two children at the time of this photo.  The two babies are my two oldest brothers…Dried Tears Never Reach A Rainbow describes the problem of how quickly memories fade for mankind…I will limit my quote to the first stanza encouraging my readers as I always do to go ahead and purchase your very own copy from Akiane online to be able to appreciate the full length of this four stanza poem.   “I wish I could view my memory But the memory forgets yesterday’s truth – If love had enough light She would never stay blind – And with just one life left to love I split the cast of my youth.”  Wow such profound words from such a young lady.  Akiane was 9 years old when she wrote this profound prose.  Too many of us have forgotten how to love because in the our childhoods we were not shown how to love due to bad example.  Too many parents today love themselves more than their own children.  Too many parents today focus on the world and everything the world offers forgetting that their children are the world and their children are their true heritage.  Children today are treated like crap like garbage like trash and the rights afforded children are almost non existent.  Few adults today bother to listen to the little voices of their own children.   Then many are shocked when someone they hired who looks great on paper ends up being horrible to their children.  Many today have to put webcams into their homes because trust is destroyed.  Many today are more concerned about money wealth status and power than their own children.  They leave their own children behind in the dust forgetting that in their older years the children are meant to be there for them just as parents are expected by the Most High God of Life to be there for their own children.   These days too many parents are absent spiritually and emotionally and physically as both parents work most of the time leaving their own children to be raised by wolves.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing come in many forms and many look excellent on paper men and women alike.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing cross borders boundaries and thresholds with no discrimination hell bent and hell sent on destroying holy innocent children.  Too many parents have forgotten how to love their own children.  Too many parents have forgotten how to protect their own children from wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Too many parents are lost to their own vices and sins particularly their lust for money status and power.  The price paid for the comforts of modern society is this.  The children always suffer and it is the billions of children around the world discarded like trash via diabolical abortion on demand.  The living children are horribly abused and neglected while mankind remains indifferent to the least among us the least of these the children.  It is so true Dried Tears Never Reach A Rainbow – the Rainbow of the tears of the fallen the tiny soldiers the least among us the children.  There is a mystical rainbow of tears witnessed by all of heaven of the children destroyed in the dark in the name of God and the children destroyed due to birth control in all its ugly forms which feeds the abortion on demand blood bath.  My God too many today recite prayers and demand things from the God of life and to heaven many today are full of smarmy and are nothing but clanging cymbals of noise in a world gone dark by the blotting out of the face of God from the hearts of fallen mankind.  The darkness of the hearts of mankind has unleashed hell on earth.  One does not have to look far to witness hell on earth.  In this hell on earth the children have suffered and continue to suffer the most – children devoured by vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing hell sent and hell bent on the destruction of holy innocent children.  Every second at least four human beings die and three of that number is due to birth control and abortion on demand around the world the other number is those dropping like flies due to cancer.  I make no claim as to statement of facts but the numbers of human beings dying are so vast these days it would make your head spin.  Too many are dropping like flies and most of mankind remains indifferent in a blindness of hearts that have forgotten how to love.  Mankind has forgotten how to  love their own children.  The memories of the past are blotted out and these days millions demand the blood of the unborn children on the chopping block of convenience.  It is so horrid today that many woman are literally afraid of  child birth.  I have met women in Europe who told me they are afraid of child birth.   This explains why many in Europe have few if any children any more.  In Europe I have personally witnessed a vile hatred of children a hatred so strong you can cut the air with this hatred.  Children are often set up to fail in Europe and children are often criminalized for bad behavior instead of being given chances to correct their bad behavior in advance.  In Europe some school systems systemically and categorically watch and wait for a child to miss too much school without taking steps to discourage this truancy behavior.  The child is then forcibly punished with little to no previous intervention efforts made.  Truant children are often children who come from dysfunctional homes and these children need to be given every chance to remedy their truancy rather than simply being watched like prey to be pounced upon and punished by those in positions of authority hell bent on destroying holy innocence in children around the world.  Most of the Western world now views the child as a burden that is often unwanted.  I once met a very troubled woman.  She is married with seven children.  That woman survived the trauma of an attempted abortion by her own mother.  That mother raised that daughter and filled that poor woman with toxic shame.  This woman is lovely she is beautiful yet inside at the core of her being her own mother destroyed any sense of worth that woman ever had.  Do you know what that mother said to her own daughter as she raised her??? – Take a moment of silence please — That mother told that little girl that she was angry the abortion attempt failed.  My God what a wicked thing to say to your own daughter your own child.  I interacted with that woman many times over the course of nine years while living in the Midwest of the USA.  That woman to this day feels the need to overcompensate for the rejection of her own mother.  That woman to this day remains disturbed and unstable.  Her own mother destroyed this woman as a child.  So that by the time she became an adult this poor woman feels the need to boast incessantly about how wonderful she is and how good she is and how awesome it is that she married a wonderful man.  This woman is on social media constantly showcasing how wonderful her children are.   Because this woman’s sense of self was shattered from the day of her birth she feels the need to boast.  I wish that woman could own the fact that to this day she is lovely she is beautiful and yes she married a  wonderful man and her children are lovely.  That poor woman has no need to boast about all of that on social media.  This woman should know this about herself intrinsically without needing to boast.  Social media is a magnet for the abused many who experience heinous abuse in their youth take to social media for praise.  Many who experienced abuse in their youths become addicted to social media for the praise and adulation they receive.  I say this to the posers on social media those lost to the praises they get on social media.  Your life is far more precious and worth more than the number of likes you get on social media.   How many likes is your life worth?  Well your life is worth more than a billion likes for your life was always precious from before you were born.   Too many today have lost their sense of identity they no longer know who or what they are.  Many then become the things they hate and despise and many today become bitter.   Too many today drink from the poison cup of iniquity and become bitter as a result.  Part of this bitterness includes a self hatred a self loathing and since so many have forgotten how to love themselves this explains why so many today have also forgotten how to love their own children.  I have an elderly mother who has forgotten how to show empathy.  This is not my mother’s fault.  My mother despite serious problems in raising all eight of her children never forgot how to love children.  My mother and my father the same.  My father never forgot how to love children.  My parents welcomed all eight of us into the world with open arms without fear of failure and not one of my parents ever counted the cost.  My parents never forgot the eternal value of children.  Too many today have forgotten the eternal value of children.   While my mother has forgotten how to show empathy.  My mother knows how to forgive.  My mother is a very forgiving woman.  My mother cannot say the words “I forgive you” or “you are forgiven”.  My mother forgives with her actions and her ability to forget the past so as to move on.  I call my elderly mother every month or so.  Our conversations last about 3 to 5 minutes.  My mother because she has forgotten how to show empathy never asks me how I am doing or how my son is doing.  I must say this though that I myself have a history of yelling.  My mother could tell you that I am one of the yellers in my family.  Also I was a pill to deal with over the years too.  I say this because despite this history of yelling and history of telling my own mother off for being so horrible to me.  My elderly mother to this day accepts phone calls from a daughter who let her down a daughter who gave her nothing but trouble a daughter who was a royal pain in the ass to raise.  Yet despite all of the trouble I gave my elderly mother.  To this day that woman is able to accept phone calls from me.  That tells me that despite horrific abuse that my own mother experienced growing up in Ireland in the Irish school system in the 1930’s.  Abuse that destroyed my mother’s ability to show empathy.  My mother never forgot how to love children.  My mother never forgot how to forgive.  Sure my mother is not able to show empathy yet my beloved elderly mother knows how to love children and to forgive.  That is the miracle the wonder of a mother who prays for her children every single day of her life.  I tear up as I write this.  For years I was angry with my poor mother who was abusive to us growing up.  As I got more family history that helped me to understand that my family was likely accessed for abuse by wolves in sheep’s clothing outside our home.  This new information helped me to let go of the past and to forgive my mother and to love my mother unconditionally.  I want you to listen to a phone call that I made to my beloved elderly mother recently.  As you listen to this conversation it is a very simple phone call.  Notice how gracious my mother is about receiving a phone call from her difficult daughter.  I was difficult because of abuse.  Abuse that was not all her fault.  Despite being a difficult daughter.  I was able to complete six years of college and though I am a single mother due to sexual misconduct on the part of the father of my child who is a Roman Catholic Priest.  Listen to this phone call.  I have not seen my own mother in more than ten years.  My son is  now 11 years old.  While how I became pregnant filled my mother and family with toxic shame.   And how I became pregnant destroyed what little respect my family ever had for me.  With the help of heaven I want to show the world what unconditional love looks like.  Too many of us have forgotten how to love unconditionally.  I had to work on my own anger issues as I was very angry over crimes done to the humanity of our family in the name of God of all things.   Out of respect for the privacy of my elderly mother.  Notice I do not mention my name and my mother does not mention her name in this phone conversation.  Notice too that my mother never forgot how to thank God for the fact that she is doing so very well these days.  My mother is well into her 80’s now.  Where I live as long as you are one of the parties in a phone conversation then only one person needs to give consent to record the conversation.  Since I am one of the parties in this phone conversation.  I did not need consent from the other party to call.  It is my hope that in listening to this little phone conversation that the world will understand why it is I will never stop loving my elderly mother unconditionally.  My mother took care of me when I was too little too small to take care of myself.  I owe my mother an eternal debt of gratitude for this.   My elderly mother deserves a lot of credit for raising all eight of us as does my beloved deceased father.  Too many parents like my parents were ignored by the world and treated like dirt.  It is time to change the perception of parents like my parents.  While I cannot guarantee that my feisty mother will not become angry with me for sharing this little phone conversation.  I am willing to risk an angry Irish mother to show the world what holy love looks like.  Holy love is sacrificial and patient and while holy love is rough at times and not always kind particularly when wolves in sheep’s clothing destroy holy love at every turn.  Let this little phone conversation be my testimony to the world and before the  Throne of the God of life of what holy love looks like between an Irish elderly mother and her daughter.  Notice that my mother recognizes me her daughter’s voice right away.  Mothers and fathers play a vital role in the building of civilizations.  When families are destroyed by systemic abuse and birth control in all its forms.  Whole civilizations are destroyed.  Kindly take a moment of silence then listen to a brief conversation between an Irish daughter and her beloved elderly Irish mother both women of God who have not forgotten how to love their own children.  When I die the legacy I want to leave behind me is this.  I want to teach the world how to love their own children again and how to forgive and to love unconditionally.  To my own family my beloved deceased father and siblings.  While no amount of saying I am sorry can heal the mistakes I made in this  life.  No amount of unforgiveness can heal our family either.  My family are the most forgiving people you would ever want to meet.  It is due to years of hell on earth that my family has forgotten how to forgive me their own family member.  This is not their fault and I was a pill to deal with over the years.  To my beloved family this phone conversation is for all of us because we never forgot how to love our own mother and our mother never forgot how to love her own children.  To my elderly mother thank you mom for putting up with me all these years and for praying for me your difficult daughter and for all of your children every single day of your life.  Let this phone conversation be my signature of love and gift to my own family.  Heaven help us all to learn how to love our own children and to forgive and to love one another unconditionally.    I pray that the toxic shame that has destroyed my family for far too long – that this toxic shame be returned to the wolves in sheep’s clothing – where it belongs.  See link below to witness the holy love of my elderly mother a saint on earth and a woman to be respected and admired for raising eight children.   Particularly for raising me number five out of eight.  This reflection is a tribute to my dearly beloved father who passed away and my signature of love to my own family to show the world an incredible woman.  My mother!.