Staining The Rust – A Reflection

This poem titled Staining The Rust was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 92.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Staining The Rust consists of two stanzas with eight lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of a rusted shipwreck off the coast of Inisheer on the Aran Islands in Ireland…To me this photo is perfect for a poem titled Staining the Rust…Staining The Rust describes the human condition and as such we are all works of art in the eyes of the Most High God our supreme creator.  I limit my quotes to the first stanza and I encourage my readers to purchase your own copy of this book online from Akiane to be able to appreciate the complete text.  “Gazing through dew inside — the future . . . No stones to hide under — the past — Shoreless shore — the memory . . . Under an emotional microscope — the stillness is fast . . .”  To me the reader this poem describes the reality that when we make bad choices while we may succeed for a time in fooling many including ourselves we never ever could fool our original genius our creator the Most High God.  Pedestals are horrible, Pedestals are terrible because when we are placed on pedestals we are easily controlled and coerced into protecting images, projections and agendas that often do not describe the person placed on that pedestal.  Pedestals have destroyed whole nations because depending on the person projecting from that pedestal much good was done or grave evils befell our species.  A study of the music industry clearly shows that listening to angry music that encourages vengeance or other horrible things is an example of people on musical pedestals like clanging cymbals demanding the souls of their cult like followers.  The same is true in many cults not limited to organized religions around the world.  So many false Mary and false Christ deities exist around the world today it would make your head spin.  The problem of the pedestal is this.  The pedestal allows horrible people room to project and to demand attention from billions of people around the world.   The price of a pedestal is often very high and often diabolical in that if bad choices are made affecting millions to billions of human beings then the damage done from those pedestals in the form of speech crimes are eternal.  Damage done to our species is often irreversible.  Futures have been stolen from billions of unborn children around the world.  While as Akiane’s brother wrote “The Future Never Gives Up” Ilia Kramarik.  The futures of billions of unborn boys and girls was ripped from their mothers wombs by unjust diabolical laws allowing for the whole sale slaughter of billions of holy innocent children never given a chance to breath the air of this world we occupy.  My God what account is our species to give to our creator for these diabolical crimes.  Soft speech soft stances in the face of the worst  human rights crisis in the history of mankind worse than all the world wars combined – abortion on demand has resulted in the deaths of billions of unborn human beings around the world.  Horrible people demand the blood of the innocents on the altar of convenience in the name of God of all things.  No where in sacred scriptures do you see the words use birth control  contraception and abortion.  Instead you see the words from Genesis to this very day “be fruitful and multiply”.  The God of life promised Abraham seed for generations to come.  Is it any wonder then why the God of life obliged Abraham and his wife to wait for many years prior to birthing their son Isaac.  Isaac was born to elderly parents who prior to the time of the birth of Isaac had been tried tested and true by the God of life.  The God of life wanted to be sure that Abraham and Sarah would appreciate Isaac and appreciate and treasure Isaac is exactly what this grateful elderly couple did.  Fast forward to this day this year is 2019.  Today women are afraid of the pains of child birth and men and women are deceived into believing that we can use our sexuality for fun using our bodies like complex entertainment centers.  That is a human roller coaster ride and the only way off that ride is death.  Death to unwanted unborn children conceived due to irresponsible sex that should not have happened in the first place.  The music industry creates an altered existence in our world combine music with dancing and alcohol and drugs and often inhibitions go out the window and unwanted unborn children are conceived set to be slaughtered in the name of baal.  Set to be destroyed under the euphemism soft speech choice which leaves no choice to the unborn child and to the fathers and grandparents and extended family of this unwanted child.  The altars of the devil who is satan who is lucifer are many and take many forms.  These altars often include pedestals where human beings are placed on these pedestals projecting images and messages hell bent on destroying our own species.   Pedestals on altars from the bowels of hell using soft speech has literally destroyed humanity our species.  Music and dancing combined with drugs and alcohol is continuously destroying our species one fall at a time.  The fall of the unwanted babes slaughtered for crimes they never committed.  The fall of the parents men and women lost to the devil and his hell via soft living soft speech and drugs and alcohol and soft music or angry music or any kind of hell sent music hell bent on softening and destroying the senses so that many do what makes no sense at all.  They get pregnant for no reason at all other than thinking they have the right to sex using birth control methods that often do not work and when an unwanted child is conceived that child is destroyed in the most cruel and merciless machinations of evil known to mankind abortion on demand.  How the hell we got to the brink of total devastation is two words – soft speech.  Soft speech using euphemisms soft words from hell itself has destroyed our species.  Human beings on pedestals are like sirens from hell itself who do not know who they are or what they have become from years of being on a pedestal too easily coerced and controlled by others whose agendas are often diabolical in nature.  I am so glad I was never ever placed on a pedestal and I never ever want to be placed on a pedestal.  I say this in honor of the billions here in the USA whom I never got to meet thanks to abortion on demand.  To my fallen tiny soldiers lost to the war on the womb abortion on demand.  This reflection is for you.  I end with a silly song you might enjoy titled – Pedestal.  See link below.  Thank you for reading this reflection and have a laugh at my seriously silly song titled Pedestal.