Eternity Thumbnail – A Reflection

This poem titled Eternity Thumbnail was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 91.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Eternity Thumbnail consists of three stanzas The first stanza has ten lines the  middle stanza has six lines and the third and last stanza has ten lines. The poem I choose is of my own son as a new born baby taken on the day of his birth…This lovely poem talks about the Eternity Thumbnail of Childbirth… This is a lovely poem and this poem talks about “the panoramic birth of a human child with a crown of seeds – a glimpse of an eternity thumbnail yet an everlasting event”.  Wow that sentence found in the last stanza of this poem is amazing.  I could not have said it better myself.  Each and every human being is a unique creature and male children are born with “a crown of seeds” and female children are born also with “a crown of seeds”.  It is a known fact that female human beings have a certain number of eggs waiting to be fertilized by the seed of their partners.  Women of child bearing age can have children for a limited time in their life span.  Males can father children much later in life than women who birth children.   It is for this reason it is wise for women of child bearing age to marry young and to marry wisely.  Marrying a man who is a real man unafraid of his responsibilities as husband and father and able to provide for his family which will grow over the years is advised for women.  Sadly today many women experience false love which destroys and ruins their futures.  I would know because I myself experienced false love.  The good news for me is I have a wonderful boy a boy I enjoy getting to know over and over as he continues the panorama of his life I find I need to get to know my growing boy as he goes through his different stages and phases.  My future was destroyed by false love.  For many of us this is the case.  What do we do then do we sit at home and shed tears in self pity or do we pull ourselves up buy the boot straps and write our own futures?  I say this because after experiencing depression shortly after the birth of my son.  It took me a long time to heal from the trauma of my past.  I have decided to write my own future with the help of heaven.  So what that I don’t have a real man to share my life with.  I could shed many a tear over that or I could take a stand and do something with my life.  I choose to take a stand and do something with my life.  For the sake of my son and myself.   So I don’t have a man so what.  It is not a crime to raise my child on my own with no help.  Last time I checked that is not a crime.  I have taken my son to the following countries.  Ireland, different parts of America, England, France, Portugal, The Canary Islands and Turkey.  My son loved Turkey the best out of all his travels. My son has visited Paris France and the Pyrenees France.  We really did not love Paris.  We loved the Pyrenees though.  I loved Portugal my son thought Portugal was ok.  We really enjoyed our time in Turkey.  Turkey was our favorite of all of the places we visited.  The devastation of truth is this.  Human beings are all unique and we are eternal creatures.  Our actions have eternal consequences too.  I live in my truth to the best of my ability with the help of heaven.  This is my truth and I own it.  What must be hard for folks is ending up marrying someone you thought you knew to be decent only to learn you married a narcissistic abusive type.  That happens a lot today in marriages.  Or worse yet imagine being married to a deity a thing you call God and you spend hours and years studying at special schools to become a minister or preacher or priest for that matter only to learn that you spent a solid portion of your life wed to an opinion a concept of a God that really does not exist at all.  I cannot imagine what that would be like.  Especially for priests to wake up and realize holy smoke I wed a beast a false God a false Mary who was supposed to be “the mother of priests”.  Many believe that Mary is the mother of God and that Mary is the mother of priests this belief is held dear to Roman Catholics and Catholics.  Well the scriptures do say that Mary whom every generation calls blessed births Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God.  So, Mary is mentioned in sacred scriptures as the mother of the true Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God.  Now Mary is referenced in Luke chapter 1 verse 43 as the mother of my Lord.  My Lord meaning that Mary was and remains the Mother of the true Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God.  I have not seen in sacred scriptures where Mary is referenced as the Mother of God himself.   I have not seen this mentioned in scriptures.  God is spirit God is eternal and God is a male God.  God always was and always will be so God does not have a mother as God is the creator of this mighty frame this universe.   God created Mary whom every generation calls blessed.  Mary birthed the son of God and son of man no where did Mary ever birth God himself.  It is too easy to fit false Christ idolatry into organized religion today.  I call organized religion and the religious spirit organized chaos.  I feel sorry for the poor fellas the poor priests standing in front of false Mary statues praying their rosaries often with sincere fervor and faith meanwhile this false Mary is laughing while evildoers destroy holy innocent children behind the backs of these well meaning lost priests.  These poor fellas cannot be all right or right in the head either.  When I was a member of the Roman Catholic Church I witnessed a prelate who is a missionary of mercy of all things stand in front of this Mary statue as if in a trance to recite daily prayers in a ritual like manner.  For a time I thought that was a fine thing and I used to go before mass to participate in this madness.  I joke that I am in recovery from the folly of my wasted youth and life as a Roman Catholic.  Lots to recover from glad I am still Christian in my core values and beliefs.  I feel sorry for these lost prelates.  These priests are lost to idolatry in front of graven images that they grew up with in their homes as children.  To men like that this is their normal this is all they know.  False Mary’s abound and are all over the place.  Many Catholic Children grew up with false Mary statues and pictures in their homes and knew nothing different or better.  The devastation that befell Catholic Children via pedophiles in their churches cannot be undone the damage done to holy innocent Catholic Children is irreparable.   Then these children grow up and either go on very bad roads or become the monsters they hate pedophiles and perpetuate wicked cycles of abuse.  Studies show that pedophiles who rape and harm children tend to target children for rape around the same age that they were raped.  So if that pedophile was raped at age seven then that pedophile will target seven year old children.  Vile disgusting and a disgrace to our own species. The Roman Catholic Church is full of abusive types horrible people who are convinced they are better than every one else.    The Roman Catholic Church is excellent at leveraging stories of people they hen pick and calls saints.  They canonize their own saints which is creepy because last time I checked the scriptures state that eternal judgement belongs to God alone.  Therefore not one of us knows the true number of saints in heaven. The Roman Catholic Church leverages stories of saints and places these folks on such holy untenable pedestals that the rest of the poor slobs in that church are supposed to be in awe of the virtues described in these characters.  Saint Teresa of Avila is one example as is Saint Therese The Little flower.  This is a true story and very funny now that I think of it.  I must tell it here.  First I must say that the stories of these ladies these nuns are wonderful tales and I do believe both nuns or sisters were decent.  Based on their stories they sounded like good gals.  I have respect for their tales.  As for their sanctity and sainthood in heaven well I leave that till the day of contention for the Most High God to let mankind know the state of affairs as to those gone before us.  After all there is a cloud of witnesses of children destroyed in the name of God by the Roman Catholic Church that must be held to account.   When I was in the Catholic Church this church promotes religious activities such as prayers etc.  So prior to getting out of that Church I decided to pray in Latin and sing my prayers in Latin and such.  Also, I offered to give this pompous Church a talk on my own experiences with Saint Therese the little flower in terms of my own understanding of the mystical meanings behind the name little flower and such.  You see the Roman Catholic Church tells their members to pray to Saint Therese the little flower for roses to be sent from heaven.  This church pushes this crap this garbage.  Well I fell for it hook line and sinker.  My son and I prayed to this Saint Therese for some flowers and after we finished saying our prayers we did get a copy of a painting by Monet with a field of flowers.  This did mean something to us at the time so I tried to share my experiences with this pompous church.  Well that did not go well.  Members of this bat shit crazy church tried to present me to others as crazy and not sound or well.  Harassing phone calls were made and I now have hard evidence this was done handed to me by the person receiving those annoying menacing phone calls.  In my case the laugh is on the Roman Catholic Church not me.  So instead of being glad that I might have had a mystical religious experience.  Members of that church tried to take the piss out of myself.  Part of this mess was a poor well meaning prelate that missionary of mercy got unnecessary phone calls and meddlesome members of that Church would tell me to call that missionary of mercy.  Well that missionary of mercy was not very nice and did not show me any mercy to speak of.  Instead he told me he thought I was crazy too forgetting that his whole behavior towards me was crazy.  I used to go to that man for confession and he would demand that I stand by the false Mary statue for confession thus breaching my right to privacy.  He would stand so close to me that I could breathe his breath.  That was awkward to say the least.  Or if not by the Mary statue I would be obliged to meet him for confession behind the holy water fountain area.  The whole mess was ridiculous.  Well after some time doing that I thought that was odd.  Then one day I got a text from that missionary of mercy telling me that he was waiting for me at the Church.  Either I had forgotten I had scheduled a confession time or he thought I was scheduled.  The text was innocent no harm done.  It was funny as I was busy paying off one of my many debts incurred by abuses done to my humanity by that same bat shit crazy church.   Gosh to think I was so stupid to think that going to confession to a man in a black and white clown suit would save my soul.  I was an idiot downright stupid.  I learned the missionaries of Mercy in the Roman Catholic Church cater to their pedophiles and forgive them all the time and are allowed to forgive abortion and other heinous crimes that are murderous in nature.  Crimes that are not possible to be forgiven for in this life as murder breaks the law of God and murder comes in many forms.  So murdering a baby in the womb under the euphemism abortion then going to a prelate in a clown suit to say I am sorry I was so wicked does not cut it.  Often times those who do crimes like that are lost to the devil.  I say often times not all the time as many women regret their abortions and many women are traumatized from their abortions because they knew not what the hell they were getting into.  Missionaries of Mercy in the Roman Catholic Church are not nice to those who oppose them or those who challenge them or call them on their crap.  Nah they show no Mercy then only try to paint their opposition as crazier than they are.  Well with the help of heaven the bat shit crazy crimes done by the filthy Roman Catholic Church are being revealed for all to see thus presenting prelates as bat shit crazy and not of sound mind and I would avoid a man like the plague from now on who stands in front of a Mary statue and prays on rosary beads for others while other members of his cult are raping boys and girls and men and women.  That makes no sense to sound minds at all.  Try to tell that to a missionary of Mercy and they cut you off as crazy.  They also refuse to refund you any money you give them.  I gave that Missionary of Mercy one hundred dollars.  I asked for my money back and got ignored and never got my refund.  This goes to show you what the Roman Catholic Church is really like.  It robs people blind.  I am a single mother due to rape by a Roman Catholic Priest and then missionaries of Mercy take my money with a sense of entitlement and then refuse to refund me when I say I have buyers remorse.  The whole Roman Catholic thing is a mess a joke.  Well in my case the laugh is on the Roman Catholic Church because evidence is mounting that those who rape children men and women fill that Church and are not of sound mind at all.  Men in clown suits black and white clown suits are not to be trusted at all and I would advise avoiding Roman collars like the plague.  Think of these men as boys in man suits who were likely accessed for abuse too either as boys or men sad to say and are controlled by their own states of fear.  Fear of being found out for their own nefarious habits such as masturbating or fornicating with women or men or children.  The list of their depravities is too long to list in this short email.  So where do  I stand with the whole Saint Therese the little flower deal.  I love her story I think she was a great gal who did her best.  Is she a saint?  Well eternity will tell mankind that at the appointed time known to God alone.  As for praying for roses I am not so sure.  The funny thing is this if you tell the Roman Catholic Church that pushes and promotes mystical saints all the time that you yourself are having some wonderful mystical experiences that Church will take the piss out of you and call you crazy.  Well it is my turn to take the piss out of the Roman Catholic Church and call them all bat shit crazy.  The silly argument that not all of their perverts are bad does not fly anymore that is just plain stupid.  As for myself I am found to be sound as a bell and certainly not bat shit crazy like most Roman Catholics today who worship so many false idols I cannot keep count. I feel sorry for men in clown suits and purple robes.  There are spots on their garments for sure the blood of their iniquities the blood of innocent children destroyed by their filthy pedophiles.  I can say whatever I want to in this reflection after all this is my reflection not a statement of fact or an authority on a thing.  I am owed a large refund of monies I paid into the Roman Catholic Church for many years now.  I will likely never see a refund or an apology for their crimes.  All I ever got was hatred and hate speech and false accusations.  One pompous missionary of Mercy thought I was after him for romance simply because I told him I thought he was called to leave his post and marry a woman.  The funny part is this I told that fella I thought that it might be meself he’d be called to wed.  That was funny as I knew there was no way in hell that man would listen to a word I had to say.  That man tried to fill me with toxic shame and tried to present me as making a fool of myself.  Well the joke is on the Roman Catholic Church.  I don’t care as I have left that silly fool of a Church for better and brighter things.  That silly prelate had no idea that I never had any interest in him.  I simply wrote what I was inspired to write at the time that is all.  I say what is on my mind and then I get on with my life.  Tis true my life has been a big joke in many ways too.  The important thing is I learned my lessons and I would never let a stupid Catholic Priest near me ever again.  That prelate thought that I was mad after him which was really funny because I made no effort to pursue that man why would I do such a thing?  I do not chase men. Too many pompous Catholics are convinced I chase men.  Another priest tried to romance me online as well that was ridiculous and I had to cut him off altogether.  That is my truth.  I suppose Roman Catholic Priests love to hate women so instead they womanize and get women pregnant then abscond and leave these women alone to raise their children.  That is what was done to me.  Disgusting despicable and not nice.  No Mercy shown me then.  The verbal abuse I got was the worst.  Well that missionary of Mercy had to be told about the other fella writing me in a romantic way and last I heard that priest is no longer functioning as a priest.  Small wonder he was not right in head anyway acting as a priest preaching on faith and morals of all things then romancing women.  I am certain I was not the only one he wrote to that way.  To his credit the pompous missionary of Mercy dude showed me some respect and never tried anything for which I am grateful.  The whole mess is really a joke at the end of the day and very stupid too.  The false Mary’s are having a laugh as well as their idols and I suppose the devil himself is having a field day with most Roman Catholics sad and true. The truth is more devastating than fiction.  I cannot imagine what it must be like for Catholic priests to wake up and realize they were called to wed a woman but cannot get married as they are forbidden to wed a woman and instead must live a life of masturbation and wet dreams hence they are perverts lost to the devil that way.  No amount of false Mary’s will fix the sexual frustration problems faced by so many priests today.  Their false God does not fulfill these priests so they masturbate and womanize or worse yet do homosexual acts with men or lower and more heinous still rape boys and girls.  That is what you have in the Roman Catholic Church.  A bunch of sexually frustrated silly men in clown suits who think they are Gods unto themselves.  I dare say silly Seinfeld moments will not offer frustrated Catholic Priests much relief they are too lost to benefit from anything I say here or anything anyone says to tell them they are bat shit crazy to worship such idols that destroys children in the dark.  Far be it for a woman like meself to suggest men like that wed a woman and actually do the Christian thing and beget children.  By beget I mean actually father children in real life instead of acting like false God’s unto themselves.   To my readers thank you for reading this reflection and I say if ya don’t like what I say here simply x out of it and move on to other stuff ya like.  This is merely my reflection not a statement of fact simply a story one of my stories out there thank you for reading this and to the real Mary the mother of the true son of the Most High God the true Jesus Christ.  I am sorry Mary that so many are lost to false Mary’s tis a mess down here for sure and only you Mary whom every generation calls blessed can crush the head of the devil once and for all.  How beautiful are the steps in shoes of the princes daughter set to crush the head of satan as mentioned in sacred scriptures.  [This sentence is inspired by King Solomon’s canticle of canticles which I list as my frame of reference and source for my deep thoughts today…]  As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy my song titled crooked road that talks about the crooked roads many are on today not limited to marriages and false Christ and false Mary idolatry so rampant today….