Florescent Lives – A Reflection

This poem titled Florescent Lives was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 87.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled Florescent Lives consists of six stanzas with six lines in the first stanza and five lines in stanzas two through five and six lines in the sixth stanza.  The photograph I choose for this reflection was one I took during a tour of Fire Mountain which is an active volcano in Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote Canary Islands in 2019…What you see is called the Virgin’s Mantle which I found fascinating so I had to photograph The Virgin’s Mantle on Fire Mountain….The first stanza opens with these lines “When I am young, I never see myself.  When I am old, I always see myself young.”  This line is very profound and covers centuries of creation.  I have no need to quote another line from this brilliant poem.  So, to benefit from all of this poem purchase your own copy online from Akiane.   When we are young we are innocent and pure and as children we are invisible to ourselves and others.  Save our own families.  The tapestry of human life is like a canvas.  We are all works of art created by a creator a creative genius our simple minds are no match for this creator.  We all start off empty canvases we start off as buds similar to flowers that start off as buds.  Many of us get trampled on along the way just as many flowers get trampled underfoot by those walking on flowery fields.  Mankind is like a field of buds that blossom and grow into flowers.  The kind of flower that blossoms depends on the nature of the nurturing given.  A child is an open book a canvas a brand new work of art formed in its mother’s womb.  Waiting to be born and waiting to be held waiting to be loved nurtured and formed.  The formation of our children is an incredible task and a heavy responsibility.  It should be a crime for adults to teach children to behave badly or to do bad things.  All adults must answer to the creator of this mighty frame this universe for how they formed and raised their children from their budding stages on up to their adult years.  This is no small task and is a massive responsibility.  Using birth control and abortion as a way to usurp this responsibility is not the answer.  Neither is the silly argument that cruel merciless torture and murders of babies in the womb is better than birthing babies that are “unwanted” or whom might be at risk for lives of abuse.  That is the stupidest dumbest argument to justify cruel and merciless bloodletting of the least among us the child in the womb.   Whether or not a child blossoms or not is up to the parent to do their level best to form their children to blossom so as to fulfill the plans the creator of this vast mighty frame has for every child.  This is a daunting task.  Part of how mankind is tested is this.  Mankind is endowed with free will and by exercising said free will mankind can do great deeds and great exploits for good.  Today as we look around us we see many exploits being done for evil and wicked ends.  The exploitation of innocent children boys and girls for sex trafficking.  The unfettered access to children for child abuse by organizations around the world not limited to organized religions who demand trust and respect from the families whose children these same organizations destroy from the inside due to unfettered access to these children for abuse.  The depravities of mankind knows no end and there seems to be no end to the depravities of mankind.   Noise pollution should also be a crime such as blaring loud noises in the form of music and other forms in the public sphere or realm.  Music and noise beyond certain decibels can do irreparable not only to our hearing capabilities as it affects our hearing but also to our ability to think and process information and to function.  The same is true of verbal abuse.  Verbal abuse should be a crime as it is a serious crime to verbally abuse anyone particularly children.  In five countries now the terms coercive control is being recognized as a legal term and coercive control is fast becoming a prosecutable crime.  Coercive control is machine gun style verbal abuse in various forms.  Coercive control is used by abusers and abusive types to entrap and ensnare their targets so as to create prisoners in their own minds.  Targets of abuse particularly coercive control often become prisoners of their own minds.  Our children are our true inheritance our true wealth.  We cannot take money or status or power or wealth or land when we die.  So why in hell are so many children destroyed these days so many children discarded like trash.   It is the height of stupidity to offer good explanations for crimes against humanity.  Murder is murder full stop no amount of good explanations changes this fact.  Murder is murder.  While unjust laws support many murders today particularly abortion on demand.  It remains that many murders are done in the name of a false god on the altar of convenience.  Good explanations will never change or repair the irrevocable irreparable damage done by mass murder of the worst kind.  Abortion on demand.  Abortion on demand a hit on the child legally supported by unjust criminal laws.  Unjust laws should be criminalized and recognized as criminal laws.  Abuses of the legal and justice systems should be acknowledged as crimes against humanity.  Good explanations by evil wicked geniuses for mass murder should also be a crime.  No amount of good explanations justifies crimes against humanity.  The faculties of reason has reduced mankind today to nothing but talking heads with many who project and expect you to listen to them demanding our trust our loyalty and our respect of all things.  These same talking heads are most excellent at sound bytes as well.  Such as “I am sorry you feel that way”  this does not hold the abusive type to account at all and only serves to incite an angry response in the person hearing this diatribe this garbage.  Or words like “choice” abortion is a woman’s choice.  The word “choice” is so horribly abused today that horrible wicked women female wolves in sheep’s clothing get away with many murders.  The fathers of these children rarely if ever have a say in whether or not their own offspring or children live or die.  The burden of that choice is left solely on the pregnant woman regardless of her social status or state of life.   Wicked women are experts at getting inside the heads of their targets male or female.  These wicked female wolves’ in sheep’s clothing are experts in their art of war of words and are also experts in the art of intimidating threatening speech and the art of setting up their targets to fail and for more abuse including efforts made by these wicked women to set their targets up to crime.  Ways their targets are incited to angry responses or impulsive or compulsive responses or to crime would require a series of books.  There are not enough library shelves to cover the books that should be written about female wolves in sheep’s clothing wicked witches miserable wretches too lost and miserable to care about their own wombs their own children.  These wicked women are the scum of the earth the lowest of the low and these horrible women demand abortion for other women.  These terrible women are miserable and a nightmare to deal with and many fill organized religions across the board and other organizations.  These wretches are often married to unfortunate men whom these controlling horrible wicked women control and abuse.  A woman who murders her own children via birth control in all its forms including abortion on demand is not fit for society she is not fit to fill any role in the communities this kind of woman is public enemy number one. There are many public enemies number ones out there so when I say number one I do not mean it literally I mean it mystically.  Wicked women have no problems meddling in the lives of other men and women whom they love to hate including interfering with the wombs of other women and the children of their men.  These horrible sorry sad witches are not content to murder their own children neither are they content with destroying and ruining their own lives and sabotaging the lives of every one else in their paths.  No these witches are not content with that.  Instead these witches fill roles and talking positions and are so full of themselves with their education and many accolades there is no room for a god of any kind in their lives for these women are goddesses unto themselves.  These women are experts at controlling their men and are often “high maintenance”  these wretches often boast about being “high maintenance” and they often boast about how beautiful they are and about their abilities to conquer their men.  Many women like this boast incessantly about their abilities to snag a man and these women fill the churches across the board and every organization and level of society.   Witchcraft controls many women many of whom are too stupid to understand their own behavior and actions or why they act the way they do.  Many today are controlled by the devil in various forms.  Ways people give way to the devil would fill many libraries.  Not enough libraries exist on earth to cover the books that could be written about ways lucifer who is the devil the evil genius controls men and women.  Good explanations will not attain you heaven neither will verbal war crimes which is what I call the verbal abuse crimes that are so rampant today.  These are verbal war crimes against humanity.  I limit my speech here to merely a reflection so my speech here is protected as a work of art a reflection nothing more nothing less.  Many today can sing crazy words in songs words so damning that were you to say them in public many would say that person is crazy.  Rap music is very popular today and the lyrics in many wrap songs are downright mad or crazy.  Yet this is a healthy outlet for those who love to rap.  My healthy outlet is writing and singing.  A rapper I will never make as I cannot rap like that so hats off to all the talented rappers out there.  It takes a certain kind of talent to be able to rap.  I have a mind to make up my own very silly rap song that goes like this.  Yes I can rap too I wrap sandwiches don’t you?  I wrap my head in a scarf and I sing silly songs too.  That would be about as good as it gets for any rapping I could do.  I enjoy listening to Eminem because you can sink your teeth into his music.  I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music which inspires my own music.  Some of Eminem’s songs are mad crazy and were Eminem to walk up to someone and speak the way he raps many would say that man was crazy.  Eminem is a creative genius as are many rappers out there not limited to Eminem.  Sorry I don’t know much about rap or rapping so hats off to all the great rapper artists out there.  So if musicians can sing crazy lyrics which are protected as works of art.  Then I can sure as hell speak my mind too in the form of reflections a work of art.  No amount of good arguments can attack an artist and their rights to express themselves as works of art.  We are all after all works of art.  I am including a link to my newest song titled Back to White.  This song is my own original song.  I was inspired to create this song from the word of God sacred scriptures and the title for my song was inspired by the song titled Back to Black sung by Amy Winehouse.  My new song is for Amy Winehouse whose raw talent is sorely missed.  Any Winehouse my silly new song Back to White is for you and all artists who died too soon.