During A Race – A Reflection

This poem titled During A Race was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 86.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled During A Race consists of three stanzas with four lines each. The photograph I choose for this poem is of my son and I when we climbed Croagh Patrick in 2017… This poem During A Race is a mystical poem and the depths of its meaning escapes me.  I will limit my quotes to the first short stanza.  “During a race for each race chill blooms the air and each pulse throbs faster.”  To read the rest of this poem you need to purchase your own copy from Akiane online.   To me the reader life is a race a race for conception with the competition of the sperm when the large numbers of sperm fight to fertilize the ovum of the woman.  During the incredible race of conception the strongest swimmer wins and the sperm that outswims the other sperms gets to fertilize the ovum or egg of the woman.  Once that incredible fertilization occurs and as soon as that new life is given oxygen a majestic magical creative genius occurs.  A unique human being is formed and is implanted into the womb of the mother.  In this race for life billions of newly conceived human beings cannot implant into their mother’s wombs because these wombs are now hostile due to aggressive contraception use.  Also women with histories of contraception are less fertile as a result and are more prone to miscarriages if their newly conceived child can even implant into their damaged wombs.  Damaged wombs from years of contraception use.  The whole concept of “planning parenthood” is vile gross and so full of pride.  My gosh not one of us planned our birth and not one of us is fit to count the hairs on our own heads or the drops of rain that fills the oceans.  Yet mankind is so stupid as to think we can “plan the births of our own offspring?” as if we are gods and goddesses unto ourselves.  The fallout of this skewed thinking is this.  Too many today are murderers liers and killers.  Many women murder the siblings of their living children by having abortions or using contraception.  A famous actress a young woman who is very lovely in that she is physically very lovely.  This young woman recently announced that she was in a relationship she had a man in her life committed to her at the time.  She was on contraception and the contraception failed.  Consequently with a newly implanted growing child in her womb.  This actress who seems to have it all decided in her abject poverty of spirit and her abject lack of confidence in her own ability to mother her own offspring.  This woman decided to have not only one abortion but two abortions.  This young actress put her career before her own children.  Her partner if he did have a say in the matter likely did not have much say.  I cannot speak for her partner.  All I can say is this lovely young woman was too poor in her mind and heart and spirit to birth her own children.  So she choose to murder her children via legalized abortion on demand.  This woman goes on to later state that she choose to birth two more children when she was more ready to have those children.  I am glad she was able to have more children.  However, what account is she to give to her two living children about the legalized murder of their siblings.  Those two living children will grow up wondering about their siblings.  This woman is notorious for promoting abortion on demand and for saying stupid things about men including going on “sex strike” to control men as if men are nothing but “blokes who ejaculate” or beasts of burden.  My God women like this make me sick.  These witches project and expect women and men to listen to them.  Women like this are full of crap.  I choose not to mention their names in my reflection to respect their privacy and to avoid bogus charges that I am doing hate speech or other crap that I am not doing.  Women like this are expert at twisting the speech and words of any one who opposes them.  I have one child that I birthed under circumstances that were less than ideal.  No my child was not planned and my pregnancy was a result of coercion coerced sex.  All the same I am not stupid enough to deny my child its right to life its right to be birthed.  Besides I really loved the father of my child.  I was the stupid one.  I fell in love with a jerk.  The only crime I am guilty of is plain stupidity.  Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.  I will never be fooled twice never mind thrice fooled.  I do not suffer fools.  My child is now 11 years old and is almost as tall as myself.  He is in the honors program in his school and loves to learn Karate.  My God I could not live with myself if I murdered my child via legalized hit jobs from abortion on demand.  I had much less than that famous actress with her millions.  I did not have much at all . To this day I still do not have much.  I do have this though.  I have true Grit I have my dignity my self respect and I know that my womb is sacred.  No one messes with my womb for if they do they must answer to my God the God of life the God of the word of God that I sing.  Yes I sing sacred scriptures as a hobby.  No one messes with my womb and my future children.  At this stage of my life and I am now 47 years old I do not expect to ever have more children.  All the same my womb remains sacred and open to life.  My God the God of life will close my womb at the appointed time known to God alone.  No one messes with my womb and my future potential children.  Famous women and its mostly women who demand abortion too which is appalling and downright disgusting.  These witches mess with the wombs of women like myself when they demand the right to “choice” in the name of convenience forgetting that children have rights too.  To stupid famous women I say this.  Forget sex strike to control men how about going on speech strike and shut your face shut your fat lips shut your stupid dumb mouths.  More and more people are waking up and no longer listening to your garbage and filthy dumb speeches anyway.  Men are better than this and men are not desperate for sex and men cannot be controlled by sex.  Heck today women are a dime a dozen so if a man is not getting his needs met he will get his needs met very easily.  Men are stronger than women and are the stronger sex women remain the weaker sex.  Men can get tons of gals pregnant and walk away.  How men who do this can live with themselves is beyond me.  How a man can get women pregnant or risk getting women they do not know pregnant without knowing their own progeny or offspring is beyond my comprehension yet plenty of men do not care about their seed or semen and they sow that seed and semen wherever they please.  Many men fill as many orifices as they possibly can with their seed or semen with no regard for the eternal consequences of their behavior.  Many women the same.  Many women use men the same.  So for stupid women to threaten men with “sex strike”  that is so stupid I am speechless.  Men do not have to go on sex strike there are too many whores today willing to meet unmet needs that men most certainly have no need for “sex trike”.  What a joke to think women can control men with sex.  Many sex cults believe this too and sex for many today has become their religion their god their god of sex.  To women who think for a second they can control their men with sex strikes.  Good luck with that one I will not need to ask how is that working for ya as your man will be gone doing his own thing in no time.  We need to give men more credit here too.  Many men are not desperate for sex and many men choose not to ever have sex.  Many men are terrified of women who want sex.  I do not blame those men one bit.  No wonder many men today run for the hills when approached by loose women on the prowl for sex.  Men are just as terrified as women when it comes to sex.  Women who go on sex strike with their partners do not expect your partners to beg for sex or stick around be prepared for them to get themselves girlfriends on the side.  Girlfriends are a big thing for married men in Europe.  It’s a known joke to joke in Europe about the girlfriends of married men.  Many men have separate phones they use to contact their girlfriends.  So much for sex strike no shortage of sex for these men then.  The whole sex culture has to change as human sexuality is now one big joke and sex is used to control many today.  Men are reduced to “blokes who ejaculate” with no say in whether or not their own children live or die due to abortion laws that allows for wholesale legalized murder of children.  Men have had their balls cut off mystically speaking and many men are terrified of the women they married that is the ugly truth in many marriages today.  Then I come along and I am very happily single and I am a single mother.  Last time I checked that is not a crime.  A number of married women treat me like I am a threat to their husbands.  Gosh why on earth would I want sloppy seconds or sloppy joes shall we say.  I have a wicked sense of humor so I have a mind to get a T-shirt made up with a fake phone number to call for married men to hit me up if they want a girlfriend on the side.  The whole thing is a joke an ugly joke.  Why the hell would I want someone’s miserable husband.  I suppose I should get a t-shirt made up that says “I just came here to piss you off and bang your husband – here take my girlfriend card.”  Seriously that is how I am treated often by insecure miserable women living with partners or husbands.  To these women I say get a life and get your act together and forget about women like me.  I am too content and happy to entertain the thought of husbands or men full stop.  I choose not to date and I am content with my choice.  Why the hell would I want sloppy Joe’s or sloppy seconds.  I am small and not important in the big picture but I am my own person.  I pity the fool who tries to win me over who is married.  I would be getting in touch with his wife pronto to tell her what her partner was up to.  I do not play and I do not suffer fools.  Many women today sabotage their own marriages by being way too controlling of their men and by reducing their men to “blokes who ejaculate” and other garbage.  No wonder men today are angry and no wonder men have affairs and have girlfriends on the side which is very European these days and very popular I am told.  Oh snap I am too lazy to make up my girlfriend cards as I could not be bothered with all that psycho drama.  I leave that to the miserable insecure women to self destruct on their own and to sabotage their own marriages all by themselves.  I do not enjoy watching stupid women do this to their marriages but I see it all the time.  No husband would dare approach me because it would be game over before it starts and the wife would be told on no uncertain terms to take care of her philandering wandering husband.  Oh snap I suppose the T-shirt I would get made up would be this.  I am my own person I am whole and happy just as I am and I am not girlfriend material.  I am nobody’s darlin that is for damn sure and I intend to keep it that way.  I don’t need the psycho drama of dating and all the crap that goes with it.  I suppose if I wanted sex that’s very easy to find I could get laid no problem.  I respect myself too much these days to allow my body to be used for pleasure and besides I don’t want a disease or other complications.  So I live a very simple life free from the bondage of sex and the sex industry that wants single folks like myself to believe that we cannot live without sex.  Oh snap I am living without sex and doing fantastic.  I cannot be controlled by sex and men do not control me either for I do not crave the affections of men at all.  False love is a losing game and I do not play games of false love.  I do not believe true love exists for love has been destroyed for centuries now and all that is left is false love.  Since false love is a losing game I choose not to play it is game over for me before it starts.  Enjoy my latest you tube song titled True Grit – what Croagh Patrick means to me.  In 2017 on Reek Sunday I climbed Croagh Patrick to prove a point.  No one tells me I cannot climb that mountain.  I include my song here and I also include a link that you can click on to access footage of my rescue.  I did have to be rescued all the same as a woman with special needs who experiences excruciating pain at times.  This was my victory one of my many small victories that I can claim as my own.  This is the link with Vimeo footage of my rescue that was aired in the UK and due to air in Ireland.  You have to download the footage to view it.  Find this link at the end of this reflection.  I also included my latest song titled True Grit – what Croagh Patrick means to me.  Enjoy this and remember too that life is an adventure and life is too short to be serious all the time.  I blame everything on the devil and his craft particularly wormwood these days and I seek to remedy this with the Word of God.  Enjoy the links below: