What Color Am I? – A Reflection

This poem titled What Color Am I? was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 85.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem titled What Color AM I?  consists of two stanzas with ten lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is a very colorful photo of my son taken during our time in lovely Ireland…This poem is an allegory and describes the person as follows “I am a bare tree”.   That line was mentioned in the first stanza.  In the second stanza the author Akiane writes “If no shadow or light falls on me, what color am I?”  I leave the rest of the poem to your own imagination since to read the poem in it’s entirety you must purchase your own copy of Akiane’s book.  For a tree to grow in nature anyway the roots need to be firmly planted in the soil so that these roots can grow deeply below the ground.  The longer and greater the roots in the soil the larger the size of the tree on the other side of the soil.  Destroy the root of the tree and you have no tree.  The tree slowly dies and withers away.  Mankind is made up of seed the seed of Abraham from Genesis onwards and it is from the seed of Abraham that all nations came.  Particularly in Genesis Chapter 35 verses 9 and 10 in Douay Rheims Holy bible which I quote here.  “And God appeared again to Jacob after he returned from Mesopotamia of Syria, and he blessed him, Saying:  Thou shalt not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name.  And he called him Israel.”  Notice how Jacob was the father of the nation Israel from whence all nations came.  Jacob’s ancestry goes back to Abraham.  The seed of mankind stems from Jacob the nation Israel.  Israel was declared a nation in Genesis Chapter 35 verses 9 and 10 long before the Country Israel was recognized in our modern world on May 14th. 1948 when Israel was officially declared a state.   The nation of Israel is the beginning of all nations the seed of mankind.  The modern state Israel is very small compared to the massive size the nation of Israel truly is.  We can all link our ancestral heritage to Israel and the twelve tribes.  I myself go back to the tribe of Dan.  I can be linked to the tribe of Dan.  From the Princes of Breifne to the ancient High Kings such as Kincora which was known as the ancient seat of the High Kings in my own ancestral lineage.  My people are linked to the tribe of Dan.  The twelve tribes of Israel spread across the face of the earth and by so doing they increased and multiplied upon the earth.  There is a story that there are twelve tribes of Israel known as the lost twelve tribes of Israel.  These twelve tribes were never lost they simply increased and multiplied and spread across the face of the earth.  The names of these twelve tribes are from the sons of Jacob who was now named Israel:  Naming the twelve sons of Jacob is easy these names are listed as follows in Genesis Chapter 35 verses 22 – 26 Douay Rheims.  I will quote these verses here:  “And when he dwelt in that country, Ruben went and slept with Bala, the concubine of his father: which he was not ignorant of. Now the sons of Jacob were twelve.  “The sons of Lia: Ruben the first born, and Simeon, and Levi, and Juda, and Issachar, and Zabulon.  The sons of Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin.  The sons of Bala, Rachel’s handmaid: Dan and Nephtall.  The sons of Zelpha, Lia’s handmaid:  Gad and Aser.  These are the sons of Jacob that were born to him in Mesopotamia of Syria.”  I will list these twelve sons individually now as these are the twelve tribes of Israel remembering that God renamed Jacob, Israel.  Jacob is the father of the twelve tribes of Israel from Abraham’s lineage and seed.  1. Ruben, 2. Simeon, 3. Levi, 4. Juda, 5. Issachar, 6. Zabulon, 7. Joseph, 8. Benjamin, 9. Dan, 10. Nephtall, 11. Gad, and 12. Aser.  These are the names of the Twelve tribes of Israel.  The lineage of the true Jesus Christ comes from the tribe of Juda.  Joseph the father of Jesus Christ was from the Line of David as mentioned in Luke Chapter 1 verse 27 which I quote here:  “To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David: and the virgin’s name was Mary.”  Now we know that Luke describes the mystical conception of Jesus Christ that this was no natural conception and that Jesus Christ was begotten and made man mystically.  God’s holy angel spoke words of life over Mary and Jesus Christ was conceived in her womb mystically in a way that was not the case for other mothers on earth.  This makes Mary’s motherhood very special very sacred and unique.  Mary’s role was and remains very special and unique the same is true of the true Jesus Christ.  This is interesting for those who believe in reincarnation.  When you read Luke Chapter one verses 16 and 17 in Douay Rheims  when the angel of God is describing the conception of John the Baptist.  Study this I quote these verses here:  “And he shall convert many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God.  And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias: that he may turn the hearts of the fathers unto the children and the incredulous to the wisdom of the just, to prepare unto the Lord a perfect people”  Now this is describing the conception of John the Baptist.  The two that were prophesied to come to preach to mankind have already come to earth one in the spirit and power of  Elias one named John the Baptist and the other the true Jesus Christ from the line of Juda.  This was done then to avoid deceptions claiming new Elias like preachers will come.  That is not so for this was already done through John the Baptist and the true Jesus Christ.  Mary’s lineage is from the line of Levi the priestly lineage.  Joseph was a father to Jesus Christ as a man and a husband to Mary.  However the conception of Jesus Christ was truly mystical in nature because Jesus Christ was the first high priest of authentic Christianity and Jesus Christ came from the line of Juda.  This means then that Mary was also from the line of Juda and Levi from the son’s of Lia.  For the special role that Mary was to play Mary was set apart as a new prototype of Eve.  A new Eve to replace the fallen disobedient Eve.  Mary then to remedy for the fall of Eve was perfect in every way and was conceived through the normal means yet the conception of Mary was also mystical in nature as Mary’s parents were tried by fire.  The fire of patience and older years prior to conceive their one and only child Mary whom they both loved very much.  The way that Jesus Christ was conceived by no means diminishes the great and wonderful role Joseph from the Royal line of David played in the life of his son Jesus Christ.  To the true Jesus Christ Joseph was his beloved father on earth and to Joseph Jesus Christ was his beloved son.  Though not a son of the loins of Joseph due to the mystical conception of Jesus Christ as described in Luke.  I quote Luke chapter one verses 31 – 35  “Behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb and shalt bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name Jesus.  He shall be great and shall be called the Son of the Most High.  And the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of David his father: and he shall reign in the house of Jacob forever.  And of his kingdom there shall be no end.  And Mary said to the angel:  How shall this be done, because I know not man? And the angel answering, said to her:  The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee.  And therefore also the Holy which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.”  There you have the mystical nature of the conception of the true Jesus Christ.  We all stem from the twelve tribes of Israel and we can all link our lineages to Jacob who is Israel.  Esau is the lineage through whom the seed of the devil made its way.  Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of pottage allowing his flesh to dictate his future.  Esau allowed his intense hunger to rule his mind and he never gave a second thought to the fallout or the mystical meaning of his sale of his birthright for pottage.  Too many people today give no thought to the mystical effects of destroying their own seed via contraception birth control in all its many forms and abortion on demand.  No thought is given to the children that could have come from their own seed their own lineages so now you have hell on earth.  Now you have megadeath and children are discarded like snowflakes like trash.  Hell has already been unleased on earth through four major portals. The four ways the devil gains entry into mankind so as to turn angels into devils meaning human beings into devils is as follows.  The devil bombards his targets with many thoughts and suggestions and the devil is expert at attaching suggestions to feelings to ensure that feelings dictate the behavior of his targets. Once the devil has entrenched himself into a target’s psyche via suggestions and feelings.  That is how the heart of men and women become ensnared by the many snares of the fowler the devil himself.  The devil is expert at spreading despair that is the job of the devil to spread despair to spread lies deceit etc.  The list is long.  Too many today buy into the lies and deceits of the devil and as such has opened four portals to hell.  Hell is already unleashed on earth and we have more demons than angels roaming around these days.  All you have to do is look around you to witness this.  The devil is an evil genius and we are no match for the devil.  The four portals of hell come from the four corners of the earth.  The devil himself comes from the north and the one who is set to crush the head of the devil comes from the South.  The four portals of hell can be found on the four corners of the earth.  In a circle forming druidic crosses with circles that link the four portals of hell in one massive scale or grid.  When I say grid I mean a mystical grid of wicked spirits legions of apostate angels who work for the devil who are very busy turning human beings into devils.  The devil is all about control and dividing and conquering so the devil those this through four major false gods and goddesses.  You have Apollyon the false God of war found in many organized religions today that explains the hatred between religions and the many wars that ensued and occurred over the centuries in the name of God and religion.  The false God wormwood found in abuses of the powers of speech to twist the laws of the land and letters that are in reality “screwtape letters”  C.S. Lewis  in their own way.  I quote the words “screwtape letters” to give credit where credit is due to the author C.S. Lewis who wrote the book titled The screwtape Letters about wormwood and such.  The devil knows if he can twist and pervert the minds and hearts of men and women then the war of the flesh can be won far easier than any of us mere mortals may ever understand or fathom.  The other false God is asmodeus which is the god of lust in all its forms including blood lust.  The fourth false god would be the devil himself who ever since he was expelled from heaven has been scheming for centuries now to sit on the chair of Peter of all things and to declare himself as god on earth with the keys of heaven of all things.  Wormwood is the war of words and narratives are used by those owned by the devil to promote lies deceits and death.  It is wormwood that is responsible for unjust laws that protects criminals and allows for abortion on demand around the world.  The god of war uses diabolical hate speech crimes to incite war among nations.  Asmodeus is the god of lust particularly blood lust.  Asmodeus can be seen around the world from hollywood and the music industry and around the world.  Many women are wicked today and seduce the nations into idolatry which is as very clever way of forcing stupid people to follow the devil himself.  False love sirens is what I call these witches who parade around and sing horrible songs to promote a culture of death to the devil himself.  Meanwhile these witches remain to this day drunk on the blood of their own iniquities and these witches have all fornicated with the harlot in rome.  The great harlot sits in rome and presents as holy pure and good and parades around in white very often claiming to be an authority on faith and morals.  Meanwhile this same harlot consumes men women and children turning men women and children into devils many who enter into Hollywood and the music industry.  Many of these whores of Babylon identify as Catholic of all things and other Christian denominations not just Catholic.  After all every nation has fornicated with the harlot the great beast in rome.  This is simply my reflection as a work of art not a statement of fact mind you and I claim no authority on such matters.  This is simply my reflection.  The reader of these reflections can take or leave what I say here as simply reflections.  The reader is not obliged to take anything I say seriously at all.  After all too many of us human beings have been reduced to nothing but opinions these days.  I too am entitled to my opinions so we reduce these reflections to mere opinions not statement of facts.  Lady Gaga for example went to Catholic school and look what a horrible show she puts on these days.  Her videos are from hell itself.  Lady Gaga depicts herself in chains and bondage and human trafficking scenarios and her music though entertaining is down right disturbing at best.  “Yeah Yeah Oh La La Gaga Roma Roma Romance” Lady Gaga’s words sorry if not exact quote from her song bad romance.   Lady Gage identifies as Catholic though I cannot speak for what Lady Gaga identifies as these days.  Lady Gaga sings about the evils in our world and does a great job describing her own love affair with Judas and the legions of demons from hell mostly asmodeus and his ilk.  Lady Gaga fornicated with the great harlot the beast in rome and has fallen in love with hell itself particularly Judas.  Judas rebelled against the true Jesus Christ Judas Iscariot rebelled and sold Jesus Christ for some silver.  The suicide of Judas was despair which is what the devil sowed in the soul of lost Judas.  The scriptures describe the moment in which the devil entered Judas.  I quote these scriptures here:  John Chapter 13 verses 26 and 27 where Jesus prophesies his own betrayal in a mystical manner.  I quote John here from Douay Rheims:  “Jesus answered:  He it is to whom I shall reach bread dipped.  And when he had dipped the bread, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon.  And after the morsel, satan entered into him.  And Jesus said to him: that which thou dost, do quickly.”  So you see the devil enters the hearts of mankind when men and women take certain steps or actions that opens portals to the devil or the doors of their souls to the devil himself.  So for Lady Gaga to boldly shout from the roof tops her very bad romance with Judas the son of Simon and his legions of demons from hell.  It is easy to see that Lady Gaga has been fornicating with the harlot in rome for a very long time now culminating in Lady Gaga being a portal for hell herself with her filthy songs and lurid tales sordidly sold in vile videos.  Hollywood loves to remind us that sex sells after all Hollywood has been nothing but a sex cult for a very long time now anyway the same is true of the music industry which is a sex cult as well.  Many singers perform and act in a similar way to the demons from hell itself that they conjure and summon by their wicked music.  Some Catholic Schools allow their students to listen to singers like Katy Perry who boasts that she “Kissed a girl and I liked it” that is one of Katy Perry’s songs among other crazy songs such as Dark horse with videos that are very “cringeworthy” to behold.  I quote the word “cringeworthy” because I do not know who coined that term but that is not my own original term it is a vernacular used among many youths today.  When you read about Katy Perry well I’ll be a helluva an angel or hell’s angel.  Katy Perry grew up singing in Church of all things.  Well the church Katy Perry sings in now is the church of satan.  To be fair it is not just many Catholics in the Catholic Church who fornicated with the harlot in rome it is also many other churches as well.  The harlot in rome that I mention is a mystical beast the harlot mentioned in sacred scriptures and since rome is due North it is fair to say that the devil comes from rome which is due North and the devil comes from the North.  If you study the longitude and latitude of Rome Italy which is shaped like a boot.  You will discover that Rome is due North East.  Since Rome is in a country that is shaped like a boot.  My reflection and my opinion is this.  This boot will be crushed by the heal of one whose name is Mary whose heal will crush the head of the devil who is lucifer who came from the North out of Rome.  I say this mystically speaking since the scriptures say the devil comes from the North.  The scriptures also say that the woman will come from the South to crush the head of the devil.  They mystical beast the harlot in rome has fornicated with all the nations and has seduced all nations into idolatry via Hollywood the music industry and organized religion which is more like organized chaos these days.  This mystical beast parades around as good and holy in the following forms.  As a man dressed in white through whom many scandals have come throughout the centuries.  This man has changed his name many times as he was replaced over the Centuries by a new man dressed in white when his predecessor either died or stepped down due to old age.  The harlot also presents to the world as good and holy in the form of Hollywood shows and musical singers as well.  The whole mess out of the harlot in Rome is one ugly sordid bad show.  Do this fun exercise with your own bible.  My bible is Douay Rheims.  However use whatever Christian bible you happen to have or use online bibles. Look up scriptures describing how the devil cometh from the North and how the woman will come from the South to crush the head of the devil.  This is an interesting exercise and you will learn a lot doing this.  All nations have fornicated with the harlot who is the beast found in Rome and as such all nations have fallen in the mystical “Babylon has fallen” sense.  This is simply my own opinions and reflections not statements of facts as I claim no authority on any such matters.  I enjoy singing sacred scriptures and I find the study of sacred scriptures to be very enlightening.  “Woe to that man through whom scandals come for it must needs be that scandals come.”  I take that quote sorry if not exact as I typed it from memory – I take that quote from sacred scriptures new testament.  Thank you for reading my reflection as a work of art who enjoys writing these.  If you laugh at some of the things I say and discount them I am not in the least offended.  After all many of us today have been reduced to mere nothings but opinions.  This is evidenced by the mammoth abortion industry that has reduced the unborn child to a “choice” an “opinion” in the worst war of words every unleashed.  So if you are having a bad day I suggest blaming everything on wormwood.  I am serious.  It’s all wormwood’s fault anyway.  I add a little humor to lighten the heaviness of these reflections.  Life is too short to be serious all the time.  To Katy Perry who loves to sing and she is a very talented singer I enjoy her entertaining songs and I study them.  To Katy Perry I say this – Katy Jesus Christ will come on his white horse on the day of contention and it will not be pretty for those lost to the devil and his legions and no dark horse is a match for the man on the white horse who is set to speak to the seven churches in the apocalypse.  Again this is just my reflection.  To Katy Perry I also say.  I wish I could sing like you.  You have an awesome voice and wonderful talent.  To Katy Perry I also add would you consider singing for the true Jesus Christ and sing about how Jesus Christ is also coming on his white horse.  Something to consider.  I tell ya the world has enough darkness in it so enough of the dark horse stuff and instead start singing about the white horse of the man from the apocalypse.  Just saying.  After all we are all entitled to our opinions.  I may write my own little song about what about the man on the white horse.  That man on the white horse is one to contend with too.  I have decided to blame my bad days going forward on wormwood.  C.S. Lewis was right it’s all wormwood’s fault anyway.  Enjoy the link to my you tube channel below where I sing a sacred prayer for the strength of nations.  Sorry folks I am no Katy Perry I cannot sing like that gal.  All the same I love to sing so enjoy.  If you don’t like my song then blame it on the Word of God which inspires the work I do.  Then blame all the bull crap and bad stuff on wormwood.  It’s high time we give the devil his due and the toxic shame and blame all returns to the devil himself in the form of wormwood among other forms.  Enjoy my song inspired by the Word of God.