A Soldier – A Reflection

This poem titled A Soldier was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 83.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem A Soldier consists of two stanzas with eight lines each.  The photograph I choose for this reflection is of myself during our time in Turkey…In Turkey we saw soldiers everywhere the French Gendarme and other Soldiers with sniper weapons highly visible to keep order and peace…I felt safer in Turkey than I have in the USA…I state this because the USA is full of hidden soldiers who are very cowardly and heinous who are sniper soldiers who go and kill innocent people by shooting them up in our schools and stores.  These kinds of soldiers are the scum of the earth they are spineless with no balls no courage at all…. To think to shoot up innocent students and children in schools or people at the mall or store is sick and twisted….yet this is the kind of beast we have to deal with in the USA…one of many kinds of beasts…Akiane’s poem titled The Soldier talks about how the sons and daughters have forgotten how to be true soldiers for they have forgotten what it is to be a true courageous soldier.  The weak Western world thinks nothing of destroying their own unborn children for convenience hence no real soldiers left then only pussies on steroids too full of themselves to care about anyone other than themselves…The first lines of this great poem says a lot and opens as follows “The noise of war fills up your wounds.”  This stanza ends with these words “life braids its own truth of prayer.”  To read the whole stanza you must purchase your own copy from Akiane online.  The second stanza opens with these words “The sidewalks crack from meaningless marathons”… To me the meaningless marathons are the many races that are run today for various causes including those who run for human life.  Many who run for human life use contraception and promote the use of contraception in their own homes.  Many who run for human life are married harlots or single harlots…They are harlots lost to contraception and birth control which feeds the abortions they are powerless to stop for they are weak and too full of diabolical pride and self interest including the inability to value the human child with their own vile contraception used widely in their own homes.  So their marathons have become meaningless and a form of modern madness and makes a mockery of the unborn child they claim to care about…Meanwhile they themselves and their own children contracept and birth control their own offspring out of existence…Many pro life people verbally abuse single mother’s like me…I would know because I experienced this first hand from horrible false Christ idolaters who claim they are pro life yet play the harlot in their own homes with vile birth control in various forms thus feeding the abortions they claim they want to stop.  Their running and runners are useless without salt good for nothing except loud noises filled with diabolical pride that cries look at us look at us run for the unborn…Making a mockery of themselves and the God of life and the unborn children they fail to protect with their useless meaningless marathons and running…To appreciate this poem in it’s entirety you must purchase your own copy.  I limit quotes for purposes of discussion and to follow the copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.  To me the reader this poem about a soldier is about the tiniest soldiers amongst us the unborn child.  These children never saw their own mothers faces because they were murdered by legalized abortion on demand.  It is very easy to forget a mother’s face that you never saw or were given a chance to see because that mother never gave her own unborn child the chance to see the light of day never mind her face.  The only fortress the unborn children destroyed by abortion could build are fortresses in heaven.  I speak for myself now.  I had a hard life I had a horrible childhood and as horrid as my childhood was.  My mother despite her serious problems knew enough not to abort me and had enough intelligence to understand the basic science of valuing her own children.  My mother birthed eight children and lost at least one to miscarriage along the way.  While my life was hell on earth for a long time.  I sit before you with a voice a small voice a strong voice with blood coursing through my veins a grown woman now aged 47.  “The noise of war” failed to destroy me and to silence me.  A war has been waged for Centuries now and it is my opinion that the third world war was already waged and won.  The third world war is what I call the war on the womb the war on the child and it’s mother.  There is something very twisted about women who write about breastfeeding promoting motherhood which is very good yet turning around and voting yes for abortion on demand for other mothers.  There is something diabolical about a mother holding her own born and wanted baby in her arms stating that she would personally never have an abortion as if she is a goddess unto herself yet turning around and demanding abortion for other mothers.  Mothers regardless of their status in life deserve better than this.  I have more respect for poverty stricken women who are fearless in their love for their babies no matter how these women had their babies these poverty stricken mothers have more courage than many armies of men.  The courage of women who sacrifice and fight tooth and nail to raise their children no matter how these children came or come is worthy of my respect.  I do not respect wealthy witches full of themselves who fill organized religions mind you across the board not just the catholic religion.  These women are witches wicked horrible women who have a blood lust that makes all the world wars look like child’s play.  These women love to put others and themselves on pedestals and they love to tell one another how wonderful they are and how great and excellent they are.  These are the women who are about to be scattered in their pride and in the conceit of their hearts.  It is the humble women who love their children enough to sacrifice and fight tooth and nail to raise their children and who care not about money power and status and wealth.  It is these humble women that I respect.  My own mother despite her serious problems was humble in her own right and is humble to this day.  Our family was poverty stricken we were very poor this poverty did not stop my mother from doing her best to care for her eight children.  My mother was abusive and was an abusive type.  This was not her fault because my mother was accessed for abuse herself as a holy innocent child by wicked wolves in sheep’s clothing who harmed my mother in the name of god.  This was done in Ireland where my mother grew up.  How in hell was my mother to turn out right after what she suffered as a holy innocent child outside the comforts of her loving home.  Despite serious sufferings as a holy innocent child my mother is a champion because my mother fearlessly birthed however many children she was sent to birth and I am number five out of eight children.  My mother used to say the following “it is a long road that doesn’t have a turn”.  I would agree that is an old Irish saying.  The road of the Irish myself included was very long and terrible and treacherous for centuries now.  This very long road is about to turn and the proud will be scattered in the conceit of their hearts.  Too many sat and sit to this day in diabolical apostate silence while children were and are accessed for abuse.  This has to stop and this has to change.  If the endemic pandemic problem of child abuse fails to stop I am convinced heaven will act and make it stop.  After all these unborn children destroyed in the name of the god of death who is the devil who is lucifer who is satan these children sacrificed to the devil on the altar of convenience via abortion on demand these are the soldiers who never saw the faces of their mothers.  These soldiers grew up in heaven.  These soldiers make up the cloud of witnesses in heaven and it is these soldiers who make up the heavenly armies.  For those who enjoy the study of sacred scriptures the tide is about to turn and the ocean of blood of the children destroyed in the name of god is about to convulse and call upon mankind justice from the mighty arm of the Most High God of life.  Justice was not done on earth so Justice must fall from heaven.  Nothing can stop the mighty arm of justice about to fall.  Many will envy the dead and many will rue the day they condemned holy innocent children to hell for it is those who condemn who condemn themselves to hell by their apostate silence in the face of the worst crimes ever done in the history of mankind.  Crimes done to the humanity of the least among us the holy innocent children.  What was done to the least of these was done to the true Jesus Christ and as such now calls upon heaven for vengeance will be God’s and vengeance will come with such force many will envy the dead…As a thank you for reading this reflection enjoy this song titled Not Too Much To Ask inspired by sacred scriptures which I sing in this song from Exodus….