Consciousness Of Giving – A Reflection

This poem titled Consciousness Of Giving  was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Three Page 80.  “You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem Consciousness Of Giving consists of four stanzas with five lines each. The photograph I choose for this reflection is a lovely memorial stone erected by a grieving family in Ireland who understand the consciousness of giving….I will now discuss Akiane’s poem titled The Consciousness Of Giving…Wow what an amazing piece of prose.  Such depth in words from a 9 year old – a child – a girl clearly a mystical talent in her poetry and her art.  The first stanza opens with “The earth crosses chasing desires in the calmness of infinitude.”  I will leave out the last line in this first stanza.  What amazes me here is that while our world is often chaotic and war certainly causes chaos.  Violence also causes silence which has been sung about for a long time and well versed and sang about by Dolores O’Riordan the late lead singer for the band the Cranberries.   Despite the chaos in our world there is a silent infinitude and infinite universe that observes the madness of fallen man.  There is a vast universe out there that watches fallen man destroy themselves from within in senseless violence of words and wars and then violent enforced silencing of victims of crimes done to their humanity.   The second stanza speaks to the nonsense of unnecessary violence and wars in our midst to this day.  “Jagged wounds are filled up with light so to blind the nonsense that comes free with a knowledge of defiled affection and a fool-stool trying to reach bliss faster” –  Wow I am floored by this stanza this is so profound and true.  There are many false lights in our world today.  Many who claim to be Christian yet are false Christians false Christ idolaters.  So much idolatry goes on today that nothing is left for the God of life.  Mankind today leaves no room for the God of life no place for the God of life in their hearts minds and lives.  This is evident in couples who limit the births of their children via so called “natural family planning” which I call unnatural family planning as the whole concept of limiting the births of children is not natural.  This is evident in couples who use contraception and contraceptive devices in all its many forms.  This is also evident in the abortion industry which is a mammoth bloodbath of an industry.  Industrial death to holy innocent born and unborn children.  The worst war ever known and mankind refuses to lament the unborn and born children in our midst.  Many false lights present themselves as healers and as good and holy and godly people hell sent and hell bent on silencing their victims and the victims of nonsense senseless brutal violence particularly sex crimes done to their sacred humanity such as holy innocent boys and girls.  The bliss spoken of in Akiane’s poem is to me the reader a false Christ bliss promoted by many false Christ organizations charities and organized religions around the globe.  Each false Christ group organization charity and religion falsely claim they are the best of the bunch so they aggressively recruit unsuspecting new members or sheep shall we say to join them over their competitors.  Competition is fierce in Hollywood and in false Christ sex cults around the world.  The child sex cults are the worst and most heinous though all sex cults are wicked idolators hell sent and hell bent on destroying the moral fabric of family life that builds societies and the world. Akiane’s third stanza says “What a waste of energy to try understanding nonsense!”  I leave the rest of this stanza out to encourage the reader to purchase your own book from Akiane online and to follow the copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes for purposes of discussion.   These words are so true that it is a massive waste of energy and time to try to understand crimes against humanity – particularly child abuse crimes which are the most heinous and wicked of them all.  The God of life is very clear in scriptures when God says through the words of Jesus Christ in the new testament in Matthew that what mankind does to the least of these meaning our children mankind does to the God of life.  What do you think the true Jesus Christ will say when he returns as prophesied in sacred scriptures as the just judge of fallen man?  What pray tell do you think the true Jesus Christ will have to say about children ritually abused and slaughtered like lambs children systemically and categorically denied access to justice and children not lamented over as in the days of old.  Abraham himself will have a lot to say about this on the day of contention or judgment also.  After all the God of life promised Abraham seed and good fruit.  Abraham was fruitful and multiplied and God promised Abraham seed lasting many generations.  What then do tell – will the true Jesus Christ and Abraham and our fathers from the old testament and the apostles from the new testament have to say on the day of contention as to these crimes against the humanity of holy innocent children? When the false Christ Churches are to be spoken to on the day of contention? –  To understand this study the book of revelation. The 7 churches are spoken of and to by the God of life and it is plain as day that the God of life is not happy with these Churches and when they are to be spoken to on the day of judgement by the God of life it will not be pretty. After all there is a great cloud of witnesses of children systemically destroyed in the dark who will have a lot to say about the state of the reprobate damned souls who damned themselves to hellfire with their wicked false Christ idolatries particularly their heinous contraception use and birth control in all its ugly forms. And do not get me started then on what you think Mary the mother of the true Jesus Christ has to say to the children of fallen Adam and Eve the children of God the children of Isaac, of Jacob of Israel etc.  Think about this for any child growing up with their mothers.  In an ideal situation the mother should be loving gentle caring kind and strict but not abusive.  However, what mother who genuinely loves her own child or children will let her beloved child or children put their hands in a fire to get burned?  No loving mother would allow this and naturally that mother upon seeing her innocent child about to place their hand in a hot fire would of course grab this child and pull this child swiftly away from the fire and sternly correct their beloved child for the dangers of so doing as fire burns.  That is love that is true love that is real love.  False love would say to that innocent child well the only way you will learn that fire burns is to get burned by the fire.  That is heinous false love and so much false love abounds today that far too many holy innocent children are harmed by false love.  Do you think for a minute that Mary the mother of the true Jesus Christ is one bit happy that the children of God are being murdered wholesale via heinous crimes against their sacred humanities via abortion on demand and wicked contraception and contraceptive devices.  Psalms  75, 76, and 77 found on pages 548, 549 and 550 in Douay Rheims holy bible speaks to the problem of mankind forgetting to birth the children God had planned to be birthed and to grow up and contribute to the world.  These psalms speak to the fact that mankind broke their covenant with the God of life which then turned the God of life to wrath and indignation.  Psalm 77 particularly says who the God life sent “evil angels” to chastise fallen man.  I quote Psalm 77 verse 49 to make sense of what I say here:  This verse can be found on page 550 of Douay Rheims holy bible.  Verse 49 –  “And he sent upon them the wrath of his indignation: indignation and wrath and trouble, which he sent by evil angels.”  For those of us who identify as Christian in our core values and those of us seeking the truth such as our Muslim friends and neighbors and other nations of differing and many other beliefs.  I gently encourage the reading and study of the scriptures.  I enjoy doing this very much and I get great comfort in so doing.  During my time in Kusadasi Turkey I was invited to visit a Muslim Mosque and I did so.  I was sure to cover my head as a woman and out of respect for the Muslim culture which is a very rich and lovely culture in many respects.  What I love most about the Muslim people is their great love for children.  Many Muslim families birth many children and do not put a price on the heads of their children.  I respect Muslims greatly for their great love of children.  Turkey has outlawed gambling and I think that is wonderful.  I myself remain a recovering compulsive gambler so to visit a nation that outlawed gambling to protect their people from dissolution and disaster from gambling is to me a wonderful thing.  We enjoyed our time in Turkey as a Christian woman I visited Ephesus in Turkey twice.  We used public transportation as well.  We had a wonderful experience in Turkey and I sincerely do believe there is some merit to the belief held by many Christians and Muslims who also respect Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ a prophet mentioned in the Koran – that it is very possible that Mary settled in Ephesus Turkey in her older years after the death of Joseph her spouse and during the years Mary lost many of the twelve apostles as well though it is believed that John the Evangelist likely settled in Ephesus as well.  Also, that would be the area too where John the Evangelist preached on the word of God taught by the true Jesus Christ.  I entered the chapel with my head covered and sat in respectful silence the same way I entered the Muslim Mosque and sat in silence in the women’s area in the Mosque.  Turkey is a wonderful Muslim country and I visited Turkey to teach my own son that other nations are wonderful and to allow my child to experience the wonderful Muslim customs.  it is vital for all of us to respect our neighbors regardless of race color or creed.  It is silly nonsense to spew filthy hate speech against any group or religion because many Roman Catholics and Catholics are wonderfully decent people with hearts of gold and good will.  I mention Roman Catholics and Catholics because just like our Muslim neighbors who are viciously attacked by wicked propaganda falsely claiming all Muslims are terrorists.  The same is true of Roman Catholics and Catholics many of whom are decent hardworking people who have large families as well.  Sad to have to say this horrible people joined and entered the Roman Catholic Church and various Catholic sects to destroy that Church from the inside so as to incite an angry response in those who hate and despise crimes done to children.  Hating crime is not a bad thing however hate speech hell bent on destroying the good names and characters of decent people is criminal in nature and must stop.  These hate speech crimes have got to go as too many Muslims Catholics and other groups and religions too many to name in my small writing have experienced these vicious hate speech crimes.  To all groups organizations and charities who have experienced blanketed hate speech crimes I apologize to you all for these crimes as I myself have also experienced many hate speech crimes.  It is wise for all those who attend organized religion to be on the alert and watch for red flags and by all means do report any signs of child abuse.  All of us have an obligation and duty to consider ourselves mandatory reporters when it comes to child abuse in any and all its ugly forms.  It is my hope that regardless of your faith your race your color or your creed that if you witness diabolical child abuse in any organization church school or any place for that matter that men and women of courage will take courage and report this so as to help put a stop to wicked child abuse in all its many forms.   Many Roman Catholics and Catholics are already understandably upset by crimes done in the dark by the wicked false Christ creeps who fill their church hell sent and hell bent on destroying the good names of decent Catholics regardless of their sects.  To all the good Catholics who helped me along the way this write up is for you and to all my dear Muslim friends who also helped me a long the way this write up is for you too.  This write up is also for all my dear Jewish friends who helped me along the way including my dear elderly atheist Jewish friend. To my dear Chinese friends who housed me during my youth when I stayed in Hong Kong China this write up is also for you. Your hospitality was wonderful and thank you for all the cooking you did and for humbling me by your wonderful Chinese hospitality. You insisted on doing my laundry for me which moved me to tears. No one ever insisted on doing my laundry besides my own very busy mother. My very busy mother showed her love in her cooking as all eight of us in our home were always well fed and in faithfully doing the household chores which were many including laundry. My father loved to cook for all eight of us as well.  All my Chinese friends asked me to do was to purchase my own slippers and towels so as to always remove my street shoes and leave them at the door of their lovely home for cleanliness and to use my own towel in the shower. Not too much to ask and I was pleased to abide by these rules which were easy to follow. Another rule I followed was to only add to my plate the food that I would eat so as to minimize wasting good food. I learned how to use chopsticks during that time. I learned a lot about Chinese culture during my time in Hong Kong China. To this day I love Chinese food and the Chinese are excellent cooks and wonderfully decent hardworking people as are many people all over Asia not just China. I observed hardworking Chinese men and women standing up with their heads bowed down in droopy exhaustion coming home from work on the public transportation that I used in Hong Kong China. To my Chinese friends this reflection is also for you. This reflection is for all decent men and women of good will regardless of race color creed or religion.  This write up is for all people of goodwill who are understandably upset about crimes done to the humanity of holy innocent children.  Many of my atheist and agnostic friends are outraged over crimes done to children and adults.  To my free thinker friend who was kind to me in the past this write up is for you also.  While I no longer affiliate myself personally with any organized religion or group or charity.  I remain grateful to the goodness I found in men women and children filled with goodwill.  To the wonderful lovely lady in the art gallery who gave me a small art gallery job years ago when I struggled in my youth.  This write up is for you.  Regardless of your walk of life there are good people everywhere and good people filled with good will are found everywhere despite what the diabolical media claims.  The world is full of decent good people filled with good will.  Sorry my small write up cannot cover all of you.  I have a great deal of respect for fire fighters. the police, my own grandfather was a Garda in Ireland.  I have relatives who are fire fighters.  I am always sure to thank soldiers for their service to our great nation the USA when I learn these men and women served in our military.  I do the same in other countries such as Ireland who also has wonderful Gardaí and men and women of goodwill who serve as fire fighters and other community services too long to list in my small reflection.  To all who rescue men women and children from burning buildings and other dangerous situations such as life-guards for water areas the list is too long to mention here.  I have great respect for all of you.  Too many of us were once led to believe that good will can only be found in organized religion etc.  That is not so.  There are many wonderful good living people filled with good will from all walks of life whose beliefs are different.  Being different is not bad.  To my gay friends who helped me over the years this write up is for you too.  While I do not agree with living the gay lifestyle as that is not good for any of us.  I remain grateful to the wonderful loving and caring gay men and women that I met over the years whose kindness to me will never be forgotten.  I received so much kindness and good will from decent people from various walks of life that I have lost count.  To my traveler friends in Ireland this write up is for you too.  Too many travelers or gypsies are given a bad name and are falsely named as being bad.  Not all travelers or gypsies are bad and it is high time this unique community gets some credit for the good they do.  We all have good in us.  There is a native American saying that goes like this.  Mankind has “two wolves in them a good wolf and a bad wolf which wolf do you feed?”  Depending on the wolf you feed results in whether you choose to do good and be good or to do bad and become bad.  I love this native American wisdom and it is very true.  Too many human wolves in sheep’s clothing abound today who claim to be good and holy and Christ like of all things when in reality they are ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing hell sent and hell bent on destroying families full stop.  Hate speech crimes have done untold damage to our human families across the board and these hate speech crimes must stop.  Not every Catholic is bad or wicked just as not every gypsy or traveler is bad or wicked the same is true of our Muslim neighbors and all others from every walk of life regardless of race religion color or creed.  Here in America we have a movement called Black Lives Matter to my black friends who have been so wonderful to me over the years.  This write up is for you too.  We must remember that yes Black Lives Matter and all lives matter.  Regardless of our race religion color or creed.  I am Irish and I am here to say that Irish lives matter too.  Every nation can say that their lives matter as well.  In particular the indigenous tribes.  Native American lives matter as well and many forget this.  For all of us our own lives matter we matter no matter how small we are or what side of the tracks we came from or come from.  All lives matter.  To my friends from India many of whom have shared wonderful meals with me this write up is for you. India’s lives matter.  To my wonderful Hispanic and Spanish friends whose cooking is most excellent this write up is for you including my South American friends from across the border.  This includes the lovely South American couple minding our dog while we wait for the heat embargo travel restriction to be lifted so we can ship our beloved pet from Ireland to America.  Hispanic lives matter.   I look forward to visiting Mexico and meeting the wonderful Mexican people and learning more about their colorful and vibrant culture. All lives matter full stop regardless of race color religion or creed.  –  South Americans have suffered terribly from injustice and this has forced many South Americans to feel pressured into living lives of crime such as drug running and drug dealing and many South Americans are forced into living lives of crime they themselves did not choose for themselves or their families freely.  Many South Americans like so many Irish and other nations are often forced into sex trafficking and other lives of crime against their will.  It is my sincere belief and humble opinion that the God of life understands a single mother who resorts to stripping at a strip club to provide for her child when no other place will offer her a decent job.  What is that single mother to do then?  Nothing and watch her child starve while the world around her stares at her with an indifference that is hostile in nature?  I sincerely also believe that the God of life understands that many enter into lives of crime because they have no other choice and are often forced into living this way to survive and provide for their families who would otherwise starve to death due to cruel and merciless corruption.  It is my hope that the relationship between the great nation America will improve with our South American neighbors and our Canadian neighbors many Canadians have suffered terribly as well particularly the indigenous tribes of Canada.  It is my hope that relations will improve so that instead of building a wall –  Instead of building a wall let us build bridges – bridges encouraging hope – bridges encouraging healing – and let us help these children coming across the border from South America sent by families who are desperate to provide their beloved children with better lives.  America needs to once more continue to be the wonderful beacon of hope and light to world and welcome our neighbors from South America with open arms and help these men women and children to come here legally and to work.  Many South Americans are decent hardworking people who simply want to provide for their own families.  This right to provide for their own families has been stripped away and taken from many of our South American neighbors.  This is not right this is unjust and wrong due to corruption on the highest levels.  America needs to once more not only become tougher on crime in particular drug running through all our borders not just our South American borders and help decent hardworking people to come legally to work and provide for their families so as to continue to make America great.  We have many great nations in America today and all of these Nations have contributed to making America great.  We need to continue this trend.  Many South Americans want the drug running to stop since drugs destroy family life and whole families and drugs have done terrible untold damage to whole nations.  It is my hope that one day America and South America will be able to work together to offer bus tours across the border.  So that people can pay for these tours to foster better relations between our bordering countries the same for Canada.  These bus tours would be a lot of fun educational as well and would make all nations involved wealthier and better off.  Drug running destroys as drug running lies cheats kills and destroys.  In drug running no one wins there are no winners.  Even those who get wealthy from their drug running activities cannot take their vast wealth with them when they die.  No one wins in the drug running war.  What Akiane say says in her last stanza appeals to the consciousness we all have.  If all of us gave what we could to help our own neighbours the world would be a much better place.  I end with Akiane’s quote –  “Yet pure consciousness given to creation is the consciousness of selfless giving”  Well said Akiane at age 9.  I could not say it better myself.  If mankind put down their guns their drugs their senseless violence and stopped the drug running madness and instead helped one another out one person at a time one neighbor at a time – the world would indeed be a much better place.  Today we have new neighbors moving in.  I will be sure to greet them and give them a warm Irish welcome.  The Irish were once known for their hospitality and warm welcome.  This still exists in Ireland though not as prevalent as it once was due to centuries of wicked systemic abuse in the name of many a false God.  Please join me in a moment of silence for all the families destroyed by drugs both the drug running aspect and the use of drugs.  —- Heaven help all of us to stop the nonsense that causes “jagged wounds” that cannot be healed by false lights. Before you enjoy the link I added with footage of our trip to Kusadasi Turkey in early 2019.  I want to add my perspective as a single mother.  I have encountered so many narcissistic prideful married couples so full of themselves it would make you sick.  Many of these nasty couples were horrible to me and verbally nasty as well.  The wives of these nasty couples were very insecure and some of these horrible women falsely accused me of being a “threat to their husbands”.   I never heard such nonsense in all my born years.  What woman in her right mind wants an angry wife banging down her door for getting involved with her husband.  There are many couples who are better off separating or getting divorced instead they live a lie and are miserable and consequently because these same couples use contraception for the most part and or natural family planning they have at most three or four children and so they have too much time on their hands to meddle in the affairs of others and to make not only their own lives miserable but the lives of those around them miserable.  I avoid couples like this like the plague.  Many couples like this fill the churches many churches.  Sad to say there are many couples who claim to be Catholic and Roman Catholic who fill these churches and the protestant churches and these couples are a nightmare to deal with.  They are often filled with diabolical pride and so full of themselves there is no room for any real God of life in their wicked lives.  These creepy couples sabotage their own marriages which are often diabolical in nature since these couples have embraced the pseudo Christianity a false Christ Christianity and instead contracept or natural family plan their own children out of existence.  These diabolical couples often get willfully sterilized as well.  Many men in America who are married get sterilized as do many women.  These couples are the walking living dead modern zombies with no true life of Christ in them and little to no truth in them as well.  Their children grow up to become narcissistic and full of themselves also and this crop of diabolical narcissists continue to either not have children of their own at all or to embrace alternative lifestyles hence the dramatic rise in the gay communities and lifestyles.  Or if their children who grow up marry they limit the births of their children like their narcissistic diabolically prideful parents did.  This crop of vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing are the people described in Timothy who are to be avoided at all costs.  I avoid bible thumping creeps at all costs.  I find that if I call them on their crap in particular on their use of contraception and their history of contraception use that must be repented of.  These creeps try to twist my words and falsely accuse me of things such as “purposely attending their false Christ bible study to disrupt their groups.”  This was done to me not very long ago by a false Christ cult who invited me in an aggressive manner to their group.  I was able to make a statement to the local police about my experience with these creeps.  We all agreed no crime was committed however I made my statement to help the Police should they receive future calls that others were harmed by this dangerous false Christ cult.  When I went to their Bible study at their invitation a woman grabbed me by the arm and attempted to forcibly remove me from their group.  I corrected her sternly for this and stood my ground and she backed off so fast you would think that a ton of bricks hit her.  I told that nasty woman that Jesus Christ is not to be reduced to a glass of milk such as the slogans I have seen in America saying “Got Milk – Got Jesus” and other crazy false Christ slogans.  I told that group that a nation that destroys its own children from within is a nation without hope a nation lost to the devil himself.  And while millions of us here in the USA oppose abortion on demand.  Far too many in the USA and other parts of the world embrace vile contraception and birth control in its various ugly forms.  Birth control is how the west was won and how America was and continues to be systemically destroyed from within much like what happened to Europe.  Birth Control is what I call world war III and billions are blind to this.  What Akiane says in her poem which I quote once more here is very true:  “Jagged wounds are filled up with light so to blind the nonsense that comes free with a knowledge of defiled affection and a fool-stool trying to reach bliss faster”  The “fool-stool” that Akiane writes about is the “fool-stool” of wicked people who place themselves and others on pedestals they have no business being on who pontificate and preach on faith and morals meanwhile many contracept or birth control their own children out of existence.  These creeps have no authority whatsoever and have no business discussing faith and morals full stop.   Then couples who birth control their own children out of existence wonder when they sabotage their own marriages beyond repair why their marriages are failing and why divorce rates are so  very high.  It boils down to two diabolical words Birth Control and that can be summed up into one word Pride.  Diabolical narcissistic pride is how the western world was won.  Few today are really prepared to get down on their knees and repent from their hearts.  Too many think they have the right to speak to single mothers like myself like we are village idiots or less than the married couples club.  Few today bother to find out or learn who many women become single mothers in the first place or how many men become single fathers.  Let us not forget too that many single fathers are angry too as single fathers have fewer rights in many cases than single mothers.  To all single fathers out there this reflection is for you as well.  I for one am sick and tired of these diabolically prideful narcissistic reprobates who think they have the right to correct people like me.  I call them reprobates because to me they are nothing but reprobate swine drunk on the blood of their own iniquities from their own “defiled affections”  I add an s to Akiane’s prose.  Too many couples today have “defiled affection”  an affection for each other in diabolical unions where both man and woman agree to birth control their own children out of existence.  To couples unable to have children due to no fault of your own these words do not apply and to couples who could only have a few children due to no fault of your own these words also do not apply.  These words address the many wicked birth control generation who are the perverse lost wicked contraception family planning idolatrous reprobates spoken of in Timothy who parade around more like bulls and swine on parade as ones who are godly holy and good when they are nothing but vicious wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Many nasty couples like this fill the churches all seven churches mentioned in the book of revelation.  Also many men married to women in sad sorry wicked marriages are men who rape children.  The statistics show that many married men rape boys and girls.  This statistic is very damning and concerning and many of these creeps fill the churches all seven of these mystical churches mentioned in the book of revelation.  These same creeps have a lot of nerve and exceedingly bold and vicious and think they have an authority they do not have to speak about faith and morals of all things and far too many of these creeps fill jobs they have no business having that gives them access to children of other families of goodwill who are the lambs led to the slaughter.  This is why I have no time for any organized religion any more because all of them are full of these creeps these horrible men and women many of whom have not repented for their histories of birth control in their not too distant past and many of whom are abusive types horrible wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Creepy couples like these need a good exorcism and would do well to get down on their knees and pray and fast and wear sackcloth like what was done in Nineveh at the preaching of Jonah.  Too few today are truly willing to do this and instead they wickedly pray to false Mary’s and false Christ’s claiming they see many signs and wonders and claiming they are being healed and they are holy and they demand incessantly many things from their false Mary’s and false Christ’s meanwhile they deny their own children the right to conception in their own wicked nasty sorry sad diabolical unions whereby they limit the births of their own children.  These unions are not Abramic in nature and as such are not valid unions or marriages.  No wonder then family life has fallen apart and no wonder then that whole societies are destroyed.  No wonder then that the west was won and seduced just as other nations were seduced by the devil himself.  The western world has been seduced into a vicious wicked birth control mentality that makes all the world wars combined look like child’s play.  No wonder child abuse figures are so very high as children today are despised and hated by many of their own parents who refuse to properly care for the children they already have and many parents refuse to birth more than one to four children at most.  Well I am number five out of eight children and I will always respect and love my parents who despite their problems never thought to put a price on the heads of any of their eight children.  To my own beloved parents this write up is for you as well.  My father passed away may he rest in peace.  Please join me in a moment of silence for my own beloved deceased father……  A father who despite having polio was fearless and not afraid to welcome all eight of us into the world.  A father who despite problems of his own which included alcohol addiction loved all eight of us and bonded with each of us in his own unique way.  A father who loved to cook for all of us who took time to play with all of us who took us camping in the summer months in Ireland leaving all of us with fond memories.  A father who never intentionally abused any of use save out of his human weakness when he was drunk and yelled.  I bonded with my father as a child and my father taught me my times tables at a young age.  I learned my times tables while sitting on my father’s lap.  I also learned how to button my father’s shirt as I loved to play with the buttons on my father’s shirt as a child.  I was a daddy’s girl.  My father gave me the great gift of music as I learned how to play my tin whistle from playing music with my own father who loved to play the accordion.  This reflection is also for my own mother who is still alive and well.   My mother despite her problems worked her fingers to the bone like a typical Irish mammy and made sure we were well fed and kept warm and that we went to school and did well in school.  My mother was abusive through no fault of her own because my mother was not well herself.  My mother and father were never sexually abusive and both my parents genuinely love children.  The sacrifices my parents made to raise all eight of us was and remains heroic.  I recall one year for my father’s birth day when he was still alive and well.  I purchased a birthday card in the shape of an accordion for him which he enjoyed.  I do my best to contact my own Mother every year around the time of her birthday which is a summertime birthday.  My parent’s generation were for the most part not afraid to welcome large families.  However, my own generation are for the most part lost to the birth control mentality so pervasive today and the result of centuries of systemic abuse.  This systemic abuse instilled an ungodly unholy fear in many adults my age who are terrified of having large families and from this fear based trauma based mentality came the bad fruit of birth control in all its forms which has fed the wicked abortion industry and made the abortion industry the mammoth bloody business it is today.  Many couples on birth control sabotage their own marriages which often ends up in divorce and many men and women in these birth controlled unions have affairs and or rape children too or get other women pregnant.  Many women in these diabolical unions have affairs and often get pregnant by other men.  Too many couples today married the wrong partner a partner who is not equally yoked a partner who unlike the man or woman wanting children does not want children or seeks to limit the births of their children.  I see this all the time.  Many unsuspecting men and women who want large families end up marrying a partner who does not want children at all or few children if any.  These are bad marriages nightmares on earth and many couples today live in  misery in these false love false Christ birth control unions.  Birth control in all its forms if false love.  Couples who refuse to welcome children into their homes and who seek to limit the births of their own children are full of crap and false love.  Women and men like myself do not listen to couples like these and we question their authority after all they have no authority to speak on a thing at the end of the day.  Many nasty couples like this demand loyalty and sympathy from women like myself and demand forgiveness too for the unforgiveable damnable acts of their criminal false Christ sex cults which is who many organized religions today operate.  Many couples like this demand sympathy too from women and men like me for the damnable use of contraception in their own lost families.   Too bad these creeps forget that crimes done in the dark to holy innocent children are unforgiveable because the creeps doing these crimes are not one bit sorry for their crimes.  Also for forgiveness to work the person who did the crime must be sorry and beg or ask for forgiveness.  Many forget that is how forgiveness works.  Too many creeps today demand that decent people act like door mats or floor mats to be stomped upon and walked all over trampled upon by swine couples who demand forgiveness for the unforgiveable.  To all men and women and all children who suffer from heinous child abuse crimes and whom have survived systemic abuse this reflection is most importantly for you.  I have no time for nasty couples who are too full of themselves to allow for the God of life to do anything good in their wicked lost lives.  To the many couples who were deceived into the wicked birth control mentality the contraception mentality.  This write up is also for you as I have met many wonderful couples who repented sincerely from their hearts of their histories of contraception and birth control once they realized they had been deceived like so many couples are today.  I just learned another young lady had an abortion where I live.  This young lady is now suffering and is experiencing a traumatic based response to her abortion as the horrible reality is sinking in that she murdered her own child.  This poor young woman is experiencing mental trouble as we speak because she is not a psychopathic killer she is a young mother a young woman woefully deceived by the horrible pro-choice crowd who rant and rave demanding the right to choice.  Where are the reprobate pro choice crowd when young women like this young lady experiences a trauma based response and is having depression and becoming increasingly suicidal now that she is realizing the horrors of her crime.  A crime she was deceived into committing the crime of murdering her own baby in her womb under the euphemism choice.  I do not see any from the wicked pro-choice crowd comforting this young woman who is devastated that she murdered her own baby.  There are millions of women who regret their abortions for these women were deceived by the word choice and these women were robbed of their own babies from their own wombs by unjust laws supporting abortion on demand.  For all women and men who regret abortions in their lives this write up is for you.  For all couples who realize they were deceived by the horrible contraception birth control twisted mentality who figured this out who repented from their hearts and had their sterilization procedures reversed this write up is for you.  Thousands of couples are having their sterilization procedures reversed as they become more enlightened to just how truly horrible the whole birth control mentality really is.  For all former abortion workers who got out of the bloody abortion business and who now rally for life.  This write up is for you.  To all women who lost their babies due to abortion on demand and contraception and birth control I am sorry for your losses.  Mothers and fathers need to hear these words more and more to promote healing.  The words I am sorry for your loss.  Mankind must learn how to mourn the drastic loss of human life viable human lives destroyed systemically by the machinations of evil contraception birth control in all its ugly forms and abortion on demand the worst of all.   Respectfully submitted on behalf of the children not allowed to be conceived and or born by birth controlling prideful wicked wolves in sheep’s clothing many of whom call themselves Christian of all things.  Enjoy the link below of footage of our trip to lovely  Kusadasi and Ephesus Turkey….