The Price Of Feeling – A Reflection

This poem titled The Price Of Feeling was authored by Akiane kramarik at age 9 in her book titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I – Memories of Tomorrow – Part Two Page 79.” You will need your own copy of this book to view the full text of this poem.  I limit quotes for the purpose of discussion and to follow copyright guidelines that allows for limited quotes.”

This poem The Price Of Feeling consists of two stanzas six lines each. The photograph that I choose for this reflection is of a little sandy hill with grass on it that once you get to the top it takes you to the beach…This beach tiny hill represents to me an opening like a door to the ocean of life found on the beach…Spending time on the beach feels good on a hot sunny day…Feelings also can feel very good and feelings come with a price…Hence The Price Of Feeling…by Akiane…This poem opens with these very true and profound words “Unrecognized in its own backyard, each devoted emotion is exposed to the whole world and thrown upside down in a bitter trial…”  Wow these words written by a 9 year old child are beyond her years and my years of understanding.  I mean I am a grown adult soon to be 47 years old and I find Akiane’s prose to be astoundingly full of wisdom spanning the centuries.  I will not quote the second stanza at all I will leave it to you the reader to purchase your own copy of Akiane’s book from Akiane online.  Too many human beings pay the price of feeling and in fact too many of us pay a terrible price of feeling.  Many today attack the feelings and emotions of others causing their targets great emotional turmoil and upheaval.  I say targets though in many cases the verbal abuser or verbal attacker is often unaware they are targeting victims.  The fallout of centuries of systemic abuse has resulted in the mass production of a crop of diabolical narcissists millions of these kinds of people the type of people described in sacred scriptures in Timothy.  Millions of these people live today and are so full of themselves and their own agendas there is no room for God never mind room or space to allow others in their lives to just breathe and be themselves. Many times when the target stands their ground and corrects the diabolical narcissistic verbal attacker the target will hear replies such as “I am sorry you feel that way.”  This type of reply will result in angering the target.  This kind of reply is done on purpose to incite an angry response in the target so as to criminalize the target should the target use fowl language such as cuss words.  Many vicious horrible women in particular are expert in their craft.  These witches are expert at glaring and using an angry low tone of voice combined with an angry glare which is a common intimidation tactic often used by witches so as to incite an angry response in their targets so as to encourage their targets to crime.  Do not underestimate the depraved minds and the depravity of these wicked horrible women witches expert in their craft of destroying their own lives and sabotaging and destroying the lives of those around these miserable wretched creatures.  These wicked witches of the east west north and south folks can be found across the globe all over the world and are the women described in sacred scriptures particularly in Timothy who are to be avoided at all cost.  The movie titled the devil wears prada does a great job of highlighting how wicked witches operate within their own depravity of diabolical narcissistic pride.  The movie titled gaslighting also does a great job of highlighting the depraved mind of a man who in this movie is the diabolical narcissist hell bent on destroying himself and sabotaging his own wife and family along the way.  Diabolical narcissism destroys men and women and all who come in contact with them. The devil never sleeps and is always seeking whom he can devour.  The devil prowls around like a lion seeking whom he can devour.  This past Century in particular has been for the most part nothing but a feeding frenzy for the devil and his apostate hosts from hell itself.   Too bad too many today are fast asleep and the devil is devouring our children.  The glares large families around the world receive from horrible men and women who are opposed to having children or who think they have the right to limit the births of their own children and then impose their depraved values on large families are horrible.  Many large families mention that when they go shopping for groceries for their children and large family that they receive hate speech comments and verbal attacks and glares from hateful wicked horrible people hell bent on making other people’s lives miserable.  Many of these wicked people are miserable themselves and do not know how to be happy.  Since many of these perverse wicked people are so full of hatred of not only themselves but of others and because they have few children if any of their own and many do not have any real responsibilities either – these creeps have way too much time on their hands to cause trouble and waste other people’s valuable time with their hateful glares and hate speech crimes particularly directed at large families.  Large families and small families and family life generally speaking is the back bone of society – family life is the bread and butter of society.  Destroy the family means that whole communities fall apart and the world enters into chaos which is the chaos many witness today.  News flash for the hateful vengeful hate speech mongers out there not one of these large families asked for your opinion though you insist on reducing their children and any unborn child to a mere opinion or thought don’t you!!!  Not one of these hardworking decent families large or small asked for the opinions of those hell bent on destroying themselves their own miserable wretched lives and the lives of those around them for your diabolical opinions.  The price of feeling these days is great because those of us who oppose abortion on demand contraception and all forms of vile birth control are attacked verbally by verbose rabid wolves in sheep’s clothing who forget that not one of us asked for your damned opinion in the first place.  Also millions of Americans never voted for the damned Roe Vs. Wade Abortion on demand ruling.  That was done behind the backs of millions of decent Americans who wanted no part of abortion on demand.  Many Americans are angry that they have not been heard and that their core values which are to work hard earn a decent living to live the American dream and to have a family and raise their children.  This is the American dream this has always been the American dream to settle down with a partner and family work hard to provide for the family and to achieve worthwhile goals and to work together as both families and communities for the greater good helping one another along the way.  Such as if a family loses a house by a fire or some tragedy.  America and other countries around the world also do this, many men and women of goodwill gather together and rally for this cause and often do local fundraising efforts to help the troubled family in need.  That is what living is all about family life and helping the communities we serve.  Large and small families regardless of the size of the family – families are decent hardworking people who deserve great respect for their role in society.  These families never asked for the opinions of those who oppose life in general and those who hate the thought of having children.  I would not allow my child near a creep who supports contraception and birth control in their own home in any of its forms.  That is because my child will think it is ok to limit the births of children.  Too many children today grow up missing out on meeting siblings that were never born due to contraception and abortion on demand.  This has created a mental illness in societies at large.  A mental illness such as FOMO – fear of missing out which applies to extended social media and phone use in our youths who fear missing out in social activities.  Our youth experiences FOMO – fear of missing out because their ability to socialize in a normal way has been systemically destroyed.  Too many of the friends our youths were supposed to meet and befriend are dead destroyed before their time via abortion on demand.  What made America the great nation she is today and what made America so beautiful and so lovely are families many families over the centuries and all the settlers that America welcomed over the years.  Families from other countries in particular Ireland where I am from.  The Irish were welcomed with open arms by the USA during the terrible times of the famine prior to 1847 and after 1847.  It is true the Irish also experienced many hate speech crimes and signs such as “no Irish need apply” were posted on windows of places of business.  The Irish were considered dirty and no good because the Irish were starving and in rags coming off the boats to America from the worst famine in European history the great famine of 1847 that swept across  Europe.  All the same America welcomed the Irish and the Irish got to work and worked hard.  America welcomed the Polish and I am sorry to have to say this:  It is not possible to list all the nations America has welcomed and for me to attempt this would mean I would leave a nation out.  So I will simply say that America the beautiful has welcomed many nations to her shores with open arms.  God Bless America for doing this.  America made it possible for many nations to start over and begin new lives.  These nations span generations of American families hardworking decent American families who helped to make America Great.  Many Irish helped to build the railroad system in America as well as the infrastructure of the great American cities.  Not just the Irish mind you many other nations too such as the fun loving Italians who are excellent cooks the great cooks many of whom are French certainly not limited to the French the delightful Spanish also great cooks the Polish and many other nations too many to mention in this small writing all who are wonderful cooks.  I say this because I love to try new food from different nations.  I love Chinese food and enjoyed my time in Hong Kong China years ago.  Sorry I cannot list all the great cooks from all the nations around the world.  I will continue to try new food from various nations till the day I die.  Back to this reflection.   Prior to the influx of new immigrants from Europe in the 1800’s – the earlier settlers had forged a very good working relationship with the Native Americans.  We must never ever forget the Native Americans the very first settlers in the USA the very first Americans were and remain the Native Americans.  The Native Americans taught new settlers how to grow corn and how to survive in harsh climates such as how to survive the brutal winters in the great Midwest of America.  There was for some time a wonderful reciprocal friendship between the Native Americans whose culture was and remains a very rich culture rooted in deep spirituality unique to the Native Americans.  The Eagle is considered sacred to many Native Americans and the Eagle carries with it much symbolism as well.  Also the owl in its various colors and forms carries with it certain spiritual mystical symbols as well.  Native Americans love nature and are very much in tune with our creator the God of life and nature.  We would all do well to learn as much as we possibly can about the beauty of the Native American culture and their unique very lovely spirituality.   At a time in Europe when nations were being systemically annihilated and destroyed via systemic abuse no nation escaped this.  The Native Americans experienced a systemic annihilation as well.  The most damning was the buffalo soldiers.  These buffalo soldiers were sent to kill the buffalos in the Midwest.  These crimes are crimes against nature crimes against the great Bison the great Buffalo of the Midwest and most importantly crimes against the humanity of these Native Americans who subsisted off the Bison or great Buffalo of the great plains.  These Buffalo Soldiers were comprised of slaves imported from other parts of the world.  Such as African slaves who after they were used to destroy the Buffalo were sent to places like Jamaica to settle.  These Buffalo soldiers were themselves enslaved and were treated brutally by their masters.  No one won the war on the Buffalo in this senseless slaughter of the Buffalo in the Midwest of the USA there were no winners.  All that did was systemically destroy the lovely midwestern native American culture and their tribes.  Though it seemed a war was won by the victors.  Even the victors did not win as this was and remains a losing war a senseless slaughter of innocent Bison innocent Buffalo and innocent Native Americans.  America today remains a great nation and is made up of many nations now.  This is ok as these nations my own Irish nation included did contribute to making America a great nation.  However, we must never ever forget to whom this great nation called America once belonged – the Native Americans who unlike the Irish and Europeans were unable to Immigrate to safe harbor during the time of the great Buffalo wars and other wars.  Now I call the destruction of the Bison the Buffalo the great Buffalo war.  This is what I call it.  The Native Americans would call what they experienced by different names.  All the same what was done to these Native Americans was dreadful unnecessary uncalled for and pure evil and wicked.  I visited Mount Rushmore with my son.  I visited Mount Rushmore in spring 2017.  While I remain impressed with the grand work that Mount Rushmore is.  I shed tears the time I visited to honor the many Native Americans who fell to their deaths from having to work from such great heights to create Mount Rushmore.  Many are not aware that to create Mount Rushmore meant that some or many had to die.  Many also do not realize and are unaware of the great suffering and losses experienced by the Native Americans.  To all tribes of the Native Americans in the USA – on behalf of my own tribe the ancient tribe of Dan I apologize to you for the sins of man in particular the crimes done against your sacred humanity by wicked fallen man. To all indigenous tribes in Canada the great nation Canada that is our American neighbor.  I apologize to you as well for the crimes done in the dark against your sacred humanity.  To our neighbors in South America, Mexico, Brazil and I am learning as I go along from the wonderful Spanish speaking people of South America that South America is very large and that not all of South Americans consider themselves Southern.  To all the good people bordering America in South America on behalf of my tribe the tribe of Dan I apologize to you for the sins of man the systemic brutal cruel and merciless crimes done to your humanity over centuries of systemic abused so wicked many myself included are rendered speechless.  No nation or island escaped this system of a down called systemic abuse. I say this apology to all tribes all nations and all peoples populating planet earth lest I leave out any nation island or tribe.  I apologize to all the peoples populating planet earth on behalf of my own fallen tribe the tribe of Dan for the wickedness and sins of fallen man.  Particularly for crimes done to the humanity of indigenous tribes across the globe.  I speak this way so as to include all peoples as my small writing is not sufficient to cover all peoples and their unique tribes and cultures.    My tribe the tribe of Dan also experienced systemic annihilation and abuse spanning centuries in Ireland as did all of Europe and other parts of the world.  The world needs to learn to mourn the loss of the indigenous tribes around the world.  We have all learned to mourn world war I and world war II including the terrible crimes done by Hitler to the Jewish people in Germany.  Germany has not been given a chance to catch her breath after the crimes of Hitler.  Germany has had these crimes rubbed in her face for far too long now.  I say this not to minimize the grave crimes done by Hitler but to highlight that many other peoples on our planet  suffered terrible and this has to be acknowledged as well.   To their credit, Germany has gone to great lengths to ensure these crimes were atoned for and apologized for in particular after the Nuremburg trials.  Now the rest of the world must do as Germany has done and mourn the loss of other nations and tribes.  We must learn from Germany to do as Germany has done so as to mourn the mass graves being found in Ireland of dead children systemically destroyed in the name of a false God a false Christ.  Not only in Ireland Canada and other parts of the world including the USA as well.  I speak about crimes spanning Centuries of systemic abuse that increased exponentially around the globe after 1801.  We meaning the whole world must learn to mourn the systemic annihilation of the tribe of Dan and other such tribes around Europe and the whole world for all nations and all peoples for all who populate our earth.    We must learn to mourn the mass graves of Native Americans spanning Centuries of systemic annihilations done to Native Americans.  We must all learn to get down on our knees in honor of reservations like Wounded Knee reservations and other places like them to shed tears over the crimes done to Native Americans.  The whole world needs to learn to mourn the tragic loss of billions of children unborn babies systemically mechanically destroyed via abortion on demand.  60 million in the USA since 1972 and millions around the world more than a billion dead.  Abortion on demand is what I call world war III.  The world needs to learn how to come to terms with this and to shed tears for the fallen tiny soldiers the least among us the least of these our children cruelly and mercilessly destroyed in the WAR ON THE WOMB!!!  The bombs used in this war are different bombs and the weapons of mass destruction are very different.  Very stealthy more stealthy found in the heinous instruments of abortion.  A nation that destroys it’s own children is a nation without a future a nation with no future for that nation is destroying itself from within.   It is important I say this too all nations around the world have suffered terribly.  We have many Muslims also who suffered horribly many decent hardworking Muslims who are not afraid to embrace their children and have large families.  Many Muslims welcome their own children with open arms.  I am sorry my small reflection is not able to cover all the peoples of the earth who suffered.  To all nations including Africa all the Islands and all the continents and countries of this great planet earth.  I apologize to all nations for the sins of man just as I apologize to our ecosystem our planet and our animal kingdom for the sins of man.  I do this on behalf of my own tribe the Tribe of Dan to remedy for the many sins of my own tribe including my own fallen nature.  We are all only human and I never claimed to be perfect unlike many other wicked idolaters who are very bold and claim to be “infallible’ and pure and perfect meanwhile creeps in their organizations consume and corrupt and systemically categorically destroy the children of the families they target with their diabolical false Christ fake love and false love stories.  False love is a losing game and false love always has been a losing game.  Thank you Akiane Kramarik for your great work and for inspiring me one from the tribe of Dan one who is very small in the big picture to write these humble little reflections based on your great work written at such a young age.  To all who read these reflections thank you for reading these and for giving me a voice.  I hope these reflections reflect the voices of the many untold stories out there.  The untold stories of fathers who lost their children to abortion on demand with no say in whether their own child or children live or die.  This terrible injustice done to fathers today has to change.  To all fathers who lost their children to abortion on demand.  I apologize to you for these heinous crimes done to your humanity as fathers who should be given the right to raise your own children and should be given a say in whether or not your own children live or die.  The whole abortion debate has destroyed whole societies and is destroying our world as we speak.  To all men who have been abused as boys I apologize to you for these crimes and I am sorry your voices have not been heard yet.  It is my hope that more men will join the me too movement and should from the rooftops.  Me too!!! me too!!! and me too!!!.  Too many men have been horribly abused as boys and as men as well and this must stop.  I hope more men will join in the loud cry for justice so as to silence the rabidly crazy feminists who are so full of crap these days that with the help of heaven many are starting to figure this out. Leveraging stories horror stories of rape and abuse to justify mass murder via abortion on demand is never ok that was never ever ok and millions oppose this garbage.  Too bad many are too full of diabolical narcissism to figure out that millions today are angry and not happy with unjust laws diabolical agendas and this system of a down annihilating and destroying many nations to this day.  Many isms have done great damage to whole societies and these isms contribute in large part to hate speech crimes.  The hate speech crimes of the feminists and their diabolical agenda must be dealt with one of the ways these witches are to be dealt with is by more men joining the Me too movement and shouting from the rooftops. Enough!!! Enough!!! Enough!!! I end with these words authored by the late Dolores O’Riordan which I quote here to honor the boys systemically abused and raped in Ireland with such violence that it caused silence in these boys who became grown men.  “And the violence causeth silence – who are we mistaken???”  Dolores O’Riordan  I added the question marks for emphasis.   The has come for this silence to stop and for these men to shout from the rooftops Me too!!! Me too!!! and Me too!!!  The price of feeling is very high and systemic silence must stop.  Systemic silence is also a price of feeling that many of us are no longer willing to pay.  Below you will find a link to me singing the song titled Zombie – my tribute to Dolores O’Riordan who died too soon.  Zombie inspired many myself included and to me the listener of Dolores’s song Zombie –  describes very poignantly how violence done to boys in their youth has caused a system of silence a systemic silence that must be stopped.  Zombie is to me a loud cry for justice that never came for these boys who are grown men today the same for girls systemically abused who are grown women today.  Please join me in a moment of silence for Dolores O’Riordan and then give this humble tribute a listen found on my You Tube channel here:…This is my own original song for Delores O’Riordan…Another raw talent gone too soon….